The Game~ To be or Not to be

I am copelled, let’s just say to write a story. In fact, I have prepared this story for a long time in my mind, on how to fully tell it. But now, for some reason, I feel it is time. And remember, it’s only a story. No reason to discredit it now, for you’ll have time to debate whether it is fiction, or not, as I reveal and talk about the resources on which I base the story. So, for now, just a story. I hope many people will read it, but even if not, I feel I must write it.

The Game: The game is to figure out, if it is best to be, or not be. So, in order to play it well, we must ponder all things we have learned, or think we have learned. Why play it? Well, I think the answer leads us to God. And so, some will be interested in playing, in order to help them reafirm that position. And those who do not, well, there are my challengers in the game, and will love to play in order to prove me wrong. For to say there is no God, and therefore no afterlife, is to say ultimately, we came from nothing, and we will go back to nothing. Not be! But I say, we came from everything and nothing, and we will go back to everything and nothing, forever and ever. Thus, being and not being. But in thus ultimately, to not be, we must be, and if we are, we will be forever, because in being, we prove in itself that we are more than nothing. But are we? Well, that’s the game right? Please read the next post under this name to get the WHOLE FINISHED POST. It is important to understand the game and my next post on this story: THE PROGRAM!

  1. Kim Phifer said:

    That is deep, cool and very thought provoking. Good job Billy!

    • Thank you! It gets a lot deeper as this is only the beginning.

  2. Bryan Shoemaker said:

    I think what I get ot of this is: If I choose to believe in God and eternal life and neither exists when I die, I have lost nothing. But if I do NOT believe and it is true that both exist, I have lost everything.

    • Wow Bryan! You know my motive in writing and why it is so important. Awesome insight brother. The consequences would be devestating.

  3. Gerald Parsons said:

    very interesting can’t wait for more!

  4. Gerald Parsons said:

    waiting for the THE PROGRAM, can’t wait!

  5. Timmie Lowery said:

    Ready to read more. There is so much truth in what you are saying/thinking.

  6. Missy Burchette said:

    I have always chose to believe…without it I have no hope in the life after. Thanks Billy for the awesome blog!!

    • Thank you Missy! And in future post, I hope to give you info on helping others when they question you about your faith, because soon it will be on everyones mind.

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