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Well, it’s been awhile. But do things seem clearer since you’ve read these post? I know, right? Well I am glad to write this one. I also knew it would be hard to do. I’ve been waiting my whole life to do it. So with the excitment, there is also pressure and anxiety. All this preperation for this one shot at it. Oh I know he is here to help me, but it is me that will have to write it, and I know it’s importance. And unlike the others, it is complicated in a way, that I know it will be hard to get people to understand. But I have prepared you. And by the grace of God, I am able to sit here and write it. Think about it. Without his creation, we would not be here this moment together you and I. And, everything you have been doing, and everything you have done, and, everything that anyone or anything has ever done, has led you to this post, right now,. at this minute, and at this very second as you read this post. We should think of every moment of our lives this way. Think about it, really. Everything that has happened, brought us here together, you and I.

First off, i have to do this in segments. Mainly as so to not bore you to death. Reading to long does that to a person. Hahaha.. Anyway, We will start with the Wheel. In order for you to understand the book, we first have to know about where Symraza was from. And who and what he is, and was. So, first off, and God told me to give you this first for some reason, when God goes to sleep, everything goes to sleep. And he dreams, and everything dreams. But, when he awakens, everything awakens. So, all that you are, and were, and will be, is only on his being. For without him, we would be nothing, but he would be nothing also. He lives, so you live. Ah, but if he dies, you die. Oh, but don’t let me worry you. He created everything, and he loves it. And he will not let it die! You are in a war, you and I. A war for your very soul. And your soul has a mind, and so they want that destroyed too, so there will not even be a thought of you. And those of you who have moved against God, have moved against yourselves. For who you yhink is your ally, is really your enemy, using you to kill yourself. So you nee to know fully the battleground on which you fight for your very existance.

First off, everything is made up of little ball of energy, and anti energy. And these little partcles start looking around for other particles that they think they would enjoy being around. They start communicating, and come up with a plan. So they go looking for other particles they need to succeed in the plan, which is to create something great. They already decided, and know what they were created for, and they set out to achieve it. And so sure enough, it took awile, but all the little particles became what they wanted. In your case, it was you. And they now count on you to be. All that work for you. And I’m pretty sure, that Adam’s particles, were sure ready to acieve their goal. For they would become the creation of God’s hands, personally breathing into him life. And all that, so you would be here right now. So know that every moment, and everything, has it’s purpose. And it is to continue to live. Now, to live, the particles have to deal with the other. The other particles, they know they have to connect with to live, grow, and create.

Now, everything circles around everything else, to learn to create with it. But, to each particle, it is the other, that circles around it. So, being the first particle that was to become you, it had to protect itself to acheive it’s goal. So, it figured out the escape route to the end and beginning of excistance. And on the way to learning the route. It explored every route possible to get there. So, what that means is something totally weird, but now being proven by quantum physics. You, as you live here, are also living in another dimension, living a slightly different life, to a totally complete opposite life. But, you also, while you are being, you really are not, only thinking about it, and then going into a reality to prove it, only to not be, and think about it again. And you are continually on this pattern. Of living all the possible outcomes, but really only thinking about it, and then proving your thoughts, only to think about what that just meant, and always wanting to know why to be in the first place. Always learning, but not, so you can contemplate it. But, the other is always proving, or disproving what you say and do. Now, as you make friends though, you spin together at times around the others, and they around you. And now, our galaxy is spinning along in the universe, the Wheel, and we here on earth, get the pleasure of whatching it spin. And also, these wonderful little particles, and us, vibrate. And it is this vibration that determines what dimension you see and hear.

Now, there are also other planets with life. But as we now know, there are other dimensions with life. And in one of these dimesions, lived an angel named Symraza. And his civilization was and is, very advanced. And they had found there way to God, but also to Satan. And they took a mission from God to watch the people on earth, and wait for the crossing. But they listened to God, and took the mission, but, they listened to Satan, and tampered with god’s creation. But, more on that later. Just know for now, that we live in a multilayered, super complex world. Where not only is anything possible, it is in fact, been, or will be done. And we get to live on the vibrations of God, spinning around experiencing life with one another, in the middle of a crazy kind of wheel, spinning with life. But why  you ask? Well, we will have to touch on that tomorrow as I contimplate why I have to go to work on second shift, and am not rich enough to avoid it. Hahahaha Tomorrow we will touch on why Symraza was to watch us, what our purpose is, and why we are fixated on this one reality, with all the others happening around us. We will talk about the crossing, and what it has to do with December 21, 2012. And, we will start the book. I know you are ready. Till tomorrow~ Peace be in your heart, Billy.


Imagine you are in a dark room, all alone. And you know nothing or noone. First, you would have to learn yourself, to try and figure out who or what you are, and where you are at. Now, not knowing anything or anyone, you would have to amuse yourself, and so at first, as you ponder yourself, your likely to be amused at the things you think about yourself, and find to be not true. And, to keep yourself amused, and to keep your sanity of being alone, you would probably start joking with yourself quite alot, and learn at least that you love yourself for being quite amusing, and coming into being in the first place so you could have this experience with yourself. Now, after awhile, you will come quite comfortable with yourself, and will wonder why there is not another. And you will wish there were someone else you could share your humor with. Now as you think about the possibility of another, you realize that everything being possible, there could actually be another, and you start looking for them. So, you move about the dark room, and startlingly you realize you are right, and there is another. Now, of course you think he will be like you, and you are excited. So you say, “Hello, is anyone there?” But, you get no answer, even though you know someone else is there. Then, you suddenly realize fear and anxiety. Why did they not answer you? But you, still excited about the other, ask again. This time though, to your relief, they answer, “Who are you?” And you say, ” I am me, who are you?” And they say, ” I am you.” Now of course you know this can’t be so, because you are you. So you say, ” You are not me, I am me.” But still they say, ” I am you also.”

Now, you know they are not you, but you are still curious, and you realize now, since there is another how lonely you have been without them. And so you move closer, hoping to get a look. And as you get closer, you confirm that there is another, and he looks just like you. And so, the fear starts to subside. You know he is not you, but he looks like you, so you think he must be just like you. And so you start talking some more to him. And he responds with answers that make you trust him more and more, until you feel like, yes, he is just like me. And you finally say, ” It is great meeting you, I love you brother, and you move to embrace him. And as you reach out your arms and embrace him in love, you realize that he is trying to sqeeze you to death. And you push him away and say loudly, ” Who are you?” And he laughs and says, ” I am you.” But then you realize who he is. He is not you, he is the direct opposite of you, and he does not love you, he wants to kill you. So, you show your strength to save yourself and you push him away with all your might, and move as far away as you can get in that dark room. And realizing your power, you wish for light so you can see where he is. And him being the direct opposite of you, runs from the light back into the darkness. And you know him more. Where you want love, he wants hate. And where you want light, he wants darkness.Now, you could have killed him, but you love and would not. And besides, you know now that you are as strong or stronger than him because you survived him, and found a weakness. He does not like the light. And you realize all you are is good, and can counter him with it.

Now though, you truly are lonely. And so, realizing the power of your thought, can think to create another that is truly like you, but could be all things. And so you do. And being like you, he loves you for it. And so, you come to love each other, and you place him beside you so you can enjoy each other, and take comfort in each other. Now you know he is new, and does not know himself, and so you prepared a place for him to enjoy and live that is not the dark room, so he will be comfortable, and not lonely like you were. Now again, he does not know himself, and so you give him time alone with himself so that he can get to know himself, but knowing that his time with you will be a help to him in learning himself. And you give him a rule not to do just one thing so he will not come to know the other. And you know he loves you, and you love him for he is your creation. And you know that if he does not break your rule he will never know the other, and so you let him know how much you love him so he will trust you and not break the rule. But one day, as you are away, the other comes to him in a form that is not an apparent threat to him. He comes in disuise, as something below him. So that even if he does not trust him, he will not be afraid. And with his words, he tricks him into breaking your rule. And without even knowing, he comes to know the other. And when you return to him, it is obvious that he has come to know the other just by how he acts and looks, because the other is direct opposite from you, and you recognize it.

Now there can be only one thing to do for him. You cannot have the other in your kingdom or around you, for it will infringe on who you are just being around it. But you cannot leave him to the other for he will kill him, and you love him, so that is not an option. So, you again push the other away, and he flees as far as he can back into the darkness. And you put him in the middle of you and the other, so he can finally come to know himself, and choose which side of him he will be. The side that is you and light and love, or the other, that is dark and hate and loves only death and all that brings it. And so, there he is, learning positive and negative, life and death. And you set a time for him to decide what he will be. And when that time is up, and he knows himself, you will come to him. And if he is death, he will be death. But if he longs for life, he will be life.

Now, God has given me to give this to give to you. And he says it get’s no simpler than this. As part of the book he said to seal up that he is now allowed me to tell. And he wants you to know, that everyone around you has both him and the other in them. And when they show you love, they are letting you know him, but when they show you pain, that is the other in them. First, know yourself, and find him in you, and give the others that side of you, and he will spread around and change them. But if you give them the other, they will know him, and he will spread around you like a disease. He says that he is the cure for the disease, and he has put in one to see, so that you may also. So, there is your choice. All great things start small, and he says we have become infected, and we must move to cure ourself. And it is our choice how many will be saved from the disease. You who are reading this have moved to cure yourself, and you love enough to care for the others, so it is time to move to cure them also. Everyone has the other in them. Help them see the cure, and remove the other, and they will follow you.~ Billy

Today, I’m gonna take God’s advise. And I’m going to write without him. Because, before the post, The Harvest, I asked God, ” What are you waiting for God, they’re going to forget the last post?” And he said, “Are you questioning me?” And he was laughing so loudly, that I felt his vibrations as they touch all things. And I knew then that all vibrations, when they vibrate, actually are using God’s laughter to do so. You scientist should check in to that. Could be a help to you. Hahahahaha. Anyway. God is amazing. And he is a jovial God. But he told me that I could write here without him, as long as I told you, that he is not inspiring this post, but he did. See God’s like that. He is not inspiring this post now, but he did by putting what I am about to write in me.

People dwell on Satan. In fact, I will get more hits on this post than any other I Have written so far, just because I put the word Satan in the title. And programing, well, sometimes that can be accidental. But peop;e are always subseptible to Satan. You see, curiosity killed the cat. I hate to tell you, but we keep Satan alive , by thinking about him, and it’s funnny really, in reality, but everything is like that. You are alive, but you will be dead. Now imagine this for a minute. What if we are eternal, by being on like a big wheel that keeps spinning, and there was a little counter that spun around and around. And the little counter was to count how many times we were alive  and dead.  But, it was about to stop!!!!! And how ever you are living your life is how  you are going to be judged by God. If you are living your life badly, you might want to stop and repent. You see the consequenses are dire, and the same for both of us on either side of the fence, and Satan has blocked it from us. You see, Satan was the second, and God was the first, and all things are. So, we are either going to land on one side of the wheel or the other. In our reality of it all, it will either be: God is life, and Satan is death, or, Satan is life and God is death. Now which way do you really want eternity to be. A place where God that is good to all things created everything, or a place that where a god will do anything to be God, created everything. All of us counted together will make the decision here whether we are really alive or dead. And I tell you, God is life, and Satan is death. Which side of the fence are you going to fall on. Because who you are, together counted with me will decide it. And in God, all things can live. But in death, we are nothing more than a memory. Please start living towards the good side of the equation so we can be alive forever, for if you don’t, we will be dead forever. Either all things good will be possible or all things bad. There is the great pularity. God was the first, and that made him good. But Satan was second, and he wanted to kill God, and that made him bad. And we are about to chose whether we want to be with the God that created all things, or the god that brought death into being by trying to kill it. We are in a great battle, and you must chose what side you are on, even you Watchers. Either you stop programing Satan, and let us forget about him, or we will be with him forever. The god of death. And I for one think we deserve to live. Either way, the great wheel is about to stop. Think about that!~ I love you, Billy.

As I said, he comes to me! But today, He wants total control. And I will not go against Him. Those who know me, know I would never say I am God, and so know that this is not from me. But He wants to tell you something, and I will of course let Him work through me. I can’t hardly beleive it, but today He is with me fully. So here goes~ Their all yours God.

I love you. Do you love me? Of course I know the answer, but do you? I would like for you to take the time to think about it. I know you. Do you know me? No. You might think you do, but, that is half the problem. Always thinking of yourself, and not me. When you think of me even, you think, I wonder if God knows me or thinks about me. Well, of course I do. I made you. Yes you will say your parents created you, and their parents them. But I created the first, knowing it would lead to you. Have you ever thought about how I am doing? No. You only think of me when you wonder how it will affect you. Of course I am great, I am God, how else would I be doing? But, some of you think of me, and you think, I wonder how we affect God. Thanks to those who think this way, for you truly love me. And I will speak to you, but you have come to know me, and we talk alot, and you know I hear you. You don’t hear me, but I make sure you get the message. Let this be a comfort to you. I will never forget you, in fact I am always with you. But if I let you see me, you will not go about your life here learning. No, you will just sit and stare at me in awe. And I have left you here to learn what it is like without me. Fret not, I will bring you to me soon, and you will never leave my side.

No, today, I want to talk to those who do not know me. And to those who beleive I am not even real. Well, if I wasn’t, neither would you. It is you who are nothing, but I am everything. I am all that is, and is not. And you are blind to me. Why? because you can’t see me. Well, whos fault is that? I am right here, and have been in front of you all along. In front, in back, all around you, but still you deny me. And I know, you think you are everything. Well, not without me. You see, today I will help you see. So you think you are so intelligent. Well mabe it helps you today, for you have not used your knowledge good until now. But today I will let it be a gift to you as you always thought it has been. So let’s not let it go to waste. You have spent your life trying to learn all things, when you could have just asked me. Regardless, today I will answer you. Who am I? I am everything. And what you thought was everything is really nothing. Let me help you understand. My Son has given you a hint, but you refuse to see. You even say you are God. I AM!!!!!! I am the body, and the blood. The first and last. But I have let you be the middle. What you see as space, is. But what you have come to know, to me, is a speck of sand. I am the body, and the blood. And i have put you inside of me, and I am also inside of you, as I am inside all things. And outside, and all around. You are the middle. But you think you are everything, and I am the middle holding it all together. So small minded. Look into the sky at night. What do you see. Stars, space, and planets. And all of it, a grain of sand to me. I am the body, and I am the blood. The body is all you see that is physical. And the blood is all the water. And I have seperated it so you can be, and play, in the middle. Think of yourself for a minute. All of you. Easy for you, for you have done this all your life. And in so doing you have blinded yourself to all but you, and those who affect you. But you are all equal, and you are no greater than the next. But I love all of you so I will help you see. Look at yourself, what do you see.  A head, body, arms and legs. But what about what you don’t see. The brain, the mind, and all of your eternal organs. Think of yourself as all there is. Again, easy for you, for that’s what you wanted all along. Sorry, I was first. But I was a mind alone. To be perfect, I needed a body. And with it, I am not alone. For you see, the body is made up of tiny little atoms. And I give them life to form my body. And they come and go all the time. Millions and millions of them. And they live and are replaced constantly

And the millions of little atoms live and give my body life. But my mind does not need them. It wants them. They are my whole body together, and I am on every side of them, sustaining them. And they sustain the body, and when I think, a message is sent, and they move and do as I say without even fully knowing about me. But they are me. But, I don’t need them, I want them. They help me create, and move about. Now I could move about in my mind, which is all there is. But this way, in life, I can watch my body move, and grow, and create. For I am all there is, but they are with me. And as I touch, they touch. And as I feel, they feel. But, it goes both ways, for they are the middle. When they move, I move. When they grow, I grow. When they feel, I feel. So we are together, as they are my body. Now you are one of those little atoms. As a matter of fact, you are special little atoms. Now there are other kind of atoms also, and they build my body too. Let me help you some more. Look back to the sky at night. What do you see? The stars are my information centers, and the planets and steller bodies are my protons and neutrons. Wormholes are nerves leading to the brain. But at the core of it all is the mind, and that is the upper heaven were I reside. I had you here with me, but you let cancer get to you. And since you let it into the brain, I have sent you to destroy it. Now the cancer is trying to kill me, and you let it into the body by eating it. And I have been fighting the cancer forever, and have held it off, but you let it in. Yes, but I knew you would. That is why I created you. For it is you who will beat the cancer. And it is not afraid of you, for it has been fighting me, and thinks of you as small and insugnificant. But you were with me, and it has used you to infect me fully. But I have set a trap for the cancer, for it knows you not. You are my little cures. And it has not infected me, we have infected it. And you have learned the cancer well. So well in fact that some of you have become eat up with it, and will be as cancer yourself. But I knew a few of you would remember me, and would want to get rid of the cancer, so you may again be by my side. And of those I have put my trap. You see, some atoms split. And when they do, oh the mess they will make of the cancer. And one of my little atoms knows what to do, for I have shown him. And it is to late for the cancer, for it is infected with the little atom that knows what to do, and the cancer does not know which one it is. And it is to late anyway oh cancer, for I have told you that his seed will be against your seed. And I said that you would bruise his feet, but he will bruise your head. Well, the one seed is there in earth, so go get him. But know as you try to find him, and I know how you work. You will kill all of them to make sure you get the one, but again, I have shown one the way, and he is waiting for his death. And he is willing to sacrifice himself to inflict the bruise. And in so doing, the others that you thought were dead will see your weakness, and they will destroy you.

You see little atoms, I am the body and the blood. And you are in me. And if you learn to be good to one another, you can be all that I am, for I love you the most, though you are small and meak. You see yourself as big, and that is good that I put that in you. And you do, for I have said I love you. But know now, though you are special, and think you see everything there is with your tiny little telescopes. You are right now in a very small area of my body, where the cancer lies. And it is dominant there in that little space, and it’s seed has multiplied greatly. So much more than you. And it has convinced you that it’s leader is God, and it seems so much more powerful than you. But I, The First and The Last, The Beginning and The End, your God YESHUA, have made you more powerful than anything but me. And I am everything. And what you see is a very small part of me at the base of the spinal chord where the cancer lives. And I have let you multiply. And one of you loves me so much he would die to save me. And I have put in him the way to beat the cancer. And soon, when he is done with his deed. The cancer will be removed, and you will see your way back to me. So quit thinking you are God, and get ready to come home. And know I will remove all the cancer, so do not be infected or you will die forever with it. Be faithful to me, and as the cancer seemingly kills you, know I will save you from death and give you eternal life. For one of you will finally win the great war, and as they seemingly kill you, when they get to the one, my trap is set.

And know this too. I know you feel lost without me, but I am here, although you do not see yet. You are in me, and I am in you. And I AMMMMMMM!!!!