The Crossing~ Salvation

       So I know you didn’t think that all this writing was for me to declare who I am. If so, you have been wrong. I do this because God wants me to. And at first, when I was little, I did not understand. But I will tell you this. This writing is for YOU. Because, in their misunderstanding, your teachers and administrators want to blind you of the truth. Why you say? Because they want order. And they will stop at nothing to get it. And God has shown me this. You teachers and administrators sometimes feel they have to control you. For they know your power, and if you are confronted with the facts of circumstances that you feel will lead to your demise, you will probably unleash your power thinkinng. nothing matters. And you will not contain yourself any longer. Now I say,that everything matters. And you should act accordingly. I have the knowledge of what is going to happen to us, and I love God. But, even I have been driven to near madness at the thought of what is true. And sorry watchers, but it is time that everyone knows. And you should not be worried about me telling them, for I will do so in the name of God, and you know how to handle that, because you have control of the churches, and you consider it a tool. But it is God’s tool, and you did not invent it like you think. But, rejoice oh watchers, for you will be awakened now. Oh, but you think you are fully awake. And what can a little pawn do to do the Kings? Well, to show you how great our God is, that you do not believe in, I will also give you what you have been missing. And to you others, I am glad. You have stuck by me, and are still reading. Today, again, I will let you know why my words speak to you, and today you will awaken further. It is time to spread the word of what I say, no matter if they beleive. it is peril that everyone knows. But first, I shall make a plea. I have suffered, and I am one of you. Those who truly know me, know that I am struggling right now. And I, in a land of much, have nothing. You see, I could have been anything I wanted to be. But, I knew what our time in the world was, and what we have been born into. And I am just like you. So, God told me to wait to tell my story, and after time, I thought he had forgotten me. And I knew he didn’t want me to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or anyone in a position of wealth or power, or control. he told me to wait. But, time was marching on, and so I chose a way to make money in the line I knew he wanted for me. So I started to sing. Now I knew that it would be a stuggle, so I also took a regular job. And so, the singing hasn’t brought me wealth, for it was not time. And the jobs have went pretty good, until now. I am at a place that I do not belong. But on a small scale, which is what God told me to work in, staying pretty much out of sight, I have toiled like you and had earned a decent reputation. But without going into details, let’s just say this job which I worked up to, has made all the years of work come to nothing. And now, I am in this position to ask for your prayers. For long story short, All I have been has come to nothing. And I am in a position of barely scraping by. And I need your prayers. For God has come back to me, and told me to write. But as always, he reaches us at our weakest point. I had, and do have faith, especially now. But my family is suffering, and I am in a weakened position, to where I wonder if I can even take care of them. And God knows this, and I have prayed to him. But they still suffer. And I know it is because of this. I kmow who I am, and though I can pray to God for what I need, that is all I can pray for. But, my family deserves more. With that said, I need your prayers, that will be more powerful to me. Please pray that my family suffers no longer, please, this is all I ask of you. And in return, with the comfort of knowing that my family suffers no more, I will continue to do what God ask. And I tell you, he is asking me because he knows that I am the only one who would write these words. And with that, The Crossing~ salvation.

          Today, I will tie it all in. And you will see. It doesn’t matter if you beleive this or not, for as you dig for the truth, you will find that you already know. It is just getting someone to remind and confirm it for you. If you have read all I have written to this point, you will finally understand the grand deception. And so first, I will say this about the teachers and administrators so you will not blame them for what they have done. It has been in the disbelief of God that they have done it. But remember, they started out in their profession to help, so most are good people. Now the watchers, they have convinced themselves that they also are helping you. But they are trying to help themselves, and have forgotten where they come from. But still, know they are convinced that they are also helping you, out of a form of compassion. And as they read this, at the end, they will understand the compassion some of them feel. Now first, I must leave you this link. Now research it carefully so you can understand it’s importance. Now note, that the DOD laid the foundation fo the net and put it in a position to grow. And they did it through a research facility that is connected to colleges the world over, but especially American colleges. There is why I told you about how you are taught i earlier post. The Department of defence does all it’s groundbreaking work through the colleges. Now the department that laid the foundation for the internet is an advanced technology institute. So now I ask you, what would they develop but advanced defense systems. Any that know how a military works, knows that advanced weapons are developed to counter a perceived threat. So what would the internet counter? Chaos. You see, the defence department made the net to put out ideas to form social society, and watch for those who would be a threat. And also, to see who knows what. For you know people, if they have information that they feel is important, they will share it. And the more important it is, the more people they would want to share it with. So, now the defense department can control the information spread throught the world. So, what are they afraid of people talking about. Well, of course they’re are mant threats, and they will act on them all. And they will say see, ingenious this thing we created is, for it can watch the world. But, I tell you they are looking to control a certain event. And they could prepare in advance because this event was fortold for thousands of years. And they, misunderstanding the event, are preparing to help humankind survive, if there is any way possible. So, their intentions are good. But they do not understand the event like they have come to think they do, for they forget God. Because the US government has been mislead. But, they are reading me also. and this will also awaken them a little, for they know for a fact most of what I say. But the answer has still been hid from them, until today. But still, they will want order, and this is their job. So again, I say to you, remain calm at the end, and you will know God, and he will know you. And so what is this event? Well, it is the Crossing. And it has happened before. And the worlds Kings and administrators prepared, but they failed at knowing what was right before them. They even prepared their people to die. As a matter of fact, they have tried many ways to make a better outcome, but they did not trust God, and he has been displeased that they do not understand. For all they had to do before was to trust him, but they have not. But this time, me and those who listen to me will know. And God will know us, and we will know him, and we will finally get to progress. But you see, all that God has wanted to make the final outcome, is for us to beleive in him. And he has tried to get us to see. He has went through many avenues to get to you. But I, loving God, and his creation, have finally seen. And I will give it to you. And you will see what he has been trying to tell you all along. And many before me have tried also, but noone has listened, but very few. And even I am concearned, because there aren’t nearly enough people reading this yet. But, God says this time, the right ones will. And his family will open their eyes to him. And so I write.

       Some beleive that the end of the world is marked by the date December 21, 2012. Well, they are part right. But it is only a beginning. It is the start of a death, but a death is birth in this crazy universe, and some that know their God, will now come to understand. We are going to be reborn into what God wants for us. And God’s plan is great. Now, keep up, and do not wonder in your mind, and at the end, you will know what they have hidden from you. But remain calm and wait. easier said than done, but it is very important that order is maintained. Now, on with it. In heaven, when God makes something happen, it is also translated into a physical thing, to be carried out in a mirror image way, here in our universe. And I have told you that we are in a sort of dream, that mirrors heaven. But it seems so real as to be the only reality. But remember, we only mirror heaven here. Now in heaven, God has set a time when he could come check in on you. But he is always with us you say. Well yes, but he has put us here to learn. And he is like the Father who told the Sons to see what they can do on their own because the children made a decision on their own, and now he wants them to learn their mistake. So he has left the children with their mistake, to see if they can fix it. But of course he knows they will not. And he has hidden himself in a way that we the Sons think he is not there. But we know is pekking around the corner. And when we call him for help, he shows himself, and that he has been here all along in case we needed him. And I, not wanting to be without him, got tired of watching men try to succeed without God, and seeing my brothers will try anything to solve the problem, even make the mistake of the sin of Killing to fix it. Have cried to the Father to not let us go through this again without him. For I am not like my brothers. I do not wish to impress the Father by showing him I can do what he does. We need him for this. And we should admit our mistake, and let him show us how to fix it. Then when the problem arises again if it does, we will know how the Father succeeded, and then we will be able to do it alone. Only after God has given the knowledge of how to do it, AND his permission.

    Now, God is peeking around the corner again, and this time will send us our brother, who was the first of us to ask for God’s help. He has been waiting for us to ask the Father like he did, and I have. And so. God has given us a crossing as a problem. The problem is, that we have learned to go to another for answers, and he has lied to us how to fix it. And he has posed as a solution. And when the crossing is over, he has masked the fact that he has failed in saving us. But, to his credit, he has tried. But, he does not know the answer to the problem, for he has forgotten to ask the real Father also. And he has convinced himself that he is the Father, and so he keeps trying, failure after failure. Now, God has prepared a crossing, where he can see us from heaven, into this fake world. But, since we are in a fake world, there is a mirror crossing. And so, if the Father comes to us at the crossing, so will the fake father. And he will have a crossing. Now, let me spell this out for you, for it is not a time to be avasive.

       We are fixing to cross the dark rift in our solar system. And when we are at the center, we will see the pathway to God, and Him coming through it. Now the generations before havenot been able to see it, because at the moment of the crossing with the rift, we will be crossed by a dark sun. And on the dark son is the fake father. And he cannot see God, and has blinded himself to it all. And since his home(heaven) will cross in front of the rift, he has blocked God so that we cannot see him. Now the fake father is actually the great physical leader of this universe. He is head here. And so, he sets out to “save” us from our fate. For when the dark sun crosses the earths path, it brings death and desrtuction. But in the real heaven, it brings life and creation. You see, the leader has been asleep so long, he has forgotten the truth. God has created the heavens and the earth, and he cast Satan out. And satan and his minion landed on a dark sun. And they built their Kindom there. And every so often, it crosses the path of the earth. And Satan was going to destroy the earth. But convinced he made the universe itself, thought there must be a reason for it. And it was going to cause a huge problem to his own heaven, and so there must be a good reason for this earth. And so, he went there to look. And he found a beast that he thought came from him, and he pondered it. And it became clear. The lie that is, caused by his own arrogance, and the denial of God. And he thought this. I must have forgotten in the tragedy of the first crossing why I did it. But it must have been this. I created this sun to cross the path of my son, so he would have me coming to him. And everytime I come, I will advance and save him, and he will know I am his creator, his father, and god. I must have done this so I would not forget my son. And he will learn from me to defeat the crossing, and he will overcome death, and become like me, a god. And so, everytime we get close to the crossing, he has come to “save” us. And so, he never saved them all, and he thinking himself god, knew there was another countering him. And so, he followed the dark rift into heaven. And he found God sleeping. And he thought, there is mine enemy, who is as powerful as me. And for a brief moment, he knew God, and who he was. But just as fast, he denied it, and thought God was tricking him, for again, he thought he was God. And he thought of a plan to defeat God who was his enemy, and that was when he spoke to Eve. And here’s the funny part, he thought he was saving her. And so, he seeing that his plan had worked. he went out of heaven down to earth, and he went to Adam and Eve. But they knew him and fled. And though he could chase them down, he would not because that would just frighten them more. And so he waited for their son to be born, Cain. And he came to Cain and told him the story. And that his brothers and parents would not understand the truth, and so he must keep the word. And that his brothers and parents were weak, and so when he died, he would come and save him and turn him into a King. And throught time, he would bring him to life to do his work for him. Now again, mirror world. For it is the story of God, mirrorored. But, when satan looks into the mirror, he sees God and does not know the truth. And through Cain and his family, he has confused man. His story is a mirror, and so is true, and is excactly like God, but in a beast, living in his beastly world. Now you see Adam was God’s creation, but he was spiritual. So Satan thought him dead. And when he was cast down to earth, he thought he saved him.

     And now that he had Adam, he set out to save him from the crossing.(Cross) But again, mirror world. He is not saving us, but taking us away from the real Father. And his preperations have been great. First, he tampered with Adam’s DNA, and mixed it with the beast’s.(Animals) He thought Adam and Eve to be weak. So he mixed their blood with that of the stronger animals. because he thought, Adam and Eve had a late start, and that his sun, in passing the earth, had spewn out the atom, and Adam developed life from it. And so, the animals, in their evolution, would evolve into him, and so, he was doing nothing wrong, only making Adam into what he was suppoed to be, him. And throught the years, he has tried to teach Adam to love and remember him. But, God sends his messengers, and skews the message of the beast. And man, after a few hundred years, stars to get the story confused. It is like the tale of two gods, and man through the years cannot keep up with who is who. And so, the beast saves many to his world, but loses just as many to death, or what he thinks is death. And so, he tries different methods to save us.

     Now, there have been many crossings. And Satan and his angels have rebuilt the earth many times. But they always fail to save all the souls fo them. But they try. And we here are approaching the crossing again. But this is the final time, and even the beast must make a choice, and he has. You see, he lives on a dark sun. And the sun has planets around it, and it moves through the whole universe. And the speed of the system is incredible to us. For it will seem the in one hour it will be not seen, to crossing. And the sun and it’s planets crash into our sun and planets and cause havok. And at one special crossing, the final one, one system will prevail over the other. And this mirrors the war in heaven. For you see, at this crossing, God will not be blocked. for one of his children, without having him send someone, has cried to him for help. And so, he will tell us how to beat the beast, and escape from our “prison classroom”, and take all we have learned and be good students. And we will learn why God has done this wonderous thing. To become like God, knowing all things. And we will, through God, make our own earth, and heaven, and it will be half spiritual,and half physical. And the beast, also at the last crossing, has been reminded who he is. And he is angry. For his universe will survive, but it will be a burning hell. And he knows now, because we are so close to it, he hasseen the truth. And so, he and his angels will want to burn us, for they are jealous that we will be with the real Father, and that we will make a new heaven and earth over Satan’s. And it will be beatiful and glorious, just like that of our real Father who loves us, and not himself. And he will come down from the Sun he is own, he and his angels, and they will tell us to worship them. And that the whole earth will be reborn on his coming. And he will again say he is our god, and he has salvation for all those who beleive in him, and weart the mark of Cain. And he will bring his family against God’s in his wrath. And he will make the mirror complete in it’s image of the real heaven. For you see, aliens will come down, and they will say they, they created religion so we may know them. And that we must worship them, for death comes to all those who do not follow him. And he will raise Cain’s family up against David’s. And the war will be great. He will raise Cain from the dead, and he will take over the church and declare himself God, in Satan’s name. And those of us in David’s family will fight against them in the name of God. And they will start to win and will kill many before the crossing. And few of david’s family will be left. But David’s family will not die, but will go wait with our Father’s son Jesus, and prepare for the holy war. And just as Satan sets out, and destroys the earth, just as they are about to celebrate victory, God will look upon the earth, and send Jesus to bind up Satan forever, and save those in his family from the final death. And Satan, neglecting his sun, will realize it burning, and will know his prison. And he will declare God, but it will be to late. His sun, and his Son, will burn in hellfire forever. And before he goes out into defeat, he will drop the bombs that will burn the earth. But we will see God, and he will see us. And he will know us, and we will know him, and we through God will create a new heaven and a new earth, connected to God for all eternity.

     So, do not be fooled by what they show you here, for you are in a mirror earth, with the fake father that thinks he is God. And he loves you not, but loves himself. And so if you see wonderous beings leaving and landing in wonderous crafts, saying wonderous things. Know that your story is even greater. And your God needs no machine to fly, for he created it all, and all he has to do is think it and it is done. And they will say you will die if you do not follow them. But they have already killed you, and your Father calls you to live. So be calm, and be at peace. And do not run around to and fro doing as you wish. For you, in God’s family, and you now know who you are, are fixing to be born into life with the Father. And you do not want him seeing you do terrible things because you feel nothing matters, for everything matters. And so, do not beleive the terror you see, and remember my words. And you will find yourself singing a new song to God. But, it will be just as you are about to think he has forsaken you. But those with patience and faith the size of a grain of salt, will see the beauty in everything. And God will know you, and you will know him. And he knows you have waited to the end of time for you, and so he will give you that also!!~ Billy


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