Part 4: The Wheel, The Cross, and The Book~ The Fall of Symraza

At the end of the translated part of the book it states that Adam and Eve were tricked in the garden by Symraza, to prove to God that given a choice, man would defy God, and was not his perfect creation. But God told Symraza that they were not given a clear choice, and were tricked by him. And that to prove his point, he would put them in the same position they were in before the trick, but would be with Symraza, in his part of the garden. And they would be there long enough to let Symraza do his best to get them to forget God. And that at a certain point, God would come to them, like Syraza did, and they would be given a second chance. And at that point, when the message is sent, then man would be confronted with God and Symraza, in the final battle for their souls. But man has the task of deciding. Who will we choose to live? And that is where I, and the final part of the book come in. The devil has tricked us once, and we have lived our life in his presence without God. How have we done? Is everyone happy and doing what they were meant to be doing? Is there hunger and pain? This is not the life we are meant to lead, and Symraza is not the great ruler he claimes. He is a liar, and now it is time to reveal him, and what he wants to do. So, without further delay, I, a mere pawn in the game, give you the end of the book~ The Fall of Symraza. And the trumpet blows.

It was given to man in his confusion, to be thrown out of the garden, and into middle heaven. And Symraza also was sent to the depths of the darkness. But Symraza was prepared, and he took his loyal angels with him. And they set out to destroy man, and his love for God. And as man multiplied on the earth, Symraza set out a path to him. And there was a light placed at the end of the garden, to show Adam the way back if he were to look for it. So, Symraza set out to block it. So that when man was to see the light, and wonder what it was for, would see only him. And at that point, the great red star would block the light of God, and also there would be confusion and death on earth, at the coming of the great red destroyer, who always set out to block man from his true creator. And in the chaos, Symraza set himself up as a savior, and an ally of man. And the illusion was that in the middle of the great catastrophy, only one god would come to save man. And he would rebuild man’s world, and would strengthen and protect him. And as proof for his love of man, he would breed with his daughters, so their sons would have the strength of a god. But he did not want to strengthen them, he wanted to dillute the blood, so mans blood would die, and he would not have to fight God in the great war, having won without even a battle. But God has given Symraza some rules to follow, and even though he knew they would not be followed, he told the fallen ones he would intercede if the rules were not kept, And so, he sent a flood to kill the giants, and to send a message to his enemy. And all the nephelim perished.

Now when Symraza, and the fallen ones, saw their children destroyed, they vowed that no man will be left to return to God. And so the watchers set out to corrupt man’s spirit. And they set up schools, and governments, that taught that Symraza was God. And they set out to teach man about Symraza’s world. And they taught man to build great cities to worship him. And they also set out confuse man. So that any writings given to man by God, would be confused with their teachings. And man has grown up in this world, and ripened by the evil ones teachings. And he was prepared for a ritual that would be performed just before God’s return. The goal is to make man chose to worship Symraza, and when they do, to kii them all, knowing that God would not save a corrupt mankind.

But God, knowing all, knew what Symraza would do, even as man was still in the garden with him. For it is all part of his plan of giving man to what, and who he really is. And he knew that there would be those who would feel him, even in his absence. And he sent little reminders to them, for their comfort, so they would know God still loved them, and had not forgotten. And, as a reminder of his true charachter, he sent his Son, to remind them of who he was. But, Symraza put in man’s heart to kill him, to remind God of who he was advocating for, and to reafirm his position with him. But, God is great, and he will show his power.

I Emanual, have given Daniel a book to write in. And he was told by God to write the phophesy he saw in it. And then to take it, and eat it, so it would be revealed at the time of the end. And you now, reading this, have the book in you. And as you read the words you will be reminded of what makes you bitter,  and you will suffer to release it. But do not, until it is given to you to do so by your Father. And at the set time, write it to the world, and shout it from the highest mountain. And a web will encircle the earth, and the message will run through it, and they will be reminded.

I, William Weatherman will now reveal the prophesy hidden in the blood of man, that will cause the world to see. And you will be reminded. And you will know why you feel uneasy in these times. And it will be like a bad dream that you never wanted to remember. But you must, and make your choices, for it is time.:

They will say it is the end of days. It is, but only for the evil ones. But they will want to do what is in their heart before they die. And what is in their hearts, is murder and death. And the great red Destroyer hides behind the light of the sun. And he has hidden the light to the garden by his presence. And as you read this now, the first seal is broken, and the white horse is coming unto you. A leader of death, who will mask himself in light. And he has words of love and salvation, that is really hate and death. And he will set out to decieve man, and declare himself God. And as tribute to him, will get them to take the mark of Cain, as a sign of the new world and it’s leaders. And no man shall buy or sell lest they take the mark. And many in the earth will be deceived, and think he is the Christ. But he is an imposter, and he wants you to be marked with the sign God gave Cain. The mark of the murderer. And he will do and say great things, and set man up for the great sacrifice, of which he has prepared. And he will set out to kill the sons of God, and tell them that God is really they’re enemy. He will turn the world and God’s message upside down. He will declare to God, that we are Cain. But we are not, we are Able. And we will use the signs to strengthen us. First, the kingdoms around Israel will set out to destroy her. And even her allies will turn on her. And there will be chaos in the middle east. And the leaders there will feel they have no choice but to start the final battle. And the leaders of the free nations who have risen at the end, will have it’s rulers proven to be agents of Symraza, and turn on it’s own people. Leading to brother against brother, and civil wars. And in the middle of the upheaval, the leader will come. And he will talk of peace. And he will gather the world’s armies in the valley around Isreal, as a sign of strength and kinship.

And the great leader will point to the sky, and the great red Destoyer will be seen in the sky. And in the terror of man, he will declare himself God, and command the armies to kill any that go against him. And in his reighn, the other 3 horsemen will come. Death, disease, and famine. And as he is killing all of mankind, and getting them to kill themselves, Christ will be seen coming with the saints to confront him. But the leader will say, “It is him coming to kill you, for his wrath be fulfilled.” But I will counter that here and say, DO NOT BE FOOLED!! In the middle of the chaos, do not lose yourself. God did not go throught the trouble of creating you, only to destroy you. He is the creator, not the destroyer. And you need only to look around to see. But many in their horror, will not see, or feel God.

The leaders of the world have set you up. The militaries of the world have given themselves to Satan. And though you know the men in these militaries as great men, it is the leaders who are corrupt. Right down the the armies of the free. And the government leaders have set laws against you and your freedom, and your elect is set out to destroy you. All so the liar can be your savior. They are preparing the great war of the bible. In their heart, to take control of you for good. But they work for satan, and are doing his will. It is us the people who must remember God. And when you do, remember this:

They have set out to horrify and terrorize you. For it is not the body they want to kill. It is YOUR MIND!!!! See, this is what God wants me to tell you. The body is nothing but mud. It is you soul that lives forever. But if you falter, and don’t remember God, your mind will be a trap for the soul. And the soul will become mad, just like the mind, and you will be lost forever. So at the end, know this.   There is no death for your soul. And if you remember God, and his love for you. And the love you have had for your children, and each other, will deliver you to me. But, if you get caught in the madness, and anger, and death, your mind will be trapped there, and you will forget me. The big ritual of death is to drive you mad. They cannot kill you. Be steady and strong, and you will be delived to ME, and not the other!

This I give you to live. IT IS TIME!! AND HE IS COMING!!!!!!~ Billy


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