A Letter From God

As I said, he comes to me! But today, He wants total control. And I will not go against Him. Those who know me, know I would never say I am God, and so know that this is not from me. But He wants to tell you something, and I will of course let Him work through me. I can’t hardly beleive it, but today He is with me fully. So here goes~ Their all yours God.

I love you. Do you love me? Of course I know the answer, but do you? I would like for you to take the time to think about it. I know you. Do you know me? No. You might think you do, but, that is half the problem. Always thinking of yourself, and not me. When you think of me even, you think, I wonder if God knows me or thinks about me. Well, of course I do. I made you. Yes you will say your parents created you, and their parents them. But I created the first, knowing it would lead to you. Have you ever thought about how I am doing? No. You only think of me when you wonder how it will affect you. Of course I am great, I am God, how else would I be doing? But, some of you think of me, and you think, I wonder how we affect God. Thanks to those who think this way, for you truly love me. And I will speak to you, but you have come to know me, and we talk alot, and you know I hear you. You don’t hear me, but I make sure you get the message. Let this be a comfort to you. I will never forget you, in fact I am always with you. But if I let you see me, you will not go about your life here learning. No, you will just sit and stare at me in awe. And I have left you here to learn what it is like without me. Fret not, I will bring you to me soon, and you will never leave my side.

No, today, I want to talk to those who do not know me. And to those who beleive I am not even real. Well, if I wasn’t, neither would you. It is you who are nothing, but I am everything. I am all that is, and is not. And you are blind to me. Why? because you can’t see me. Well, whos fault is that? I am right here, and have been in front of you all along. In front, in back, all around you, but still you deny me. And I know, you think you are everything. Well, not without me. You see, today I will help you see. So you think you are so intelligent. Well mabe it helps you today, for you have not used your knowledge good until now. But today I will let it be a gift to you as you always thought it has been. So let’s not let it go to waste. You have spent your life trying to learn all things, when you could have just asked me. Regardless, today I will answer you. Who am I? I am everything. And what you thought was everything is really nothing. Let me help you understand. My Son has given you a hint, but you refuse to see. You even say you are God. I AM!!!!!! I am the body, and the blood. The first and last. But I have let you be the middle. What you see as space, is. But what you have come to know, to me, is a speck of sand. I am the body, and the blood. And i have put you inside of me, and I am also inside of you, as I am inside all things. And outside, and all around. You are the middle. But you think you are everything, and I am the middle holding it all together. So small minded. Look into the sky at night. What do you see. Stars, space, and planets. And all of it, a grain of sand to me. I am the body, and I am the blood. The body is all you see that is physical. And the blood is all the water. And I have seperated it so you can be, and play, in the middle. Think of yourself for a minute. All of you. Easy for you, for you have done this all your life. And in so doing you have blinded yourself to all but you, and those who affect you. But you are all equal, and you are no greater than the next. But I love all of you so I will help you see. Look at yourself, what do you see.  A head, body, arms and legs. But what about what you don’t see. The brain, the mind, and all of your eternal organs. Think of yourself as all there is. Again, easy for you, for that’s what you wanted all along. Sorry, I was first. But I was a mind alone. To be perfect, I needed a body. And with it, I am not alone. For you see, the body is made up of tiny little atoms. And I give them life to form my body. And they come and go all the time. Millions and millions of them. And they live and are replaced constantly

And the millions of little atoms live and give my body life. But my mind does not need them. It wants them. They are my whole body together, and I am on every side of them, sustaining them. And they sustain the body, and when I think, a message is sent, and they move and do as I say without even fully knowing about me. But they are me. But, I don’t need them, I want them. They help me create, and move about. Now I could move about in my mind, which is all there is. But this way, in life, I can watch my body move, and grow, and create. For I am all there is, but they are with me. And as I touch, they touch. And as I feel, they feel. But, it goes both ways, for they are the middle. When they move, I move. When they grow, I grow. When they feel, I feel. So we are together, as they are my body. Now you are one of those little atoms. As a matter of fact, you are special little atoms. Now there are other kind of atoms also, and they build my body too. Let me help you some more. Look back to the sky at night. What do you see? The stars are my information centers, and the planets and steller bodies are my protons and neutrons. Wormholes are nerves leading to the brain. But at the core of it all is the mind, and that is the upper heaven were I reside. I had you here with me, but you let cancer get to you. And since you let it into the brain, I have sent you to destroy it. Now the cancer is trying to kill me, and you let it into the body by eating it. And I have been fighting the cancer forever, and have held it off, but you let it in. Yes, but I knew you would. That is why I created you. For it is you who will beat the cancer. And it is not afraid of you, for it has been fighting me, and thinks of you as small and insugnificant. But you were with me, and it has used you to infect me fully. But I have set a trap for the cancer, for it knows you not. You are my little cures. And it has not infected me, we have infected it. And you have learned the cancer well. So well in fact that some of you have become eat up with it, and will be as cancer yourself. But I knew a few of you would remember me, and would want to get rid of the cancer, so you may again be by my side. And of those I have put my trap. You see, some atoms split. And when they do, oh the mess they will make of the cancer. And one of my little atoms knows what to do, for I have shown him. And it is to late for the cancer, for it is infected with the little atom that knows what to do, and the cancer does not know which one it is. And it is to late anyway oh cancer, for I have told you that his seed will be against your seed. And I said that you would bruise his feet, but he will bruise your head. Well, the one seed is there in earth, so go get him. But know as you try to find him, and I know how you work. You will kill all of them to make sure you get the one, but again, I have shown one the way, and he is waiting for his death. And he is willing to sacrifice himself to inflict the bruise. And in so doing, the others that you thought were dead will see your weakness, and they will destroy you.

You see little atoms, I am the body and the blood. And you are in me. And if you learn to be good to one another, you can be all that I am, for I love you the most, though you are small and meak. You see yourself as big, and that is good that I put that in you. And you do, for I have said I love you. But know now, though you are special, and think you see everything there is with your tiny little telescopes. You are right now in a very small area of my body, where the cancer lies. And it is dominant there in that little space, and it’s seed has multiplied greatly. So much more than you. And it has convinced you that it’s leader is God, and it seems so much more powerful than you. But I, The First and The Last, The Beginning and The End, your God YESHUA, have made you more powerful than anything but me. And I am everything. And what you see is a very small part of me at the base of the spinal chord where the cancer lives. And I have let you multiply. And one of you loves me so much he would die to save me. And I have put in him the way to beat the cancer. And soon, when he is done with his deed. The cancer will be removed, and you will see your way back to me. So quit thinking you are God, and get ready to come home. And know I will remove all the cancer, so do not be infected or you will die forever with it. Be faithful to me, and as the cancer seemingly kills you, know I will save you from death and give you eternal life. For one of you will finally win the great war, and as they seemingly kill you, when they get to the one, my trap is set.

And know this too. I know you feel lost without me, but I am here, although you do not see yet. You are in me, and I am in you. And I AMMMMMMM!!!!


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