The finished opening post!

Billy Weatherman

I am copelled, let’s just say to write a story. In fact, I have prepared this story for a long time in my mind, on how to fully tell it. But now, for some reason, I feel it is time. And remember, it’s only a story. No reason to discredit it now, for you’ll have time to debate whether it is fiction, or not, as I reveal and talk about the resources on which I base the story. So, for now, just a story. I hope many people will read it, but even if not, I feel I must write it.

The Game: The game is to figure out, if it is best to be, or not be. So, in order to play it well, we must ponder all things we have learned, or think we have learned. Why play it? Well, I think the answer leads us to God…

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