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So, you are still reading the blog, but you are wondering if you have learned anything so far. Hahahaha, well, we will see. If you passed initiation, then I applaud you. And if you have you are probably saying to yourself over and over, WTF? What is that? Now some of you have a good clue. But to the others, don’t worry, we are going to get deep into it. And if you saw nothing, we still have work to do. But as I said, for better or for worse, I will continue. I am not worried now about how many stay with it, that choice is up to you, and I have come to understand man’s free will. And I cannot concearn myself with those who turn away. This is not a popularity contest for me. As you are aware by now, this all strted for me between me and God. And I chose to bring it to you. But you are all adults and you can make up your own minds. Now I have convinced some of you, and there are yet others who read for the entertainment purposes only. I am good with that. But, I have to start to play the game like it is meant to be played. And so if you are reading for entertainment, then you are in luck. Because as I said, I will step up my game a little. I stated at the end of the year that this blog is going to change. And I’m sure you can tell by the change in tone I am writing in today, that things will be different. The first part of the blog was a training session, and you are free to debate on it’s worth, but it will prove itself in time. But now I will really go out on the limb. I will start soon, and very soon posting video and pictures to go along with the blog. Yes, I have introduced myself, but you have yet really seen me. Well, that will change. For to meet my goals in the game, I cannot just write to you in the dark, and hope it takes hold. Now, I know I have yet to prove anything I have written up till now, and you have asked for links to the information I have given you. Well, I will do better than links. We will explore and find the truth in the open. We will bring in people places and things. I am not foolish enough to think that you will be changed by words alone. No, I have to be an example and truly show you. And I will do just that. Now I am also not foolish enough to think, that some of you who have read my words, do not think of me as anything but a lunatic. So be it. As a matter of fact, I probably would too. But I would also be like you, looking to see if there really is anything to it. Well, we will find out. Now I say stepping on to a limb because I tell you now, if the things I have said are fantacy, I am surely about to be exposed. I am truly stepping into the light for all to see. And I know how people like to tear you down. But, I am ready for it. And as I said, though I am nothing now truly, and on purpose too, we will see if, and how I will change that. And we are starting at the bottom, with nothing. So, if I fail, I will be the village idiot, and you are free to point and laugh. Ah, but I will not fail. A good player who is prepared knows how to win. But winning will not be over you, it will be with you, and how I do it will be a shock to most. You see, I am not going for the money, or the fame, or anything like that. No, I am set out to prove to you God. And He has been hidden well by those who seem to have all the power, and all the money. And I am not set out against them, but rather despite them. For anything hidden can be found, it is only the distraction along the way that will be the challenge. And as I said, I do have some pretty vulnerable weaknesses, and getting distracted is definately one. But I am not playing for me, as some seem to think. I am playing for God, and I am determined. Now this is not meant to be a challenge to those against me, but they may see it that way. For those against God are also determined. But that is okay here, especially for you, for you have nothing to lose by reading me. And I have made it to where I have nothing to lose either because all has already been lost. And so really, there is only that which is to gain. And that is a world fully knowing itself. For if the world ever comes to know itself, it will truly move to end all hunger and strife. And it will do so because it is embarrassed before God that there still is hunger and suffering here. Now, I will not succeed in all that I do for I am far from perfect, but I will change things.

I will introduce you to my family so you can come to know me further. But know, they had nothing to do with this, even though they support me. In fact, my wife is against it because she is afraid for me, and what may come of it. And my son is to young to hold him accountable. But I will show you them. And I will introduce to you people, with their consent of course who will have stories to tell. And with them you will get the real story of the state of pepole and their reality that the mainsteam has chose to ingnore. They want to tell you what to see, and they hide the truth. But we will meet real people who don’t have anything to sell you, or are worried about what to say because of what you may think. They will give it to us straight, and you will see a different picture of the world. We will explore people’s suffering, and people’s joy, and get the real story. And I have already been surprised at the reception of those I have asked so far. And am overwhelmed by how pepole receive what I say, and how they have stories for me that they have hidden because others have said to believe in some things is nonsense. But when they hear there are others like they are, they are not only happy, but relieved. You see, if you beleive in great things now, the mainsteam like to paint you as a little off. And some have kept quiet out of fear they will be shunned. But we will start to expose the truth, and you will start to see how fantastic things really are, even among all the bad. There are great things happening all around you, but you have been blinded by what others have told you to see. Miracles happen everyday, but you have been told not to believe in them. Now, I have had to be careful how I have brought you my message before for I was speaking for God, and the other, and I had to get their messages to you correct. But now I will use my words, even though they are sure to come and inspire me. They have done this my whole life, and that will not stop. But I will speak to you through my words. So spelling, and punctuation, well I get to excited for you to hold me to that, but I will try. But I am an excitable person, and sometimes I get a little ahead of myself. But again, you will truly get to know me.

So enough on what I am going to do with the blog, and a little taste of it. Just a little so you will know. Now, I have no pictures or anything today, and this will be a short little nothing, but that is how I will start the segment: So, I was talking to some friends of mine where I work about what I have been writing. Now I did so because I have to let all people around me know, and because as i said, it is time to play. Now I wanted to get permission from a certain man to write about his life so that you can see how people treat each other, and how they really don’t even know the people they are around. And if they did, they would not do some things they do. And I can’t wait to bring his story to you, but I have to put it all together, for his story is a complete post in itself. But after I got his permission to start, I talked to a girl named Eva about what I was going to do, and why. And during the conversation, I said to her, ” People go to church all the time, and hear about angels, and they say they believe. but if an angel knocked on their door, and he looked liked what they envisioned, with the wings and everything like you see in pictures, what would they do?” And she surprised me with a quick response. I wanted her to see that people would freak out but she went right past it, and she said, ” Well, I believe in angels, and I will tell you why, and you can write about it. As a matter of fact, if your blog is what you say, I want you to.” And she proceeded to tell me that one night she put her daughter to sleep, and she went about getting things ready for the next morning. But suddenly she heard her daughter’s voice saying, ” Why did you wake me mommy?” And she was busy and didn’t quite get what the daughter asked. it didn’t register because she did not wake her. But she told her daughter to get back in bed and she would be up to tuck her back in in a moment. And the little girl went back to bed. And as promised, Eva was up to her daughters room after just a minute to tuck her little girl in, and get her back to sleep. So as she did so, the little girl asked her again, ” Why did you wake me mommy?” And Eva said what honey, and the girl asked her again. And she said, “Honey, I did not wake you.” But the girl said, ” Yes you did mommy.” And of course Eva said, ” Now honey, I did not wake you.” But the little girl was adament and said, ” Yes you did mommy, and your hair seemed a little longer but, you tugged at me and said to get up.” Now Eva did not want to fight with her for she had other things on her mind. And she said, ” No honey, it must have been a dream, now go back to sleep.” But about then she smelled smoke in the air of the room, and started to look around. The whole room was filled with a thinlayer of smoke but it was building and becoming more thick. And as she looked around for the source, a fire broke out from the wall around an eletrical outlet in the girl’s room. Now Eva called for her husband, and they put out the fire and called the fire department to be sure. But later, it hit her. So in the morning, she askeed the girl who woke her up. And the girl said, ” I thought it was you mommy, but you looked a little different, and your hair was longer.” And she told the girl again that she did not wake her, and asked her if she was sure someone woke her up. And the girl told her someone had tugged and tugged on her until she acknowledged them and they told her to get up, and go downstairs. So Eva showed the girl a picture and asked, ” Was this her?” And the girl replied, ” Yes mommy, and I told you her hair was longer.” And Eva broke down and cried a little. You see, the picture was of her mother when she was in her 30’s. Now, the thing is, the little girl never saw a picture of the woman that young, and she died before the little girl was born. And after she told me that, she looked at me and said, ” So yeah, I believe in angels, and that my dead mother saved my little life that day. For if she would not have awakened her, she may not be with us today.


So, it’s time. And you are prepared to play the game. Now I know, the last couple of post have left you confused about me. But today is graduation day for those of you who have read all the post from the beginning, and today you will be initiated into my team, and you will now understand that it was worth it to read all the way thru. And mabe you are not the fool you have just thought you were, and neither and I. And today I will prove why I am master of the game, and you will want to follow my second course. For today God has told me that it is time for me to step up my game, and truly start to play. And I will start, with this initiation. Yes, I have kept something from you out of the book, and I know you have felt a little cheated. But not after today. No, now it is time to show you the real me, and they cannot protect you from my words any longer. Now, I have already warned you to stop following me if you think it is a waste of your time, or you have a weak heart or you just think it all nonsense. And today I say again, if you do not want to be initiated by me, then please, turn away. For this is for the few that believe. But I also warn, that to be initiated today, will be to truly see. And if you want to do so, you must read further.

Now first I must tell you, as God has insrtucted me to do, and as I have told you, I must declare that these are my words here today. If you follow my insrtuctions during you initiation, and are truly honest with it, you will have a moment of sadness. DO NOT! For this is a celebration! For you see, as I will tell you through time, there is so much greater that you do not know. But if you want to know how to win the game, in the next 33 post I will show you. Yes, hahahaha, all you have to do to play on my team, is to play for the right side. For you see as God does for us in heaven, we must do for him on earth. Yes, indeed, that is our very duty. But he ask us to do this so that we may live. And we must do it so that He may live. And so know, that with their knowledge, and my words, it is now my duty to God, to show you who I truly am. And indeed I will today show you. And I am getting fired up about it right now and you will see how I have been holding back all those years. Now first, as I have said, I am not God. And I say to you now that I am not Satan. And I tell you I have no power to heal, that other than the mind, and I have already started healing you. But today, the wound is going to hurt, for I have to get rid of the germs, and so this may burn a little. For I have the knowledge love God gave me, and the knowledge Satan gave me, and the permission to use both. And now, my first move in the game.

I give to you another secret from the book, to initiate you fully into the game. But before I give it to you, we must officially begin the celebration, and start the graduation process. And first, we must say a few words. So now, repeat after me. I am great. And I will not be shaken by earth shattering new knowledge. I will play the game fairly, but still do what ever it takes to advance god’s creation, and teach others to do also. I will declare myself truly before God in private, so that He may know me, and I Him. And as I do, I will repent to God for his sake, and mine, so that I may live forever. And I live, so that they will live, and we live forever.

Congradulations! And now a word from the speaker.

I want to thank you guys for reading, and following thru. And so let this last post be another real lesson for you. I love you guys. And now you will know why I have writen to you. But, I am sorry at the same time. For you see. This is a very dark secret that I give to you. But since I love God, and hence his full creation, I must do his will and give this to you. And laugh at first if you will, Hahahahahahahs, you will think on it, and meditate on it more, and you will see. Hahahahahahaha, Yes, I will get the last laugh. And hopefully, you will be laughing with me. For we will also be laughing with God, and Oh, what a joyous thing. Now I say to you again also. If you think I want praise, or am trying to ever say I am better than you, or am talking over you. I say as i have said before. I am just like you. I am a mere pawn in the game. I am equal to you, and you are equal to me. And that is why I must give this to you. So do not be mad at me also, because it is you who have been seeking the truth, and that is how you found me. And now, it is time to get real, and give you some of the real truth. So you may play this game seeing the game for what it is, and know, that the program you have been taught is not the true program. And you can reprogram yourself at any time, because indeed, all things are possible. For the ultimate program. of which I am fixing to show you, is built so that you can use many programs and apps inside of it. And it can accomadate all man desires to do. It is adaptable in this way in fact, in order to suit man’s every need. But the knowledge of it will make it hard to beleive at first. But your heart will pull you to it, for it knows the truth. And if you are honest with yourself. And if you will just keep an open mind, and ponder what I am about to show you, it will become clear that I am only trying to get you to see. And even when my words have been nothing but entertainment to you, I have given you more than you know. And now for the initiation ceromony. And to show that I am not asking you for worship to me, there will be know chants, or magic words, Only my truth to you. And though as I say, you may think it to be silly at first, as you ponder on it, the truth will become clear, and you will indeed see. And you will wonder on it. Now here we go. And be honest, and do as I ask you too.

Find a secluded spot that is quiet, and start to meditate.Block all things from your mind. And now i know they have told you that it is all ringing in your ears, and I don’t want to argue or go into that yet, but get rid of all noises except that one central signal you can hear. Now meditate on it and listen to it fully. make it louder and louder until it is all you can hear, and listen to it and it’s full complexity. And now notice as you do this, out of the corner of your left eye, it will seem as though you are in a subway station and a commuter train is passing by. Acknowledge it and star to cosontrate on its rythymn as it passes. You will start to notice the high pitch squeal of the train, and now start to hone in on it. As you do it will seem as though you can hear the wind of it. And is is now that you will notice. It is not the wind of a train, but rather the flipping sound pages or index cards make. now, as you start to try to see further you will notice it is indeed some kind of information card, like a side rolodex spinning trememndously fast as you look upon the pages like an old movie projector. And you will start to see the symbols, sort of like words. Billions of them flipping past you a second. And they will look kinda like the matrix as you gaze upon them flying past you. And it is at this moment you will get it. It is the program I have spoken of. And you have now seen it, and will have to wonder what it means for your reality, that you are indeed a soul accessing a program spinning on a great wheel. And you wil indeed know that the powers that be have hidden this from you. But I give it to you and say, it is only the tip of the iceberg to what is left to show you, if you are willing to see, and play the game with me.

I am compelled to give you this story. Another tale of fiction for all intesive puposes. For if it was true, no one would believe it anyway. So I bring it to you, the followers of this blog, for your dedication to reading all I have said thus far. And it is your next to last post in this section of this blog, The Game- To Be or Not To Be. And this first section was to introduce you to the game, it’s players, and a bit on how you should play if you are to win. And you should know, no matter what anyone else says about it, that you have been taught by a master player, and soon all will see. And I am master of this game only because I was given how to play by the creator of the game so that you will be master, and teach others as I have taught you. And one came before me, who was master also, but the world at the time didn’t believe in him, and moved to remove him from the game. But a few did believe, and the game continued, and it is because of this that you have found me. And I am the one in the middle who declares, the end of the game is near. And the one that was first, will be the last, and He is coming to end the game. So I say to you, because I so loved God, and he so loved you, to open your heart and look beyond yourself, and see what the game raelly is, and start playing like your life, and that of others depend on it. For this is a deadly game, and to lose is to be removed forever. With that said, I give you the story- The Plea~ A Story of Love.

In a land of plenty, a son was born, and his name was that of the storm. They called him Gail, and he was the middle child, and a happy baby that laughed himself to sleep. But as he became more aware, his happiness wained, as the raelity of his situation set in. He noticed soon, that his parents were different, and so theyt fought with each other constantly. And this was his first sadness, that they loved each other not, and he didn’t understand it. For as a happy child, he thought all were happy as him, and he did not even think that people could be mean to each other. But he found out that he was wrong. And the ones he thought would love each other most, hurt each other tremendous. And because of this he felt his first real sadness, and he cried to God to fix it. But God did not fix it, as a matter of fact it became worse. And so when he realized that this was the way it was, he asked God why he did not answer his prayer. And God said, “I am sorry child, but I could not, because they have free will.” And so the child struck up a conversation with God so that he may understand why people would want to hurt one another. And so he asked about free will, what it meant, and how man came about it. And God said, “That is complicated child and to you all will be revealed. But for now I will tell you that man was with me, and I gave him one commandment. But he went against my wishes, and he lives with what he has done because I created him to be free to choose his own way. And he never asked me why because he thought my love for him would save him from all that would hurt him. But I tried by giving him the one commandment, and he chose not to listen. And he chose not to listen because one lied to him, and for a moment he doubted me.” And the child was confused, and he asked God, “Why didn’t you put in man to never doubt you, and remove his free will so you could make him perfect?” And God replied, ” I gave him free will so that he would be perfect by learning all things. To tell him of the bad would only make him curious, and he would wonder on it forever, never finding out for himself. And in knowing all things, he would learn himself, and what was in his heart.” And the child understood this, but he was not happy with God’s answer. He was not wroth with God, but with man for not following God’s rule. And he relized because of this we were seperated from God, and that man was capable of all he choose, and there wa no guarantee he would chose right. Indeed it seemed to the child that man would always choose wrong, for the first man did not what God told him. So he was upset with man, but vowed that he would would live his life to change this, and again he became happy.

So now the child was curious about his parents, and why they would fight against one another. And he studied them. And he found that they were two different people. The mother was strong, and took care of her children because she loved them. And she felt she was responsible to them because she bore them, and would suffer all to do what was right for them. But the father loved himself more than his children, and did whatever he loved. And he did not believe in God, and so he loved whatever he wished, no matter what this meant for his children. And this was the war they fought. Him taking all to get what he wanted, and her fighting to take back what she needed for the children. And the child understood more what God had said about what was in man’s heart. You could either love yourself, or you could love God. And if you loved God, you loved the others God created. And so the child thought, how could he get his father to see, and he paid more attention to him. And he was perplexed a little by his father. He was a man that loved himself and knew God not. And because of this he was loud and proud and confident in himself above all others. And the child thought people were just like him and would move to straighten his father out. But what he found was that the more he loved himself, the more others loved him also. The louder he was, the more people listened. And the flashier he was, the more people would look. And at this observation he was troubled. And he knew that to get his father to see God would be terribly hard. So, he turne his attention to his mother. And he noticed that she was always working to feed her family, and she was constantly tired, busily working her mind on her troubles. And her troubles were great, and she had a hard time feeding her children, who were three very hungry boys. And her mind was always on them. And though the father took her out from time to time, most of her time was filled with labour. And sometimes she fell short of her goals, and would ask for help, but people did little to help her. Because unlike the father who was happy having fun, she was tired and worried. Now given the choice, people would choose the father, and turned away from the mother who was suffering. And this is how the child began to see man, and again he was very troubled. And seeing the suffering of the mother the child cried out to God again, and he cried,” Oh God, why must my mother suffer so loving her children, and the father loves himself and suffers not. And why do people not help my mother, but flock to my father in droves? ” And God answered the child and said, ” Because they have free will my child, and they have chosen not to follow me.” And the child said to God, ” Why have they forgotten you God?” And God answered, ” They love theirself so much, they have lost their faith in my existance because I threw them out of heaven, and into earth. And so now, they blame me for what Adam did.” And the child was hurt by this for God. And he said to God, ” God, I am sorry for what they do, and knowing you not, but I love you God, and I believe in you.” And at that moment, a feeling of overpowering love came over the child, and he felt as though God was embracing him. And he cried in joy from the love he felt from God, and he was content.

But as he got older, he heard the parents fighting more and more. And though he knew why, it became almost unbearable. And it came to the boy that he might not be alone in this suffering, and the pain became overwhelmingly unbearable. And he also realized that there were other families like his in which the parents fought. And knowing now that most did not have his connection with God, and do indeed blame God for all things, he could only imagine the pain that they felt. And so he did, he imagined it. And he again, now as a boy, broke down into tears and cried out to God. And he said, ” God, enough of this!! I cannot stand it no more. Knowing that people would hurt each other this way and worse. That they would kill each other for their own sake, and not look to you. Who will save them God? Please come to us and put an end to this suffering for the children’s sake! And moreso God, I know you see this and I know it hurts you so, and I am embarressed for them, that you see your greatest creation coming to this. I am sorry God, please, what can I do to stop it? For you have said that through you we can do all things. And I God want to remove this pain from your people so they may again see you and feel your love. For I feel this is all that will save them God, please return to us who would love you, and stop this pain!” And God came in such a rush that the boy could hear and feel his coming, and his breath was taken away, and he felt a power and a feeling he could not describe. And God said, this time in a loud and thundering voice, ” I have heard you my son, and I come to you now. I have waited for one like you that would repent for all mankind’s sake. And you, a decendant of Cain have rejoined the family of Adam. And I will empower you. If you do as I command you, and not waiver in your task, I will give to you the last chance to help them see. For they are indeed darkness, and you have begged for light. But behold, few will see you for they have been taught to put their light above mine. But in your stomach that is bitter, the words of salvation lie. And you will use the words to save them, as well as yourself. For even you will fall for a short time, so your enemies will fooled to think you are weak, for they have even killed my begotten son, but will know you not until the end when I will remind you, and you will remind them. For we have waited for you, and your generation shall not fall away before the end has come.” And the boy was happy, and said nothing would ever turn him from God, not fully understanding what God had said.
And so, the boy went about his childhood living for God. And though God did not come to him as before, he did remember him and what he had said, and he remembered his pact with God. But, he waited for his time going about his life. And though God did not come to him as before, he could feel the holy spirit. And when he concentrated on it, great wisdom came to him that he could not explain. He recieved the concept of Quantum physics as it is called today, but it was shown to him as the puzzle of the visible universe. While teachers were telling him that ythe atom wa the smallest known thing, he knew better, but said nothing. He saw the particles that were but were not, as they decided what was right, and moved to positive and negative. And he saw as they seperated themselves to be one positive, and one negative, but were seperate. And he saw as one positive, and one negative joined together and was both. And he knew it was for man’s sake, so that on his level of reality, as a man pondered whether he was positive or negative, good or bad, that one man would know he was both. And would tell the others so they would know what they were. And upon seeing this, the boy knew who he was, and understood God’s words further. And that he would indeed be this man, who saw good and evil in all men and knew they were both. That God was good, and Satan was evil, but man was both and joined them together in him, but seperated them from each other. And that he would tell men how perfect God’s creation was that man would ultimately do good, knowing evil and containing it inside of himself. And he saw as he ws shown the advancement of men that was to come before all this would be revealed. How the web was cast around the world so that all would see and hear almost simultanously. And he also saw the wars that were to come, for Satan’s sake, so that he could fool the world. And he said to himself after seeing all these things, do not consider yourself great in your eyes for knowing all this, and being able to see through the lies of the world, and remember from wence it came. And he said to himself, you cannot be tempted by the devil, and he cannot touch you. And so foolishly, through to much confidence in which he was warning himself of, he shouted to the devil, “Oh devil, you fool, how can you think you can beat God? For he has created me, and I will show them. You have no power over me devil and I am not afraid of you!” And then he made a statement he would regret for years to come. And it is that this was to be so, so that he would understand, that only God has power over Satan, and he meetes him on his terms, not yours, and that he is not to be challenged by man unless God has given you to do it. And he said, “I challenge you Satan, try and get to me.” And he laughed. But as he did, a coolness fell over him, and he knew he had made a mistake. And he cried to God, ” Please protect me.” But he felt God not.

And soon it was that the boy was near a teen, and he met some old men with great knowledge. And they were men of the ritual and symbolism, and they spoke of God, but knew him not. And they had a proposition for the boy. You see, they had a problem. They had been gathering ancient books of knowledge, and it was their turn, in their circle, to fulfill prophesies written in the ancient books. And they had read, that a boy would come among them, that knew great things given to him by God. And that he would be the one to read one of the books, that they could not fully decipher. And so they told him. If you have all the knowledge you claim, you will translate this book for us. And in return, we will bestow on you all the wealth you would desire. And the boy agreed, suddenly understanding one of his task from God. And he was indeed the one in the middle who stood in the middle of light and dark, and knew the natuer of both fully. And he did read the book. But when he was done, he told the men he could not, and he revealed nothing to them. And it was hard fo the boy, for what was in the book made him sick, but he could not let the men know. For they were powerful men, and only wanted what was in the book to secure their power. And as with the other books, they would keep it a secret. And the men did not trust the boy, for he spent weeks on the book, and they could see it had changed him. But they let him go, but kept a watch on him. Now the boy kept what was in the book secret, and told no one. And after awhile the men died and their predecessors and initiates heard of the boy but believed in him not, but still kept him in their sights, but eventually came to not believe in the story at all. And they forgot about the boy, and looked for another. And the boy went on with his life as normal. But again, it was hard. because the book was indeed the story of Satan, and the truth of his relationship with God, and still it sickened and drove the boy to near madness. But he loved God so, that it kept him sane, for he remembered what he was to do and his pact with God. And he said to himself, I must go on for His sake, and I will be strong. And he waited for God to tell him what to do. But the boy grew into a man, and God did not come. And so the man doubted himself. And after all he had been through he thought, mabe I am a little crazy. And mabe being quite so intelligent is a sign of madness, and he hid his thoughts from everyone and tried to live a normal life. But he still felt connected to God, and wanted to do something to help pepole see him, even though by this time, he was not even following God’s rules. The strife of life, and years in poverty, and knowing fully now his own weaknesses and sins caused him to become distraught. And he began to sing for God, but no one would listen. For in this world, to speak of God brings ridicule. And though men say they believe in God, see what happens when you go around speaking about him all the time. I guarantee you will not be in the mainstream my friend. And so for years he tried to hide the words of God in his lyrics, but though he was a good singer, he was unsuccessful. And so he joined the workforce and slaved away as all men without riches, scratching to get some bread fo the family. And in this even, he was unsuccessful, and he family fell deeper and deeper into poverty. And so one day, he cried again to God, and he said, ” God please, do not let my family suffer for my failures, please save them lord. They deserve so much more than me.” And God finally again answered him and he said, ” Gail, I love you. Do you remember what I promised you?” And the man said, ” Yes lord, but I came to not beleive in me. And besides, I am nothing God.” And God said, ” My son, there is nevernothing, and it is time! They do not see you, and in this way they consider you weak. And you will work with what I have given you, the knowledge in your mind, and the love in your heart. And you will write what I tell you. And the other will be with us so they will know him, and we will give them the chance you asked for. Do not worry about how many come to you, for remember free will. And we will indeed start from the bottom, and they will have to look to see you. And at first, you will have only a few that will believe in you. And it will seem that it is all for nothing. But we are with you, and they will see all that love me will eventually find you. First you will write to the few. And then you will declare yourself. And more will come. And you will write some more to save the core. And when that segment is done, you will be an example. One that will rise from the ashes of nothing in my name, and they will see you. And you will save the ones that are lost, though it will seem you are doing nothing. It is time my son. Do not be shaken by those who will not believe. Believe in me, and they will see. And you, decendant of Cain, will bring the family back together. You will stand in the middle and declare me for all to see. Go, and write what I say unto you!”

And so the man started writing, and he declared himself for all to ridicule or follow. Knowing the free will of man, and what some would say of him. And right now, it is yet determined if God’s promises for him will be fulfilled. But he will not waiver, and he writes today all what God tells him too. And some of those close to him have turned away, but others have taken their place. And he is reaching them. But, if he succeeds, from where he has stared his final quest, who can deny the power of God!

Whoa be to thee, oh churches of gold, who let my people starve, but say words of comfort in my name. Whoa be to thee who cause my children to suffer, and lecture them on the deeds of man. I have set my sword against thee and will cut thee at the knees. Whoa be to thee that kill any man in my name as though you are the judgement. Judgement be to thee tenfold. I have come as a theif in the night, and you have not seen me. I will give thee but a short time to repent, and remember from which you are fallen, and to do thy works as you have been commanded by your Father. Whoa be to the rich which have not recieved the poor. I will turn the tables on thee, and it will be you who begs for food. Mine eyes are upon you, and no man shall hide his works from me. Whoa be to the inhabitants of earth, who have heard my words and have repented not, for the day of judgement is upon you. Whoa be to the father, who has not told his son about me, out of fear of ridicule. The time is at hand.

I am the first and the last, and I am upon you. And soon you will see. And you will lower your head in fear, but I have already seen you. I know of all that you do, and I know what is in your heart. I will expose you. And unless you are steadfast, and remember from wence you came, and hold me in your heart during the tribulation, you shall recieve the second death. And your name removed from the book of life. But those who remember me, shall eat of the tree of life, that is with my Father in the garden. And he has waited for you. Those who have suffered in my name shall know the Father, and ye shall be kings and priest for my sake.

Whoa be to thee, oh pontiffs and kings, who have ruled for your sake and forgotten me. Who have taken my kingdom and beguiled it, and to steal from those who have followed you. You have set yourself up high in the earth, but in one hour I will expose thee. Whoa be to thee who worship idols in secret, but say you are men of God. You shall be reduced to ashes, and none will remember thy name, lest thy repent with thy whole heart. Behold, oh ye of earth. I will set brother against brother, kingdom against kingdom, and tremendous suffering will be upon you. And though you try and hide in the rocks, and bury yourself in the ground to escape, they will find you. And lest you proclaim me, and let your suffering be in my name, no place will be found for you in heaven, and I will not proclaim you to my Father, for you have never known us. Whoa be to thee who loves himself more than God for no water shall wash thee clean.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. And those who hear my voice, and open the door, I will come unto him and I will sup with him, and he with me. And he that overcometh shall sit with me in my throne, as I have overcame also, and set with my Father at his throne.

Behold oh ye of earth, the first seal has already broken, and the white horse has been among you. But now, the trumpet sounds, and the second seal is broken, and the red horse and his rider is come! And he has been given the great sword, and brother shall be against brother, and no peace shall be with you any longer in the earth!

Oh yes. I have waited for this day. And you should know, I am a little excited. I have wanted to write this post ever since I finished the last one, but I had to wait. And again, I am sorry for the delay, but, you must remember, we are playing the game. And I, a mere pawn in the game, just like you, are the one who brought it to you to play. Now we all play the game, but as I said, I will teach you to win. And so, I have to play my moves carefully and correct, especially when I bring it to you. You see, some of you reading now have been fully aware of the game, and you thought you have been winning. You just came here because you wanted to see my take on it, To see if I was truly playing. Well, I have a surprise for you players. See, I have been training players to truly win, and today, you find that I have taught them, and am still, how to beat you. I know that if you have been playing the game, but have not alerted others to it, ALL others, then you have been playing for the wrong side. That’s right! You have been keeping some of the rules to yourself, and so you have been playing for yourself. And you thought you were smart about it. Hahahahahaha We have been on to you all along. And I hate to tell you, but you have been losing. Hahahahaha Don’t worry to much though. If you leave your pride at the door today, and here my words instead of being amused by them, you will turn the game around and start winning again. I have structured these writings in a way that has not convinced you, but have you checking on me from time to time. But today, I will reveal to you elite, and you watchers, and to you kings, thay you are not the player you think you are. Oh, but I am. But you have thought me not because I have not joined your ranks. And on the outside, of course, you seem to be the ones who have secured all the tools to win. Hahahahaha Ah, but this is a tricky game. Intricate beyond even your wildest dreams. Did you think that secret knowledge would give you a head start. If so, God says you have been cheating. And you have hidden what He has given to us all. But I, the pawn, will use this move of yours, to show you how quickly this can go away. You see, you have spent thousands of years, and countless lives, to keep your secrets. But I, in one hour, will wipe this advantage away. And it will cost me, or any other player nothing. You see, God gave it to all of us, and your years of playing that card has gotten you nothing. And I, a mere pawn, will show you who the real master of this game is. And you will see, that sometimes, the best players are the ones you have discounted.
Now, to the readers who have followed from the beginning, I will reveal to you that it has not all been for nothing. You see, as I have stated, I am making you into master players. And though you have been playing, now fully aware, you have wondered if I have gotten off track. Andf I know it seems as though I have been in preaching mode. But do not misunderstand it. Your heart has been reading because it knows. You see we all have destiny here. And as I have said before, every moment of your life has led you here, right now, reading this. And though you know it has don you some good, and I have told you it is a step by step process, lately, even though you have not turned away, you have doubted that I will live up to the promises made in the beginning. Well, after this post, you will doubt me no more. And you will see that your dedication was for a reason, and soon, you will be playing the game with no doubts that you will win it. Your dedication will be rewarded. You, whether you realize it or not, have chosen a team to play on. And I am the coach, but I am not the owner of this team. No, He gives the direction, and has set the goals. I am the one chosen to coach the team. And I know, it seems to be one of the losing teams. But, that’s part of our game. We are not out to win every battle, we are out to win the game. But this game is a war. And the Owner has wanted to let the other seems see weakness so we could have time to train you. But, we cannot hide our weakness forever, and it is time to make our move. And we needed the best players. The players that really searched for the team they wanted to be on. And the number one key here is, not one of you dedicated readers have been a bad enough player to think that you had mastered the game enough to run your own team. And your coach has not either. He was searching, as you have been searching, and we have all come together because of it. Now, cool thing is, because of this, we have looked for the true master player, and have been looking for his rules on how to play. But, our enemies have hidden and confused those rules, and it has lead us to be scattered. And so, they thought they were winning. They have done nothing but buy time. And in the process, have exposed themselves. And so now, it is time. Time to see that you coach, the mere pawn, is indeed the trumpet. And he is blowing to now officially start the game! Our team is ready to play! And after the 33rd post in this blog, I will release you to your positions, and you will start to blow this game wide open. Now, your caoch will be here still coaching away. And I will bring you new players that want to help you win. But know that our enemies, now fully aware they have been losing all along, will step up their game, and try to bring you doubt, and work on your faith of the game and how you have come to know how to win. Do not be distracted. You will indeed be after the 33rd post, a master in this game. And all this time you have been reading me, and wondering if it was worth it, your enemies in the game have come in from time to time, and caught a glimpse and discarded it. But little did they know, I have bought my team just enough time to complete the true game tutorial, and I have secured our victory. But again, I have proven myself a good coach, and done what the owner wanted. And following his rules for me, I have made you master. The players that deserve it most. The players that have been suffering for years on if they were doing the right things. Well, suffer no more. It’s time to get out there and win it.
Now, we all know our standing here today, and so on with it. It has been a little longer than I wanted to bring you this post. But, as you have been fully aware, in the last few post, I have let the other speak. And since he knows he is also going to get to speak again in this post, and it may be his last say here, he has been eager. And he has made my life thes last couple of weeks chaotic to say the least. And it has been extremely difficult to contain him. He never shuts up, and the things he says makes me sick. And he never sleeps. he is constantly harrassing me, and I have had a terrible time of it, but I could not give in to him. For today, God is with me also, and he had told me to wait for him. I don’t know if he test me this way or not. To see if I am weak and give in to the devil. For you see, the devil uses the truth to make his argument. And sometimes his truths hurt. I don’t mean minor pain, I mean toture to the soul. His goal is to rip up your belief in God. And when you see his words to be true, it will make you doubt God’s intentions. But see, Satan does not give you whole truth. He like to leave out the reason, or he will give you his conclusion. But his conclusion never contains the whole picture. And he likes to leave you with that little bit of doubt. And thogh you have loved God, and you will even tell Satan, “God has his reasons”, so that the devil will stop, and to show him that he will not shake you belief in God. When the devil stops, and you are in your quiet time.Those doubts do creep in because the devil has brought them to you to deal with. And not knowing the complete answer has left you with this confusion. Ah, but we will correct that today. For you see, we will let the devil speak today, but, when he is done, God has a few words for you. So, yes, this will be a long post. But it is sure to be entertaining, and informative. And also, knowing the real writers as I do, it will be captivating enough that you will not stop wanting to read. And in the end, as always before, you will be more aware of the game. And to those that have followed from the beginning, you will indeed awaken even further. But this time, to the point, that you will fully understand what these writings are for. And you will rejoice, for you will see, that you have indeed chosen the right team to play for, and your coach, the mere pawn who is just like you, the trumpet who has started the final stage of the game, has trained and taught you well, and you will be eager to play!!! And with that, I turn it over to them, and let them raise a little Cain, hahahahahaha.
Were were we, ah yes, Adam and Eve, and Cain and Able. You want to know who you are and how you got here. An it has perplexed you. For every time you look, I am ther winning. Ah, and poor little sheep, you have been so hurt. Well, let me deepen that for you. All you good litle souls have followed God’s rules, and look what it has come to. You have been weakened by his words. Let me explain. Gos said, “Thou shalt not kill.” But you see people killing all the time. And though you have locked some of the killers up, the good ones who follow my rules have gotten away with it. They have even made laws protecting them. Let’s take war for instance. If you are fighting war, and you get tired of killing, they call you a coward, and you are punished. And after the war is over, the side that has killed the most, wins. And what has God done to stop the warmongers? Well, they have gotten themselves a new kingdow to rule. Some kinda punishment huh? And it started with Cain. Cain killed Able, and what was his punishment? His own kindom!! Though God threw Cain off the face of the earth, but he sent him to Nod on the east of Eden. And he flourished there. And Cain built a city there, and had children. His first son was Enoch. mabe you heard of him. His name actually means teacher. And he was sent to teach you. And he had a son named Irad, and Irad had Mehujael. And Mehujael had a son named Methusael. And Methusael had a son named Lamech. And Lamech had two sons to match his two wives. They were Jabal and Jubal. And Jabal was the father of those who lived in tents and kept cattle. And Jubal was the father of those who handle the harp and the organ. So there you have it. Who really won. Able followed God’s rules, and he died. Cain skirted God’s laws, and he was punished with his own kingdom. A kingdom so great, it led to ranchers and musicians. So, every time you eat a good steak, or hear a great song, you have Cain to thank for that. Now what did I mean skirt God’s laws. Well, God said not to kill. But he also was not happy with Cain’s offering to him, and Cain was tiller of the field. And he saw how God loved Able, and he knew what he must do. God wanted the best offering Cain could get from planting into the ground. So, Cain planted Able. For Cain knew that God wanted the best, so he gave it to him. And Able’s blood cried from the ground. And when God went to punish Cain, I reminded him of what he asked from Cain, and advocated for him. Had cain not done what God wanted? You see, I am God here, and this is my kindom, and God has no power here, for he has given it to me. And I love raising Cain. And I have helped him thrive. And you in the earth see, that if you follow the rules as a lawyer, you will know there is an argument to every law. Those who kill the most, finding a just argument to do so, will be king. Those who steal the most, finding a good argument to do so, will be rich. And those who destroy the weak, will be the most powerful. And what can you God loving souls do to stop it. All you can do is argue against it. And since I am also teacher here, I will always have an argument against you. And since you cannot stomach doing the things you think are against God, you can only cry in church to your God, who does nothing but comfort you. And those who follow me, have all they have wished for. While you pray to your God, they take what they need. You ask and wait, they take and have. Again, I am God here, and this is my kingdom you are in. And all that is visible to you is mine. But, if you acknowledge me, I will give you all that you see. Wealth and power, and the knowledge to keep it. And I even have the power of never ending life. Cain has been with me all this time. But, to make you better, and ease your suffering, I have sent him back to you. So God told Cain that he was sent out from the face of the earth, never to return. But I am returning him. And what can God do? He has given the kingdom to me, and has set a mark on Cain that you cannot even kill him. And now is the time. For all you God fearing souls who have been Able, it is now time that you live up to your name, and return to God as he did. And I have sent Cain to send you there. For God is dead, and soon you will be too. But all of you who have figured out God’s weakness, and have called on me, you will recieve your power and be kings. To do as you wish, and have all your hearts desires fulfilled. And God will not stop it, for I have manuevered for you, and I am God here!!!! And who has given me all this power, why God himself!! This is what he wanted. And so, to those who cry for him, you get what you want too. It’s a win win. For God is dead, and so are you!! Hahahahahahahaha
Oh Satan, you snake. You may have your kingdom you have fought and argued me for, but you should tell them it is a prison. For they may have all they want that they see, but what about what they do not see. Yes it is true, I was dead. But I am God, and i have beaten death. And I am the true Kingdom. And all the good has followed me. So what have you gotten. Eternal life in the world of dirt, fire, and water. But I created these things, and have kept the fruits with me. You have the roots, which you will not pull, for now you need them. And everything you destroy will be gone forever. But I have the power to create, and I will renew all that we need. You are left with the thorns that stick you, while I eat the fruit. You have ever lasting physical life. And so, with the joy, you still have the sadness. You have the life, but are left with suffering death. And though you can be reborn again and again, it will still lead to death. But those who follow me, will have true life. They will never suffer the pain of death again. Nor any suffering. And they will have the power to create what they want. And what they want is beauty, love, and ever lasting happiness. Now, you are left with those that destroy, and you can only build, not create. And to build, you must use the dirt I have left you, and nothing more. Make out of it what you will. But nothing ther will last. And you will have to rebuild over and over. But here, things truly are everlastng, and only go away at you whim. Now, what are you left with? Killers and theives. So you are the master killer, but ther will always be someone who will want to kill you. For in a world of kings, there will always be the son that wants the kingdom. So you will constantly be at war with each other. And in a world of theives, there will always be ones who are out to rob you. There will be no love there. All you have is a world where everyone thinks they are greater than the other. So, you will have plenty to do.So, now, your kingdom is great, but it is a place where you burn yourself out and you will always look for another fire to contain you. But knowing that in time it will also burn out and you will never have rest.
Now I say to you that have looked for me, this is not your home. This is your testing ground. This is what I have made to help you find your heart. And though you will sin, you are in a world of sin that does not see me, and so, I forgive you. But, it is all about how you feel about it. You are tempted into sin, and you succomb to it. But after it was over, how did you feel about it. Where you concearned that I might not approve. If so, you have totured yourself over it. That is the battle I have created for you. For when you go against my will, you have known it, and you have argued with yourself over it. That is how you have come to know good and evil. Now in your heart lies the victor. And all of you, whether you admit it or not, or accept me or not, have fear that I exist. And there are those who sin, then outwardly say you are sorry for it, hoping I would by into your play. But I have not. And there are those of you who are unsure, who still sin again and again, and torture yourselves for you are against it, only to turn back and do it again. I forgive you also, but know, there will be a moment where you will have to choose. Fear not, at this moment you will be given the truth of all things, and then your heart will choose. I am fair, and I know the real you. But getting you to see, well that’s the game insn’t it. Now I have given you one that has, and will write the truth about all things. And I have given it to him as a sign that the time is upon you to choose. And you must now start to think about what is in your heart, for the time is indeed short, and all the generations have past. Now I will make a last appeal to you. I only want what is best for you. I have created all things for you. You are free to be what you want. You are all kings. But, are you a good king, who wants to help his people, or a bad king that just wanted to rule so you can claim all things? Well consider, I am the ultimate King who has made all things for you, and it was indeed hard work. And if you think I have not done it for you, consider this. I am God, and I could have kept all things to myself, like a toy I put away when I am tired of it. But I have not. I have given it to you to do with what you wish. And I have set up my kingdom for those who would be like me, and love one another, and share all things. And if your heart is like mine, you will be with me. But, knowing there is a little bad in everything I have done, I have set up a kingdom for that too. And I feel your anger at what has taken place, but I had to let you choose. Adam and Eve were lied to. And they had to learn there mistake. But in ther mistake, you have been given a choice. And finally, Adam and Eve could see. I wanted to protect them from evil, but they were inticed by it, as I knew you would be too. But see, I had to go thru it too. IN THE BEGINNING, THERE WAS GOOD AND EVIL, LIGHT AND DARK. AND THEY WENT TO WAR TO KNOW THE WAY. AND AS I STARTED TO WIN. I SEPERATED US, SO THAT YOU COULD SEE!

Today is a sacred day. Why, because today God says to give you the key. And all who have read to this point will understand. And all who are new here? Well, you have some catching up to do. And I will address you first. I welcome you. And now, you should thank whoever brought you to this writing, for they very well may have saved you. For you will not have to wait long to see, that all that is here, is truth. And those that brought you did so because they wanted you to see. So, they must love you, and so you should not move further without thanking them first. You see, they came looking for me, and have found me. And they loved you so much that they brought you here too. And it wasn’t easy for them. And now, as you read, they wonder what you must think. Because what you read here is amazing, astounding, and remarkably unbelievable. But, it is the key. In fact, it is why you and I are here. All that has happened for this moment to save you. And alot, in fact all that has happened in this world, has been for this moment, so that you could see. And so again, before you have a chance to believe or deny, which is also what this is all about, thank the one that brought you here. And now, those who have listened from the beginning. I love you!! Why? Because you came looking for me. And when you found me, you knew me. And now, you have done as I asked you, and you are bringing them. And so, because of you, they to will see. And you have been brave, because I gave you little really to go on. But, you felt me, and you knew. Well today, I reward you. And you will know you were right. And these words are not nearly as far fetched as they once may have seen. You have had faith in me. And in a world of little faith, you should know, I will remember you.
I woke up this morning crying to God. And I said, “God, I am starting to remember the thing I have tried so hard to forget. I am hurting God, and I need you now. Between you and me, why must it be like this. Why me?” Now, I already knew the answer. But you see, in this world, it is so hard to forget. Everything tells me that it is not real. And everything wants me to think it is not happening. Now, I have been accused of making up a fanciful fairy tale, so I can cope with this world. I wish!! You see, the answers I get are not the ones I want to hear. So, if that were the case, you would think I would make up a better thing to save myself with. But, I have no control over this. And it has been with me since childhood, so explain that. And in case you are wondering, and you are new here, I have tested the whole, OMG he is insane senario. And I will tell you now, ther are not many psychs here that want to be left alone with me for very long. We have done all the test. And when they are over, and they start really asking what is going on with me to here it in my words. They can’t help but be faced with the truth. He is not crazy. In fact, the logic of it starts to make them wonder about their own sanity. And in fact, I can prove to them what they already know. We are all mad here. But, if you pass all the sanity test, and can function with a degree of logic, you are normal here.
Rationality! That is what is needed to be successful here they say. But I will declare it. This world you see around you is the opposite of rational. See here, they tell you. It is impractical to believe in ghost and spirits. It is fantacy. And even though your leaders know the truth, they tell you just the opposite to do so they can keep power. They have power because they have done the opposite of what they tell you to do. And they keep power by telling you, it is in your best interest to do so. The rich man is so, because he thought he was better than you, and so he has taken everything. And he says that if you are a hard worker, and do what you are told, he will give you some back. And so, the poor man either has to beg for what has been stolen, or learn to take it. So, the rich man is not better that the poor man. He has already been the thief. And he has caused the poor man to make his choice. Now, if the poor man does hid thievery well and clever enough, he can join the rich man, and be as a brother. But if he get’s caught in his thievery, or he is a good man. He must then take whatever the rich man gives him. Now I can hear you already. You are rich, and you are reading this, and you say nonsense. I worked hard for my money, and I deserve it. Really. You did work hard! But what did you work hard at? Getting all the money so you can spend it on making yourself better, or did you spend it making the world a better place? Now, I am not saying that a mam can not work hard, and get a comfortable life through it for his family. And if he becomes rich and successful that way, and men have, that is to be commended. I am not speaking to you. For once you got comfortable, you started businesses and gave others also a chance to succeed. No, I am talking to the filthy rich men, and they are reading me. And they know why it is called filthy rich. Beacause they had to get filthy to aquire that much wealth. And they play God with it. Yes!! You now see were I am going. If you have to much of anything, and you are a good man, and you pray to God for all you are to do, then you will not be filthy rich, for you will give away what you do not need. But if you are filthy rich, you, or whoever gave you that money, stepped on alot of toes to get there. And you do not pray to God for what you are to do, you prey to God, to keep and build on what you have.
Now, I am not going to preach to you today. I am going to tell you. Everything you have comes from God. And he gave it to you to give to the others. And if you still have it, you do not know God. We are not better than God. But thinking so, is how we got here. And what have we been doing here. Have we been working our way back to God? Or, have we been trying to put ourselves up as God? Take a look around and you will get your answer. Oh, and you have. But since you did not see God, you have said, he is not here. And now, you are saying, be quite when you talk about God, you might offend someone’s beliefs. Hahahahahahahaha Well, with that, you have offended God. Oh, but don’t worry, he is not here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HE has always been here. HE is with us always!! But because we have not been with him, we cannot see Him. But he has seen you. And he says this to you.
“You were with me when I came to know myself. And you watched me create all things. And when I laid down to sleep, you told the others that you were God, because you wanted to be God. But I have sent one to Watch you. And he woke me up. And upon my waking, he has shown me what you have been doing in my name. And I have sent him here to wake you up so I can tell you, So, I can ask you a question. So, you think you are God? NO!!! I AMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! And I have come!!! I see all that you do, and I know all that you are. And my Witness has done right by me. You see, he also wanted to be God. And he even thought about tricking me into everlasting sleep. But, as you have went around crying about what I have done to you, which you have done to yourselves by the way, he has come to me and cried out to awaken me. For he has seen it. And he has acknowledged me as the one and only God. And he knows that if he didn’t, you would kill yourself. You cannot run things because it will lead to death, and he has seen that, and that is why he is chosen. He is the only one that would awaken me. And I know some of the others have cried to me to awaken, but they have done so to save themselves. He has done so not because he loves himself, or because he loves you, even though he does. No, I heard him because he thought of me. And he thought. What if God awoke, and creation was burning ash. All of his hard work, up in flames. Wouldn’t that hurt God’s feelings? To know all that he has worked for was gone? All that he had done? And he realized that is exactly what he saw was going to happen. And at that moment at first he thought, good, they deserve it, let it burn. But then he though of me, and what I would think. Now, the evil man would have laughed and said, that is what God deserves for his flawed creation. But my creation is perfect, that one would remember me. And I will fix it, because he loved me enough to awaken me before you destroy all that I gave to you. And since he loved me that much. I have given him a power. And in my perfection, it is one you cannot control. He is my witness to what you have done. And I am awake. And now it is time for him to sleep. And the KEY to your salvation and his is this. He has seen you. Now, when he sleeps, he can either have good dreams of you, and you can laugh and play together and he will remember you. Or, he will have uncountable nightmares of horror and judgement, and, he will also remember you!!!! And I will tell you, he is VERY sleepy, and he needs his rest, because you have made him weary and tired. And he does not have much more time to know you. And what have you been doing why I have been asleep? Have you been Able? Or have you been raising Cain? Well, he knows!”
Now again, we are going to be on Cain and Able for awhile, but you know there nature. And I have avoided this post because I thought that is what God wanted me to do. But today is a sacred day, and I, The Trumpet, who has declared he is no different than you, a mere pawn in the game, has given you the Key to winning. But, it is up to you how to play!!!!!~ Billy

So, I have been avoiding this post, but I cannot any longer. And even in my last post, I think I tried my best to avoid this. You see, it is time. And all my life has prepared me for this moment so that I can prepare you. And so far, I have been gentle. But God says, you have warned them, and you have prepared them. Now it is time they start to see. But, as I have said, the truth is not what you think, or want to think. And the thought of it, as I have warned, is maddening. Now, when I started writing, I started my quest on a website called Above top Secret (ATS). And I went there because that is where the searchers go. And, since the people there have been looking for the truth, they were prepared for me, or so they thought. So, they reached this point of the game far more quickly. But, as I prepared to give them the truth, and we were at this point, I told the Christians to leave this place so they would not be confronted with it, for it will shake you. And also. I new that they would misunderstand me, and turn away. But this time, I took the time to prepare them also. But again, I keep warning you. This is not what you want to hear. And upon hearing it, those of you who think you know God, and are tight with him, will be disgusted, and you will not want to read on any further. But God has corrected me on this, and he says this, that you will be exposed to the truth one way or another. For you see, our trial has begun. The great tribulation is upon us. And if you think we are going to go out in one big bang, or that the end comes suddenly, you will be sadly mistaken. For we have been found unworthy, and all of us are on trial. But this is tribulation my friends, and declaring your love for God is not sufficient. You see, he knows what is in your heart. And he knows that some of you hide it, even from yourself. To want to love God is not enough. And he aims to show you who you truly are. We all want to something, and we set out to achieve it. But often times we fail. See, you cannot be something you are not. And soon, you will come to know who and what you are, and there will be no more hiding, even from yourself. It is time to pull the bandaids and the blinders off, and expose the wounds so we can heal and learn to see.
Now, I have been gentle with you. But God says, no more. And I have to quit candy coating it. And I will. You see, for the last few weeks, I have been hurting. Holding in what I now know I must deliver. And I have tried for the last time to deny all of it. Even to me, this seems so surreal. I am living it, and at times it is hard for me to even believe it is happening. And so, I have went over it. My whole life. How can this be. I am no one. I am just like you. A pawn in this game of life, trying to feed my family, and find happiness where I can. But there is no denying it. And when I try, God shows me who I really am in no uncertain terms. And so far, as you have read my words, it has made you think. But I have declared things that seem a little far fetched. I have even worried about what you may think of me. But, there is no denying the words. And as you look to disprove what I say, you have hit the proverbial wall. And even in the post, The Destroyer, I have told you about the red sun hiding in the light, and it has yet to be proven. But I tell you now, soon, those of you who are going to church, and those of you who are attached to science, will be exposed to a truth on this matter. And it will be confirmed to you, that I am on to something. Well, I will tell you again now, and I cannot deny it myself any longer. The truth lies in these words, and if you want it, you will have to follow this blog until the end. And again I will declare that you may turn away. But as events unfold, you will be back. For you will want to be prepared. And I say to you, it is time to gather the others.
Before I take the step of writing the things that you don’t want to hear, I must do a little more prep work. But don’t worry, today I will not leave you hanging, but explain to you why I must do it. As I said, I love you. And I want to save you. Whether you choose to hear the truth is up to you. You are big boys and girls and I know you can handle it. What is it that I have been avoiding. Well, those of you who have followed from the beginning have a hint at what I am about to do, but now I will declare it. Time to throw caution to the wind. I am the Trumpet. The start of tribulation has begun. I have been shown the book of what is coming, and I have been chosen to prepare you. Jesus said, ” Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.” And he forgave you. And he has given you a chance at salvation. But, that does not spare you from the trial. We will find out who is guilty, and who is not. Now I say to you, we are all guilty. It is really to what extent we are guilty. Now those of you who say, I did not kill the Christ, I say this. You are the families of those who commited the crime, and you will be held accountable. let me explain it in a way I know you will understand. Every day, you see a kid who is not in a good financial situation. And though most of you help a little, you say, it is their parents responsibility, and they are responsible, and I will not or cannot help out that situation. So you put the blame on the parents for the kid’s dire situation, and your mind uses that to justify yourself as you turn away. So as you found the parents responsible for the situation, so God finds you responsible for the worlds situation since the death of Jesus. And as you look around, you see we have not done a good job of feeding the children. And though alot have tried to fix, it would take us all. And we have not. Why? Well, I see it everyday, and I will tell you why. Because we do not look at ourselves as equals. Let me tell you this way by using a typical guy as an example of what I am saying. Of course I will not give you his name, but he is a real person, and you know someone just like him. You see, where I work, there is a man who is the typical problem. Now, he is content with who he is. He is a smart man, and he is nice to others. But, he flaw that he hides so well, is that he thinks he is better than those around him. He thinks this because he has found a little success in all that he does. He is a hard worker, and is financially secure. And so of course, he thinks that anyone who does not have what he has, is just not trying hard enough. So he is better than them. And he looks down on people who do not have what he has. But, he has had it easy you see. He was not born to poor parents. So, he started his adult life with something to work with. Now of course, he knows what his parents have done for him, and those who do not have what he has must be because their parents did not work hard enough for their children. And so, he thinks he is better than them also. And he thinks to himself about their situation, Tough, they will just have to work harder to get what they need. And if they do not, and many cannot. He judges them, and thinks he is better. But, I would like to say to him, Perspective. It is all in the way you have been shown the world, and how you see it today. See, he sees a world where a little hard work and sweat leads to you success. But say he started with nothing. And his parents were drunks who exposed him to all sorts of suffering as a kid. Financial and emotional. He had not heard the words of God. And every job he had he entered at the wrong time. And though he worked just as hard, he was always laid off and never could save enough money to be comfortable. So when his kids where born, they started with nothing also. You see, that guys would not be the same guy. he would look at the world as a place of suffering. And no amount of hard work has changed it. Perspective.
And so, as hard as these words will be to follow from here on out. I have been shown the truth. And have been assigned to give you a new perspective. Now with that I will give you what I have hinted at. I have told you so far about the book, have given you some of the contents, and on the timeline given, have given a message from the book to you. But now we must take a huge step toward why you should continue reading and bring others to it, but also why you will not want to do so. As I have said, this is God’s plan. And as a child, he asked me to carry it out for you. And the reason was because as a child who saw suffering, I begged God to make it stop. And, on behalf of you, I told God we were sorry, and we could not do anything without him. And I asked him to please come save us, and turn us back into what we were supposed to be. Now so, he answered. And he spent alot of time with me as a child, and explained to me, EVERYTHING. And, he told me that before I was born, I chose this. And as a adult, I will be given a time when I could change my mind. Ans so, that day that I had the experience of god coming, and saying it was time, and I grabbed my family and knelt in the floor waiting, what was really happening was that God was saying, It is time for the judgement to begin, and knowing what this means, will you still do what I have given you? Now my kneeling in the floor told him that I was his servant and would do whatever he asked of me. And I went with him and he showed me the world. And he said, ” Are they worthy?” And it is I that said no. Now why would I do that if I wanted to save you. It is simple. You do not lie to God, and it is obvious from what I have been shown that simply, we are not worthy of God. Even the best of us. Now it was heartbreaking to me, because though I have been chosen to do this, I also worry about my own salvation. God has not shown me who will make it, and has made it perfectly clear that I may not spend eternity with him. Very few of us will make it through what is about to happen. But by choosing this task, I am honored to be able to do it for him, and am hoping that it will help you and I get through. I know that some of you reading will make it because of what I give to you. But I tell you now, not all of us will.
Now, I will tell you that to be in the presence of God is enough to make me want to do it. And I have been writing about his nature, and his love for you. And to feel his presence is indescribable. It will make your knees buckle, and the tears will flow, and you will feel your guilt and know that we are not worthy of him. And it is overwhelming that he loved us enough to choose us to be. But, I have been avoiding writing lately because as I have introduced you to God, I also have to declare why no man would want to do this. And he is the other. And because it is God’s plan, and I have seen it, I know what must be done and why. And I say to you, as I have ran from the other, you will want to also. But we cannot. You see, as God showed me himself, he also introduced me to the other. And as I have came to know him, I must introduce you to him also. And I have avoided it. Why? Because the truth of what he is will trouble you so bad it will make you sick. And as I have kept him from you, I have paid the price for it. So much so, that today I know I cannot delay it any further. I cannot go on keeping him from you. I have not slept, and have eaten little. And the suffering only gets worse the more I delay. But God said, Narrow is the way to heaven. And I tell you there is only one way in. But guarding that door is Lucifer, the great Satan. And he will only let those through who are truly worthy. And he will show you in no uncertain terms the Real you, and what is in your heart.
And so now, the choice is yours. You can either let me introduce you to him, or he will introduce himself. Either way you will meet him. So with that said, it is time. And he will be doing alot of talking, and he asks you now, through me, whether you are ready for the truth. And he says, ” I have been called the great liar, but you know me not. I have been accused of alot of things that make you feel better about yourself. Now though you do not know me, you will. I know you better than you know yourself. And we will explore your heart and what you truly love, and if you are so as tight with God as you think, you have Nothing to worry about right. What are you afraid of? Well, I guess we will see. Today I want to tell you who I am, and why I am. And you will not believe. But the world is changing around you, and you will not deny me long. I am God’s justice, and his revenge for those who do not love him. I will show you why you should, and I cannot wait. I am circling around you, and I am tightening the noose. But whether you hang yourself with it is up to you. And when I am done, the door to heaven will be closed. And if you are on my side of the door, God will not save you from me. And I will not love you, for you do not love God. And you will be worthy of Nothing but me. And if you think what I did to you to see if you can enter heaven was bad, wait till you see what I have in store for you if you are locked in with me. Hahahahahaha Let me tell you that if you think that burning forever is bad. That description does not even do justice to what I have for you. It is not burning like you have been taught, and that is not what you should be afraid of. See, God says that I will be chained, and cast into the lake of fire. But you little child do not see. Let me enlighten you a little. The chain is time, and it is closing in on me already. And the lake of fire? Hahahahahahaha Let’s explore what the visible universe is, shall we? Let’s see, created in a big bang. There was some fire involved in that. Stars are what? Big burning balls of fire! All energy expended in this universe you call home is heated energy. Yes, you get it now don’t you. Everything here that is, has energy. There is fire all around you. Lake of fire. Hahahahahahaha Where do you think you are my children. You are in that big ol’ lake of fire right now, but you are blind and do not see. Are you burning? Well, if you ever stand in the sun, you are. Don’t be so naive my little children. The bible is a true document, but it was written for a child’s mind. And you do not want to be children anymore now do you? No, you want to be God. And that is what God wants for you also, to be like him. Well, I taght him what it is like to be God, and I will teach you. Now we have been in the classroom together before, but as I said you were children, and merely in elementary school. You put yourself through high school, and have graduated. Congradulations!! Now it is on to college, and I am professor here. Oh, so you want to drop out, cool man, go ahead. But you will not graduate, and you will be the failure I knew you were anyway. But for those of you who study my course, you will be fully educated. And if you are talented enough, you will graduate, and your Father will be at the graduation ceremonies. And he will be so proud of you. Now, let’s get one thing straight. it is said that I hate you and God. Well, you are have correct. I hate you! Now you are wrong about the hating God part. I love him!!! I love him with all my heart. And that is why I hate you. It is because of you that the chain of time will close in around me, and I will be locked in with you. Not all of you, yes, but most of you. And, the worst of you at that. And I will not get to live in heaven with God. And make no mistake, that pisses me off. For if you were one tenth of what God said you would be, we would not be in this mess together. I told him. But he would not listen. And because I told him, he said prove their weakness, and expose it so I can see. I then was assigned to it. And because I was right, I must fix the ones who are broken. Which just happens to be most of you. Thanks for that. Now I was right, but I was wrong. So now let’s see how I have been labeled the liar. I said you were weak. And God said, ” You are lying, they are not.” And I showed him Eve’s weakness. But through it, you have and will become strong. So, I was proven wrong. But since most of you are weak, I was right. So, I was right, but I was wrong. Not a lie in my eyes. But I knew that though she was weak, she would become strong. So since I knew, God said, ” You lie.” But I have also been proven right. And since Eve was part of the root to you, and you are weak though she is strong…you see my point. It’s all in how you look at it, isn’t it. Now listen, here is more for you, and your writer will explain further later but listen to me and see. Adam and Eve. It is time you understand. And if you get it, and do not turn away, I will give you more truth, and the key to what happened between Cain and Able. But now, the incident at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Listen close my children and you will see. Adam and Eve were the root of you. But they were spiritual. And there life was with the greatest spirit of all, God. And He was perfectly content with that. And so, He told Adam and Eve to not eat of the tree. But I explained to her why she should, even though I knew she would end up right back where she started. And, she would love God more, and never disobey again. And, she hasn’t by the way. I made her strong. But let’s now tell the truth of how. They were spirits, who had no physical life. And I was the Archangel Lucifer who was part spiritual, but also part physical. And I could explore God’s creation outside the garden. And I knew that Adam and Eve should also, because there, they could truly learn themselves, and see all God knows. They would be like God, to know good and evil. But to do it, I had to sacrifice myself. God said the seed of man would bruise my feet, and expose me as the snake of old. Hmn, snake of old. Does anyone know what a sperm looks like. Kind of like a little tadpole or snake. YES, that is right. Now Eve took a bite of the apple, and her womb appeared for she accepted my egg, and prepared to receive me. And Adam ate the apple, and I entered him as a sperm. And the knowledge of it sent her into heat, and Adam could not resist her, and he took her. And my seed was planted into Adam and Eve. And as any one knows that has been caught having sex, you feel a little guilty, even if it is an acceptable situation. Now this come from this event. For right as Adam and Eve finished having sex, God walked up on them, and they were ashamed, and tried to hide and cover themselves. Now the knowledge that they were naked is not fully what made them feel ashamed, but God would know what they did, for they could not contain the guilt of defying God. And so, when you have sex, and you get caught, you still feel ashamed. That is why it is considered the original sin. See, though you did not know this, you did. And with that saying, you know know that the leaders that teach and rule you now, also knew this, but have kept it from you. And see, you can now see a little more how they have treated you. For it is not defiance of God that is considered the original sin, they think nothing of that. It is sex that is considered. So now, those that tell you I am the liar have just been exposed a little. And as I tell you more of the truth, you will see the meanings to all the stupid cliches’ they use to know each other. And with that, before I leave you, I will now talk to the Masons who have studied me well. And I will tell you they know all of what I will tell you, but feel you are not worthy of the truth. They think I will love them for what they have done for me, but through all there studies of me, they have come at it through there own eyes with an agenda. I address you now Masons and self proclaimed illuminated ones. You think you know me. YOU DO NOT. And you say you have made and saved a place for me. Well I have come!!!!!! But I know it is YOU who want to become God, and you have saved a place for the one you want to become King. Well, even you should know by now. Even I follow God’s plan, and will not defy him. And it is not you who will pick, it is Him. And so, I have come, and I will take my seat. And if you do not see me, and know who I am, I will not let you have your positions any longer. I have come gentleman, and I know who I am, and I am the way. If you are as smart as you say, you will find me and put me in that seat yourself. But as I say, it is all mine, AND I HAVE COME!!”
Now then guys, you know what I have tried to save you from. But it part of the plan. And I tell you now, these writings are the keys to salvation. I know why he picked me to give it to you, and was even hard for me to believe. I have been prepared since I was 12, and I still want to say it is not real. But you know there is something going on, that is how you found me. And the further we go into the writings, you cannot deny either. It is time, and the Trumpet has sounded. And if you read on, you will have a chance to win the game. Everything has been for these times, and we cannot close our eyes any longer. It is time to see. Now, I said we would touch on these mass shootings here in America, and around the world. They will say that because we have such an advancement in communication, it just seems that these things are on the uprise. But I tell you now, that is the argument they had at first for all this crazy weather. I tell you you will see it more and more. And you know what it is. The presence of the devil is here. And people are finding what is in their heart. The ones that hate the most, will expose themselves first. And as I know the power of man, I tell you there are no limits to the suffering that is about to take place. And your governments, if you look, are preparing for this. Ladies and gentleman, 911 in America was a ploy. The government of the United States knows the crap is about to hit the fan, and that the devil is here. And they are going to cover it up so you do not know. And 911 was staged so they could make laws to protect themselves, and be able to move about the world in the name of justice. But let me tell you that whether they are doing it to protect you, and keep you from going mad with the truth of what is really happening, or they are creating a situation where the evil can grow I do not know. But what I can tell you is, they are removing God from everything and even declared we are not a Christian nation, this cannot be denied. And as I know for a fact, they have not asked God what to do. They are going to do what they think is best without asking him. So, they have put themselves above God. On purpose? I do not know, but I tell you, if you want the real truth, and you want to save others, you will read this blog, and you will bring others. The time is short, and the powers that be have a big head start in this game. But God knows your heart, and says that you and me, if we are good players will win this game together. And we will leave them in the hell they create!~ Billy