Part 3- The Wheel, The Cross, and The Book~ The fall of Symraza

Let it begin. It is now, 12 0′ 6 am on Thursday on 12 06 2012. It is also my birthday. And on this day, at this very time, a mere 34 years ago…..I was given a book. It was given to me by some very wealthy men, who had heard a myth that one day, a boy of 12 named William, would be the only one that could read the end of it.. Now 2/3s of the book had been deciphered, but the end was end a different dialect. Similiar, but not. It was structured in, well let’s just say, a very unusual way. Now I will brush you up on the beginning and middle, but that was what the earlier writings were for, so you know the rest of the info yourself, or at least, what to look for. But the end I will write differently. I will give it to the best of my memeory, and what he gives me to give to you that I miss. Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you. He has sent a spirit this time, to give me comfort and support as I release this to you.

The first section was basically Genesis from the Bible. But, it paid more attention to the angels. Now, it explains that there are 3 different kinds of angels. There are the angels with God, the angels that live among the middle heavens, and also the fallen angels, who at this time in the book, were with God. And there were three heavens. God’s domain and upper heaven. The middle heavens, which were still forming, and the deep darkness that was the bottom heaven. And so, it said that the angels with God were the first angels, and their leader was Symraza, the very first angel with God. And Symraza, or Satan, Ra, and Zeus, was with God as he formed the creation, and crtisizing him all the way. And so God said, he could form the middle heaven, and he could be steward of that. And he would be the light of the world. But he was not happy with that, he wanted to be, and in fact, thought he was , now moreso blinded by his own light. But still, he set out to form the middle heaven. And also, in secret he thought, the bottom heaven, so he could move about, again, as he thought, undetected. And from there it list the other angels, so many I could never remember them all.

Now the second section states, that a third of the angels were summoned by Symraza, and promised them there own kingdoms, (give them galaxies) if they would help him create the middle heavens. And they all agreed. And they were refered to, as the Watcher angels because they watched over the middle and bottom heavens, which they created, in essence, and to God’s plan. And, all except earth, which is the manifestation of the garden, which God had already made. In fact, all they really did was try to copy God’s domain, and used his elements and atoms to do it. Real creative right? Well anyway, God created man, Now the angels were created by the star dust that the middle heaven was created before it was created, and also the ehther from the higher heaven, and given life. But man was created from the dirt in the garden, and then breathed into him God’s own spirit. Now Symraza didn’t like that to much, as it sort of put a damper into God being dead,and him being the true god. And so he set out to corrupt man, and got him to eat the apple that made them drunk and confused. For you see, it was the tree in the garden that led to the knowledge of the midddle heaven, and imperfection, and death. And man was now ashamed and confused that he was able to be tricked, and not knowing what to do with his emotions, for he had only known good, and he met one that was not good, and was tricked by him. “How could God let this happen?” He thought. And also, guilt for allowing it himself, for God did say not to eat the apple from that tree. And also, he knew he had been put in the middle heaven, on earth, the manifestation of the garden, here in our universe. And Symraza was furious that he was barred from living in the higher heaven, and being stuck in the lower Heavens, and he declared war on God and set out to decieve man, and to taighnt even his bloodline, as to weaken it, and get rid of man forever. And he also set an orbit for his dying star, and guided the body toward earth, as to cause it catastrophe. But, also to God’s plan, he only caused a great flood on earth that eliminated his abomination, and left only Noah, who was still pure. And so now, with the death of the falen angel’s sons and daughters. They have vowed to make God pay. And so he and his children may know the horror and terror of death and catastophe.

And know, I hate to tease you, and that is how you will feel. But I must make one more post to finalize it, tomorrow December 7. And as I promised, the end is VERY different than the first two parts, and it is a VERY climatic and revealing ending. And it is the part that has not been told fully, and has yet to be revealed. And so I know, that as you made it this far, you will definately see it through to the end, and fully know the meaning of the book, if not full the game. Tomorrow though, you will know why all was done to protect the book, and what it’s full message is for you. Till then, Peace be with you, see you tomorrow!!~ Billy


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