The Other

Imagine you are in a dark room, all alone. And you know nothing or noone. First, you would have to learn yourself, to try and figure out who or what you are, and where you are at. Now, not knowing anything or anyone, you would have to amuse yourself, and so at first, as you ponder yourself, your likely to be amused at the things you think about yourself, and find to be not true. And, to keep yourself amused, and to keep your sanity of being alone, you would probably start joking with yourself quite alot, and learn at least that you love yourself for being quite amusing, and coming into being in the first place so you could have this experience with yourself. Now, after awhile, you will come quite comfortable with yourself, and will wonder why there is not another. And you will wish there were someone else you could share your humor with. Now as you think about the possibility of another, you realize that everything being possible, there could actually be another, and you start looking for them. So, you move about the dark room, and startlingly you realize you are right, and there is another. Now, of course you think he will be like you, and you are excited. So you say, “Hello, is anyone there?” But, you get no answer, even though you know someone else is there. Then, you suddenly realize fear and anxiety. Why did they not answer you? But you, still excited about the other, ask again. This time though, to your relief, they answer, “Who are you?” And you say, ” I am me, who are you?” And they say, ” I am you.” Now of course you know this can’t be so, because you are you. So you say, ” You are not me, I am me.” But still they say, ” I am you also.”

Now, you know they are not you, but you are still curious, and you realize now, since there is another how lonely you have been without them. And so you move closer, hoping to get a look. And as you get closer, you confirm that there is another, and he looks just like you. And so, the fear starts to subside. You know he is not you, but he looks like you, so you think he must be just like you. And so you start talking some more to him. And he responds with answers that make you trust him more and more, until you feel like, yes, he is just like me. And you finally say, ” It is great meeting you, I love you brother, and you move to embrace him. And as you reach out your arms and embrace him in love, you realize that he is trying to sqeeze you to death. And you push him away and say loudly, ” Who are you?” And he laughs and says, ” I am you.” But then you realize who he is. He is not you, he is the direct opposite of you, and he does not love you, he wants to kill you. So, you show your strength to save yourself and you push him away with all your might, and move as far away as you can get in that dark room. And realizing your power, you wish for light so you can see where he is. And him being the direct opposite of you, runs from the light back into the darkness. And you know him more. Where you want love, he wants hate. And where you want light, he wants darkness.Now, you could have killed him, but you love and would not. And besides, you know now that you are as strong or stronger than him because you survived him, and found a weakness. He does not like the light. And you realize all you are is good, and can counter him with it.

Now though, you truly are lonely. And so, realizing the power of your thought, can think to create another that is truly like you, but could be all things. And so you do. And being like you, he loves you for it. And so, you come to love each other, and you place him beside you so you can enjoy each other, and take comfort in each other. Now you know he is new, and does not know himself, and so you prepared a place for him to enjoy and live that is not the dark room, so he will be comfortable, and not lonely like you were. Now again, he does not know himself, and so you give him time alone with himself so that he can get to know himself, but knowing that his time with you will be a help to him in learning himself. And you give him a rule not to do just one thing so he will not come to know the other. And you know he loves you, and you love him for he is your creation. And you know that if he does not break your rule he will never know the other, and so you let him know how much you love him so he will trust you and not break the rule. But one day, as you are away, the other comes to him in a form that is not an apparent threat to him. He comes in disuise, as something below him. So that even if he does not trust him, he will not be afraid. And with his words, he tricks him into breaking your rule. And without even knowing, he comes to know the other. And when you return to him, it is obvious that he has come to know the other just by how he acts and looks, because the other is direct opposite from you, and you recognize it.

Now there can be only one thing to do for him. You cannot have the other in your kingdom or around you, for it will infringe on who you are just being around it. But you cannot leave him to the other for he will kill him, and you love him, so that is not an option. So, you again push the other away, and he flees as far as he can back into the darkness. And you put him in the middle of you and the other, so he can finally come to know himself, and choose which side of him he will be. The side that is you and light and love, or the other, that is dark and hate and loves only death and all that brings it. And so, there he is, learning positive and negative, life and death. And you set a time for him to decide what he will be. And when that time is up, and he knows himself, you will come to him. And if he is death, he will be death. But if he longs for life, he will be life.

Now, God has given me to give this to give to you. And he says it get’s no simpler than this. As part of the book he said to seal up that he is now allowed me to tell. And he wants you to know, that everyone around you has both him and the other in them. And when they show you love, they are letting you know him, but when they show you pain, that is the other in them. First, know yourself, and find him in you, and give the others that side of you, and he will spread around and change them. But if you give them the other, they will know him, and he will spread around you like a disease. He says that he is the cure for the disease, and he has put in one to see, so that you may also. So, there is your choice. All great things start small, and he says we have become infected, and we must move to cure ourself. And it is our choice how many will be saved from the disease. You who are reading this have moved to cure yourself, and you love enough to care for the others, so it is time to move to cure them also. Everyone has the other in them. Help them see the cure, and remove the other, and they will follow you.~ Billy


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