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Since you know that I have read about you, and you wonder if I understood the book. I have a poem for you. And I know you are watching, for the time has come. Here it is:

There once was a man on the moon

who was famous for his balloon

But down he came     and all his fame

and now hes known as a loon

Hahahahahaha…And the angels laugh and sing~ The trumpet!


Well, I’ve played word games long enough. Today we touch on the real game. I have left links for those who wanted me to provide proof to what I say, and in leaving them I have shown to the ones still reading what happens when you are given to much info. Yeah, the doubters looked at it, got bored with it, and moved on. Truth is, we all know what I say is true, but it is so crazy sounding, as to not let your mind beleive it. The only way to get through is to speak to the heart that knows. And so, I will only leave  a few links today, because this is where I spell it out for you, for better or for worse. But you will know this story, and your part of the game. Sensationalism is what makes people read, and not generic info found normally everywhere, so today, I will write the sensational truth. Say what you will about it, but as you think of how it can’t be so, listen to the heart and it will counter.

Now as you know, the Egyptians of the day contend that they are the people that built the pyramids. But, they couldn’t even read the ancient lanquage, and are still trying, as we are, to figure out how those fantastic monuments were built. Now the Mayans on the other hand, told the Spainards who conquered them that they did not build their pyramids, but merely found and claimed them for their own. I wish the Egyptians would tell the same truth, and so we could understand that period when the Pharoahs family fell away and the Old Kingdom became the new. Think of it, even if we had a major calamity today that killed most of us away, we would still teach our children the lanquage, and tell them of the days that we played football and watched TV. But the Egyptians today did not even know where their leaders were buried, the ones worshipped as Gods by the way, until they went looking for them. I say that although there appears to be a line of continuous history, there was a time that Egypt forgot itself and Barbarians came, conquered, and claimed the throne. And they are the bloodline that is there today, not that of the Pharoa pyramid builders. And that is why they could not read the ancient writing, nor do they have a clue as to when the Sphinx was carved. Least the Mayans fess up. So, now that we have forgotten our past, we think we are so much more advanced than our ancestors. But are we? There is proof that we are wrong. Maps that show the world in a way that only could be seen from the air. Hints at usage of invisible energy fields such as electricity. And a knowledge of the stars that is GREATER than what we know today. The Mayan calender is eerily correct today, right down to star movements that line us up with the middle of our galaxy. Unbeleivable really. So, they were highly advanced, and  we have to look again at where and how they say we came from. The creationist stories.

Now, although different, they all seem to have a common theme. And are totally accurate when they say what we are made of. Not bad for primitives who supposedly didn’t know what elements were. But still somehow knew that we are made of dirt and water, and pieces from the stars. Quite accurate. How did they know? Where did they get their information? Well, they tell us.

So with that, I will spell it out simply. We should not take our ancesters stories lightly. They were not idiots, but smart men. And these stories are truths, not myths. But the elite today would have you think that those that built the pyramids were silly men telling silly stories. Really? The guys that built the longest standing buildings? Buildings we couldn’t build today, nor have any clue as to how they did it. I say take those ancesters seriously, and you’ll find that they have told you the truth. That one day, long ago, Gods came from the sky in smoke and fire, and landed in the mountains. And they came down and taught the men a new way of thinking. And they mated with the women and had children who were giants of great strength. And upon a great flood coming upon the earth, they fled to save themselves. But, promised to return in the future at times we needed them to save us. Kinda funny though, they didn’t save us from the flood, but fled. Now, even they were astonished that some men and animals and plants survived, but were angry that there children did not. Noah was one of the men. And listen close. Noah listened to the one God, who did not come in smoke and fire, but came to Noah with a loud voice, and told him to build the ark. And all the men that worshipped the other Gods laughed at him that he thought a great flood was coming. Now I say that the Gods when they come back will lie and say they are the ones that saved Noah, but if so, why did they let their own children die? It was not them that spoke to Noah. But there is an ancient story that says this. When the Gods smelled the smoke from Noahs cooking an animal for a feast, after the flood had subsided, they came to him and praised him for his insight, and they were pleased with the aroma, and asked Noah if they could taste the meat. And he said yes, and they were delighted, for they had eaten only that which would barely substain them. Clearly they did not know a flood was coming or they would have been better prepared. It reads as though they were also caught off guard and could only get enough supplies as would hold them till after the flood was overand subsided. And they had no idea Noah would survive. And so I also ask you this. If the real God, the first creator, the first that was, that created everything wanted to visit us, would he need a craft that would come in smoke and fire with wings? Or would he just move about the deep as he always had and just show up upon his thinking about it? And if their were beings that came from the sky, with smoke and fire on wings? What does that sound like to you. I have left the links for you to see them but still you deny it. Even in a day when corporations linked to the US government have tried to prepare you with their movies and stories of them, only some of you believe. Ah, but you know. And it seems less and less silly doesn’t it. They are the spacemen, that came from deep in our universe, to teach and advance us. And we worshipped them as Gods, as they told us too. And they are lost to their own history, and truly believe they have created you, and advanced you, and are worthy of worship. But, they have forgotten God, the real creator, and convinced themselves that they are the creators of all things in the universe, because that is what their great leader has told them. And they beleive him. But make no mistake. They are wrong. And God is angry with them who keep tinkering with his great creation man, and he sent the flood on purpose to destroy what they created when they mixed their DNA with ours. And he only left the purest ones so we could start over. And they, not understanding Gods anger, have sought out how to create our DNA on their own, to create a man on their own, as to truly be our creators. But they have failed and they are running out of time. They have cloned, but cannot create a human. And so, God has made it to where they cannot create us fully in their image alone, but in the image of God and his angels. And we will always be connected to him, not them. But, they are seeing and remembering God, and that he is mad at them, and that this universe that they rule it will fall. And they are trying desrerately to “save” us and them from the death they know is coming. But God loves us. And they don’t realize, that when the earth and the stars fall away, we will still be with God. It is only them, and those that love them, that will burn in the fire that’s left forever. And we will come out of the fire and be with God, to their astonishment, because though we have sinned, and love to exalt ourselves, it is few of us who have the gaul to exalt ourselves above God.

And so, there it is. And I know you don’t want to beleive it. But you know it is true. I still have alot to write on the game for it is complex and diverse and complicated. But I sound the trumpet of truth, so you come to the game knowing, and play with honor and dignity, as to save your heart that feels love. For that is where the battle is won, not in the mind that thinks, and get’s confused. The heart is our secret weapon that God gave us to remember him. Now the pawn has made a great move in the game, and I leave you now. But time to time I will write, when my heart tells me. Till then, nothing but peace and prosperity for you as we wait fot the great awakening.

Okay, we were talking about you and how you learn the program. I left 11 links for you to study and look over, and I hope you took the time, for if you did, you will know what I write today to be true for all of us. Now, first, I know it is hard to read these post without pictures and regular media, but there is pupose in that too. And I know it looks as though I left off a link from the last post. And that was on purpose also. Sorry about that, but to deprogram you, sometimes I have to leave a thought hanging in your mind. Now, most of you know the link was on a man named Nikola Tesla. I wanted you to think of him, and now I will give you the link for those of you who do not know the story of this man.

Nokola was a bright man, who had alternate theories about the use of energy fields. His inventions are used and exploited by the United States government and his theories are studied by colleges the world over. But, you don’t hear about him except in college, or by the conspiracy theorist, and so his name is becoming less and less mainstream. We are taught in elementary and middle school about Alaxander Bell, but they don’t talk much about Nikola. Why? Because he was saying and teaching things they, the elite, did not want to come out yet. That is proof in itself to their intentions in teaching. Sometimes in history, you will find a man who really wants to make a difference, and is brighter than the accepted elite, and steps out on his own to make life better for mankind. But, they are shut down and their work buried by the people who claim that they really want the best for you. Really? Why were Nokola’s papers and writings stolen, never to be seen again? Least not in public. Ah, but the colleges, if you are bright enough, and promise to keep it secret will show you some of his work to experiement on, course, they wont tell you who started the work, only it is something they have been studieng for years. And that’s not a lie, they have studied his work, that supposedly was lost, for years after his death. The FBI, by their own admission took his writings, so why have they not made them public?

You are taught by your parents, in most cases, first. And they teach you because they love you, most of the time. They want you succeed were they have failed, and they don’t want you to make the same mistakes they did. But, in today’s world, after that, you are left to the schools. And the schools have a different agenda. They are to teach you how to fit into, and become a contributing part of your local and regional society. And we being good people mostly, trust that they are doing it to help you and your society. But in America, the public school system was formed to help you be a good worker only. President Woodrow Wilson has admitted this in his writings, and said he was pressured by the financial elite of his day, who were tired of hiring illiterate workers. There argument~ We don’t have time to teach em to read, we are out to make money, and a workers time at the factory should be spent on that. Of course you can see their point, but get mine. they did not form schools for the betterment of American individuals, but for the advancement of America itself as a power in the world. And the world faced with such an educated work force had to follow suit to be able to compete with America. And America and the world advanced. So now, colleges are important in the spread of knowledge, to further advance social agenda of government and Industry. The experiment was wildy successful and is now the world model. But, as in ancient days, the elite keep control of the knowledge, as to keep them in power, and hide much of what they know. The Vatican hides religious documents, to insure their position in religion, as colleges hide information as to keep a technological advantage over the masses. They don’t really control us this way do they? Nikola Tesla!

Now, we are getting to the real story in the game now. I want you to look at this link. It may be the most important link to help you understand what is going on.~

Now, what if I told you that in America in the sixties, the whole hippie flower child movement and experience happened because of social experiments on a large scale, by the US government and numerous colleges? Look at that link again. Look at what it says the colleges were experimenting on. Now, those experiments led the students to think on a global scale, and to inact change. Now, they found that they could get the people out there together, but they couldn’t control it for long and keep it peaceful. But, they could easily get the crowd to think alike in anger, and so they succeeded in their experiments and shut it down. What were they preparing for? For, if you know the nature of teaching, experiments are only a tool to find a desired outcome. The sixties were a telling time for todays history, and so I will do a whole post on that period, but for now, we will focus on the experiments. Take a look at the American sixties and compare it with the Arab Spring of today. It is different only in it’s religious concept. The leaders of the terror organazations are college graduates, largely from American colleges, working the social experiment, with the added religious context. Now they know what happened with peaceful, loving American teens who had to be put down by the riot police. I’m pretty sure you can see how dangerous they know Arab teens will be with the words of Kill The Infidel. It’s playing out right now in front of your eyes. No leader in the middle-east will stand with this going on in his country unless he can cut off his society. So, what is the reason? Ah, but that’s for later, and it is not what you think.

Now, in the sixties, the world’s schools took a dramatic shift. Especially the middle and elementary schools. Where they were teaching about local religion and local issues, they changed and went into a global view teaching model. And what do they teach. Social issues above all else. They are clearly teaching us to be one nation and to think alike on a global scale. And to do this, they must remove the different religions, and get us on one page. And since it is proven that peaceful movements do not last unless incited by anger, they have put two religions against each other. Now of course there are other religions besides these two, but are becoming smaller and smaller. And the two are complicated, and can be considered many in that~ Christians follow the Old Testament, but the Jewish people as a whole do not accept the New Testament of Jesus, which also has many sects. And it’s opponent is Islam and Muslim. And it is taught by the Koran. But, all of these people that follow these religions, worship the God that is the God of Abraham. So, even though they want to fight over the principles of each of the teachings, they fight over and worship the same God. Hahahaha Sorry, that get’s me everytime. It’s like a bunch of jealous kids who are fighting over who the father loves best. hahaha  And though the Old Testament and the Koran says worship only God, Islamist worship the prophet Mohammed and a black rock that came from heaven, and the rock Mohammed went to heaven from, And they want and are taught to cut the heads off of infidels(nonbeleivers), who don’t beleive in Mohammed, even though most of the so called infidels do worship the God of Abraham, just not Mohammed. Even if you say he was a prophet, if you don’t worship him instead of the God of Abraham, they want your head. And the Jewish people are scorned for calling for the public death of Jesus, who they were lied to about by the Romans, who ended up worshipping Jesus theirself, because they hung a man up that said good things about God. But, it wasn’t what the preachers said so, don’t just disagree with him, since he was a threat to their teachings, just kill him. And the Romans ended up fighting with the Islamist over Jerusalem over writings of the Old Testament, which they say their prophet was influenced by….oh it’s just mind boggling how it all intertwines. And so, everyone gets killing angry over basically how to teach on God. So, it remains a problem. Now I speak on it here only to help you understand our place in the program. Cause so far we have covered this~ God was the first mind who wanted to know himself. But he wanted to know if it was worth it to even be in the first place. And in so learning, he came to know us, and we came to know him. And he loves us, and we love him. And that love was and is so pure, it makes God know it is worth it to be. But there was another who wanted to be God, and so he went to God and said, ” Why do you love them? They don’t love you, look what they do.” And he came to us and said, ” Why do you love God, for he doesn’t love you, if he did he would let you know all things and be like him.” And in this way, he has divided us, so he thinks, and is working to secure his division. For he knows that since God is perfect, he will have to be against our imperfections, as we are not. And, we can’t be with God to learn all things, for some things are bad, and he has removed the bad from himself to be perfect. And when we experience the bad, we will either love it or hate it. And if we love it, we hate God. And if we hate it, we will question the God who let us experience the bad. Now hear me here. The schools and governments also want to be God, and they allow the bad, to learn it, but to also be the fixers, and want you to worship them for fixing everything. But, remember, they allowed the bad things so they could fix it. And they got there knowledge to teach you, thousands of years ago from the bringer of knowldge, the devil, who in the beginning used the knowledge against you, so you will question and forget God. Even to the point of declaring ourselves God. It’s obvious. But listen. The devil has forgotten love, and though he knows it has power, he doesn’t realize that we will never forget God, and he will never forget us!

Now that’s all on this post~ Next post will be Thursday- 9/27/2012. It will be called~ Today as Yesterday. And it will touch on the beginnings of civilizations, especially Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Mayan. And comparing them to todays civilizations to show that the program was created to form them to lead us to what they plan for today.

Some that have read my early post complained about not having links posted to help confirm my stategy in the game so, I agree. So in todays post on the program. I will leave these links for you to look at and ponder, and so you can see through them the nature of reality, and the methods the controllers use to control you in it. First, let’s start with numbers, and how they really don’t do anything but identify. They cannot calculate infinity of or prove the finite, only number what is in our reality.

Link one: ~What does infinity divided by infinity equal?

Link two: ~Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math, dividing by zero.

Now we will move on to colors and how they affect you.

Link three: ~ Color Psychology.

And now how your brain processes what it learns and what it does with the info it receives.

Link four: ~ How the brain processes what the eye sees.

And so now, we must visit how your brain can be manipulated and controlled through well tested and time proven methods.

Link five: ` Mind control theories and techniques used by the mass media.

Link six: ~ Wikipedia documented mind control methods.

And finally on this link section, we will visit symbols. For symbols were the first form of expressing thought and have led to the creation of words and lanuage.

Link seven: ~Ancient alchemy symbols.

Link eight: ~ Ancient middle-east religious symbols.

Link nine: do a Google search on ~Religious symbols and their meaning. All symbols and their meanings are presented here.

And finally I will leave you two more links for this segment. The first is Wikipedia on reality. Notice how they only talk about known reality, but allude to the possibility of other reality planes. They only talk about physical reality and hint at other non physical reality that hasn’t ben proven, thus they cannot count it. ( Note the irony here~ They cannot COUNT it) But, I have given you info on how the number can’t count infinity, and therefore can’t account for EVERYTHING. Only that which is proven to have become at least one, or will become one or more, or has been thought of by one or more. It doen’t account for minds other than mans, and so leaves alot to theory and states that it ia still being debated. So, numbers can’t count anything except what is in physical reality. But, we know since we invented the number, that it itself has an origin that it can’t prove by counting. But, it is great info on what is so, Heres the link:

Link ten: ~ Physical Reality.

Now, I also wanted to leave a link for the intellectualls that think they have found the key to creation. A great discovery has been made, that shows nano particles that they have determined can create. But, they are learning through studying it, that it is only a tool that facilitates the created mass to come forth, and cannot form it’s creation, only brings the mass into the physical plane. Thus instead of creating, it merely allows a mass of non formed material to be brought forth. Now, they wish to beleive it actually creates because they do not want to admit that the created mass actually comes from outside the physical reality. And so, they debate what the particle actually does. So, I found a great debate post on the matter.

Link eleven: ~ Stop calling it the God particle.

Now, for my last link I leave info on a man who decided to buck the system. He took the numbers he and his collegues were working with, and he tried to apply it to the advancement of man. Now sometimes, a man is born with super insight, and his intellegience will be so great, even those who work around and with him cannot fully comprehend what he is doing. But, they are curious, and they help him with his goals. Ah, but the minute he goes on his own, and tries to finance his own acheivements. He is first ridiculed for being out of the mainstream. Then he is forced to get approval for his private work by having to prove his theories, thus revealing his secret work. And once proven, he is asked to give it up to the controllers and financers who decide if it is for human consumption. Well, those who know they are on to something extrodinary, do not want to give their info to men and governments who they know will only steal their work and control it for profit, say no to them. And then, as always happens to these men, they are ridiculed, their work misrepresented, and they and their work are lost to history, their lifetime acheivments stolen, suppressed and eventually capitalized by those who would profit on their genius. Here is a link to one such man. And an example to you that your controllers do not want the best for you. I post the link to this man as an example on this. The governments say they work for the betterment of their people, And the scientist that work for them say they only want to better your life. Well, here is a man that tried to do both and look how they treated them. After reading it, you tell me, are the goverments and their agencys really out for the betterment of man, or something else? Now I will continue The Programm: Reality and Confusion Monday. And I will show how the programers and controllers have led us to this point in history, and why they do what they do. Please use these links, and I hope they are a help to you in understanding. We are about to deprogram ourselves and start seeing the world in a whole new way~ Till Monday~ Billy

Link 12:

          PART ONE~          Well, it wouldn’t be much of a game without a playing field, and ours is woderous. For it is everything. But, before we get carried away, you have to know, that is also an illusion, and is really nothing. And you see, I have to explain it now, so you can see what the programers and controllers are doing. For they are wratcheting up the rehtoric, and stirring up anger. And I hope you don’t think that the demonstrations that you see in the news, against America and the west are over, do you? Hahahaha… You don’t see. It is time. I know it feels safe to think that all this anger and frustration will die down, like it always has in the past, but it will not. And the armies and navies are secretly moving about talking about war games. But, in reality, they are positioning themselves. And so, we will talk about the program that has led us here, and who has perfected it, preparing for this very moment in time, hoping all their work will pay off.

The Program: Imagine if you will, that you are a mind. And, around you are many more minds, connected to, but not part of your mind. And at a certain point, you wonder what it would be like to be alive. So, you, and the minds around you, who have also wondered at the same time as you, what it was like to be alive, enter a place where you can dream about being alive. Now, this place where you dream together was created by the first mind that wondered if it was worth it to be. And so it is a heaven, but being only physical, it is not the heaven, but only a copy where we are actually struggling with the good and evil in our minds, thus dicovering then, in our living, at the end, the reason for it. To fight the battle of good and evil in our mind and make a choice as to what we love. For in living, we also learn to feel, and that is the key to our excistance. Everyone has that little voice in our head that always questions. And so, no one talks about what that is, but it has always questioned you. And made you doubt yourself, and tried to depress you with negative thoughts. That is your little devil, always wanting you to question yourself.

Now, the brain is different than the mind. And since the mind only knows what the brain shows it, that is all it knows to think on. Now, actually, the brain doesn’t think as but to only help it react. The brain is there to make the body react. Sometimes it can be tricked, and sometimes it even tricks itself, but it shows the information it gets to the mind who can only think about what to do. So, if the mind get’s lost in thought, unfortunately, the brain keeps on gathering info without suficient time to comprehend it, so it just does the best it can without the mind, and can often be fooled. Especially with alot of noise and confusion around it to get the mind unfocused. Now right off the bat, the brain wants to know all it can, so it is programed by it’s parents or whoever raises it from birth. No, I am not saying intentionally programed by them. They just teach you on what they have learned. And their parents programed them too, and so forth. And they are also programed by the teachers, who are taught by their teachers, and so forth. And the teachers are programed by the schools, who are funded by the richest men in the world, or government run and funded. And the richest men in the world are also programed by the schools they fund, by information the school get’s from the world, and secret info I might add, as old as writing itself. So information seems important. And information is spread in a way as is guided by the richest men in the world who unfortunately only want to get richer. So, they can be tempted by power and pleasure into believing whatever makes them happy. But right off the bat, the info they get is flawed, because time after time, science is proving that the number 1 , cannot exist, except that we make the number one real, so we can identify and count. It is only an interpretation that is made up by the brain to help the mind understand our little copy of heaven and earth. And all the players in the game. Remember, we are in a copy of heaven, having a dream with others. But also, did you realize, that what one person sees in their mind, may not be the same as someone else. So, we use numbers and words to also communicate.

This is where the programers really do their work these days. Have you ever noticed that weekly shows on TV usually follow each others trends. Even the news on every channel is basically the same. They know the key words that will make you watch, and feel what the want you to feel. By now, you also know they use subliminal messages also, and that it is proven. And they use the numbers and words to control you and keep you pacified with entertainment. So, it’s time to talk about the symbols, words, and numbers, that they use as triggers and control signals. But, also, we will visit mind control techniques to help you see what is happening all around you. But, to do this, I will also have to use alot of links. Yes, this time in my post, I will have links to help prove what I write. Now, once we have visited the numbers, and colors, and words that they use to confuse and incite, and also calm you, we will also have to revisit the controllers and programers again. This time also with links. So, again, this will take time. So, this is the end of part one, The Programm:Reality and Confusion. Tomorrow~ Part Two. The game is complex my friend! Till tomorrow, Peace to you and your family.~Billy Weatherman

The finished opening post!

Billy Weatherman

I am copelled, let’s just say to write a story. In fact, I have prepared this story for a long time in my mind, on how to fully tell it. But now, for some reason, I feel it is time. And remember, it’s only a story. No reason to discredit it now, for you’ll have time to debate whether it is fiction, or not, as I reveal and talk about the resources on which I base the story. So, for now, just a story. I hope many people will read it, but even if not, I feel I must write it.

The Game: The game is to figure out, if it is best to be, or not be. So, in order to play it well, we must ponder all things we have learned, or think we have learned. Why play it? Well, I think the answer leads us to God…

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I am copelled, let’s just say to write a story. In fact, I have prepared this story for a long time in my mind, on how to fully tell it. But now, for some reason, I feel it is time. And remember, it’s only a story. No reason to discredit it now, for you’ll have time to debate whether it is fiction, or not, as I reveal and talk about the resources on which I base the story. So, for now, just a story. I hope many people will read it, but even if not, I feel I must write it.

The Game: The game is to figure out, if it is best to be, or not be. So, in order to play it well, we must ponder all things we have learned, or think we have learned. Why play it? Well, I think the answer leads us to God. And so, some will be interested in playing, in order to help them reafirm that position. And those who do not, well, there are my challengers in the game, and will love to play in order to prove me wrong. For to say there is no God, and therefore no afterlife, is to say ultimately, we came from nothing, and we will go back to nothing. Not be! But I say, we came from everything and nothing, and we will go back to everything and nothing, forever and ever. Thus, being and not being. But in thus ultimately, to not be, we must be, and if we are, we will be forever, because in being, we prove in itself that we are more than nothing. But are we? Well, that’s the game right? Please read the next post under this name to get the WHOLE FINISHED POST. It is important to understand the game and my next post on this story: THE PROGRAM!