The Destroyer

So, as you see. I will have to go into more detail on the book, won’t I? Yes, don’t worry. I know the overview left quite alot out. But as you know by now, these writings, being part of the game, have a plan. And if you have read from the beginning, you know the pieces fall into place as they should, and always lead into a new place of understanding. And if you thought those post were my last, they are just a new beginning, for we have just finished the overview of the game. And it is now time to really play. I am a pawn in the game, and I am just like you. And so, as for you to know I am a strategic player, I will now give to you, my allies and brothers and sisters in this game for the mind and soul, a true overview of what the writings have led to thus far. And as you also know, it isn’t hard to find information of what I say. You see, reality is right there in front of us, and mostly uneventful. It is only when we step back and reflect do we see, the craziness that is going on all around us, and what the significance of it all is.

Earlier in the book, it states that to understand the nature of Symraza, you have to come to know the nature of creation. And in fact, non-creation as well. And so what that means pertaining to us is, that we have to look at where we are in the creation as well. As anyone knows, whether you believe in God or not, the creation is vast, and emensly complicating. But as a structure, you start to see the functions of it all, and can start to understand what is is all for. And we are about to go into a new transition of consiousness, and so it is now that I must prepare you, for at first it will be a shock, as people realize that what they thought was just fanciful fairy tales, is now the reality that is right before their eyes. And now also remember my allies and friends, we have enemies in this game we play, and they are powerful and strong. And what they want is for your mind and soul to be in terror at the moments of building into the transition, so that you will be driven mad when it comes, and you will be lost to it forever in your souls insanity. But you will know, no matter how it may seem at first, God has a plan, and he never forgets you in the end. And you will be calm, knowing what is coming.

Hark, the seal has been broken, and you will recieve the white horse and his rider. And though it may seem that he is the great leader, he is really death and destruction. For his father is the Destroyer. And they are joyous in your cries, for they celebrate your destruction!

You see. We are in a precarious situation, you and I. And at first, it’s hard to grasp it. We are in a part of the creation, were the spiritual world, and the physical world come together. And to go in either direction, will cause a seperation from the other. but as I have already taught you, there are different degrees to the seperation. So, if you are progressing into the spiritual, which is obviously forward, then you will still have an element of the physical. And if you step back of course, you would still have an element of the spiritual, albeit much weaker. And we are in the middle, at the crossroads, deciding which way to go in the transition. But in the middle. All things come together. And so as I stated, if something happens spiritually, it must also play out physically, and vice versa. So, if God and Satan went to war in heaven, they would also go to war in every aspect possible down into the lower realities, or heavens. And so, war in heaven, the universe, and earth. And so it shall be. But we forget the middle part often. The universe. We imagine God fighting Satan, and we realize good versus evil on earth, but we forget about the wonderous heavens above us. A war has broken out there also, as in God’s heaven. And it is also on every consious level. So not only are the angels battling each other, and remember, they are also spiritual as well as physical, but the celestrial bodies themselves, also have to play out a horrifiying senario. And as I tell it, it will sound familiar, and you will understand and remember what your soul has put away from you.

And as the great red Destroyer draws closer, Mother earth will start to shake. Though he has been hidden by Father suns light, he will soon reveal himself. For the destroyer wants to take the place of the Father. But she knows he is death, and his aim is to destroy. And he wants to rape the earth, to bring his son, so that he may live through him.

Now as I bring this post to a close. I declare that my future writings will start to take on a whole new look. For as I stated, God says it is time for me to play. And so, i have many new surprises for you. Till next time, remember who you are. You are a child of God, which makes you a god in your own right. Do not forget your place among the stars!~ Billy


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