Today As Yesterday

Well, I’ve played word games long enough. Today we touch on the real game. I have left links for those who wanted me to provide proof to what I say, and in leaving them I have shown to the ones still reading what happens when you are given to much info. Yeah, the doubters looked at it, got bored with it, and moved on. Truth is, we all know what I say is true, but it is so crazy sounding, as to not let your mind beleive it. The only way to get through is to speak to the heart that knows. And so, I will only leave  a few links today, because this is where I spell it out for you, for better or for worse. But you will know this story, and your part of the game. Sensationalism is what makes people read, and not generic info found normally everywhere, so today, I will write the sensational truth. Say what you will about it, but as you think of how it can’t be so, listen to the heart and it will counter.

Now as you know, the Egyptians of the day contend that they are the people that built the pyramids. But, they couldn’t even read the ancient lanquage, and are still trying, as we are, to figure out how those fantastic monuments were built. Now the Mayans on the other hand, told the Spainards who conquered them that they did not build their pyramids, but merely found and claimed them for their own. I wish the Egyptians would tell the same truth, and so we could understand that period when the Pharoahs family fell away and the Old Kingdom became the new. Think of it, even if we had a major calamity today that killed most of us away, we would still teach our children the lanquage, and tell them of the days that we played football and watched TV. But the Egyptians today did not even know where their leaders were buried, the ones worshipped as Gods by the way, until they went looking for them. I say that although there appears to be a line of continuous history, there was a time that Egypt forgot itself and Barbarians came, conquered, and claimed the throne. And they are the bloodline that is there today, not that of the Pharoa pyramid builders. And that is why they could not read the ancient writing, nor do they have a clue as to when the Sphinx was carved. Least the Mayans fess up. So, now that we have forgotten our past, we think we are so much more advanced than our ancestors. But are we? There is proof that we are wrong. Maps that show the world in a way that only could be seen from the air. Hints at usage of invisible energy fields such as electricity. And a knowledge of the stars that is GREATER than what we know today. The Mayan calender is eerily correct today, right down to star movements that line us up with the middle of our galaxy. Unbeleivable really. So, they were highly advanced, and  we have to look again at where and how they say we came from. The creationist stories.

Now, although different, they all seem to have a common theme. And are totally accurate when they say what we are made of. Not bad for primitives who supposedly didn’t know what elements were. But still somehow knew that we are made of dirt and water, and pieces from the stars. Quite accurate. How did they know? Where did they get their information? Well, they tell us.

So with that, I will spell it out simply. We should not take our ancesters stories lightly. They were not idiots, but smart men. And these stories are truths, not myths. But the elite today would have you think that those that built the pyramids were silly men telling silly stories. Really? The guys that built the longest standing buildings? Buildings we couldn’t build today, nor have any clue as to how they did it. I say take those ancesters seriously, and you’ll find that they have told you the truth. That one day, long ago, Gods came from the sky in smoke and fire, and landed in the mountains. And they came down and taught the men a new way of thinking. And they mated with the women and had children who were giants of great strength. And upon a great flood coming upon the earth, they fled to save themselves. But, promised to return in the future at times we needed them to save us. Kinda funny though, they didn’t save us from the flood, but fled. Now, even they were astonished that some men and animals and plants survived, but were angry that there children did not. Noah was one of the men. And listen close. Noah listened to the one God, who did not come in smoke and fire, but came to Noah with a loud voice, and told him to build the ark. And all the men that worshipped the other Gods laughed at him that he thought a great flood was coming. Now I say that the Gods when they come back will lie and say they are the ones that saved Noah, but if so, why did they let their own children die? It was not them that spoke to Noah. But there is an ancient story that says this. When the Gods smelled the smoke from Noahs cooking an animal for a feast, after the flood had subsided, they came to him and praised him for his insight, and they were pleased with the aroma, and asked Noah if they could taste the meat. And he said yes, and they were delighted, for they had eaten only that which would barely substain them. Clearly they did not know a flood was coming or they would have been better prepared. It reads as though they were also caught off guard and could only get enough supplies as would hold them till after the flood was overand subsided. And they had no idea Noah would survive. And so I also ask you this. If the real God, the first creator, the first that was, that created everything wanted to visit us, would he need a craft that would come in smoke and fire with wings? Or would he just move about the deep as he always had and just show up upon his thinking about it? And if their were beings that came from the sky, with smoke and fire on wings? What does that sound like to you. I have left the links for you to see them but still you deny it. Even in a day when corporations linked to the US government have tried to prepare you with their movies and stories of them, only some of you believe. Ah, but you know. And it seems less and less silly doesn’t it. They are the spacemen, that came from deep in our universe, to teach and advance us. And we worshipped them as Gods, as they told us too. And they are lost to their own history, and truly believe they have created you, and advanced you, and are worthy of worship. But, they have forgotten God, the real creator, and convinced themselves that they are the creators of all things in the universe, because that is what their great leader has told them. And they beleive him. But make no mistake. They are wrong. And God is angry with them who keep tinkering with his great creation man, and he sent the flood on purpose to destroy what they created when they mixed their DNA with ours. And he only left the purest ones so we could start over. And they, not understanding Gods anger, have sought out how to create our DNA on their own, to create a man on their own, as to truly be our creators. But they have failed and they are running out of time. They have cloned, but cannot create a human. And so, God has made it to where they cannot create us fully in their image alone, but in the image of God and his angels. And we will always be connected to him, not them. But, they are seeing and remembering God, and that he is mad at them, and that this universe that they rule it will fall. And they are trying desrerately to “save” us and them from the death they know is coming. But God loves us. And they don’t realize, that when the earth and the stars fall away, we will still be with God. It is only them, and those that love them, that will burn in the fire that’s left forever. And we will come out of the fire and be with God, to their astonishment, because though we have sinned, and love to exalt ourselves, it is few of us who have the gaul to exalt ourselves above God.

And so, there it is. And I know you don’t want to beleive it. But you know it is true. I still have alot to write on the game for it is complex and diverse and complicated. But I sound the trumpet of truth, so you come to the game knowing, and play with honor and dignity, as to save your heart that feels love. For that is where the battle is won, not in the mind that thinks, and get’s confused. The heart is our secret weapon that God gave us to remember him. Now the pawn has made a great move in the game, and I leave you now. But time to time I will write, when my heart tells me. Till then, nothing but peace and prosperity for you as we wait fot the great awakening.


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