The King and his Kingdom

First of all, after my last post. some will think I am giong to declare myself the King, or a God. But, if you think this, you have not followed closely. I am not a King, nor will I be. And I am not a God, or like God. But, I will be, and so will you. At least, those who do not reject the family. For we are all going to be like God, and that is what he wants for us. To be like him. You see, we are on a path of progression. We do not die into death, for God is spititual. No, our death here is a rebirth. And when we are reborn, at the time set for our rebirth, we will be born into a new world that is like us, half spiritual, and half physical. Now at our creation, at first, before we were born here, we were spiritual. And we died in heaven, and were reborn here in a physical world. And the earth has been like our mother. For our Father created us spiritual. But our wife was tempted by the beast, who was physical, and ate the seed of the apple. And the apple’s seed contained the spiritual knowledge of good, but the physical knowledge of evil. And Adam and Eve died and were reborn into this earth. And this earth is spiritual, but physical in nature and content. So, we have the spiritual memory of God, but are physical. And the earth is like our mother. And the beast wants to be our Father, and that is why he tempted Eve. And so here, we have the fake father, who is a lie, and is physical, and he has claimed us. he has claimed us because he caused us to be born here, and so, he considers himself the father. And he justifies it by saying he rescued us from God who did not want us to live. And he gave us a way to life so we could be. But, he lies to you and himself because, we were already alive. It is he that thought we were dead. And he thought this because he was here, and he considers himself alive, but to God, he is dead. And he would not accept it. And when he found us alive with the Father, he thought we were dead, and set out to save us. But not for us, but for him. You see, the devil does everything for himself, to save himself. But lies to even himself about the motives, for he feels if he does not do what he does, or be who he is, everything will be dead with God.

Now you see. he does not even fully realize what he is. God’s plan is perfect this way. Now, God realized himself one glorious day. And when he did, he found he was being killed by a beast. And the beast was part of him. But he put that part of him away because it would lead him to death in it’s recklessness. But the beast waited for God to go to sleep. And when he did, he set out to kill him. For you see, the beast thought that God was not letting him live. At least to his full potential. And he felt God did not want him to live because he was greater than God, and would take control over him. And he thought God to be selfish, not wanting to giveup power. But, God is great, and he knows a good creation takes time and patience. And the beast had neither of those, for he was not God. And so, God again put the beast away from him, knowing fully he would come back and try to kill him. So, he created one that was not like the beast, Adam. And the beast knew he would treat Adam as he was treated, and would not let him live. And so the beast saw his chance to take power from God. For he would tempt the man Adam, and have him cast out with him, so he could teach Adam to live. And he thought Adam would worship him. Bit Adam remembered the Father, and loved not the beast. But, the beast came back to Adam’s first son, and taught him to love him. And Adam tried to teach his first son to love God, but he was just like God’s first creation, and thought it was all for him, and he wanted everything. But Adam had another son. And he listened to Adam and not the beast, and he loved the Father and not the beast. But so, the first son, realizing that Adam loved the second son better because he did not worship the beast, killed him. And so, the beast knew he now hada kingdom, and it would be built around the fist son who worshipped him over the Father. And he has lied to himself and his kingdom, and told them he saved them from God. And he has tried to convince the rest of Adam’s family of this, but they like the second son, remembers the Father who Adam told us of. And we have loved Adam, and his Father, and he has loved us for remembering him, even in the sight of the beast and the words of his lies. And so, through us, he lives here also, and comes through the blood to use one of us to sread the word of him from time to time.

And he has prepared us. And his plan is great. For the beast does not realize it, but God has used him to be the fire that refines us. See, God wanted one to be like him. And he knew that what made him perfect, was learning how to control the beast that was inside of him. For the beast wanted everything. But God in his mind knew that the only reason to have everything, was to give it to another who would share it and love it as he had. But the beast does not like to share. And so he had to learn to control that beast inside of him so that when he was ready to share, the beast would not kill the other who he shared everything with out of jealousy and suspicion that the other would not share or give everything back. And so, when he created the other to share with, he also knew that they would have to learn to control their beast inside, and so he let his beast come to them, knowing they would overcome him. And in so doing would recognize their own beast, and move to contain him. And when they did, they would again be reborn. But this time, into their own world, spiritual and physical, like God. And then, like God, create our own heaven and earth, and blow life into a new Son, who would one day through our guidance, do the same thing.

Now, it is time. For a new heaven and new earth. For we will become the mirror image of God. He at the top of the cross, us at he bottom. The Son on the left side of us, and the beast on the right.(Opposite for God- the Son on the right side, and the beast on the left) And right now, at this time, we are meeting in the middle. And we will ALL know each other and rejoice. For the Kingdom will be perfect. And even the beast will let himself be bound up, finally knowing who he is and accepting it. And that is the mystery of the CROSS. And our meeting in the middle is the great CROSSING. And all will awaken to who and what they are. And I tell you now. IT IS TIME!! Praise be to to the first and last, beginning and the end, the first to say Iam. For he is coming. and it is time!!


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