The Wheel, The Cross and the Book~ The Fall of Symraza

Well, it’s been awhile. But do things seem clearer since you’ve read these post? I know, right? Well I am glad to write this one. I also knew it would be hard to do. I’ve been waiting my whole life to do it. So with the excitment, there is also pressure and anxiety. All this preperation for this one shot at it. Oh I know he is here to help me, but it is me that will have to write it, and I know it’s importance. And unlike the others, it is complicated in a way, that I know it will be hard to get people to understand. But I have prepared you. And by the grace of God, I am able to sit here and write it. Think about it. Without his creation, we would not be here this moment together you and I. And, everything you have been doing, and everything you have done, and, everything that anyone or anything has ever done, has led you to this post, right now,. at this minute, and at this very second as you read this post. We should think of every moment of our lives this way. Think about it, really. Everything that has happened, brought us here together, you and I.

First off, i have to do this in segments. Mainly as so to not bore you to death. Reading to long does that to a person. Hahaha.. Anyway, We will start with the Wheel. In order for you to understand the book, we first have to know about where Symraza was from. And who and what he is, and was. So, first off, and God told me to give you this first for some reason, when God goes to sleep, everything goes to sleep. And he dreams, and everything dreams. But, when he awakens, everything awakens. So, all that you are, and were, and will be, is only on his being. For without him, we would be nothing, but he would be nothing also. He lives, so you live. Ah, but if he dies, you die. Oh, but don’t let me worry you. He created everything, and he loves it. And he will not let it die! You are in a war, you and I. A war for your very soul. And your soul has a mind, and so they want that destroyed too, so there will not even be a thought of you. And those of you who have moved against God, have moved against yourselves. For who you yhink is your ally, is really your enemy, using you to kill yourself. So you nee to know fully the battleground on which you fight for your very existance.

First off, everything is made up of little ball of energy, and anti energy. And these little partcles start looking around for other particles that they think they would enjoy being around. They start communicating, and come up with a plan. So they go looking for other particles they need to succeed in the plan, which is to create something great. They already decided, and know what they were created for, and they set out to achieve it. And so sure enough, it took awile, but all the little particles became what they wanted. In your case, it was you. And they now count on you to be. All that work for you. And I’m pretty sure, that Adam’s particles, were sure ready to acieve their goal. For they would become the creation of God’s hands, personally breathing into him life. And all that, so you would be here right now. So know that every moment, and everything, has it’s purpose. And it is to continue to live. Now, to live, the particles have to deal with the other. The other particles, they know they have to connect with to live, grow, and create.

Now, everything circles around everything else, to learn to create with it. But, to each particle, it is the other, that circles around it. So, being the first particle that was to become you, it had to protect itself to acheive it’s goal. So, it figured out the escape route to the end and beginning of excistance. And on the way to learning the route. It explored every route possible to get there. So, what that means is something totally weird, but now being proven by quantum physics. You, as you live here, are also living in another dimension, living a slightly different life, to a totally complete opposite life. But, you also, while you are being, you really are not, only thinking about it, and then going into a reality to prove it, only to not be, and think about it again. And you are continually on this pattern. Of living all the possible outcomes, but really only thinking about it, and then proving your thoughts, only to think about what that just meant, and always wanting to know why to be in the first place. Always learning, but not, so you can contemplate it. But, the other is always proving, or disproving what you say and do. Now, as you make friends though, you spin together at times around the others, and they around you. And now, our galaxy is spinning along in the universe, the Wheel, and we here on earth, get the pleasure of whatching it spin. And also, these wonderful little particles, and us, vibrate. And it is this vibration that determines what dimension you see and hear.

Now, there are also other planets with life. But as we now know, there are other dimensions with life. And in one of these dimesions, lived an angel named Symraza. And his civilization was and is, very advanced. And they had found there way to God, but also to Satan. And they took a mission from God to watch the people on earth, and wait for the crossing. But they listened to God, and took the mission, but, they listened to Satan, and tampered with god’s creation. But, more on that later. Just know for now, that we live in a multilayered, super complex world. Where not only is anything possible, it is in fact, been, or will be done. And we get to live on the vibrations of God, spinning around experiencing life with one another, in the middle of a crazy kind of wheel, spinning with life. But why  you ask? Well, we will have to touch on that tomorrow as I contimplate why I have to go to work on second shift, and am not rich enough to avoid it. Hahahaha Tomorrow we will touch on why Symraza was to watch us, what our purpose is, and why we are fixated on this one reality, with all the others happening around us. We will talk about the crossing, and what it has to do with December 21, 2012. And, we will start the book. I know you are ready. Till tomorrow~ Peace be in your heart, Billy.

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