The Programm: Reality and Confusion~(Part 2-1 info links)

Some that have read my early post complained about not having links posted to help confirm my stategy in the game so, I agree. So in todays post on the program. I will leave these links for you to look at and ponder, and so you can see through them the nature of reality, and the methods the controllers use to control you in it. First, let’s start with numbers, and how they really don’t do anything but identify. They cannot calculate infinity of or prove the finite, only number what is in our reality.

Link one: ~What does infinity divided by infinity equal?

Link two: ~Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math, dividing by zero.

Now we will move on to colors and how they affect you.

Link three: ~ Color Psychology.

And now how your brain processes what it learns and what it does with the info it receives.

Link four: ~ How the brain processes what the eye sees.

And so now, we must visit how your brain can be manipulated and controlled through well tested and time proven methods.

Link five: ` Mind control theories and techniques used by the mass media.

Link six: ~ Wikipedia documented mind control methods.

And finally on this link section, we will visit symbols. For symbols were the first form of expressing thought and have led to the creation of words and lanuage.

Link seven: ~Ancient alchemy symbols.

Link eight: ~ Ancient middle-east religious symbols.

Link nine: do a Google search on ~Religious symbols and their meaning. All symbols and their meanings are presented here.

And finally I will leave you two more links for this segment. The first is Wikipedia on reality. Notice how they only talk about known reality, but allude to the possibility of other reality planes. They only talk about physical reality and hint at other non physical reality that hasn’t ben proven, thus they cannot count it. ( Note the irony here~ They cannot COUNT it) But, I have given you info on how the number can’t count infinity, and therefore can’t account for EVERYTHING. Only that which is proven to have become at least one, or will become one or more, or has been thought of by one or more. It doen’t account for minds other than mans, and so leaves alot to theory and states that it ia still being debated. So, numbers can’t count anything except what is in physical reality. But, we know since we invented the number, that it itself has an origin that it can’t prove by counting. But, it is great info on what is so, Heres the link:

Link ten: ~ Physical Reality.

Now, I also wanted to leave a link for the intellectualls that think they have found the key to creation. A great discovery has been made, that shows nano particles that they have determined can create. But, they are learning through studying it, that it is only a tool that facilitates the created mass to come forth, and cannot form it’s creation, only brings the mass into the physical plane. Thus instead of creating, it merely allows a mass of non formed material to be brought forth. Now, they wish to beleive it actually creates because they do not want to admit that the created mass actually comes from outside the physical reality. And so, they debate what the particle actually does. So, I found a great debate post on the matter.

Link eleven: ~ Stop calling it the God particle.

Now, for my last link I leave info on a man who decided to buck the system. He took the numbers he and his collegues were working with, and he tried to apply it to the advancement of man. Now sometimes, a man is born with super insight, and his intellegience will be so great, even those who work around and with him cannot fully comprehend what he is doing. But, they are curious, and they help him with his goals. Ah, but the minute he goes on his own, and tries to finance his own acheivements. He is first ridiculed for being out of the mainstream. Then he is forced to get approval for his private work by having to prove his theories, thus revealing his secret work. And once proven, he is asked to give it up to the controllers and financers who decide if it is for human consumption. Well, those who know they are on to something extrodinary, do not want to give their info to men and governments who they know will only steal their work and control it for profit, say no to them. And then, as always happens to these men, they are ridiculed, their work misrepresented, and they and their work are lost to history, their lifetime acheivments stolen, suppressed and eventually capitalized by those who would profit on their genius. Here is a link to one such man. And an example to you that your controllers do not want the best for you. I post the link to this man as an example on this. The governments say they work for the betterment of their people, And the scientist that work for them say they only want to better your life. Well, here is a man that tried to do both and look how they treated them. After reading it, you tell me, are the goverments and their agencys really out for the betterment of man, or something else? Now I will continue The Programm: Reality and Confusion Monday. And I will show how the programers and controllers have led us to this point in history, and why they do what they do. Please use these links, and I hope they are a help to you in understanding. We are about to deprogram ourselves and start seeing the world in a whole new way~ Till Monday~ Billy

Link 12:

  1. Gerald Parsons said:

    the link for the man you speak of i imagine is for Tesla? thanks for the posts! very interesting and can’t wait for more! till monday.

    • Yes! Nikola Tesla. I will fix the bad link, we must see what happened to him and his work. It is so telling.

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