The Enlightened Ones

So today, I will not be so nice to my detractors. You see, I am tired of them misleading you. I moved my post here for a reason. And some have followed me here soley to read what I post, and go elsewhere to discredit me. And so that leads me to wonder. They have called me iliterate, clearly trying to assert an intellectual superiority. Fine, if it makes you feel better, call me stupid. I don’t care about that. Say I am revealing nothing new, even as I am still posting, and insinuating I am done. Sorry guys, I have along way to go, and though you may steal some away, they will just be the ones looking for something to turn them away anyway, and are just looking for a reason to do so. But funny thing is, months after my first post on another site, they are still reading and telling whatever to make me sound silly. Seems alot of time dedicated to stupidity. Alot of time on nonesense as they say. Do you who know me now not wonder why it is worth their time? If I am so not doing what I said I would, why are they still here along with you. Why, well, obviously they don’t want you to read anymore. And are using their precious time to tell you how stupid you are for reading me. Hmn… I know when I read something stupid, I just laugh and stop reading. But it kills them that you are taking your time to listen to me. They have even said that I am 5 or 6 people posting as one. They cannot beleive that mabe, just mabe, things are meant to be. And that you came across my post looking for someone just like me. Well, I know that the writing there was for a reason. And I know that just as I was about to talk to the atheist, I was banned for making a small mistake. You see, I did not want those that love God to waste their time with those who love to discredit God because they are to busy exalting themself. Now I owned up to my mistake of leading a certain group away from the post, and apologized. You see, I thought they were sincere in what they banned me for. But, I have since read post that said the same thing, do not read this if you are…, or, this post is not for you. And they have gotten away with it with no punishment at all. But me, I can’t even get a response back. But that is not what made it hard to post there, No, what was hard was listening to all the crap and disinfo in the replies. They say things about me that make me wonder again. What is it I have said that so makes them spend so much time looking to say anything to make me look stupid. And I caught it. One of them even called me a bible thumper. Thanks by the way, not a bad thing to me. But, I see now what bothers them so much. God!! It’s funny though, cause most of my links are not to the bible. No, not at all. They are about learning, programming, numbers, a man named Nikola Tesla, mythology,and a few other things I gave you to see. And so, the fact that I’ve been called a bible thumper shows their true concearn. But I am just talking about life, death, and truth. So, since there is a God, whether they want to see him or not, of course I will be talking about him. And yes, he is why I am writing.

But you keep coming back for a reason. I am just like you. We all know something does not feel right here. And I am telling you, do not listen to those who say we are wrong about our feelings. We know better. And those of you who are here because you feel what I say, and know why I am writing, also know that I am far from done. And I’m telling you, those who continue taking their time to discredit me and make me out to be a fool, must have an alterior motive. I mean, they must still be reading also. Why?  Because they also know I am saying things that some do not want said. So, they will say it is not worth it to read. If not, why do THEY not stop. Now of course they will say, he is only worried we are saving people from his crap, and that is why he is addressing us. But I say, read on distractors, I am glad you are here. For the more you put me down, the more curiosity you raise. And I am not worried about what you say about me, you will not stop the ones who were meant to read it. In fact, I know that it is you who are scared. For you know where I am going, and you know who has put me to it. But, today, since I know you are still here because while you try and make me look bad, you are also searching. And now the real reason I address you.

The enlightened ones, here on this thorny earth, are always saying how smart they are. And why not? They have pulled the wool over your eyes for years. But they are the ones being led like cattle. And it just pains me that you and I have gone on all these years letting them get away with it. So I will address the one thing that makes them feel we are so stupid. A rock! That’s right, a rock. A beautiful golden rock. But still, nothing but a rock. But they have made you spend your whole life trying to secure as much rock as possible. All because they listened to the head of the beast. An intellectual, evolved animal, who came from the sky years ago, and told them to dig for the rock. And in return, he would teach them all things. And so, he has. And they use that knowledge to build, and count the rock,and know all things about the rock. And kings and mighty men have even killed for the rock, because man has put the rock above all things. And the enlightened ones laugh. because they know at the top of the chain the ruse they have over you. You see, there are a very few men, who really own all the rocks. And they have them all, and what they don’t physically hold, they own rights too. And they always have it. And the whole monetary system is based on that rock. So you can do nothing, lest you secure you some rock too. But, you don’t really get the rock, but a piece of paper that says you can buy or sell on the premise that they hold the rock for you, and have secured your debt. So there you have it. Though you have secured that paper, it just says it will let you slide on some debt. And now, you can actually buy some rock to hold, but it’s there rock really, and they will say how much it is worth. But, based on what? And if you need something, you’ll have to give the rock back! And so. you countries who are in huge debt, know that you are because a few enlightened men say you are. And they say it by declaring how much the rock is worth. But, based on what? Surely you can see what control they have. And you say you have not been programed. Hahahahahaha….Ah yes, even those who spend all their time telling you how stupid I am, go out and toil, and educate themselves in their vast knowledge, to be smarter than you, do so to get more rock. Hahahahaha…How dumb are we that we listen to them? But still, we will worry about our bills, and raising our children to having what they deserve, all based on a rock, soft to metal, that some smart men have told you is more valuable than anything else. Unbeleivable.

Well, I tell you what guys. I would rather be a bible thumper, and spend my time writing to help my brothers and sisters, and be called stupid for it, and a liar, and all that you have called me, than be a man who spends his time telling someone like me how stupid they are for beleiving in God, and what he has shown me, and reading books that tell you all about numbers that lead to nothing, And guide people in lies that lead them to how smart you are by being the best at counting and knowing rocks. For that’s all you beleive in. What you can see. And somone has said to you, look at this pretty rock, what will you give me for it. And you are paying the ultimate price, for you have given your life to that rock,and all the learning that surrounds it. So go ahead, critisize how I spell, and the stupid things I say. But they will not listen to you, for they have waited for me. And they are tired of you. And they don’t care how I spell the words, for they know what I am saying. And you have denied them to long. And by the way, they have their own mind, and have listened to your kind for years. And what have you done for us. Made us chase rocks, and look away from the fantastic things that really matter. And you say you know it all, and have shown them all I say already. Ha! Not even you beleive that, or you would not be reading this now. No, you know I am turning them away from your nonesense. And they will not forget what you have shown them. How to identify things, and count it, and what it is. All based on something that starts and ends with zero. A number you cannot prove. Again I ask, where did zero come from. And can you prove it to me? If not, then do not say my beleif in God is nonesense because it is not proven. You base your learning on something not proven either. And don’t give me that lame argument about, infinity, and the finite. For you do not even know if there is infinity, for it is not proven. And for the finite, to say it exist and show it to me, does not prove where it comes from. You in your cockiness do not even see how silly you are, while you are so busy telling everyone how wrong they are for not thinking like you. Well I will not tell them what to think, but give them plenty to think about. And you will say there is no God. We were all created by the big bang. Well genious, what went bang? Nothing?! And those nano particles who are and are not, where are they when they are not? A vaccum you say? Well what represents the perfect vaccum? ZERO? Hahahahahaha….yeah, you guys are the smartest. Well, you become the best at spelling the words, and I’ll spend my time being the best at telling them. And, I will reveal mind blowing things that you will discount. I will speak to their heart, and you speak to their heads. And as the immediate future unfolds, we will see who the stupid one is. Now I would never call you stupid, you have called me so, I have read it. But those who read me now know me, and that they will be able to count on me. And you who know the truth, but try to turn people away I say this. It Is Time. And my words will be heard.

Now to my followers, and I know you are few and am still not discouraged, I have much to say. Though I have awakened you a little, we are still on a path, and so, do not think I have finished, for I am still at the beginning, and have a way to go yet to get you fully awakened. But I have said I have a plan, and you that have stuck by are now seeing the pattern. And though I addressed this post to Them, I always write for you! So harken these words, for as I give to my enemies who I am, you will know me better also. To those in Europe, I tell you~ My father was the last male Weatherman in his bloodline. And he had three sons. But of those three, the one in the middle is the only one to have a son. And now, that son is the last male in our family bloodline. He is the last….and I am the middle. We are listed as coming from Germany, but the records are hidden as to where the first male actually lived. No records in Germany except at the port to leave. With a boatload of that rock I was talking about earlier. But if you want to know who he truly was, and I have given you enough to look for him, If you are truly interested, look to France, and there is where you will find the root. And he came to America with all that cash, to buy land and be a preacher. And the masons know the family, and they know where to look, and why he came to America, with all that money, to put it away and be a preacher. And he wrote on about, looking for the last. And so the family has tried deperately to keep the family flourishing, and were truly afraid of what ol’ Weatherman said about the last son in line. Oh and man, did they preach to my father about not being the last one, and he took it to heart for nought. For I will tell you now, lest my son has a son, he is the last. And from what my Father has shown me, he will be the last. Man, I hope I am wrong on that. And I’ll say again. I write what I write because I truly feel it will help, mabe even save some in God’s family. But even I hope I am proven wrong. But this information I give, though coming from me, originated somewhere else. But what I can say for sure, is that it was meant to be. And my whole life prepared me to do it. So forgive me that I get offended when someone calls it nonesense. I take that personal. And so, they Can comment on that, I am far from perfect. But , then again, that makes sense also, for God would want one that could reach his family. And we have not been perfect. But look at who has taught us. Indeed, the same ones who tell you to look away from me now. But we know each other because we have been feeling like we are missing something. And we have. We have heard the truth, but have not beleived it, for it seems so unbeleivable. But, we have felt it also. And so,why they say I tell you nothing new, there is nothing new under the sun, but you have never had it tied together like this, so do not listen to them. And what do I gain from this writing? Well, I don’t think it will make me famous, least not until the end when it won’t matter. No, if anything it has been hard. For I worry I will say the wrong things, even though he gives to me what and when to write. But, I am only human, and I know the consequences of leading the sheep astray.

Now I will leave you with this oh enlightened ones. There are spacemen coming. And they have a great king. And he thinks he is the greatest of all kings. And he will come and warn of danger, and you will be in a panic. But he will calm you by doing wonderous things, and you will come to think he must be who we have written and read about all these years. And he is, but don’t confuse him with another, for, he is just a spaceman. And he did not create this or you. And if he did, he would not need machinery to come to you. And notice, that the first he sends will come to address the horror that is  coming. And will then respond to it as we do any crisis. And that will tell you. Though they can respond and escape when necessary, they are disaster relief, and are not fully sure the full extent of the damage to come. And they will be glad to land, for just as astronats of today in the spacestation, space travel food is not as good as fire cooked food. And even though they have plenty of “manna”, they will love to feast with us. And let that tell you. They are not the Gods they proclaim or seem. And their version of religion will be about their great leader the beast. And though he is a Godlike beast, know that he is not God. And to say so will be blasphemy. These things are coming, mark my words. And if you forget me, while I am making stepping stone post that seem to be leading to nothing. Know I have told you this, and return to read. For even then, it will not be done, And I will have left words you need, but you have not kept up. You who are reading from the heart. You are my family, and though we have lived with beast and worshippped them. We know we have done wrong, and must now look at things a different way. And know, my next few post will not be mindblowing, but is leading to a new grand revelation. And so look for my next post~ The garden~ Billy


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