part2: The Wheel, The Cross, and the Book~ The Fall of Symraza

Part 2- The Cross. First off. Again, thank you for reading these post. And I know, I’ve recently made it hard on you. I have given you a date I would start writing these last post, and when to look for them, only to release them later than you excpected. So, I must apologised for that, but still, you are here reading now. And I applaud you for that, and not giving up looking for them. Again, it is not many of you, so to me, you reading this now, are special to me, for you are who all this is for. I do not talk about these post at my work, to my friends, or to even family members. I do not advertise them, and although I started in a big public way. I have kept these writings secluded, but open to all to see. Some people would consider how I  have written them to be writers suicide. Hahaha, mabe. But I never intended to get to be a popular writer from these post. Hardly. I am only doing what God wants and has planned for me. So I succomb to his will and write them. But you. You don’t have to be here reading, but you are. You are looking for truth, frustrated by a world of lies. And you know why these post come as they have. And you can feel, although there is much to tell yet, we are at a point of importance. Your feelings are right. And you are here now still, because you know that it is this type of information, will come at the most unexpected times. Some with less patience, will miss it. And purposely I might add. They are mad at me. They are upset in the pace of the writing, and the fact that I haven’t given you, in their opinion, anything. Ah but, you know better. But I understand them. They want information that transends all things. They miss God, and they are upset at how the world is turning out without him. But they are still not ready to see.

Alot of times, things happen that are suppopsed to be life changing. And at the time they happen, although you know it means alot. It seems at the time to be a let down, and not what you expected. But, later in retrospect, as you look  back on it, the significant comes clear, and you wish you would have paid more attention to what really happened instead of what you percieved. We are living in those kind of times. What seems to be of little importance will eventually affect everyone. And that which seems hugely significant, may mean nothing at all. For instance, December 21, 2012. Everone is looking for something to happen that day, even the world to end. But what does God say? No one knows the day or hour of the end. So, as the 21st comes and goes, everyone will be let down in some way. But don’t be. This is a big day for all humankind. There will be alot going on that you will not see. Some of it will be hidden from you, and other things will be spiritual in nature and many will not persieve it. But, in fact, that day marks the Crossing.

Now what does that mean? Again, it is very copmplicated, but I will put it as simply as possible. We are in the midle. And on a path to us is God, Satan, and our own higher consiousness. On all levels. Again, heaven is multilayered, and what happens spiritually, trickles down into the physical realm. So, not only are we on a collision course for heaven and hell spiritually, there is also a physical crossing. You see, our solar system not only has a burning live sun, it also has a dying red dwarf sun, of which we have forgotten. Remember, in our universe, there are always opposites. Life and death, love and hate. So, as we have lived in comfort in the warmth of our sun  that has sustained our lives,there has been a group of bodies in the system that have clung to the dying star. And now, it is at it’s farthest point from us. But, December 21st marks the point where it starts returning. And all the ancients that have hinted at this date as being the end, are ony marking the beginning of the end. At least of the world we know. For when this dying star returns, it’s path will directly cross ours. Now this sun has crossed our path before, and caused tremendous tradgedy and upheaval. But this time, it is on a direct path. Now, around the dying star are other planetary bodies, where an advanced civilization lives. And our civilization and there’s have been here before, but this is the last crossing. A direct hit.

Now again, I said that in reality we are living our life in every possible way. So why do we focus on this one life? Well, this is where we put all we have learned into action. And the other lives are only fixing our mistakes. But soon, the wheel will stop. And you will know yourself, and what you are here for. But you will still have free will. What will you do with it? Only time will tell. Now I know this is a terrible place to leave you, but I must. And although before, I have delayed further post, know that for the book, there is only one day to make it. 34 years to the day I first saw it, I will reveal it to you. I have kept it in me for 33 years. But I will not hold it one day longer. December 6, 2012, I will release it forever. Now, I don’t make these kind of promises, but I will here. If you read this post on the book on December 6th, it will change your life forever, like it has changed mine. And every day forward, you will look at the world through different eyes. And you will know why I wrote these last post as I did, to give it to you, and keep it from the other. For he does not want you to know., He has done everything to protect it. And he is even changing his news stories and all levels for security because of it. And though not many of you will beleive it at first, it will come to serve you well later down the road. And though I will give you more later, and I and you will go about our life just as before, December 6th 2012 is what I was meant to be here for. And even if you are the only one who reads about it. It will be worth it.~ Billy


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