The Programm: Reality and Confusion

          PART ONE~          Well, it wouldn’t be much of a game without a playing field, and ours is woderous. For it is everything. But, before we get carried away, you have to know, that is also an illusion, and is really nothing. And you see, I have to explain it now, so you can see what the programers and controllers are doing. For they are wratcheting up the rehtoric, and stirring up anger. And I hope you don’t think that the demonstrations that you see in the news, against America and the west are over, do you? Hahahaha… You don’t see. It is time. I know it feels safe to think that all this anger and frustration will die down, like it always has in the past, but it will not. And the armies and navies are secretly moving about talking about war games. But, in reality, they are positioning themselves. And so, we will talk about the program that has led us here, and who has perfected it, preparing for this very moment in time, hoping all their work will pay off.

The Program: Imagine if you will, that you are a mind. And, around you are many more minds, connected to, but not part of your mind. And at a certain point, you wonder what it would be like to be alive. So, you, and the minds around you, who have also wondered at the same time as you, what it was like to be alive, enter a place where you can dream about being alive. Now, this place where you dream together was created by the first mind that wondered if it was worth it to be. And so it is a heaven, but being only physical, it is not the heaven, but only a copy where we are actually struggling with the good and evil in our minds, thus dicovering then, in our living, at the end, the reason for it. To fight the battle of good and evil in our mind and make a choice as to what we love. For in living, we also learn to feel, and that is the key to our excistance. Everyone has that little voice in our head that always questions. And so, no one talks about what that is, but it has always questioned you. And made you doubt yourself, and tried to depress you with negative thoughts. That is your little devil, always wanting you to question yourself.

Now, the brain is different than the mind. And since the mind only knows what the brain shows it, that is all it knows to think on. Now, actually, the brain doesn’t think as but to only help it react. The brain is there to make the body react. Sometimes it can be tricked, and sometimes it even tricks itself, but it shows the information it gets to the mind who can only think about what to do. So, if the mind get’s lost in thought, unfortunately, the brain keeps on gathering info without suficient time to comprehend it, so it just does the best it can without the mind, and can often be fooled. Especially with alot of noise and confusion around it to get the mind unfocused. Now right off the bat, the brain wants to know all it can, so it is programed by it’s parents or whoever raises it from birth. No, I am not saying intentionally programed by them. They just teach you on what they have learned. And their parents programed them too, and so forth. And they are also programed by the teachers, who are taught by their teachers, and so forth. And the teachers are programed by the schools, who are funded by the richest men in the world, or government run and funded. And the richest men in the world are also programed by the schools they fund, by information the school get’s from the world, and secret info I might add, as old as writing itself. So information seems important. And information is spread in a way as is guided by the richest men in the world who unfortunately only want to get richer. So, they can be tempted by power and pleasure into believing whatever makes them happy. But right off the bat, the info they get is flawed, because time after time, science is proving that the number 1 , cannot exist, except that we make the number one real, so we can identify and count. It is only an interpretation that is made up by the brain to help the mind understand our little copy of heaven and earth. And all the players in the game. Remember, we are in a copy of heaven, having a dream with others. But also, did you realize, that what one person sees in their mind, may not be the same as someone else. So, we use numbers and words to also communicate.

This is where the programers really do their work these days. Have you ever noticed that weekly shows on TV usually follow each others trends. Even the news on every channel is basically the same. They know the key words that will make you watch, and feel what the want you to feel. By now, you also know they use subliminal messages also, and that it is proven. And they use the numbers and words to control you and keep you pacified with entertainment. So, it’s time to talk about the symbols, words, and numbers, that they use as triggers and control signals. But, also, we will visit mind control techniques to help you see what is happening all around you. But, to do this, I will also have to use alot of links. Yes, this time in my post, I will have links to help prove what I write. Now, once we have visited the numbers, and colors, and words that they use to confuse and incite, and also calm you, we will also have to revisit the controllers and programers again. This time also with links. So, again, this will take time. So, this is the end of part one, The Programm:Reality and Confusion. Tomorrow~ Part Two. The game is complex my friend! Till tomorrow, Peace to you and your family.~Billy Weatherman


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