What The Devil?

Well, my next post was to be The Greatest Country in the World, and it is coming. But, I am compelled for certain reasons to write this post first. Mabe it will give a little perspective for the story, but, for sure it will serve a constructive purpose. For I have to remember, there are players on each side of a good game, and all players are to be respected. So, this is for those players that say there is One I’m not covering fully. For some feel he is God above all others. And I know there argument, and so out of respect of their position in the game thus far, I must write on it as my next move, as to go ahead and give you also something to ponder on. For after the poem, seems I have offended some of the powers that be, and they are now delaying my next moves in the game, and so, a different strategy. Today I give you your due. But do not be upset on my answers until you read the full post. For I have had these arguments before, But again, when you are checked in a game, keep your head and play fairly and remember, I do not exact punishment in this game, but there is a price to pay for unfairness. And so those of you who are playing on my side will now think, Ha, they will never play fair, for there are no rules. Ah yes, but there are outcomes, and since I hold information those against me need, they will understand my words, and act accordingly. Now first, I must address the masons. I am about to share some of your knowledge. But as I said before, I will stay within the rules you set forth for me to get the info, and I will not reveal any of your secrets. But you know that from time to time, the masses are entitled to more kowledge. And since the game is coming to an end, they also deserve to know about this.

So, I have been writing about the game. And how at the outcome of the game, we will prove God. And when I say God, I mean THE God. The first and the last, alpha and omega, the first to say I am. But to do this, I must speak on the devil. For some feel he is God. Well, he has convinced them in his quest to be ultimate ruler. And he has used many deceptions. And his biggest advantage is that he uses truth. Yes, but only a part of the truth. And he has you convinced he is the One. And he is. He is the One. I almost hate to write on futher, but I must. And in so doing, I will dispell your myths, and isolate his lies. First, it is believed that we become the One. And that is their argument. You see. We all have a little devil in us, in this world of good and evil. And we all feel deep down, that we are better than all others. But he is the One, and we are always 2 and 3. But, we carry the one in us, so in that way they are right. And the one in us evolves also, and is very powerful at the end of the evolutionary trail. And so, at the end, we are not the one, but 2. Good and evil. And I hate to tell you, but in God’s plan for us to be perfect, we learn to contain the one who rebels. For you see. We are made from God, and he has breathed life into us. And Satan was right. We are here to become as God. And to do so, we must fight his fight, against the rebeler. But in fighting the war, we learn the power of the devil.

We must go over this fact. But it is always posed as a question. If God is so great, why did he not stop Satan from going into the garden and tricking Eve? And, if he is so great, how did he not know the devil would become evil. Now, some will argue that that proves the cruelty of God, and shows his imperfection. But, you are wrong and caught in the lie. For God is perfect, and he knows all things. First, he knew what the devil was when he created him. And he did make us perfect at the beginning. And he put us in the garden in our perfect form, but not knowing why we were perfect. And it was Satan who made us think we were not. And he convinced Eve by asking her why she couln’t eat the apple. And since God had not told her, she doubted herself and God. For if she was perfect, why could she not do or know all things. But she was perfect, in not knowing you see. And while she and Adam are NOW learning in this imperfect garden, it is the doubt that makes us not perfect. But Adam and Eve are learning and evolving in us, and we are becoming perfect again, only this time we will know why we are perfect. And Satan will try to take credit and say he was only helping us learn ourself. But, always remember, God created Satan, and he knew he would tempt Eve. And you see, he had to tempt her to get a chance in the war. For as it stood, we worshiped God, and his only chance to convince us he was God, was to make it so, we were seperated from him. So know, in the devil’s mind, he was helping himself, not us. But he is learning why God put us above him, and his time is running out.

And now for the number people. let’s put into perspective God, Satan, and us through numbers so you will better understand. Now remember, numbers are not real, but symbols of what they represent. And so. Satan has convinced the scholars with these symbols and given the mathmaticians a trick. And it is this. God’s number is 0. And if that is so, then satan is 1. And here is the trick~ One is always greater than zero. WRONG!! Don’t let him fool you any longer with this. 0 is the perfect number, and it is greater than all others. 0 is nothing, but it is also EVERYTHING. And 1 is only part of everything. And that was the first battle. For when God pondered himself and his perfection, he was confronted with the one who thought he was nothing. And he told God this. You are nothing, and you only exist to bring the one. But then God knew him, and has set out to show the one that he is not nothing, but everything. And he knew that the devil would not accept this. For if God is everything, that would mean he was part of God. And he conviced himself in his brightness, that when God became perfect, the one was creeated, and so he must be greater, because he was perfect. But he is not perfect. He is only almost perfect. For Satan to become perfect, he must accept that he is not God, and only the first is truly perfect, and is always one step ahead of him. You see, his lie to himself was this. God was not perfect, and had to create Satan, who was perfect, to learn him and see how to be perfect. But it is oppposite. God was perfect, and only knew it when he saw his imperfect self, Satan. And he knew he had to contain the devil, and encircled him with everything.But satan even thinks this is for him. And doesn’t even see the trap. For he thinks he is the God of everything, because he can be with God, and everything, and he has power over everything but God. And so, he thinks he just needs to get God to go back to sleep, and he can do what he wants. And he wants to remove God from being. And so, we come into play. And Satan does not understand us, or why we are. For in the scheme of everything, we are only a part, and he has control over everything. But let’s go back to what we all symbolize.  0 1 2 3

0=God  1=Satan 2=Adam and Eve   3=the creation of Adam and Eve-the Son

Now, I will explain this at the best of my ability. For knowing and explaining are 2 different things all together. God was perfect, and in learning himself, he was confronted with himself in his evolution, at the point of not being perfect, but almost. And at that time, he removed the imperfection and learned it. And it became the One. The first seperated from God. And the first was almost perfect. But he was arrogant, loving himself. And God knew that to be perfect, he must create perfection, and so he set out to make the one perfect by showing him why he was not perfect. And with the devil at his side, he created the 2. Adam and Eve. And he said, “They are perfect, like us.” And Satan was appalled. For to him, they were not perfect at all. And he told God he would show him that they are not perfect. And he went to the garden and tempted Eve. And God knew he would do this. And so, God seeing the imperfection in man, sent him away to learn himself, and become a God. And so, God has put us in the position he was in, when he learned of the devil and what he was. And here we are, learning to be God. And we find that when we think on things, there is the other voice, always making us doubt ourself and what we are. You see, we are like God in this way, and when we isolate the voice, and learn it. We find that we have our own little devil in us. And it is always telling you he is right, only for you to find that he is not always right, but has an agenda. And the agenda is to make you think you are all that matters, and you have dominion over all. Ah yes, but we are 2. And we learn we are nothing, and create nothing without our other. And with the other we create another like us, but with the knowledge of the first 2. Now the voice always says you deserve this, and you sesrve that, so as to always be in bliss. For happiness is everthing. But, we learn through living, that sometimes it is the things that make us unhappy that perfects us. For we see that through struggling to be good, we must fight against the bad. And in a favorable outcome we find the true meaning of happiness. And that in order to be truly happy, we must also try to make those around us happy also. For if we care only for ourself, we take the easy way out and settle for partial happiness, convinced thats all there is. And those of us that know true happiness, come across it by helping and loving others, and not ourself. And we find happiness together. And when we learn this, the voice is noticed for what it is. Selfish and arrogant. And if we give in to the voice, we will be happy, but we will not last. But when we find happiness together, we come to love one another, and when we love one another, we create, and secure our future in our children. And you see, in the final outcome of us knowing ourself, we will remember our creator, and love him for loving us enough to create us. And we wlii become Gods, and expand our Kingdom to be be a greater everything, loving God and giving him true dominion. And we will not give our power to the devil and expand his kingdom. But we will contain him in us, and always work against his agenda. And so, the devil is firther contained, even though he also has more of a kingdom to work with. But his kingdom is a prison. And his only hope at power is to convince you that his way is right, and he is powerful. But he is trumped through our love of God,a nd our coming to know him. And that to give the keys to Satan, is to forget God and his love. And that only leads to our destruction by the devil who wants power and dominion over everything. But we know we are nothing without God, and he is nothing without us in thes ways. So, if satan has power, he acknowledges only himself and does the things that pleases him, and over time ther will be only death. But if God has power, he loves us, and we love him, and we grow the Kingdom togetherfor the ones that we create. He created us, and we multiply in his name, and carry him always, and he sustains us. And he does it for us, and we do it for him, and the creation grows. So, back to the numbers.

0=God   1=Satan    2=Adam and Eve(Knowingthey are both 0&1)     3=the Son(who knows he is 0,1, and 2=3)   And ultimately through time we become a God, through God,and him through us and expand his Kingdom of everything. That is also represented by 0.

And so,there is never nothing. And I have answered all your questions on this, some of which you don’t realize yet. Such as. Why did God create Satan? To learn his true self. And in so doing he created us. And the devil therefore in this way has perfected us all. God through learning how to not be perfect through the devil. And the devil by learning his role as ultimate teacher. And us by learning him, learn like God how not to be perfect, and in so doing also learn how to be perfect, loving and growing. And often people say there is an anomoly in the bible, but there is not, and I have shown you.

Genesis 26 and 27~ And God said, “Let us make God in our image, after our likeness: And let them have domonion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and overall the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

And so God created man in his image, in the image of God created he him, male and female he created he them.

You see, satan feels God is nothing,and so he leads you in a deception in you learning. And even our preachers of God do not have an answer for you. But I have given it to you if you ponder it. For remember. At that point, God was with Satan. And Satan was God not perfect. And they were together. And so, when God created us, it was in their image. But only HE created us. So He created us in Their image. Simple really. But see, you have been twisted in this all your life, and could not understand to the point that you doubted the bible, and thus the God that gave us to write it. And you were deceived by the One who only acknowledges one God, him. And so he will not admit that God was there,and he was there. Thus them. And that God knew he would rebel, and must contain himself in order to be perfect. So he was the One, that remembered he was nothing, but would be everything. And he seperated himself from the one who rebeled. And the rebeller was no longer like God, but like one of the beast God created. Angry and powerful, set against man who he saw as taking his dominion and Kingdom. And his image changed to look like what he was.

And now know this. I could go on and on proving my point, but after awhile it just seems like words and confusion. I have given you enough here to see the truth. And so you knowing, line up with the beast in your own peril. For you can no longer say you do not know. If you think that man is God, you are only partly right. And if you think we become Satan, who becomes God, you are wrong. For now you know that we are like God, but not God, because we are also like Satan. And only become perfect through learning both, and praising the first and last, the beginning and the end, the first to say I am. And you will not by answering him, No, I Am, for you will only acknowledge part truth, and will not be like God, but only Satan. And you will be in prison with him. And so, we are created in their image. But will be like the image of God. Knowing good and evil, but using this knowledge to do the ultimate good, create ones like us to expand the kingdom of God. And help him bind Satan, that snake and serpent of old who thinks he is God over you.

And also, I wish to touch on another lie and myth about the bible that Satan uses against you. For if anythingangers me it is the misrepresentation of the Father. It is said that alot of people turn away from the bible because instead of seeing a loving God, all you read about is a vengeful God. But you are being mislead by your own preachers that teach you to fear God. And he is to be feared, but not by us who love him. Let me explain. What they use is the story of the flood. And they say look, instead of loving us, he kills us enmass. But you have to know that what he desroyed was not us. What he destroyed were the hybrid Nephilim, and not the pure humans. Now those of you who are following my writings know this. You see, the Watcher angels mated with the humans. And the mixing of blood was so great, that only Noah and his family was pure. God did not destroy Noah and his family, but allowed them to live. He killed the others who were mixed blood. So see, you are mislead to cause you doubt in God. And Satan perpetuates this myth to make God out to be a destroyer, and not him. There is also a creation myth that says this about the flood. There were 2 Gods, Enlil and Enki. And after one created man, they were too noisy and he wiped them out with the flood. But one was saved by the other God who thought this to be rather cruel and unwarranted. Now hear this. Of course they were too noisy, but it was because they were not the creation he had made. And an angel came to Noah to save him. But God allowed it for he was the only pure one left. And the fallen angels also helped Noah, because he had to have wives for his two sons. And the sons were pure, but the wives were not fully pure, but the best Noah could find in an unpure world. And so angels from both sides helped Noah and his family. But Satan takes credit for Noah’s salvation. But again, only half right. Now you need to know how the devil lies, for he is out to deceive the whole world in the end of days. And I contend those days are here.

Now, if you have doubts or questions. Feel free to comment. I will only remove hateful or bad lanquage post. I will never run from a good argument. But please, you who I have had this debate with before, and you know who you are, know you have lost this debate before. And so do not try to confuse the new ones, for I will counter you always. And you said you only want the truth, so keep out your lies. And with that said, a true argument comes in good faith,and we will know it when we see it. My next post will still be~ TheGreatest Country in the World. And now you will read it with new perspective. Thanks~ Billy


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