The Warning

Ok, it’s time to quit playing around. The new year is upon us, and what a year it will be. I have tried my best to prepare you for the game. And alert you to it’s players. And given you hints on how to play. But I must tell you now, it is a very serious game. And as you will play with me, which is a great move on your part by the way, I will try my best to keep you amused. But today is not that day. No, today, I will give you a warning. You see, I’ve hinted at it all along, but, today He says it is time to start letting them fully play the game. And I will reming you that the trumpet has been blown for the first rider. And he is here. The horseman on the white horse has arrived. And now he too, becomes a layer in the game. And he is a great and deceptive player. And so, I give you this warning. For you see, I have told you of the love of our Father, And what you mean to him. But since most pepole still want to take it for granted, we must talk about the flip side some more. You see, I the pawn in this game of ours, and just like you, except, I have been chosen to read the book. Oh, you thought we were done with that. NO! I have just prepared you enough to deliver what I have been told to seal up to the end, and I have blown the trupet to mark the coming of the rider on the last horse. And I have declared who the book was about. Hahahahaha. That is just the beginning for you. As I said, I have introduced you to the game, but now, God says, it is time to play.
You see, I have also claimed that I am the man in the middle. And today, you will see. I have read written he part of the book the was sealed up for you. But the book itself, well, that is the madning part. And I have been given this day, New years Eve, to write to you how these post are about to take a whole new turn. You see as I said, we have only just begun. And as I have also told you, this book, this gift i was told, lead me to near madness. And God has given me this task, to give it to you. And as I promised, I will do so in full!! And so again, this warning. I have been to the depths of insanity from the contents that are within the writings of the book. And you have been deprogrammed, if you have read all the post, and now it is time for the truth. What you have been waiting for. Oh yes, but, it is not what you are going to want to hear. I have told you that God loves you. And he knows what is in your heart. But i tell you now, YOU better know what is in your heart. For this as I have said, is a game for the mind. Because, in the mind is the truth of what is in the heart. And god knows. But, he has sent another to also help you find yourself. And he also knows what is in your heart. And he is here to help you find the true you. And he has left a book that tells the key to all things. And God has given it to me to give to you. And in the writings of the book there is a crossing. And you and I my friend are at that crossing. You see. I was warned, as I warn you now. For I am the trumpet that blows it’s coming, but also the messenger that delivers it. And all you have known, and all you have heard is wrong. For the tribulation of man is not what anyone has ever thought. It is much worse. It is the game of To be or Not To Be. And there is nevernothing. So, through these writings, everyone will be confronted with ther God, that knows there heart. And he will be here to help you explore it. So, if it is in you to love, you will find love. But if it is in you to find hate, you will find that also. Your father has come, and he knows his children.
Now how do I know that these things are true that I am about to write to you in the upcoming year. Well, I have hinted these things also. When I was 12, I read the book. And it told me of things that would come that would signal the time that I would have to fulfill my duties. And as the years past, and none of these things happened, I also started to lose faith. But, it gave me a full knowledge of quantum physics, something only hinted at then, I was given full knowledge. The worlwide web though was the first real evidence for me. The advance in surveilance technology, fiber obtics, but most telling now, and what I have been telling my friends about all along, terrorism, and the rise of upheavel in the middle east. And I knew to look for my Father. And sure enough as he had promised, it is all here. And so, I tell you. The mayan calender didn’t mark the end of the world. It marked the time of the return of there god. And I have told you, the rider has arrived. And being the middle man, I know my task. And I have put off this post until the day before the new year for a reason. But now I must tell you.
As I have been speaking on God, And I again proclaim my love for God Yeshua, the creator of all things, for he is my lord and my God. But he has given me to read the book. And the book is of the other. And I have proclaimed, and do again his love for all those who remember him and his name, and have done his will, you will not have to worry. But, before his Son comes, the horse brings the other. And the book is of him. And as I said, he is not what you think. And I warn you once more, that finding the truth, and winning the game, means learning the other. And so as I, the on chosen to bring you the truth must state here and now, that to learn the truth is to take a trip into madness. And it is very serious. But you will be confronted with it on way or another, and I, your brother love you, and have prepared you. But now it is time. And I will make this bold move in the game for I must. But I do so with a heavy heart also. because I know that for every one of you that will be saved by the writings to come. Most of you will be confronted with a truth that you can not escape. And so God tells me to leave you with a thought to ponder. And he will give you the answer in the post to come, but again, it will not be what you think, so be prepared, and as I said, you have been warned:
Ponder this. God knows all things, and is a perfect God. And before the heavens and the earth, and man, whom it was all for. He created what. And what did he call him. And what was his pupose, that God loved him above all things that he was yet to create.
Some have asked for a King of peace, and I sent my Son, and he has died for them, in peace. So know, I sent the king of judgement, and he is here to help you find yourself. And he does not come in peace. But fret not. He knows you. Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword. Those who bring suffering, it is time to suffer. Beware at what you have given to others, for I will give it back to you. It is time to give the devil he due. And there is no escaping his wrath.
Again, I warn you. Find what you love, and cling do it. For your father has come, and he knows you.
The new year will bring truth of the book. And you wanted the truth. It is time for you to play the game. As a matter of fact, you have no choice. But if you stick with the writing. You have a choice to win. Take e very advantage, for to lose at this game, is to never play again. But you have been warned. The truth will set you free, but it also shows you the prison you have been held in to be free from. Remember, God loves you, and through me he gives you this chance. But either way, you play the game with the King you love. I the pawn, knowing my next move, and how far along in the game we are declare~ Check Mate!!! Beware mine enemies, My next moves are to win the game. And to you watchers and controllers. I have told you I have changed the game. better learn the new rules fast, for I have skated around you, and many players are with me. Learn or lose. IT’S MY GAME NOW!!! And I am Master here, for I have been taught how to play by the Maker of the game himself. And he says it is time to remove the cheaters!!!!
Happy New Year my fellow players, and welcome to 2013. It is going to be a very interesting year.~ Billy

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