The Harvest

Well it’s halloween, and so perfect timing for this post. It is the scariest thing I know of, and I did not want to write it. But, it is time. And after I am done you will say no horror story writer has anything on me. Worst part is, it is not fiction!  I wish it was! I spent my whole life trying to avoid this, but noone else will tell you. And HE has given it to me to give to you, and I will not go against him. But, I mentioned that reading the book had left me near mad, and so I warn you, prepare yourself!

When I read the book The Fall of Symraza, it was to remind me of this. The Fall of Symraza is not what drove me near mad. No, it was what it reminded me of. You see, when I was younger, I had a dream. And in the dream, I was walking alone on a dirt road near my home. And in the distance, I saw a light. And as I aproached it I heard a voice say, “Come hither.” And at that point I felt someone take my hand. And in a moment I was walking with an angel in heaven along a crystal looking road. Everything was absolutely beautiful! There were homes with golden roofs, and the water was like it was alive and crystal clear. And there were children everywhere playing and laughing. And soon along the road we came to a spring. And the angel said, “Look.” And as I peared into the spring, I could see earth. And the angel said, “Write these things I show you.” And so, I noticed a little book in my hand, and I began to write in it all that I saw, until we came to a certain point in time, when the angel said, “Write this not, for it is sealed until the end,” And so I closed my book and put it away. But then suddenly, I heard a voice in the distance say in a loud rumbling voice, ” Take the other book from the angels hand and eat it. And in your mouth it will be sweet as honey, but in your belly it will be bitter.” And so I reached for the little book and took it into my mouth. And it tasted sweet but burned my stomach upon swallowing. And the loud voice said, “Keep this until the end when I tell you to reveal it.” And upon hearing that the angel said, ” My brother.”‘  and I noticed it was Jesus. And I fell at his feet and he said, “Do this not, I am your brother, and this book will be a burden to you, but it is yours to give to them. Take it and wait for me.”

Now at this point in the dream I was back on the dirt road alone. But I could hear very loudly a trumpet blowing as a horn. And when it stopped I awoke. I was 11 years old. Now a year later I was at the Weatherman estate confronted with the men and their book. And I read the book The fall of Symraza for them. But as I did, the reality started sinking in. Upon the later chapters, there was a documentation of who would read the book and why, and I couldn’t beleive it at first. It was about a man to come who was taken to heaven, and given a book to read at the end of days. And in fact, the whole book was leading to this. A revelation that led Symraza to know what he had done. And the man with the book would be the only man to read The fall of Symraza, and it was to remind him of what he was to do. And again, my stomach became bitter and I felt sick. For I was reading the book, and was the only one able to do so. And I knew! The book that was thousands of years old, I was told, was written for me, to warn me of the fallen angels! And to remind me of my own book, locked deep inside. And writing this now is kind of a relief. For I tell you now, that little book inside has ate at me for years, and has drove me near mad, and made me sick at the thought of it.

And so, we must now go to my current time, but back about 9 to 11 weeks ago. Seems so much longer, but I tell you, when something like this happens, you start to lose track of the days. It is just so incredible. Now me and my son went to the store one day to get a drink. And while we were there, God came to me. I could not see him, but I could feel his presence, and it was overwhelming. The love I felt nearly brought me to my knees. And I could not contain myself. I had to get my son of 8 years old to go pay for the drinks, something he had never done, because I could not function in the presense of all that love. And I thought to myself, Amazing, God is here and noone knows but me. I mean look at them like nothing is goin on, and God is right there!  Now, the next day, He came again and said,” It is time!” And I was at home with my family but in the bathroom. And I ran out and grabbed my son and wife, and made them kneel in the floor with me. And they were distaught, not knowing what was going on, and so I told them, “He is coming, it is time.”  And I felt it was the time of judgement, and all that loved God would be giong with him to heaven. And I was so happy that he came for us, for lord knows I have not been perfect. And I could feel him getting closer, and I could fell my consiousness melding with his and contracting into my body going to a zero point. And it just held there. Almost going, but not. And I could feel him looking at all of you and me. And he said, “No, not one is worthy.”

Oh man, I was heart broken! I felt so much dispair I can’t describe it. And I got up and looked at my wife and said,” Nothing matters!” And I looked at the TV, and on it was a skeleton’s head with wings on the side of it. And she saw it too! And she said, ” Honey, what is that, what is going on?” And I told her. He said we were not worthy, not one of us. And we cried together. Now I felt total dispair. We were left to the devil to do with what he wanted. And he was coming. And his people had prepared the way for him, and there was nothing any of us could do about it. And the next day, it got worse for me. I was in the bathroom again, this time thinking about what had happened and what it meant, so as my family would not see me. And the other came! And I could feel him way off. And it was terrible. The hate, and pain, and darkness. It was also overwhelming, but in the worst way. And I felt if I let him get to me, I may go crazy and there was no telling the evil I would be capable of. And I was terrified! And I ran. Out through the living room, and out the front door. I ran to my car, barely able to get the keys to work, shaking and sweating. I mean I was terrified! And I got into my car and tore through the little town of Kernersville, racing to my mother’s house. Luckily, he did not follow me. And he has not returned to me. But I can feel him coming to all of us. And just before all of this happened, I was led to a website to share my story of the masons and the book the Fall of Symraza, because a little voice inside told me it was time. Now I had forgotten what I had read. But as I told the story, it all came back. And I knew it was time. My son even asked me, ” Why are you so adament in writing to those people there?” And all I could answer him was, it is time. Now, I spent years trying to forget that book, and it was all a bit fuzzy what was going on, because I knew how serious what I was doing was, but I did not want to accept it. I was repressing something, and it was making my stomach hurt. But I did not remember why until last night. You see, I had written another post for you, and he led me to it, and it will be next. But, HE would not let me publish it. And yes, he comes to me to write to, but usually it is a bit subtle. I can feel him way off pushing me to write. But it’s almost like a reminder. Like I have been told before what to write, and remember only when he comes like that, and I start writing. I do not put anything down before hand, I just wait until he comes, and I start writing. And so it is he that leads me to when and what, and so I am amazed at how he fulfills his promises. For he said, ” Write these things when I tell you, and you will awaken them.” And so now I must tell you. I told him that if he was testing me to see if I would write even knowing that I may not go to heaven myself, I would do it. Because if it saves one of you from that evil I felt, it will be worth it.

But last night, he came to me like at the store. And I again felt all that love, but felt sick to my stomach. And I said to him, “Lord, I know you may not save me, is that why I feel sick? For know Lord that I love you no matter what, and I will not be against you, even if you leave me to him. I love you with all I am forever.” And he said to me, “Remember what you must do. I love you to my son, and that is why I left this to you.” And I remembered. I knew excactly what he wanted me to remember. And I felt for the first time sadness with Him. And He said, “Fear not, I have shown you the way.”  Now I should rejoice that he has shown me. But my sadness is that I must tell you. And you will not be happy with what I say. And some of you may even hate me for it. And I may lose some of you for good. But I know it will touch your heart. For you are my brothers and sisters, and you know this already. But we have surpressed it for the horror of the truth. We have lied to ourself, and even our preachers and teachers have tried to deny it out of shock and anquish. And we have blinded ourself to it. And even now I am procrastinating. I do not want to tell you. But noone else will. And so…

Jesus died on the cross for us to save us. But not how you think, or have been told. And you know it. And it is time. Wake up! Jesus showed us the way. He did not save us by just dying. We are not any better than he. In fact, we are much worse. When God asked in heaven who was worthy to open the book of life, only one was found worthy. ONLY ONE. Now, he came and showed you how to enter heaven, and it is our turn. His blood saved us, but only by showing us how, not by just doing. But we, the very ones who killed him, expect that we will just rise and meet him in the air. Oh we will, but only after we do as he has shown us.  And he has set his Son as the example for us. Do you think that God would let us kill his Son, so that we would not suffer. Hahahaha. We have been so blind and conceited. What is good enough for the Son, is good enough for us. And your pastors have told you that you will not suffer because he died for you. They have twisted the words of the bible to make themselves feel better about what we have done. And I know I make some mad, because when I try to tell the preachers where they are wrong, they get irate. God would never do this to us, and has sent his Son to bear our burden. HOW SELFISH!! So it is okay to kill the Son, but we should not suffer. And they say. ” You are belittleing Christ.” Really? Me. And you by saying that is is okay for the Son to suffer horrific death, but we should just get to meet him in the air, with no consequences. Well, we are wrong about this. Again, we will meet him. But he has shown us the way. I am not belittling what he has done. You see, he died for us to show us the way. But he didn’t have to!! He could have just stepped right off that cross and killed all those men, but he did not. He did nothing to stop them. He is God’s Son. There was nothing he could not have done. But he did nothing. He did nothing as he was beaten. He did nothing as he was wipped. And he did nothing as they hammered those nails in him. Why, so you wouldn’t have to? NO! So you would know what to do when they come for you. And it is time. God has judged you, and found not one of us worthy to open the book of life. And so, we must follow Jesus’s example. That’s right! The tribulation is not what you think. YOU will be put in his place. And they are coming to kill you. Will you save yourself by renouncing him? Or will you trust that he will save your soul, and raise you like the Christ. Hahaha, Jesus said have faith as a mustard seed, and you will see heaven. Do you? We will see.

For you see, the devil is on his way. And he has sent his son to tell you that there will be a new order. And in that order there is no place for those who will not receive his mark. And that kinda leaves us Christians out. But you can save yourself by renouncing God and following him. And he will say, “God has judged you, and none here are worthy. And he doesn’t love you or he would never leave you.” And many of you will buy into it. For you will feel the dispair I felt, when I felt God move away from us without taking us with him. And many of you will be mad at him for abandoning you. But he has not! He has sent his Son to show you the way. And he died for you. Will you die for him? Now, there will come a time in our lives when these things will happen. First, by explosion, all communication and power will be cut off. And there will be panic. And after a short while, it will be restored. But you will see military on the streets. And they will restore order just by being there. There will not be looting or killing yet, for this military will be there. And it will carry a world flag, and not that of your country. And you will be in dispair, knowing you are at their mercy. And the Christians moreso because soon they will start rounding people up. And you will notice, they know your name, and where you are at all times. And at first, they will pick you up to question you, and assure you they are going to usher in eternal peace. And they will ask your religion, and tell you that, that too will change, for it has caused to many wars. And they will bring true religion and it will benefit all. But then, they will start rounding up the Christians, and they will ask you to receive the mark, to buy or sell. And they will scare you by saying, “Your God has left you here, and you will not enter his heaven. But we will take care of you if you will just receive the mark so we may know who you are. And none can kill you or rob you cause we can track the mark, and know where everyone is at all times.” And they will use the TV, and appliances, and cameras to track you. And there will be drones so they can see everything. But those who refuse will be held. And they will ask you to renounce your God or face death. And you will be frightened and many will be weak and feel that God has really forsaken them. But those who stand strong and declare their God Jeshua, will be taken in front of the others, and they will be decapitated. And all the others will see is them die. And they will be horrified knowing they are next.

Jesus said that in the end, blessed are those who die in his name. And if you read the revelation of John after I have told you this, you will see for the first time what he meant. Those who are like me will die, for I will not renounce HIM. For Jeshua is my God and I will declare it. And I will die. But what you will not see at the time is that after death, I will rise to meet God.But those who are weak will save themselves in their fear, and will join the new order and recieve their mark. But soon. after a few years, they will be slaughtered sumerily as their new god turns on them and shows his true self. And before they die, they will see us and the real God, and they will know what they have done. And so now I say to you. If you think because you love God you will be saved from the tribulation, you are mistaken! And you will be angry at God, and they will have you. But be strong, and you will be delivered to him. And remember, it is not God who put us here but us. Adam and Eve ate the apple and defied God. And then our ancesters watched as they killed God’s Son, and none saved him. In fact they spat on him and threw rocks at him. We should be glad that God did not kill us all for that, for you know it hurt him. But his Son said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” and that is what saved us. And so God, out of respect for his Son, and his love for you, will give us the same break we gave Jesus, except if we are strong, he will come and get us, unlike what we did for Jesus. He did not want his Son to die this way. He wanted us to listen to his Son and follow him. And though hindsite is 20/20, that does not change what was done. And we are no better than Jesus. But I feel those who think they will not suffer, must feel we are better than Him. For that’s like saying Jesus is a punching bag, but we will not be punched. If God would let his Son die for us, why do expect that he would not want you to die for Him. I’m telling you that is arrogance. I love my son, and I love my wife. But if she killed my son in a way that he suffer, I would expect God to show her the same, and again I love her. But she is no better than him. Sickens me to think that men would kill God’s Son, and then expect total mercy because his Son was so great. I mean how twisted to you have to be. Have we became better people. No, mabe worse. We are arrogant in our thinking. And people have even turne away from the church for how it is. Most churches are like cliches, and you have to be a certain way to be accepted. And the preachers tell you what they think God meant. How would they know? They are saying they are smart as God, and can get in his head. Nonsense. You have turned people away with this attitude. God wants everyone in church, and we are all sinners. Stop judging and start accepting ALL that come. And know, you are not better than God’s Son, and you will know how he felt. And instead of getting mad at God, you should be mad at your ancestors for not saving him from suffering a horrific death. And know, that if he let it happen to Him, He will let it happen to you. And death is coming, and you should accept it, and rejoice that you will see God, and be able to say you are now worthy to just apologize to him. He says repent or else face the consequences. And also, it is not he that is killing you, but the other. Put blame where it lies. He has done nothing but try to give you the best. It is His creations that keep going against Him. Time for us to make it up to Him.

Now I know this is not what you want to hear, and some of you will turn away from me now, not accepting HIS message. But this day will come, and you will see how you have been blessed by what I say, and you will know what to do. Do not forsake him! He has died for you, and now it is your turn to die for him. For The Harvest is coming, and the fruit is ripe. The choice is yours, be picked or get burned!


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