The Garden

I am just like you.  And I am growimg a garden. And up until now, I have not been a very good gardner.  I had forgotten though, that the head gardner is coming soon.  And he will see my garden, and all those weeds, and he will not be very pleased.  And I am trying desperately, to clean my garden, before it is to late.  Because, this little pawn in the game,the one that was in the middle, tell you now, HE IS COMING!!!

Now you see. once your their, right in the middle, knowing that which way to go, was the real choice, To be a good gardner and tend to the garden accordingly, or, let the garden grow as it may. And then it will be as a jungle,and you will not see the gardener that is coming. And you will not be prepared, when he comes to your garden, and judges you a good or bad gardner. And I tell you this out of love. For you see, I was afraid, and thought that by what he showed me one day,that He had already judged my garden, but he has said now, that I have a short time to prepare. And so I tell you. There is hope. For he is the greatest gardener, and he even knows the struggles you have had gardening, and he gives credit for the heart that you put into it. And so I tell you now also, plant and tend to your seeds, for he loves a good flower, and even the stems and thorns on it. But you have to be a strong little gardener as he cleans off the thorns for you. And help tend to the stems that are near dead, and he will show you how to keep them alive. But he is very picky, and will clean off all that is bad left in your garden,and you will hope enough is left to even judge. Be he knows a good gardener, and he has already started judging your gaden a long time ago, and knows it better than you, for he is the greatest gardener. No…now he is juding you on how you take to his pruning of your garden, and is watching you to see how you take it. Because beleive me, he will take away alot that you thought was good, and you will wonder. But will you question the gardener and his pruning, or know that he is the greatest gardener,and he would not show you to pull something wrong. Even though you may feel it is good, now you will know it is not, and put those seeds away! For again, he is not hear yet, but has sent his helpers to you to start pruning the garden ahead of him,so you may have a chance to see him as he aproaches.  And your garden where it is a jungle and have fought against the helpers who were out to save you, you better start whacking down those weeds. And not even a money tree looks good in the garden, unless, it helps, and feeds the garden overall.

Now you will know, that he is close, when another will come in his name,and shall trick many  farmers into thinking his way of growing the garden was best. But do not listen, and follow him  not. For his seeds are wicked, and he would let weeds even look like flowers.And even though he comes as a farmer, he is really a snake. And has come to bring the rats into your garden, who eat all your good plants, and chew on the stems. And since all our gardens are part of the comunal garden, I wishthis not for any of my brothers and sisters. For the real great gardener will not be pleased by how easiely you can be fooled. And this is coming from one who knows what is like to be a bad farmer. And I have also been a Very bad farmer. But you see, my nature was to learn all sides of the argument, of whether to be a good or bad gardener, sit in the middle and ponder it and ask from advise from the greatest gardener. And so, I know what it is like and this makes my cleaning as hard as any man.But we are gardeners, you and I, and it’s time to tend to it. For it is harvest time for the great farmer ladies and gentleman. And He is coming~ Billy


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