The Programm: Reality and Confusion~ Part 2-2

Okay, we were talking about you and how you learn the program. I left 11 links for you to study and look over, and I hope you took the time, for if you did, you will know what I write today to be true for all of us. Now, first, I know it is hard to read these post without pictures and regular media, but there is pupose in that too. And I know it looks as though I left off a link from the last post. And that was on purpose also. Sorry about that, but to deprogram you, sometimes I have to leave a thought hanging in your mind. Now, most of you know the link was on a man named Nikola Tesla. I wanted you to think of him, and now I will give you the link for those of you who do not know the story of this man.

Nokola was a bright man, who had alternate theories about the use of energy fields. His inventions are used and exploited by the United States government and his theories are studied by colleges the world over. But, you don’t hear about him except in college, or by the conspiracy theorist, and so his name is becoming less and less mainstream. We are taught in elementary and middle school about Alaxander Bell, but they don’t talk much about Nikola. Why? Because he was saying and teaching things they, the elite, did not want to come out yet. That is proof in itself to their intentions in teaching. Sometimes in history, you will find a man who really wants to make a difference, and is brighter than the accepted elite, and steps out on his own to make life better for mankind. But, they are shut down and their work buried by the people who claim that they really want the best for you. Really? Why were Nokola’s papers and writings stolen, never to be seen again? Least not in public. Ah, but the colleges, if you are bright enough, and promise to keep it secret will show you some of his work to experiement on, course, they wont tell you who started the work, only it is something they have been studieng for years. And that’s not a lie, they have studied his work, that supposedly was lost, for years after his death. The FBI, by their own admission took his writings, so why have they not made them public?

You are taught by your parents, in most cases, first. And they teach you because they love you, most of the time. They want you succeed were they have failed, and they don’t want you to make the same mistakes they did. But, in today’s world, after that, you are left to the schools. And the schools have a different agenda. They are to teach you how to fit into, and become a contributing part of your local and regional society. And we being good people mostly, trust that they are doing it to help you and your society. But in America, the public school system was formed to help you be a good worker only. President Woodrow Wilson has admitted this in his writings, and said he was pressured by the financial elite of his day, who were tired of hiring illiterate workers. There argument~ We don’t have time to teach em to read, we are out to make money, and a workers time at the factory should be spent on that. Of course you can see their point, but get mine. they did not form schools for the betterment of American individuals, but for the advancement of America itself as a power in the world. And the world faced with such an educated work force had to follow suit to be able to compete with America. And America and the world advanced. So now, colleges are important in the spread of knowledge, to further advance social agenda of government and Industry. The experiment was wildy successful and is now the world model. But, as in ancient days, the elite keep control of the knowledge, as to keep them in power, and hide much of what they know. The Vatican hides religious documents, to insure their position in religion, as colleges hide information as to keep a technological advantage over the masses. They don’t really control us this way do they? Nikola Tesla!

Now, we are getting to the real story in the game now. I want you to look at this link. It may be the most important link to help you understand what is going on.~

Now, what if I told you that in America in the sixties, the whole hippie flower child movement and experience happened because of social experiments on a large scale, by the US government and numerous colleges? Look at that link again. Look at what it says the colleges were experimenting on. Now, those experiments led the students to think on a global scale, and to inact change. Now, they found that they could get the people out there together, but they couldn’t control it for long and keep it peaceful. But, they could easily get the crowd to think alike in anger, and so they succeeded in their experiments and shut it down. What were they preparing for? For, if you know the nature of teaching, experiments are only a tool to find a desired outcome. The sixties were a telling time for todays history, and so I will do a whole post on that period, but for now, we will focus on the experiments. Take a look at the American sixties and compare it with the Arab Spring of today. It is different only in it’s religious concept. The leaders of the terror organazations are college graduates, largely from American colleges, working the social experiment, with the added religious context. Now they know what happened with peaceful, loving American teens who had to be put down by the riot police. I’m pretty sure you can see how dangerous they know Arab teens will be with the words of Kill The Infidel. It’s playing out right now in front of your eyes. No leader in the middle-east will stand with this going on in his country unless he can cut off his society. So, what is the reason? Ah, but that’s for later, and it is not what you think.

Now, in the sixties, the world’s schools took a dramatic shift. Especially the middle and elementary schools. Where they were teaching about local religion and local issues, they changed and went into a global view teaching model. And what do they teach. Social issues above all else. They are clearly teaching us to be one nation and to think alike on a global scale. And to do this, they must remove the different religions, and get us on one page. And since it is proven that peaceful movements do not last unless incited by anger, they have put two religions against each other. Now of course there are other religions besides these two, but are becoming smaller and smaller. And the two are complicated, and can be considered many in that~ Christians follow the Old Testament, but the Jewish people as a whole do not accept the New Testament of Jesus, which also has many sects. And it’s opponent is Islam and Muslim. And it is taught by the Koran. But, all of these people that follow these religions, worship the God that is the God of Abraham. So, even though they want to fight over the principles of each of the teachings, they fight over and worship the same God. Hahahaha Sorry, that get’s me everytime. It’s like a bunch of jealous kids who are fighting over who the father loves best. hahaha  And though the Old Testament and the Koran says worship only God, Islamist worship the prophet Mohammed and a black rock that came from heaven, and the rock Mohammed went to heaven from, And they want and are taught to cut the heads off of infidels(nonbeleivers), who don’t beleive in Mohammed, even though most of the so called infidels do worship the God of Abraham, just not Mohammed. Even if you say he was a prophet, if you don’t worship him instead of the God of Abraham, they want your head. And the Jewish people are scorned for calling for the public death of Jesus, who they were lied to about by the Romans, who ended up worshipping Jesus theirself, because they hung a man up that said good things about God. But, it wasn’t what the preachers said so, don’t just disagree with him, since he was a threat to their teachings, just kill him. And the Romans ended up fighting with the Islamist over Jerusalem over writings of the Old Testament, which they say their prophet was influenced by….oh it’s just mind boggling how it all intertwines. And so, everyone gets killing angry over basically how to teach on God. So, it remains a problem. Now I speak on it here only to help you understand our place in the program. Cause so far we have covered this~ God was the first mind who wanted to know himself. But he wanted to know if it was worth it to even be in the first place. And in so learning, he came to know us, and we came to know him. And he loves us, and we love him. And that love was and is so pure, it makes God know it is worth it to be. But there was another who wanted to be God, and so he went to God and said, ” Why do you love them? They don’t love you, look what they do.” And he came to us and said, ” Why do you love God, for he doesn’t love you, if he did he would let you know all things and be like him.” And in this way, he has divided us, so he thinks, and is working to secure his division. For he knows that since God is perfect, he will have to be against our imperfections, as we are not. And, we can’t be with God to learn all things, for some things are bad, and he has removed the bad from himself to be perfect. And when we experience the bad, we will either love it or hate it. And if we love it, we hate God. And if we hate it, we will question the God who let us experience the bad. Now hear me here. The schools and governments also want to be God, and they allow the bad, to learn it, but to also be the fixers, and want you to worship them for fixing everything. But, remember, they allowed the bad things so they could fix it. And they got there knowledge to teach you, thousands of years ago from the bringer of knowldge, the devil, who in the beginning used the knowledge against you, so you will question and forget God. Even to the point of declaring ourselves God. It’s obvious. But listen. The devil has forgotten love, and though he knows it has power, he doesn’t realize that we will never forget God, and he will never forget us!

Now that’s all on this post~ Next post will be Thursday- 9/27/2012. It will be called~ Today as Yesterday. And it will touch on the beginnings of civilizations, especially Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Mayan. And comparing them to todays civilizations to show that the program was created to form them to lead us to what they plan for today.


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