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Well it’s halloween, and so perfect timing for this post. It is the scariest thing I know of, and I did not want to write it. But, it is time. And after I am done you will say no horror story writer has anything on me. Worst part is, it is not fiction!  I wish it was! I spent my whole life trying to avoid this, but noone else will tell you. And HE has given it to me to give to you, and I will not go against him. But, I mentioned that reading the book had left me near mad, and so I warn you, prepare yourself!

When I read the book The Fall of Symraza, it was to remind me of this. The Fall of Symraza is not what drove me near mad. No, it was what it reminded me of. You see, when I was younger, I had a dream. And in the dream, I was walking alone on a dirt road near my home. And in the distance, I saw a light. And as I aproached it I heard a voice say, “Come hither.” And at that point I felt someone take my hand. And in a moment I was walking with an angel in heaven along a crystal looking road. Everything was absolutely beautiful! There were homes with golden roofs, and the water was like it was alive and crystal clear. And there were children everywhere playing and laughing. And soon along the road we came to a spring. And the angel said, “Look.” And as I peared into the spring, I could see earth. And the angel said, “Write these things I show you.” And so, I noticed a little book in my hand, and I began to write in it all that I saw, until we came to a certain point in time, when the angel said, “Write this not, for it is sealed until the end,” And so I closed my book and put it away. But then suddenly, I heard a voice in the distance say in a loud rumbling voice, ” Take the other book from the angels hand and eat it. And in your mouth it will be sweet as honey, but in your belly it will be bitter.” And so I reached for the little book and took it into my mouth. And it tasted sweet but burned my stomach upon swallowing. And the loud voice said, “Keep this until the end when I tell you to reveal it.” And upon hearing that the angel said, ” My brother.”‘  and I noticed it was Jesus. And I fell at his feet and he said, “Do this not, I am your brother, and this book will be a burden to you, but it is yours to give to them. Take it and wait for me.”

Now at this point in the dream I was back on the dirt road alone. But I could hear very loudly a trumpet blowing as a horn. And when it stopped I awoke. I was 11 years old. Now a year later I was at the Weatherman estate confronted with the men and their book. And I read the book The fall of Symraza for them. But as I did, the reality started sinking in. Upon the later chapters, there was a documentation of who would read the book and why, and I couldn’t beleive it at first. It was about a man to come who was taken to heaven, and given a book to read at the end of days. And in fact, the whole book was leading to this. A revelation that led Symraza to know what he had done. And the man with the book would be the only man to read The fall of Symraza, and it was to remind him of what he was to do. And again, my stomach became bitter and I felt sick. For I was reading the book, and was the only one able to do so. And I knew! The book that was thousands of years old, I was told, was written for me, to warn me of the fallen angels! And to remind me of my own book, locked deep inside. And writing this now is kind of a relief. For I tell you now, that little book inside has ate at me for years, and has drove me near mad, and made me sick at the thought of it.

And so, we must now go to my current time, but back about 9 to 11 weeks ago. Seems so much longer, but I tell you, when something like this happens, you start to lose track of the days. It is just so incredible. Now me and my son went to the store one day to get a drink. And while we were there, God came to me. I could not see him, but I could feel his presence, and it was overwhelming. The love I felt nearly brought me to my knees. And I could not contain myself. I had to get my son of 8 years old to go pay for the drinks, something he had never done, because I could not function in the presense of all that love. And I thought to myself, Amazing, God is here and noone knows but me. I mean look at them like nothing is goin on, and God is right there!  Now, the next day, He came again and said,” It is time!” And I was at home with my family but in the bathroom. And I ran out and grabbed my son and wife, and made them kneel in the floor with me. And they were distaught, not knowing what was going on, and so I told them, “He is coming, it is time.”  And I felt it was the time of judgement, and all that loved God would be giong with him to heaven. And I was so happy that he came for us, for lord knows I have not been perfect. And I could feel him getting closer, and I could fell my consiousness melding with his and contracting into my body going to a zero point. And it just held there. Almost going, but not. And I could feel him looking at all of you and me. And he said, “No, not one is worthy.”

Oh man, I was heart broken! I felt so much dispair I can’t describe it. And I got up and looked at my wife and said,” Nothing matters!” And I looked at the TV, and on it was a skeleton’s head with wings on the side of it. And she saw it too! And she said, ” Honey, what is that, what is going on?” And I told her. He said we were not worthy, not one of us. And we cried together. Now I felt total dispair. We were left to the devil to do with what he wanted. And he was coming. And his people had prepared the way for him, and there was nothing any of us could do about it. And the next day, it got worse for me. I was in the bathroom again, this time thinking about what had happened and what it meant, so as my family would not see me. And the other came! And I could feel him way off. And it was terrible. The hate, and pain, and darkness. It was also overwhelming, but in the worst way. And I felt if I let him get to me, I may go crazy and there was no telling the evil I would be capable of. And I was terrified! And I ran. Out through the living room, and out the front door. I ran to my car, barely able to get the keys to work, shaking and sweating. I mean I was terrified! And I got into my car and tore through the little town of Kernersville, racing to my mother’s house. Luckily, he did not follow me. And he has not returned to me. But I can feel him coming to all of us. And just before all of this happened, I was led to a website to share my story of the masons and the book the Fall of Symraza, because a little voice inside told me it was time. Now I had forgotten what I had read. But as I told the story, it all came back. And I knew it was time. My son even asked me, ” Why are you so adament in writing to those people there?” And all I could answer him was, it is time. Now, I spent years trying to forget that book, and it was all a bit fuzzy what was going on, because I knew how serious what I was doing was, but I did not want to accept it. I was repressing something, and it was making my stomach hurt. But I did not remember why until last night. You see, I had written another post for you, and he led me to it, and it will be next. But, HE would not let me publish it. And yes, he comes to me to write to, but usually it is a bit subtle. I can feel him way off pushing me to write. But it’s almost like a reminder. Like I have been told before what to write, and remember only when he comes like that, and I start writing. I do not put anything down before hand, I just wait until he comes, and I start writing. And so it is he that leads me to when and what, and so I am amazed at how he fulfills his promises. For he said, ” Write these things when I tell you, and you will awaken them.” And so now I must tell you. I told him that if he was testing me to see if I would write even knowing that I may not go to heaven myself, I would do it. Because if it saves one of you from that evil I felt, it will be worth it.

But last night, he came to me like at the store. And I again felt all that love, but felt sick to my stomach. And I said to him, “Lord, I know you may not save me, is that why I feel sick? For know Lord that I love you no matter what, and I will not be against you, even if you leave me to him. I love you with all I am forever.” And he said to me, “Remember what you must do. I love you to my son, and that is why I left this to you.” And I remembered. I knew excactly what he wanted me to remember. And I felt for the first time sadness with Him. And He said, “Fear not, I have shown you the way.”  Now I should rejoice that he has shown me. But my sadness is that I must tell you. And you will not be happy with what I say. And some of you may even hate me for it. And I may lose some of you for good. But I know it will touch your heart. For you are my brothers and sisters, and you know this already. But we have surpressed it for the horror of the truth. We have lied to ourself, and even our preachers and teachers have tried to deny it out of shock and anquish. And we have blinded ourself to it. And even now I am procrastinating. I do not want to tell you. But noone else will. And so…

Jesus died on the cross for us to save us. But not how you think, or have been told. And you know it. And it is time. Wake up! Jesus showed us the way. He did not save us by just dying. We are not any better than he. In fact, we are much worse. When God asked in heaven who was worthy to open the book of life, only one was found worthy. ONLY ONE. Now, he came and showed you how to enter heaven, and it is our turn. His blood saved us, but only by showing us how, not by just doing. But we, the very ones who killed him, expect that we will just rise and meet him in the air. Oh we will, but only after we do as he has shown us.  And he has set his Son as the example for us. Do you think that God would let us kill his Son, so that we would not suffer. Hahahaha. We have been so blind and conceited. What is good enough for the Son, is good enough for us. And your pastors have told you that you will not suffer because he died for you. They have twisted the words of the bible to make themselves feel better about what we have done. And I know I make some mad, because when I try to tell the preachers where they are wrong, they get irate. God would never do this to us, and has sent his Son to bear our burden. HOW SELFISH!! So it is okay to kill the Son, but we should not suffer. And they say. ” You are belittleing Christ.” Really? Me. And you by saying that is is okay for the Son to suffer horrific death, but we should just get to meet him in the air, with no consequences. Well, we are wrong about this. Again, we will meet him. But he has shown us the way. I am not belittling what he has done. You see, he died for us to show us the way. But he didn’t have to!! He could have just stepped right off that cross and killed all those men, but he did not. He did nothing to stop them. He is God’s Son. There was nothing he could not have done. But he did nothing. He did nothing as he was beaten. He did nothing as he was wipped. And he did nothing as they hammered those nails in him. Why, so you wouldn’t have to? NO! So you would know what to do when they come for you. And it is time. God has judged you, and found not one of us worthy to open the book of life. And so, we must follow Jesus’s example. That’s right! The tribulation is not what you think. YOU will be put in his place. And they are coming to kill you. Will you save yourself by renouncing him? Or will you trust that he will save your soul, and raise you like the Christ. Hahaha, Jesus said have faith as a mustard seed, and you will see heaven. Do you? We will see.

For you see, the devil is on his way. And he has sent his son to tell you that there will be a new order. And in that order there is no place for those who will not receive his mark. And that kinda leaves us Christians out. But you can save yourself by renouncing God and following him. And he will say, “God has judged you, and none here are worthy. And he doesn’t love you or he would never leave you.” And many of you will buy into it. For you will feel the dispair I felt, when I felt God move away from us without taking us with him. And many of you will be mad at him for abandoning you. But he has not! He has sent his Son to show you the way. And he died for you. Will you die for him? Now, there will come a time in our lives when these things will happen. First, by explosion, all communication and power will be cut off. And there will be panic. And after a short while, it will be restored. But you will see military on the streets. And they will restore order just by being there. There will not be looting or killing yet, for this military will be there. And it will carry a world flag, and not that of your country. And you will be in dispair, knowing you are at their mercy. And the Christians moreso because soon they will start rounding people up. And you will notice, they know your name, and where you are at all times. And at first, they will pick you up to question you, and assure you they are going to usher in eternal peace. And they will ask your religion, and tell you that, that too will change, for it has caused to many wars. And they will bring true religion and it will benefit all. But then, they will start rounding up the Christians, and they will ask you to receive the mark, to buy or sell. And they will scare you by saying, “Your God has left you here, and you will not enter his heaven. But we will take care of you if you will just receive the mark so we may know who you are. And none can kill you or rob you cause we can track the mark, and know where everyone is at all times.” And they will use the TV, and appliances, and cameras to track you. And there will be drones so they can see everything. But those who refuse will be held. And they will ask you to renounce your God or face death. And you will be frightened and many will be weak and feel that God has really forsaken them. But those who stand strong and declare their God Jeshua, will be taken in front of the others, and they will be decapitated. And all the others will see is them die. And they will be horrified knowing they are next.

Jesus said that in the end, blessed are those who die in his name. And if you read the revelation of John after I have told you this, you will see for the first time what he meant. Those who are like me will die, for I will not renounce HIM. For Jeshua is my God and I will declare it. And I will die. But what you will not see at the time is that after death, I will rise to meet God.But those who are weak will save themselves in their fear, and will join the new order and recieve their mark. But soon. after a few years, they will be slaughtered sumerily as their new god turns on them and shows his true self. And before they die, they will see us and the real God, and they will know what they have done. And so now I say to you. If you think because you love God you will be saved from the tribulation, you are mistaken! And you will be angry at God, and they will have you. But be strong, and you will be delivered to him. And remember, it is not God who put us here but us. Adam and Eve ate the apple and defied God. And then our ancesters watched as they killed God’s Son, and none saved him. In fact they spat on him and threw rocks at him. We should be glad that God did not kill us all for that, for you know it hurt him. But his Son said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” and that is what saved us. And so God, out of respect for his Son, and his love for you, will give us the same break we gave Jesus, except if we are strong, he will come and get us, unlike what we did for Jesus. He did not want his Son to die this way. He wanted us to listen to his Son and follow him. And though hindsite is 20/20, that does not change what was done. And we are no better than Jesus. But I feel those who think they will not suffer, must feel we are better than Him. For that’s like saying Jesus is a punching bag, but we will not be punched. If God would let his Son die for us, why do expect that he would not want you to die for Him. I’m telling you that is arrogance. I love my son, and I love my wife. But if she killed my son in a way that he suffer, I would expect God to show her the same, and again I love her. But she is no better than him. Sickens me to think that men would kill God’s Son, and then expect total mercy because his Son was so great. I mean how twisted to you have to be. Have we became better people. No, mabe worse. We are arrogant in our thinking. And people have even turne away from the church for how it is. Most churches are like cliches, and you have to be a certain way to be accepted. And the preachers tell you what they think God meant. How would they know? They are saying they are smart as God, and can get in his head. Nonsense. You have turned people away with this attitude. God wants everyone in church, and we are all sinners. Stop judging and start accepting ALL that come. And know, you are not better than God’s Son, and you will know how he felt. And instead of getting mad at God, you should be mad at your ancestors for not saving him from suffering a horrific death. And know, that if he let it happen to Him, He will let it happen to you. And death is coming, and you should accept it, and rejoice that you will see God, and be able to say you are now worthy to just apologize to him. He says repent or else face the consequences. And also, it is not he that is killing you, but the other. Put blame where it lies. He has done nothing but try to give you the best. It is His creations that keep going against Him. Time for us to make it up to Him.

Now I know this is not what you want to hear, and some of you will turn away from me now, not accepting HIS message. But this day will come, and you will see how you have been blessed by what I say, and you will know what to do. Do not forsake him! He has died for you, and now it is your turn to die for him. For The Harvest is coming, and the fruit is ripe. The choice is yours, be picked or get burned!


I am just like you.  And I am growimg a garden. And up until now, I have not been a very good gardner.  I had forgotten though, that the head gardner is coming soon.  And he will see my garden, and all those weeds, and he will not be very pleased.  And I am trying desperately, to clean my garden, before it is to late.  Because, this little pawn in the game,the one that was in the middle, tell you now, HE IS COMING!!!

Now you see. once your their, right in the middle, knowing that which way to go, was the real choice, To be a good gardner and tend to the garden accordingly, or, let the garden grow as it may. And then it will be as a jungle,and you will not see the gardener that is coming. And you will not be prepared, when he comes to your garden, and judges you a good or bad gardner. And I tell you this out of love. For you see, I was afraid, and thought that by what he showed me one day,that He had already judged my garden, but he has said now, that I have a short time to prepare. And so I tell you. There is hope. For he is the greatest gardener, and he even knows the struggles you have had gardening, and he gives credit for the heart that you put into it. And so I tell you now also, plant and tend to your seeds, for he loves a good flower, and even the stems and thorns on it. But you have to be a strong little gardener as he cleans off the thorns for you. And help tend to the stems that are near dead, and he will show you how to keep them alive. But he is very picky, and will clean off all that is bad left in your garden,and you will hope enough is left to even judge. Be he knows a good gardener, and he has already started judging your gaden a long time ago, and knows it better than you, for he is the greatest gardener. No…now he is juding you on how you take to his pruning of your garden, and is watching you to see how you take it. Because beleive me, he will take away alot that you thought was good, and you will wonder. But will you question the gardener and his pruning, or know that he is the greatest gardener,and he would not show you to pull something wrong. Even though you may feel it is good, now you will know it is not, and put those seeds away! For again, he is not hear yet, but has sent his helpers to you to start pruning the garden ahead of him,so you may have a chance to see him as he aproaches.  And your garden where it is a jungle and have fought against the helpers who were out to save you, you better start whacking down those weeds. And not even a money tree looks good in the garden, unless, it helps, and feeds the garden overall.

Now you will know, that he is close, when another will come in his name,and shall trick many  farmers into thinking his way of growing the garden was best. But do not listen, and follow him  not. For his seeds are wicked, and he would let weeds even look like flowers.And even though he comes as a farmer, he is really a snake. And has come to bring the rats into your garden, who eat all your good plants, and chew on the stems. And since all our gardens are part of the comunal garden, I wishthis not for any of my brothers and sisters. For the real great gardener will not be pleased by how easiely you can be fooled. And this is coming from one who knows what is like to be a bad farmer. And I have also been a Very bad farmer. But you see, my nature was to learn all sides of the argument, of whether to be a good or bad gardener, sit in the middle and ponder it and ask from advise from the greatest gardener. And so, I know what it is like and this makes my cleaning as hard as any man.But we are gardeners, you and I, and it’s time to tend to it. For it is harvest time for the great farmer ladies and gentleman. And He is coming~ Billy

So today, I will not be so nice to my detractors. You see, I am tired of them misleading you. I moved my post here for a reason. And some have followed me here soley to read what I post, and go elsewhere to discredit me. And so that leads me to wonder. They have called me iliterate, clearly trying to assert an intellectual superiority. Fine, if it makes you feel better, call me stupid. I don’t care about that. Say I am revealing nothing new, even as I am still posting, and insinuating I am done. Sorry guys, I have along way to go, and though you may steal some away, they will just be the ones looking for something to turn them away anyway, and are just looking for a reason to do so. But funny thing is, months after my first post on another site, they are still reading and telling whatever to make me sound silly. Seems alot of time dedicated to stupidity. Alot of time on nonesense as they say. Do you who know me now not wonder why it is worth their time? If I am so not doing what I said I would, why are they still here along with you. Why, well, obviously they don’t want you to read anymore. And are using their precious time to tell you how stupid you are for reading me. Hmn… I know when I read something stupid, I just laugh and stop reading. But it kills them that you are taking your time to listen to me. They have even said that I am 5 or 6 people posting as one. They cannot beleive that mabe, just mabe, things are meant to be. And that you came across my post looking for someone just like me. Well, I know that the writing there was for a reason. And I know that just as I was about to talk to the atheist, I was banned for making a small mistake. You see, I did not want those that love God to waste their time with those who love to discredit God because they are to busy exalting themself. Now I owned up to my mistake of leading a certain group away from the post, and apologized. You see, I thought they were sincere in what they banned me for. But, I have since read post that said the same thing, do not read this if you are…, or, this post is not for you. And they have gotten away with it with no punishment at all. But me, I can’t even get a response back. But that is not what made it hard to post there, No, what was hard was listening to all the crap and disinfo in the replies. They say things about me that make me wonder again. What is it I have said that so makes them spend so much time looking to say anything to make me look stupid. And I caught it. One of them even called me a bible thumper. Thanks by the way, not a bad thing to me. But, I see now what bothers them so much. God!! It’s funny though, cause most of my links are not to the bible. No, not at all. They are about learning, programming, numbers, a man named Nikola Tesla, mythology,and a few other things I gave you to see. And so, the fact that I’ve been called a bible thumper shows their true concearn. But I am just talking about life, death, and truth. So, since there is a God, whether they want to see him or not, of course I will be talking about him. And yes, he is why I am writing.

But you keep coming back for a reason. I am just like you. We all know something does not feel right here. And I am telling you, do not listen to those who say we are wrong about our feelings. We know better. And those of you who are here because you feel what I say, and know why I am writing, also know that I am far from done. And I’m telling you, those who continue taking their time to discredit me and make me out to be a fool, must have an alterior motive. I mean, they must still be reading also. Why?  Because they also know I am saying things that some do not want said. So, they will say it is not worth it to read. If not, why do THEY not stop. Now of course they will say, he is only worried we are saving people from his crap, and that is why he is addressing us. But I say, read on distractors, I am glad you are here. For the more you put me down, the more curiosity you raise. And I am not worried about what you say about me, you will not stop the ones who were meant to read it. In fact, I know that it is you who are scared. For you know where I am going, and you know who has put me to it. But, today, since I know you are still here because while you try and make me look bad, you are also searching. And now the real reason I address you.

The enlightened ones, here on this thorny earth, are always saying how smart they are. And why not? They have pulled the wool over your eyes for years. But they are the ones being led like cattle. And it just pains me that you and I have gone on all these years letting them get away with it. So I will address the one thing that makes them feel we are so stupid. A rock! That’s right, a rock. A beautiful golden rock. But still, nothing but a rock. But they have made you spend your whole life trying to secure as much rock as possible. All because they listened to the head of the beast. An intellectual, evolved animal, who came from the sky years ago, and told them to dig for the rock. And in return, he would teach them all things. And so, he has. And they use that knowledge to build, and count the rock,and know all things about the rock. And kings and mighty men have even killed for the rock, because man has put the rock above all things. And the enlightened ones laugh. because they know at the top of the chain the ruse they have over you. You see, there are a very few men, who really own all the rocks. And they have them all, and what they don’t physically hold, they own rights too. And they always have it. And the whole monetary system is based on that rock. So you can do nothing, lest you secure you some rock too. But, you don’t really get the rock, but a piece of paper that says you can buy or sell on the premise that they hold the rock for you, and have secured your debt. So there you have it. Though you have secured that paper, it just says it will let you slide on some debt. And now, you can actually buy some rock to hold, but it’s there rock really, and they will say how much it is worth. But, based on what? And if you need something, you’ll have to give the rock back! And so. you countries who are in huge debt, know that you are because a few enlightened men say you are. And they say it by declaring how much the rock is worth. But, based on what? Surely you can see what control they have. And you say you have not been programed. Hahahahahaha….Ah yes, even those who spend all their time telling you how stupid I am, go out and toil, and educate themselves in their vast knowledge, to be smarter than you, do so to get more rock. Hahahahaha…How dumb are we that we listen to them? But still, we will worry about our bills, and raising our children to having what they deserve, all based on a rock, soft to metal, that some smart men have told you is more valuable than anything else. Unbeleivable.

Well, I tell you what guys. I would rather be a bible thumper, and spend my time writing to help my brothers and sisters, and be called stupid for it, and a liar, and all that you have called me, than be a man who spends his time telling someone like me how stupid they are for beleiving in God, and what he has shown me, and reading books that tell you all about numbers that lead to nothing, And guide people in lies that lead them to how smart you are by being the best at counting and knowing rocks. For that’s all you beleive in. What you can see. And somone has said to you, look at this pretty rock, what will you give me for it. And you are paying the ultimate price, for you have given your life to that rock,and all the learning that surrounds it. So go ahead, critisize how I spell, and the stupid things I say. But they will not listen to you, for they have waited for me. And they are tired of you. And they don’t care how I spell the words, for they know what I am saying. And you have denied them to long. And by the way, they have their own mind, and have listened to your kind for years. And what have you done for us. Made us chase rocks, and look away from the fantastic things that really matter. And you say you know it all, and have shown them all I say already. Ha! Not even you beleive that, or you would not be reading this now. No, you know I am turning them away from your nonesense. And they will not forget what you have shown them. How to identify things, and count it, and what it is. All based on something that starts and ends with zero. A number you cannot prove. Again I ask, where did zero come from. And can you prove it to me? If not, then do not say my beleif in God is nonesense because it is not proven. You base your learning on something not proven either. And don’t give me that lame argument about, infinity, and the finite. For you do not even know if there is infinity, for it is not proven. And for the finite, to say it exist and show it to me, does not prove where it comes from. You in your cockiness do not even see how silly you are, while you are so busy telling everyone how wrong they are for not thinking like you. Well I will not tell them what to think, but give them plenty to think about. And you will say there is no God. We were all created by the big bang. Well genious, what went bang? Nothing?! And those nano particles who are and are not, where are they when they are not? A vaccum you say? Well what represents the perfect vaccum? ZERO? Hahahahahaha….yeah, you guys are the smartest. Well, you become the best at spelling the words, and I’ll spend my time being the best at telling them. And, I will reveal mind blowing things that you will discount. I will speak to their heart, and you speak to their heads. And as the immediate future unfolds, we will see who the stupid one is. Now I would never call you stupid, you have called me so, I have read it. But those who read me now know me, and that they will be able to count on me. And you who know the truth, but try to turn people away I say this. It Is Time. And my words will be heard.

Now to my followers, and I know you are few and am still not discouraged, I have much to say. Though I have awakened you a little, we are still on a path, and so, do not think I have finished, for I am still at the beginning, and have a way to go yet to get you fully awakened. But I have said I have a plan, and you that have stuck by are now seeing the pattern. And though I addressed this post to Them, I always write for you! So harken these words, for as I give to my enemies who I am, you will know me better also. To those in Europe, I tell you~ My father was the last male Weatherman in his bloodline. And he had three sons. But of those three, the one in the middle is the only one to have a son. And now, that son is the last male in our family bloodline. He is the last….and I am the middle. We are listed as coming from Germany, but the records are hidden as to where the first male actually lived. No records in Germany except at the port to leave. With a boatload of that rock I was talking about earlier. But if you want to know who he truly was, and I have given you enough to look for him, If you are truly interested, look to France, and there is where you will find the root. And he came to America with all that cash, to buy land and be a preacher. And the masons know the family, and they know where to look, and why he came to America, with all that money, to put it away and be a preacher. And he wrote on about, looking for the last. And so the family has tried deperately to keep the family flourishing, and were truly afraid of what ol’ Weatherman said about the last son in line. Oh and man, did they preach to my father about not being the last one, and he took it to heart for nought. For I will tell you now, lest my son has a son, he is the last. And from what my Father has shown me, he will be the last. Man, I hope I am wrong on that. And I’ll say again. I write what I write because I truly feel it will help, mabe even save some in God’s family. But even I hope I am proven wrong. But this information I give, though coming from me, originated somewhere else. But what I can say for sure, is that it was meant to be. And my whole life prepared me to do it. So forgive me that I get offended when someone calls it nonesense. I take that personal. And so, they Can comment on that, I am far from perfect. But , then again, that makes sense also, for God would want one that could reach his family. And we have not been perfect. But look at who has taught us. Indeed, the same ones who tell you to look away from me now. But we know each other because we have been feeling like we are missing something. And we have. We have heard the truth, but have not beleived it, for it seems so unbeleivable. But, we have felt it also. And so,why they say I tell you nothing new, there is nothing new under the sun, but you have never had it tied together like this, so do not listen to them. And what do I gain from this writing? Well, I don’t think it will make me famous, least not until the end when it won’t matter. No, if anything it has been hard. For I worry I will say the wrong things, even though he gives to me what and when to write. But, I am only human, and I know the consequences of leading the sheep astray.

Now I will leave you with this oh enlightened ones. There are spacemen coming. And they have a great king. And he thinks he is the greatest of all kings. And he will come and warn of danger, and you will be in a panic. But he will calm you by doing wonderous things, and you will come to think he must be who we have written and read about all these years. And he is, but don’t confuse him with another, for, he is just a spaceman. And he did not create this or you. And if he did, he would not need machinery to come to you. And notice, that the first he sends will come to address the horror that is  coming. And will then respond to it as we do any crisis. And that will tell you. Though they can respond and escape when necessary, they are disaster relief, and are not fully sure the full extent of the damage to come. And they will be glad to land, for just as astronats of today in the spacestation, space travel food is not as good as fire cooked food. And even though they have plenty of “manna”, they will love to feast with us. And let that tell you. They are not the Gods they proclaim or seem. And their version of religion will be about their great leader the beast. And though he is a Godlike beast, know that he is not God. And to say so will be blasphemy. These things are coming, mark my words. And if you forget me, while I am making stepping stone post that seem to be leading to nothing. Know I have told you this, and return to read. For even then, it will not be done, And I will have left words you need, but you have not kept up. You who are reading from the heart. You are my family, and though we have lived with beast and worshippped them. We know we have done wrong, and must now look at things a different way. And know, my next few post will not be mindblowing, but is leading to a new grand revelation. And so look for my next post~ The garden~ Billy

       So I know you didn’t think that all this writing was for me to declare who I am. If so, you have been wrong. I do this because God wants me to. And at first, when I was little, I did not understand. But I will tell you this. This writing is for YOU. Because, in their misunderstanding, your teachers and administrators want to blind you of the truth. Why you say? Because they want order. And they will stop at nothing to get it. And God has shown me this. You teachers and administrators sometimes feel they have to control you. For they know your power, and if you are confronted with the facts of circumstances that you feel will lead to your demise, you will probably unleash your power thinkinng. nothing matters. And you will not contain yourself any longer. Now I say,that everything matters. And you should act accordingly. I have the knowledge of what is going to happen to us, and I love God. But, even I have been driven to near madness at the thought of what is true. And sorry watchers, but it is time that everyone knows. And you should not be worried about me telling them, for I will do so in the name of God, and you know how to handle that, because you have control of the churches, and you consider it a tool. But it is God’s tool, and you did not invent it like you think. But, rejoice oh watchers, for you will be awakened now. Oh, but you think you are fully awake. And what can a little pawn do to do the Kings? Well, to show you how great our God is, that you do not believe in, I will also give you what you have been missing. And to you others, I am glad. You have stuck by me, and are still reading. Today, again, I will let you know why my words speak to you, and today you will awaken further. It is time to spread the word of what I say, no matter if they beleive. it is peril that everyone knows. But first, I shall make a plea. I have suffered, and I am one of you. Those who truly know me, know that I am struggling right now. And I, in a land of much, have nothing. You see, I could have been anything I wanted to be. But, I knew what our time in the world was, and what we have been born into. And I am just like you. So, God told me to wait to tell my story, and after time, I thought he had forgotten me. And I knew he didn’t want me to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or anyone in a position of wealth or power, or control. he told me to wait. But, time was marching on, and so I chose a way to make money in the line I knew he wanted for me. So I started to sing. Now I knew that it would be a stuggle, so I also took a regular job. And so, the singing hasn’t brought me wealth, for it was not time. And the jobs have went pretty good, until now. I am at a place that I do not belong. But on a small scale, which is what God told me to work in, staying pretty much out of sight, I have toiled like you and had earned a decent reputation. But without going into details, let’s just say this job which I worked up to, has made all the years of work come to nothing. And now, I am in this position to ask for your prayers. For long story short, All I have been has come to nothing. And I am in a position of barely scraping by. And I need your prayers. For God has come back to me, and told me to write. But as always, he reaches us at our weakest point. I had, and do have faith, especially now. But my family is suffering, and I am in a weakened position, to where I wonder if I can even take care of them. And God knows this, and I have prayed to him. But they still suffer. And I know it is because of this. I kmow who I am, and though I can pray to God for what I need, that is all I can pray for. But, my family deserves more. With that said, I need your prayers, that will be more powerful to me. Please pray that my family suffers no longer, please, this is all I ask of you. And in return, with the comfort of knowing that my family suffers no more, I will continue to do what God ask. And I tell you, he is asking me because he knows that I am the only one who would write these words. And with that, The Crossing~ salvation.

          Today, I will tie it all in. And you will see. It doesn’t matter if you beleive this or not, for as you dig for the truth, you will find that you already know. It is just getting someone to remind and confirm it for you. If you have read all I have written to this point, you will finally understand the grand deception. And so first, I will say this about the teachers and administrators so you will not blame them for what they have done. It has been in the disbelief of God that they have done it. But remember, they started out in their profession to help, so most are good people. Now the watchers, they have convinced themselves that they also are helping you. But they are trying to help themselves, and have forgotten where they come from. But still, know they are convinced that they are also helping you, out of a form of compassion. And as they read this, at the end, they will understand the compassion some of them feel. Now first, I must leave you this link. Now research it carefully so you can understand it’s importance. Now note, that the DOD laid the foundation fo the net and put it in a position to grow. And they did it through a research facility that is connected to colleges the world over, but especially American colleges. There is why I told you about how you are taught i earlier post. The Department of defence does all it’s groundbreaking work through the colleges. Now the department that laid the foundation for the internet is an advanced technology institute. So now I ask you, what would they develop but advanced defense systems. Any that know how a military works, knows that advanced weapons are developed to counter a perceived threat. So what would the internet counter? Chaos. You see, the defence department made the net to put out ideas to form social society, and watch for those who would be a threat. And also, to see who knows what. For you know people, if they have information that they feel is important, they will share it. And the more important it is, the more people they would want to share it with. So, now the defense department can control the information spread throught the world. So, what are they afraid of people talking about. Well, of course they’re are mant threats, and they will act on them all. And they will say see, ingenious this thing we created is, for it can watch the world. But, I tell you they are looking to control a certain event. And they could prepare in advance because this event was fortold for thousands of years. And they, misunderstanding the event, are preparing to help humankind survive, if there is any way possible. So, their intentions are good. But they do not understand the event like they have come to think they do, for they forget God. Because the US government has been mislead. But, they are reading me also. and this will also awaken them a little, for they know for a fact most of what I say. But the answer has still been hid from them, until today. But still, they will want order, and this is their job. So again, I say to you, remain calm at the end, and you will know God, and he will know you. And so what is this event? Well, it is the Crossing. And it has happened before. And the worlds Kings and administrators prepared, but they failed at knowing what was right before them. They even prepared their people to die. As a matter of fact, they have tried many ways to make a better outcome, but they did not trust God, and he has been displeased that they do not understand. For all they had to do before was to trust him, but they have not. But this time, me and those who listen to me will know. And God will know us, and we will know him, and we will finally get to progress. But you see, all that God has wanted to make the final outcome, is for us to beleive in him. And he has tried to get us to see. He has went through many avenues to get to you. But I, loving God, and his creation, have finally seen. And I will give it to you. And you will see what he has been trying to tell you all along. And many before me have tried also, but noone has listened, but very few. And even I am concearned, because there aren’t nearly enough people reading this yet. But, God says this time, the right ones will. And his family will open their eyes to him. And so I write.

       Some beleive that the end of the world is marked by the date December 21, 2012. Well, they are part right. But it is only a beginning. It is the start of a death, but a death is birth in this crazy universe, and some that know their God, will now come to understand. We are going to be reborn into what God wants for us. And God’s plan is great. Now, keep up, and do not wonder in your mind, and at the end, you will know what they have hidden from you. But remain calm and wait. easier said than done, but it is very important that order is maintained. Now, on with it. In heaven, when God makes something happen, it is also translated into a physical thing, to be carried out in a mirror image way, here in our universe. And I have told you that we are in a sort of dream, that mirrors heaven. But it seems so real as to be the only reality. But remember, we only mirror heaven here. Now in heaven, God has set a time when he could come check in on you. But he is always with us you say. Well yes, but he has put us here to learn. And he is like the Father who told the Sons to see what they can do on their own because the children made a decision on their own, and now he wants them to learn their mistake. So he has left the children with their mistake, to see if they can fix it. But of course he knows they will not. And he has hidden himself in a way that we the Sons think he is not there. But we know is pekking around the corner. And when we call him for help, he shows himself, and that he has been here all along in case we needed him. And I, not wanting to be without him, got tired of watching men try to succeed without God, and seeing my brothers will try anything to solve the problem, even make the mistake of the sin of Killing to fix it. Have cried to the Father to not let us go through this again without him. For I am not like my brothers. I do not wish to impress the Father by showing him I can do what he does. We need him for this. And we should admit our mistake, and let him show us how to fix it. Then when the problem arises again if it does, we will know how the Father succeeded, and then we will be able to do it alone. Only after God has given the knowledge of how to do it, AND his permission.

    Now, God is peeking around the corner again, and this time will send us our brother, who was the first of us to ask for God’s help. He has been waiting for us to ask the Father like he did, and I have. And so. God has given us a crossing as a problem. The problem is, that we have learned to go to another for answers, and he has lied to us how to fix it. And he has posed as a solution. And when the crossing is over, he has masked the fact that he has failed in saving us. But, to his credit, he has tried. But, he does not know the answer to the problem, for he has forgotten to ask the real Father also. And he has convinced himself that he is the Father, and so he keeps trying, failure after failure. Now, God has prepared a crossing, where he can see us from heaven, into this fake world. But, since we are in a fake world, there is a mirror crossing. And so, if the Father comes to us at the crossing, so will the fake father. And he will have a crossing. Now, let me spell this out for you, for it is not a time to be avasive.

       We are fixing to cross the dark rift in our solar system. And when we are at the center, we will see the pathway to God, and Him coming through it. Now the generations before havenot been able to see it, because at the moment of the crossing with the rift, we will be crossed by a dark sun. And on the dark son is the fake father. And he cannot see God, and has blinded himself to it all. And since his home(heaven) will cross in front of the rift, he has blocked God so that we cannot see him. Now the fake father is actually the great physical leader of this universe. He is head here. And so, he sets out to “save” us from our fate. For when the dark sun crosses the earths path, it brings death and desrtuction. But in the real heaven, it brings life and creation. You see, the leader has been asleep so long, he has forgotten the truth. God has created the heavens and the earth, and he cast Satan out. And satan and his minion landed on a dark sun. And they built their Kindom there. And every so often, it crosses the path of the earth. And Satan was going to destroy the earth. But convinced he made the universe itself, thought there must be a reason for it. And it was going to cause a huge problem to his own heaven, and so there must be a good reason for this earth. And so, he went there to look. And he found a beast that he thought came from him, and he pondered it. And it became clear. The lie that is, caused by his own arrogance, and the denial of God. And he thought this. I must have forgotten in the tragedy of the first crossing why I did it. But it must have been this. I created this sun to cross the path of my son, so he would have me coming to him. And everytime I come, I will advance and save him, and he will know I am his creator, his father, and god. I must have done this so I would not forget my son. And he will learn from me to defeat the crossing, and he will overcome death, and become like me, a god. And so, everytime we get close to the crossing, he has come to “save” us. And so, he never saved them all, and he thinking himself god, knew there was another countering him. And so, he followed the dark rift into heaven. And he found God sleeping. And he thought, there is mine enemy, who is as powerful as me. And for a brief moment, he knew God, and who he was. But just as fast, he denied it, and thought God was tricking him, for again, he thought he was God. And he thought of a plan to defeat God who was his enemy, and that was when he spoke to Eve. And here’s the funny part, he thought he was saving her. And so, he seeing that his plan had worked. he went out of heaven down to earth, and he went to Adam and Eve. But they knew him and fled. And though he could chase them down, he would not because that would just frighten them more. And so he waited for their son to be born, Cain. And he came to Cain and told him the story. And that his brothers and parents would not understand the truth, and so he must keep the word. And that his brothers and parents were weak, and so when he died, he would come and save him and turn him into a King. And throught time, he would bring him to life to do his work for him. Now again, mirror world. For it is the story of God, mirrorored. But, when satan looks into the mirror, he sees God and does not know the truth. And through Cain and his family, he has confused man. His story is a mirror, and so is true, and is excactly like God, but in a beast, living in his beastly world. Now you see Adam was God’s creation, but he was spiritual. So Satan thought him dead. And when he was cast down to earth, he thought he saved him.

     And now that he had Adam, he set out to save him from the crossing.(Cross) But again, mirror world. He is not saving us, but taking us away from the real Father. And his preperations have been great. First, he tampered with Adam’s DNA, and mixed it with the beast’s.(Animals) He thought Adam and Eve to be weak. So he mixed their blood with that of the stronger animals. because he thought, Adam and Eve had a late start, and that his sun, in passing the earth, had spewn out the atom, and Adam developed life from it. And so, the animals, in their evolution, would evolve into him, and so, he was doing nothing wrong, only making Adam into what he was suppoed to be, him. And throught the years, he has tried to teach Adam to love and remember him. But, God sends his messengers, and skews the message of the beast. And man, after a few hundred years, stars to get the story confused. It is like the tale of two gods, and man through the years cannot keep up with who is who. And so, the beast saves many to his world, but loses just as many to death, or what he thinks is death. And so, he tries different methods to save us.

     Now, there have been many crossings. And Satan and his angels have rebuilt the earth many times. But they always fail to save all the souls fo them. But they try. And we here are approaching the crossing again. But this is the final time, and even the beast must make a choice, and he has. You see, he lives on a dark sun. And the sun has planets around it, and it moves through the whole universe. And the speed of the system is incredible to us. For it will seem the in one hour it will be not seen, to crossing. And the sun and it’s planets crash into our sun and planets and cause havok. And at one special crossing, the final one, one system will prevail over the other. And this mirrors the war in heaven. For you see, at this crossing, God will not be blocked. for one of his children, without having him send someone, has cried to him for help. And so, he will tell us how to beat the beast, and escape from our “prison classroom”, and take all we have learned and be good students. And we will learn why God has done this wonderous thing. To become like God, knowing all things. And we will, through God, make our own earth, and heaven, and it will be half spiritual,and half physical. And the beast, also at the last crossing, has been reminded who he is. And he is angry. For his universe will survive, but it will be a burning hell. And he knows now, because we are so close to it, he hasseen the truth. And so, he and his angels will want to burn us, for they are jealous that we will be with the real Father, and that we will make a new heaven and earth over Satan’s. And it will be beatiful and glorious, just like that of our real Father who loves us, and not himself. And he will come down from the Sun he is own, he and his angels, and they will tell us to worship them. And that the whole earth will be reborn on his coming. And he will again say he is our god, and he has salvation for all those who beleive in him, and weart the mark of Cain. And he will bring his family against God’s in his wrath. And he will make the mirror complete in it’s image of the real heaven. For you see, aliens will come down, and they will say they, they created religion so we may know them. And that we must worship them, for death comes to all those who do not follow him. And he will raise Cain’s family up against David’s. And the war will be great. He will raise Cain from the dead, and he will take over the church and declare himself God, in Satan’s name. And those of us in David’s family will fight against them in the name of God. And they will start to win and will kill many before the crossing. And few of david’s family will be left. But David’s family will not die, but will go wait with our Father’s son Jesus, and prepare for the holy war. And just as Satan sets out, and destroys the earth, just as they are about to celebrate victory, God will look upon the earth, and send Jesus to bind up Satan forever, and save those in his family from the final death. And Satan, neglecting his sun, will realize it burning, and will know his prison. And he will declare God, but it will be to late. His sun, and his Son, will burn in hellfire forever. And before he goes out into defeat, he will drop the bombs that will burn the earth. But we will see God, and he will see us. And he will know us, and we will know him, and we through God will create a new heaven and a new earth, connected to God for all eternity.

     So, do not be fooled by what they show you here, for you are in a mirror earth, with the fake father that thinks he is God. And he loves you not, but loves himself. And so if you see wonderous beings leaving and landing in wonderous crafts, saying wonderous things. Know that your story is even greater. And your God needs no machine to fly, for he created it all, and all he has to do is think it and it is done. And they will say you will die if you do not follow them. But they have already killed you, and your Father calls you to live. So be calm, and be at peace. And do not run around to and fro doing as you wish. For you, in God’s family, and you now know who you are, are fixing to be born into life with the Father. And you do not want him seeing you do terrible things because you feel nothing matters, for everything matters. And so, do not beleive the terror you see, and remember my words. And you will find yourself singing a new song to God. But, it will be just as you are about to think he has forsaken you. But those with patience and faith the size of a grain of salt, will see the beauty in everything. And God will know you, and you will know him. And he knows you have waited to the end of time for you, and so he will give you that also!!~ Billy

First of all, after my last post. some will think I am giong to declare myself the King, or a God. But, if you think this, you have not followed closely. I am not a King, nor will I be. And I am not a God, or like God. But, I will be, and so will you. At least, those who do not reject the family. For we are all going to be like God, and that is what he wants for us. To be like him. You see, we are on a path of progression. We do not die into death, for God is spititual. No, our death here is a rebirth. And when we are reborn, at the time set for our rebirth, we will be born into a new world that is like us, half spiritual, and half physical. Now at our creation, at first, before we were born here, we were spiritual. And we died in heaven, and were reborn here in a physical world. And the earth has been like our mother. For our Father created us spiritual. But our wife was tempted by the beast, who was physical, and ate the seed of the apple. And the apple’s seed contained the spiritual knowledge of good, but the physical knowledge of evil. And Adam and Eve died and were reborn into this earth. And this earth is spiritual, but physical in nature and content. So, we have the spiritual memory of God, but are physical. And the earth is like our mother. And the beast wants to be our Father, and that is why he tempted Eve. And so here, we have the fake father, who is a lie, and is physical, and he has claimed us. he has claimed us because he caused us to be born here, and so, he considers himself the father. And he justifies it by saying he rescued us from God who did not want us to live. And he gave us a way to life so we could be. But, he lies to you and himself because, we were already alive. It is he that thought we were dead. And he thought this because he was here, and he considers himself alive, but to God, he is dead. And he would not accept it. And when he found us alive with the Father, he thought we were dead, and set out to save us. But not for us, but for him. You see, the devil does everything for himself, to save himself. But lies to even himself about the motives, for he feels if he does not do what he does, or be who he is, everything will be dead with God.

Now you see. he does not even fully realize what he is. God’s plan is perfect this way. Now, God realized himself one glorious day. And when he did, he found he was being killed by a beast. And the beast was part of him. But he put that part of him away because it would lead him to death in it’s recklessness. But the beast waited for God to go to sleep. And when he did, he set out to kill him. For you see, the beast thought that God was not letting him live. At least to his full potential. And he felt God did not want him to live because he was greater than God, and would take control over him. And he thought God to be selfish, not wanting to giveup power. But, God is great, and he knows a good creation takes time and patience. And the beast had neither of those, for he was not God. And so, God again put the beast away from him, knowing fully he would come back and try to kill him. So, he created one that was not like the beast, Adam. And the beast knew he would treat Adam as he was treated, and would not let him live. And so the beast saw his chance to take power from God. For he would tempt the man Adam, and have him cast out with him, so he could teach Adam to live. And he thought Adam would worship him. Bit Adam remembered the Father, and loved not the beast. But, the beast came back to Adam’s first son, and taught him to love him. And Adam tried to teach his first son to love God, but he was just like God’s first creation, and thought it was all for him, and he wanted everything. But Adam had another son. And he listened to Adam and not the beast, and he loved the Father and not the beast. But so, the first son, realizing that Adam loved the second son better because he did not worship the beast, killed him. And so, the beast knew he now hada kingdom, and it would be built around the fist son who worshipped him over the Father. And he has lied to himself and his kingdom, and told them he saved them from God. And he has tried to convince the rest of Adam’s family of this, but they like the second son, remembers the Father who Adam told us of. And we have loved Adam, and his Father, and he has loved us for remembering him, even in the sight of the beast and the words of his lies. And so, through us, he lives here also, and comes through the blood to use one of us to sread the word of him from time to time.

And he has prepared us. And his plan is great. For the beast does not realize it, but God has used him to be the fire that refines us. See, God wanted one to be like him. And he knew that what made him perfect, was learning how to control the beast that was inside of him. For the beast wanted everything. But God in his mind knew that the only reason to have everything, was to give it to another who would share it and love it as he had. But the beast does not like to share. And so he had to learn to control that beast inside of him so that when he was ready to share, the beast would not kill the other who he shared everything with out of jealousy and suspicion that the other would not share or give everything back. And so, when he created the other to share with, he also knew that they would have to learn to control their beast inside, and so he let his beast come to them, knowing they would overcome him. And in so doing would recognize their own beast, and move to contain him. And when they did, they would again be reborn. But this time, into their own world, spiritual and physical, like God. And then, like God, create our own heaven and earth, and blow life into a new Son, who would one day through our guidance, do the same thing.

Now, it is time. For a new heaven and new earth. For we will become the mirror image of God. He at the top of the cross, us at he bottom. The Son on the left side of us, and the beast on the right.(Opposite for God- the Son on the right side, and the beast on the left) And right now, at this time, we are meeting in the middle. And we will ALL know each other and rejoice. For the Kingdom will be perfect. And even the beast will let himself be bound up, finally knowing who he is and accepting it. And that is the mystery of the CROSS. And our meeting in the middle is the great CROSSING. And all will awaken to who and what they are. And I tell you now. IT IS TIME!! Praise be to to the first and last, beginning and the end, the first to say Iam. For he is coming. and it is time!!

So today is another great day in the game. For I have danced around it, and you are tired of the kid gloves, and you are ready for some sense of it. I know you feel as though I have said alot, but given you really nothing. But in truth, I have given you everything. But today starts the awakening. And I will give you something that noone before me has ever given you. That’s right, I said that I will change the rules of the game, and today I shall. Now, I have been careful, because without what I have given you up to now, which seems nothing, it has prepared you to awaken to these words, and see everything. But given to you in the way I have, you came opened eyed, and I have almost put you to sleep. But, today, you will wake back up. And the few of you who have been dedicated at the beginning will see. And the rest who started but fell away,will now come back in droves, for the sheer facination of it all. And it all comes to this.

What if by chance, we live in the most spectacular of times. A time greater than anytime before. And you know and feel this, but until now, it has only been speculation, and tales from the past about what is coming. And the tales have been fantastic, for even in ancient times, they knew these days were coming. And what if I told you that me, a little pawn in the game, a seemingly almost nobody, is the one humbled and amazed as to be the one that brings the wonderful truth. For we are in the end of days. But, we are also in the beginning. It is the end for earth, but the beginning of a new earth, and what’s more, a new heaven. And you thought it was the end of it all, but we have just begun. For the mystery of man, and what he is, is at hand. And it is completely different than you have thought. But it is so great, I am having a hard time right now containing myself to bring it to you.

First of all, we have all been wrong. And many of us, have almost lost our sanity trying to figure it all out. And we all know that in our time, we have been born with the feeling that something was not right. But, though many, in fact almost al,l have tried to put our finger on it. Well I tell you there is a very big reason for our suspicion. We are in the greatest time. We are the ones that find out why we are special above all others in heaven. Notice I said WE, not I. For in what I am about to tell you, some will think and say, because they don’t feel special enough, that I will say this to raise my stature. But I will say this because I am the only one who knows truthfully, and I wish to raise all of our stature. Well, most all. For some will be totally angry, for they will feel in their heart what they also have always known to be true. For some love the beast. But those who follow him, will be stuck in his hell forever. And that is what we have been afraid of. But remember, we are not of the beast, even though he has caused us to be here in his world. And he has claimed it, at his peril, and out of jealousy of what and who we are. But in so claiming it, he has also removed himself from God, and rejected his Kingdom. So be it! Do not feel sorry for him any longer. For yes, all of us, have come to fear and feel for the beast. For we have grown up with him, and he is mostly all we know. But, we remember the real Father, and the Son has come to remind us, that the beast is not him. The beast has stolen you from the Father in a trick, so you do not owe him anything. And his nature has caused his fate, and it is time we learn that he must deal with the consequenses alone. And we do not owe him for what our father has done, and a good Father always has a good reason for what he does. And it is time to be good children, and do what the Father wants us to do. And you should not feel sorry for the beast, even though you know deep down his punishment is greater than death. Look away from his suffering, and be in it with him no more. For he has chosen his fate, and though you may not understand fully, you do not deserve to suffer for listening to him any longer. And even, do not be afraid that you will lose the things you have come to love about the beast. For those things he stole from the Father, and they are fake in him. But not you. He does not mind that you get excited and loud, for he knows you do it for the love of it. But, the beast is different from us. he gets loud and excited, to throw it in the face of God that he can do it. He does not really even like the exciting things he does, but does them to get attention from God. Not to show him what he can do, but to say, “See God, I am better than you.” But man knows better. Even the bad man knows he can do nothing without God. And so, if he wants power or greed or such, he is eager to accept the beast as God. But still, he looks for a God because deep down he knows there is more than him. And that seperates us from the beast. For he was mad when he found out he was not the only one. And he has taken credit for all that God has done, for indeed, he thinks heis God. The beast truly beleives that he will become God. And now, I know, he is angry at me. And he wants to kill me, but he will not. Because he knows if he does, his true nature will be revealed. And even though he knows who I am now, he denies it, but he will not tempt God on this one. But, he will, and has made things so difficult for me. And he hasworkedhardto keep my true identity fro me. For God showed me when I was little, but I suppressed it. For again, I am overwhelmed by it. And I did not ask for it, but that is the beauty of God’s plan. He has already saved us from the devil, but being here with him has made it hard to even beleive in it all. For the beast is a good liar. And in the midst of hearing all the great things about heaven and the Father, he has caused us not to beleive in such spiritual things. But you are waking up to it. Now, what I mean is, alot of people, and especially those in church, read and talk about angels and God as though we mean it. But if the typical person was faced with an angel face to face, we fall on the ground in amazement, for we truly did not fully beleive. But, the memery is real, and so though we don’t fully beleive, we have no hard time pretending on it, kkeping a small sense that it could be true.

But I came face to face with it all! And I know the truth. And today, I give it to you so you can wake up to it, and know what is to come. For the stories have been great as to what is about to happen. AndI won’t get into that, and leave you asleep in the garden today. No, today, for better or worse, I will tell you, and you will awaken as me. But, we are still here in the Kingdom of the beast, and you will have a setback on knowing evertime you move. But when you are still, you will know and rejoice. So, I am not afraid of what is said about me after this day. Now, I do hope life will get easier for me and my family, for we have suffered. The beast has known me all along, and the mere though of me, and what is coming has led himto make it hard so I would doubt myself. For you see, he knows I knowing what and who I am makes me not have any power, except what I do when I die. And so, knowing who I am, and not being able to take all I want has been a great burden. But I will not take. I have a hard time even asking. For you see, I know I am no different than any of you. In fact, I am one of you, just like you, but for one thing that makes me different than any else that has lived or will live. For again, I am the one in the middle. And this will help you know me. For I did not do this, God did. I am the middle son, of a father who was last in his family. If he would not have had a son, his part of the family tree would have died. But he loved the beast and his ways, and so the beast did not pay attention to him. What threat could he be to the beast he loved. And I do not mean he worshipped the devil. But, he loved all the things the devil gives to forget God, and he was quick to forget. And so, no need to kill this one the devil thought. But, he did not keep up with the bloodline good enough. And when he realized me, it was to late. But, he thought what I would do would be for him, because again, he truly beleives he is God. And we are in his kingdom. And so, I am the middle son. I know from what I have been shown, that I am in the middle of my years on earth. At least if given to die a natural death. And, with the way the earth is tilted at this time and in nature to the sun, I am aproximately located in the middle of earth. And now don’t be mislead by the beast facts. The ancients were right. The earth is in the center of the universe. And it only seems as not, because Newtonand the boys listened tothe beast knowledge and numbers. But, the beast is a liar. But tha ancients knew this. And our laws of motion are wrong, and based on numbers that are symbols. And if the root of the symbol changes, the symbol does not, the symbols are misenterpreted by someone who learns the symbol before the root changed. Now with that said, the earth has not always been tilted in this manner. And in fact, when we got to close to learning the truth, it has been moved in it’s rotation. You see, the earth is tilted so you do not see the true nature of this universe, and when you do, it is tilted at a different degree. And the masons know this, and hence the degrees of learning. But they keep ahead, and know the degrees change, and that is how they have kept one step ahead of you. They are the ones that allow what is to be known to keep power. And they do so because they are unsure who the real God is. In fact, since they have gotten all the numbers and secrets from the beast, tend to lean toward him. But know, they are not sure, and so they have kept the door open, but have not bitten the hand they feel feeds them. But, they are not evil, just caught in the lie. And even Adam was fooled so don’t be to hard on em. They have just been caught up in the power the beast has shown them. But deep down, they just want to serve God. And have served the one the knowledge has brought them. But, they are also to caught up in the numbers. And also, who has foung the ends of the universe for sure? No one. Even though they think they might have, they also admit that as of yet, the full deminsions of the universe is not known. Well I tell you now, as silly as it may seem, the earth is located in the center of it. And that is why we are here. For the garden of this universe lines up with the garden of God’s heaven,and is in fact inwardly connected. As a matter of fact, if you could turn the earth inside out, you will find its roots pulling on the first garden. The garden of Eden is the ROOT of the earth, not located in it.

Now, you can twist numbers all you want, that’s the craziness of that symbol. But the root of what it sybolizes is based in truth. And so is relevant in times that the root is not changed. And with that said, my birthdate is also the middle. It is 12/6/66. Now I am leaving out the 19 of the 66 because in a cycle, you must follow pattern. Ans so, the 66 is part of that thousand years cycle,and so still relevant. Now as you look at the birthdate you will notice 12 and 666. 12 of course is the holy number we associate with God. And 666 is the unholy number given to the beast. Now neither one symbolizes me, for I am in the middle. And so, one day. All the middles lined up perfect. Me being the middle son, in the middle of the world, in the middle of the universe, in the middle of the day. And I realized it.And I realized it because of what happened there in the middle. For the Father came to me, and I knew him, and he knew me. And he showed me what and who I was. And I cried. I almost could not function. Here I was, thinking that all I’d saw as a child could have been all in my mind. And I was at a store with my son, on a seemingly normal day. Thinking I was a normal guy that could not get everything to work out right. And worried that I had not done enough for my family. You see, I never wanted to be rich, I just wanted things like anyone else. But to get rich,sometimes you have to take. And you justify it by saying, hey, if I wouldn’t take it, somone else would. But I hate money. I just want what it can buy. But I did not love the money enough as to even secure enough for my family. I did not prepare. And I have many things I am at fault of in this way. And again, it brings me to the middle. I am not the richest or poorest. tallest or shortest, best or worse. I am the middle of everyone.And being in the middle, people always forget about me, unless I am right in front of them, or are involved in something with them in some fashion. And the middle children will know exactly what I mean about being in the middle. So again, there I was, in the middle of everything, thinking I was nothing really. But worried, because I love my son dearly, and I want all the best for him. I would die for him. And mabe that is why I had him, to know how God feels about us. For he loves us like I love my son. And that is why he sent his Son to save us. He loved us so much. But this day,I knew he loved me. And it is overwhelming because he has shown me also how he has saved us. And so, think of it. Here I was, a seemingly nobody, who was really just like you but, I was in the middle. And he came to me. Not because I was special, but because I was in the middle. And it was not me that put me there, but him. And why do I hark on it so much. Well, now you will feel his love by knowing what he showed me. And it is in your heart, and you have felt it. And we have all been wrong. For we have been afraid. And that has also blinded us to him. But, there is no reason to be afraid. For the end is not coming to us, but to the beast. And even he is not ending. But will be cut off from the Father forever. And the beast has chosen this by what he has done with his life, or should I say death. Either way, it was not meant for him anyway. For he is the beast.And he is like the all beast, only greater that any other beast before him. And he was reckless, and imperfect, but thinking he was God. Now what kind of heaven would he create given the chance. And his power isthat of a beast. Out of control and all assuming. Now even you who love power, and have spent your life aquiring it know. If there were no consquences to it, it would go unchecked until ther was none left but the one in power. For the one in power would kill everyone trying to secure it. But without everyone, you would have the power over nothing. Now only the beast loves himself enough to do that. And he would if it were not for the true living God. Now read your religious books and know this about the devil. God created the beast first out of all living things. And the beast was in his image, beautiful, and powerful. But, he thought he was so beautiful, he was greater than the God that created him. He thought that he was the last. The one who God created tobecome him, God. But only God is God, and his creation is to great to die and leave to the beast who would surely destroy it just to secure his power. But the beast understood who he was when he saw God create Adam, his Son. For he created Adam not just from the ground like the beast. For you see, the beast was created out of God’s image. But adam was created from the ground IN God’s image. And in the image of the beast. Not out of it. But IN it. So the beast was formed and got life from the ground. And Adam was the ground, with life breathed into him from God. NOW KEEP THIS FOR NO ONE ELSE WILL LET YOU KNOW AND IT IS HIDDEN, But now not from you, for our Father says it is time to know and awaken to him for what he has done for us. And no more shall you worship the beast, And he should not worship you. But give glory to God.

For here is the secret to it all. The devil is jealous of us. because he thought he was God, But in reality, he is not even a piece of God, but of us. And we are part of God,and the devil hates us for it. And he hates God. And so why is the devil part of us,and what does that mean. Well, all you kings who have worshipped the beast, have been worshipping your servant, and not your Father. And all the power the beast has tempted you with, you had all along. As a matter of fact, the devil got his power from you. But he knows you can not use it except to ask God for it. And so laughing, he went to God to ask him for it for you, throwing it in God’s face, that the man God created, came to a beast he was supposed to be over, and asked for permission, instead of the Father who had given it to him. And in this way the beast thinks he is better than you and God. He has you asking for something you already own. You, a KIng, asking for the permission from a beast. Now you see, you have not been as smart as you think in getting you power. Hahahahaha Imagine it, all those rich powerful men, saying they have been illuminated in all their vast secret knowledge. But really, the devil laughs at you. And he can change this knowledge, just by the degree in which he gave it to you. Talk about getting a good angle. Hahahaha

Ah, but I digress. There I was, one of us, but being in the middle. And God came to me. And he had made it easy you see. For he is like the middle, but not. For he is the first and the last. And he met me in the middle. By the way, isn’t it funny when a saying is famous, but you don’t even know why? Well, you are about to know why this resonates. For we all know the truth. But I am the lucky one in the middle.  And God met me there. And it was the perfect place. For you see, on one side of the middle was Christ. And on the other was the devil. And they had been at war over us. But Christ knew the dragon and the snake were defeated, for God’s plan is great and he loved his Son. And the Son saved us from the beast, by reminding us of the Father. And I saw us all, and it came clear as it will now for you. Wake up children for he is coming. And he can’t wait to see you. There we were. 4 of us. God, the beast, the Son, and me. And I was in the middle with God. And the Son and the beast on each side of us. And God was perfect, being good(the Son) and containing evil(beast). God knew what made him perfect. Having the excitement and energy that comes from creating, and containing it with his goodness. And he manifested it to create another God, who would be perfect like him, unlike the beast. And all creation, even the Christ was for this. For God knew he was perfect, and unlike the beast, wanted to make another perfect being who he would love, and who would love him. And he created Adam. And as Adam has come to know himself by struggling with the beast, he understood what made God perfect. And know that Adam knows God, he knows himself, and what he must do. You see, We are Adam, and I am the one who has seen to tell you. God is spiritual. And the Son is spiritual, once being physical, in Christ who died to save him. And God saved him and his soul, and he was like the lamb. Having the power of the beast, but chosing to be gentle. And the beast was out of control but strong, and only physical, and not having a soul. But Adam, in his full progression, will be both physical and spiritual. And we are like God in this way. We will be perfect, doing good, but containing evil. And here come the awesome part. We will create a new heaven, and a new earth. And the beast will be cut off from heaven forever. Trapped in us for all time. His prison will be our body. And we will be able to be with God forever through the Christ, and all the dead souls before us who live again with God in heaven. And we will walk with him in the garden. But, he will also visit us throught the Christ, whos soul is connected to us,and he will come walk in our garden that we create to please him. And he will see our Son, and he will be pleased. And we will meet here, him and us, in the middle.

So, you thought that was the end. Almost. But I left out one important part. Now, I really have gone out there to tell you this. And it is the most outstanding thing you have heard, For i have not put out a theory, but a truth. And since I am involved, and indeed told you thismost amazing and wonderful truth. I in this life, until my death, will have to live withwhat I have just revealed. And some will wonder, and some will scoff. But this is the most amazing part. And I know this is were I will be called everyname ever thought of from saint to sinner. But it is I who hold a piece of Adam that will create the new heaven and the new earth. For I am the one who was in the middle to see. And so I am the only one who would know how. And this is why I cried, for he chose me to be in the middle, seemingly nothing. But in death, I will be everyting, under and through God. For the word atom, was called so for a reason. And again I know how sensational this is, but my death will prove the glory of God. For I have the Adam(atom) that will compress upon all it’s weight, and through the energy created, will BANG! And the stars will fall from the sky. And God will be there and you will see HIM. And he will love you, and you will love him. And the old earth will pass away, and a new heaven and a new earth will be created.

Now I am not God, or Christ, or the beast. But all has been before me for a reason. For I am an Adam waiting to compress and bang. And all we have known till now has led to me. And God has met me in the middle. And we will be connected to him forever, without hunger, or pain and sorrow. For we will glorify God forever and remember and worship him. For what he has done for us is wonderfully beautiful. And I will awaken you to him. And we will be together forever and ever. But until then know now that my words will anger the beast, And he will also come before I die, and he will try to trick you again, but no matter, it is already done. But he has a short time left, and he will try to covince as many as possible that this is nonesense. And he will raise his armies against you and I, because if he is going down, he will take as many as possible with him. And though you know what I say is true. This right now is his kingdom. And if there is little time, it will be like hell. And he will convince those that follow him to release the atom that kills, and he will want to burn us all. But be not afraid, for HE is coming. And if he wants you to know anyhthing else it is that, IT IS TIME!!

We are the greatest country in the World

       we are all of you.

And we will come to understanding

       in all that we will do.

And though the head is evil

         the body is good     

And given time even that

     will work out like it should

But our friends who stand idly by as we sleep

       and don’t warn of a snake

Should not be allowed in the endof it all

         as to even fortake

For the beast is surely rising

        from out of the barren sea

And one in the body now ask you

     why did you not awaken me

For we are the greatest country in the world

       we are all of you

And now you will be left to wonder

       if we can even pull through

For our sacrafice is great

     and indeed we will lose many

And you may even wonder

     if you could even find a penny

But we will be here

   and we will have a new KING

And he is going to bring to you