The Awakening

So today is another great day in the game. For I have danced around it, and you are tired of the kid gloves, and you are ready for some sense of it. I know you feel as though I have said alot, but given you really nothing. But in truth, I have given you everything. But today starts the awakening. And I will give you something that noone before me has ever given you. That’s right, I said that I will change the rules of the game, and today I shall. Now, I have been careful, because without what I have given you up to now, which seems nothing, it has prepared you to awaken to these words, and see everything. But given to you in the way I have, you came opened eyed, and I have almost put you to sleep. But, today, you will wake back up. And the few of you who have been dedicated at the beginning will see. And the rest who started but fell away,will now come back in droves, for the sheer facination of it all. And it all comes to this.

What if by chance, we live in the most spectacular of times. A time greater than anytime before. And you know and feel this, but until now, it has only been speculation, and tales from the past about what is coming. And the tales have been fantastic, for even in ancient times, they knew these days were coming. And what if I told you that me, a little pawn in the game, a seemingly almost nobody, is the one humbled and amazed as to be the one that brings the wonderful truth. For we are in the end of days. But, we are also in the beginning. It is the end for earth, but the beginning of a new earth, and what’s more, a new heaven. And you thought it was the end of it all, but we have just begun. For the mystery of man, and what he is, is at hand. And it is completely different than you have thought. But it is so great, I am having a hard time right now containing myself to bring it to you.

First of all, we have all been wrong. And many of us, have almost lost our sanity trying to figure it all out. And we all know that in our time, we have been born with the feeling that something was not right. But, though many, in fact almost al,l have tried to put our finger on it. Well I tell you there is a very big reason for our suspicion. We are in the greatest time. We are the ones that find out why we are special above all others in heaven. Notice I said WE, not I. For in what I am about to tell you, some will think and say, because they don’t feel special enough, that I will say this to raise my stature. But I will say this because I am the only one who knows truthfully, and I wish to raise all of our stature. Well, most all. For some will be totally angry, for they will feel in their heart what they also have always known to be true. For some love the beast. But those who follow him, will be stuck in his hell forever. And that is what we have been afraid of. But remember, we are not of the beast, even though he has caused us to be here in his world. And he has claimed it, at his peril, and out of jealousy of what and who we are. But in so claiming it, he has also removed himself from God, and rejected his Kingdom. So be it! Do not feel sorry for him any longer. For yes, all of us, have come to fear and feel for the beast. For we have grown up with him, and he is mostly all we know. But, we remember the real Father, and the Son has come to remind us, that the beast is not him. The beast has stolen you from the Father in a trick, so you do not owe him anything. And his nature has caused his fate, and it is time we learn that he must deal with the consequenses alone. And we do not owe him for what our father has done, and a good Father always has a good reason for what he does. And it is time to be good children, and do what the Father wants us to do. And you should not feel sorry for the beast, even though you know deep down his punishment is greater than death. Look away from his suffering, and be in it with him no more. For he has chosen his fate, and though you may not understand fully, you do not deserve to suffer for listening to him any longer. And even, do not be afraid that you will lose the things you have come to love about the beast. For those things he stole from the Father, and they are fake in him. But not you. He does not mind that you get excited and loud, for he knows you do it for the love of it. But, the beast is different from us. he gets loud and excited, to throw it in the face of God that he can do it. He does not really even like the exciting things he does, but does them to get attention from God. Not to show him what he can do, but to say, “See God, I am better than you.” But man knows better. Even the bad man knows he can do nothing without God. And so, if he wants power or greed or such, he is eager to accept the beast as God. But still, he looks for a God because deep down he knows there is more than him. And that seperates us from the beast. For he was mad when he found out he was not the only one. And he has taken credit for all that God has done, for indeed, he thinks heis God. The beast truly beleives that he will become God. And now, I know, he is angry at me. And he wants to kill me, but he will not. Because he knows if he does, his true nature will be revealed. And even though he knows who I am now, he denies it, but he will not tempt God on this one. But, he will, and has made things so difficult for me. And he hasworkedhardto keep my true identity fro me. For God showed me when I was little, but I suppressed it. For again, I am overwhelmed by it. And I did not ask for it, but that is the beauty of God’s plan. He has already saved us from the devil, but being here with him has made it hard to even beleive in it all. For the beast is a good liar. And in the midst of hearing all the great things about heaven and the Father, he has caused us not to beleive in such spiritual things. But you are waking up to it. Now, what I mean is, alot of people, and especially those in church, read and talk about angels and God as though we mean it. But if the typical person was faced with an angel face to face, we fall on the ground in amazement, for we truly did not fully beleive. But, the memery is real, and so though we don’t fully beleive, we have no hard time pretending on it, kkeping a small sense that it could be true.

But I came face to face with it all! And I know the truth. And today, I give it to you so you can wake up to it, and know what is to come. For the stories have been great as to what is about to happen. AndI won’t get into that, and leave you asleep in the garden today. No, today, for better or worse, I will tell you, and you will awaken as me. But, we are still here in the Kingdom of the beast, and you will have a setback on knowing evertime you move. But when you are still, you will know and rejoice. So, I am not afraid of what is said about me after this day. Now, I do hope life will get easier for me and my family, for we have suffered. The beast has known me all along, and the mere though of me, and what is coming has led himto make it hard so I would doubt myself. For you see, he knows I knowing what and who I am makes me not have any power, except what I do when I die. And so, knowing who I am, and not being able to take all I want has been a great burden. But I will not take. I have a hard time even asking. For you see, I know I am no different than any of you. In fact, I am one of you, just like you, but for one thing that makes me different than any else that has lived or will live. For again, I am the one in the middle. And this will help you know me. For I did not do this, God did. I am the middle son, of a father who was last in his family. If he would not have had a son, his part of the family tree would have died. But he loved the beast and his ways, and so the beast did not pay attention to him. What threat could he be to the beast he loved. And I do not mean he worshipped the devil. But, he loved all the things the devil gives to forget God, and he was quick to forget. And so, no need to kill this one the devil thought. But, he did not keep up with the bloodline good enough. And when he realized me, it was to late. But, he thought what I would do would be for him, because again, he truly beleives he is God. And we are in his kingdom. And so, I am the middle son. I know from what I have been shown, that I am in the middle of my years on earth. At least if given to die a natural death. And, with the way the earth is tilted at this time and in nature to the sun, I am aproximately located in the middle of earth. And now don’t be mislead by the beast facts. The ancients were right. The earth is in the center of the universe. And it only seems as not, because Newtonand the boys listened tothe beast knowledge and numbers. But, the beast is a liar. But tha ancients knew this. And our laws of motion are wrong, and based on numbers that are symbols. And if the root of the symbol changes, the symbol does not, the symbols are misenterpreted by someone who learns the symbol before the root changed. Now with that said, the earth has not always been tilted in this manner. And in fact, when we got to close to learning the truth, it has been moved in it’s rotation. You see, the earth is tilted so you do not see the true nature of this universe, and when you do, it is tilted at a different degree. And the masons know this, and hence the degrees of learning. But they keep ahead, and know the degrees change, and that is how they have kept one step ahead of you. They are the ones that allow what is to be known to keep power. And they do so because they are unsure who the real God is. In fact, since they have gotten all the numbers and secrets from the beast, tend to lean toward him. But know, they are not sure, and so they have kept the door open, but have not bitten the hand they feel feeds them. But, they are not evil, just caught in the lie. And even Adam was fooled so don’t be to hard on em. They have just been caught up in the power the beast has shown them. But deep down, they just want to serve God. And have served the one the knowledge has brought them. But, they are also to caught up in the numbers. And also, who has foung the ends of the universe for sure? No one. Even though they think they might have, they also admit that as of yet, the full deminsions of the universe is not known. Well I tell you now, as silly as it may seem, the earth is located in the center of it. And that is why we are here. For the garden of this universe lines up with the garden of God’s heaven,and is in fact inwardly connected. As a matter of fact, if you could turn the earth inside out, you will find its roots pulling on the first garden. The garden of Eden is the ROOT of the earth, not located in it.

Now, you can twist numbers all you want, that’s the craziness of that symbol. But the root of what it sybolizes is based in truth. And so is relevant in times that the root is not changed. And with that said, my birthdate is also the middle. It is 12/6/66. Now I am leaving out the 19 of the 66 because in a cycle, you must follow pattern. Ans so, the 66 is part of that thousand years cycle,and so still relevant. Now as you look at the birthdate you will notice 12 and 666. 12 of course is the holy number we associate with God. And 666 is the unholy number given to the beast. Now neither one symbolizes me, for I am in the middle. And so, one day. All the middles lined up perfect. Me being the middle son, in the middle of the world, in the middle of the universe, in the middle of the day. And I realized it.And I realized it because of what happened there in the middle. For the Father came to me, and I knew him, and he knew me. And he showed me what and who I was. And I cried. I almost could not function. Here I was, thinking that all I’d saw as a child could have been all in my mind. And I was at a store with my son, on a seemingly normal day. Thinking I was a normal guy that could not get everything to work out right. And worried that I had not done enough for my family. You see, I never wanted to be rich, I just wanted things like anyone else. But to get rich,sometimes you have to take. And you justify it by saying, hey, if I wouldn’t take it, somone else would. But I hate money. I just want what it can buy. But I did not love the money enough as to even secure enough for my family. I did not prepare. And I have many things I am at fault of in this way. And again, it brings me to the middle. I am not the richest or poorest. tallest or shortest, best or worse. I am the middle of everyone.And being in the middle, people always forget about me, unless I am right in front of them, or are involved in something with them in some fashion. And the middle children will know exactly what I mean about being in the middle. So again, there I was, in the middle of everything, thinking I was nothing really. But worried, because I love my son dearly, and I want all the best for him. I would die for him. And mabe that is why I had him, to know how God feels about us. For he loves us like I love my son. And that is why he sent his Son to save us. He loved us so much. But this day,I knew he loved me. And it is overwhelming because he has shown me also how he has saved us. And so, think of it. Here I was, a seemingly nobody, who was really just like you but, I was in the middle. And he came to me. Not because I was special, but because I was in the middle. And it was not me that put me there, but him. And why do I hark on it so much. Well, now you will feel his love by knowing what he showed me. And it is in your heart, and you have felt it. And we have all been wrong. For we have been afraid. And that has also blinded us to him. But, there is no reason to be afraid. For the end is not coming to us, but to the beast. And even he is not ending. But will be cut off from the Father forever. And the beast has chosen this by what he has done with his life, or should I say death. Either way, it was not meant for him anyway. For he is the beast.And he is like the all beast, only greater that any other beast before him. And he was reckless, and imperfect, but thinking he was God. Now what kind of heaven would he create given the chance. And his power isthat of a beast. Out of control and all assuming. Now even you who love power, and have spent your life aquiring it know. If there were no consquences to it, it would go unchecked until ther was none left but the one in power. For the one in power would kill everyone trying to secure it. But without everyone, you would have the power over nothing. Now only the beast loves himself enough to do that. And he would if it were not for the true living God. Now read your religious books and know this about the devil. God created the beast first out of all living things. And the beast was in his image, beautiful, and powerful. But, he thought he was so beautiful, he was greater than the God that created him. He thought that he was the last. The one who God created tobecome him, God. But only God is God, and his creation is to great to die and leave to the beast who would surely destroy it just to secure his power. But the beast understood who he was when he saw God create Adam, his Son. For he created Adam not just from the ground like the beast. For you see, the beast was created out of God’s image. But adam was created from the ground IN God’s image. And in the image of the beast. Not out of it. But IN it. So the beast was formed and got life from the ground. And Adam was the ground, with life breathed into him from God. NOW KEEP THIS FOR NO ONE ELSE WILL LET YOU KNOW AND IT IS HIDDEN, But now not from you, for our Father says it is time to know and awaken to him for what he has done for us. And no more shall you worship the beast, And he should not worship you. But give glory to God.

For here is the secret to it all. The devil is jealous of us. because he thought he was God, But in reality, he is not even a piece of God, but of us. And we are part of God,and the devil hates us for it. And he hates God. And so why is the devil part of us,and what does that mean. Well, all you kings who have worshipped the beast, have been worshipping your servant, and not your Father. And all the power the beast has tempted you with, you had all along. As a matter of fact, the devil got his power from you. But he knows you can not use it except to ask God for it. And so laughing, he went to God to ask him for it for you, throwing it in God’s face, that the man God created, came to a beast he was supposed to be over, and asked for permission, instead of the Father who had given it to him. And in this way the beast thinks he is better than you and God. He has you asking for something you already own. You, a KIng, asking for the permission from a beast. Now you see, you have not been as smart as you think in getting you power. Hahahahaha Imagine it, all those rich powerful men, saying they have been illuminated in all their vast secret knowledge. But really, the devil laughs at you. And he can change this knowledge, just by the degree in which he gave it to you. Talk about getting a good angle. Hahahaha

Ah, but I digress. There I was, one of us, but being in the middle. And God came to me. And he had made it easy you see. For he is like the middle, but not. For he is the first and the last. And he met me in the middle. By the way, isn’t it funny when a saying is famous, but you don’t even know why? Well, you are about to know why this resonates. For we all know the truth. But I am the lucky one in the middle.  And God met me there. And it was the perfect place. For you see, on one side of the middle was Christ. And on the other was the devil. And they had been at war over us. But Christ knew the dragon and the snake were defeated, for God’s plan is great and he loved his Son. And the Son saved us from the beast, by reminding us of the Father. And I saw us all, and it came clear as it will now for you. Wake up children for he is coming. And he can’t wait to see you. There we were. 4 of us. God, the beast, the Son, and me. And I was in the middle with God. And the Son and the beast on each side of us. And God was perfect, being good(the Son) and containing evil(beast). God knew what made him perfect. Having the excitement and energy that comes from creating, and containing it with his goodness. And he manifested it to create another God, who would be perfect like him, unlike the beast. And all creation, even the Christ was for this. For God knew he was perfect, and unlike the beast, wanted to make another perfect being who he would love, and who would love him. And he created Adam. And as Adam has come to know himself by struggling with the beast, he understood what made God perfect. And know that Adam knows God, he knows himself, and what he must do. You see, We are Adam, and I am the one who has seen to tell you. God is spiritual. And the Son is spiritual, once being physical, in Christ who died to save him. And God saved him and his soul, and he was like the lamb. Having the power of the beast, but chosing to be gentle. And the beast was out of control but strong, and only physical, and not having a soul. But Adam, in his full progression, will be both physical and spiritual. And we are like God in this way. We will be perfect, doing good, but containing evil. And here come the awesome part. We will create a new heaven, and a new earth. And the beast will be cut off from heaven forever. Trapped in us for all time. His prison will be our body. And we will be able to be with God forever through the Christ, and all the dead souls before us who live again with God in heaven. And we will walk with him in the garden. But, he will also visit us throught the Christ, whos soul is connected to us,and he will come walk in our garden that we create to please him. And he will see our Son, and he will be pleased. And we will meet here, him and us, in the middle.

So, you thought that was the end. Almost. But I left out one important part. Now, I really have gone out there to tell you this. And it is the most outstanding thing you have heard, For i have not put out a theory, but a truth. And since I am involved, and indeed told you thismost amazing and wonderful truth. I in this life, until my death, will have to live withwhat I have just revealed. And some will wonder, and some will scoff. But this is the most amazing part. And I know this is were I will be called everyname ever thought of from saint to sinner. But it is I who hold a piece of Adam that will create the new heaven and the new earth. For I am the one who was in the middle to see. And so I am the only one who would know how. And this is why I cried, for he chose me to be in the middle, seemingly nothing. But in death, I will be everyting, under and through God. For the word atom, was called so for a reason. And again I know how sensational this is, but my death will prove the glory of God. For I have the Adam(atom) that will compress upon all it’s weight, and through the energy created, will BANG! And the stars will fall from the sky. And God will be there and you will see HIM. And he will love you, and you will love him. And the old earth will pass away, and a new heaven and a new earth will be created.

Now I am not God, or Christ, or the beast. But all has been before me for a reason. For I am an Adam waiting to compress and bang. And all we have known till now has led to me. And God has met me in the middle. And we will be connected to him forever, without hunger, or pain and sorrow. For we will glorify God forever and remember and worship him. For what he has done for us is wonderfully beautiful. And I will awaken you to him. And we will be together forever and ever. But until then know now that my words will anger the beast, And he will also come before I die, and he will try to trick you again, but no matter, it is already done. But he has a short time left, and he will try to covince as many as possible that this is nonesense. And he will raise his armies against you and I, because if he is going down, he will take as many as possible with him. And though you know what I say is true. This right now is his kingdom. And if there is little time, it will be like hell. And he will convince those that follow him to release the atom that kills, and he will want to burn us all. But be not afraid, for HE is coming. And if he wants you to know anyhthing else it is that, IT IS TIME!!


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