Programing Satan

Today, I’m gonna take God’s advise. And I’m going to write without him. Because, before the post, The Harvest, I asked God, ” What are you waiting for God, they’re going to forget the last post?” And he said, “Are you questioning me?” And he was laughing so loudly, that I felt his vibrations as they touch all things. And I knew then that all vibrations, when they vibrate, actually are using God’s laughter to do so. You scientist should check in to that. Could be a help to you. Hahahahaha. Anyway. God is amazing. And he is a jovial God. But he told me that I could write here without him, as long as I told you, that he is not inspiring this post, but he did. See God’s like that. He is not inspiring this post now, but he did by putting what I am about to write in me.

People dwell on Satan. In fact, I will get more hits on this post than any other I Have written so far, just because I put the word Satan in the title. And programing, well, sometimes that can be accidental. But peop;e are always subseptible to Satan. You see, curiosity killed the cat. I hate to tell you, but we keep Satan alive , by thinking about him, and it’s funnny really, in reality, but everything is like that. You are alive, but you will be dead. Now imagine this for a minute. What if we are eternal, by being on like a big wheel that keeps spinning, and there was a little counter that spun around and around. And the little counter was to count how many times we were alive  and dead.  But, it was about to stop!!!!! And how ever you are living your life is how  you are going to be judged by God. If you are living your life badly, you might want to stop and repent. You see the consequenses are dire, and the same for both of us on either side of the fence, and Satan has blocked it from us. You see, Satan was the second, and God was the first, and all things are. So, we are either going to land on one side of the wheel or the other. In our reality of it all, it will either be: God is life, and Satan is death, or, Satan is life and God is death. Now which way do you really want eternity to be. A place where God that is good to all things created everything, or a place that where a god will do anything to be God, created everything. All of us counted together will make the decision here whether we are really alive or dead. And I tell you, God is life, and Satan is death. Which side of the fence are you going to fall on. Because who you are, together counted with me will decide it. And in God, all things can live. But in death, we are nothing more than a memory. Please start living towards the good side of the equation so we can be alive forever, for if you don’t, we will be dead forever. Either all things good will be possible or all things bad. There is the great pularity. God was the first, and that made him good. But Satan was second, and he wanted to kill God, and that made him bad. And we are about to chose whether we want to be with the God that created all things, or the god that brought death into being by trying to kill it. We are in a great battle, and you must chose what side you are on, even you Watchers. Either you stop programing Satan, and let us forget about him, or we will be with him forever. The god of death. And I for one think we deserve to live. Either way, the great wheel is about to stop. Think about that!~ I love you, Billy.


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