The Argument

It is now time to tell you the full nature of why I brought the game to you. I have alerted to you that you are a player whether you want to play or not. You see, God made the game to get the best players. And although he could have made you perfect, and you cry to him that he is not here, and have shown you the true nature of the game, remember, he told Adam and Eve not to play. But, like the children we are, we are sure to do what we are told to do not. Don’t beleive it. tell you what, take 2 kids under 10 years old and put them in front of an electrical outlet, and tell them, by no means are you to touch the outlet. And then, leave them to theirself. I’ll bet a hundred percent that if the outlet is uncovered, that is all they will want to do is stick their finger in the outlet. And so, given long enough, they will learn a valuable lesson. But, they won’t blame theirself. Oh no. After they get the shock of their life. they will blame you for putting the outlet therer to begin with. Well, it was kinda like that for Eve. Think about it. God told Adam and Eve that everything they see was theirs to enjoy. And so now Adam went exploring, and loved what God had given them. But Eve on the other hand, well, you know the story. But do you. Let me ask you this. Did the snake go looking for Eve to bring her to the tree, or did he just know where to find her? You see, out of that ememnse garden God gave her to roam around in, she always hung around that tree. Satan didn’t have to look for her, he knew where she would be. She wanted that apple, and she wanted it bad. She wanted everything that was Gods and she was a little perplexed about why God would make such a beautiful tree, and would not let her have any of it. So, she hung around that tree wondering. And now Satan, telling God that his creation of Adam and Eve was less than perfect, set out to prove to God how flawed his little belloved man was. And he knew he wouldn’t have to wait long. All he had to do was wait for God to say do not eat of the tree. And he new Eve was greedy, and wanted everything, and was not happy to be told she couldn’t havs something. So, he simply waited by the one thing thy were told not to touch, knowing that Eve would spend most of her time there wanting. It was to easy. You see, God knows what is in your heart, but, so does the other.
So now, with that said, and true human nature being what it is, we must now turn to the myths that man has told you about Satan. And I need you to ponder these facts. Because you see, all of these years you have defied God, and thru that defience, you have justified it by reasons that have kept you sane, and made you feel that you are a person worthy of God’s love. But I have told you, and you choose to ingnore because like all humans, you say, not me. But I told you of a vision I had, more like an experience, that God came to me, and he said it was time. So me and my family bowed down on front of the lord. and waited for all the others to be judged, and waited for us all to go to heaven and be with our loving Father. But when God came back from looking at the world, he said one word to me that brought total despair. He said,” NO!” And I hinted at what that meant. But I kept the true meaning until now. But, I did say, that he said, noone was worthy. NO ONE!!! So, although I know there are good pepole in this world, he told me NO! Not one is ready. Now, I must explain my true despair. First, I was ready. I love God, and I see why he said not to love this world. That it would be full of despair and suffering. And I am tired of wathching those who could make a difference, turn away and allow the suffering to continue. Let me give you an example. Every day, they’re are thousands of stores who are stocked with food. And those fortunate enought to have a job to pay for it, go in and get what they need. But others, who have made mistakes, to many to count, and most there own making, can’t afford to enter and purchase anything. But, at the end of the day, the shop ownners lock up the food, that they must sale to make a profit. But at the same time, there is a little child at the homeless shelter who will starve. Thousands of stores stocked with food of all kinds. Yet, that little girl goes hungry, and cries to God, please, just a loaf of bread. She’s young, and she is starving. But she don’t blame God. She has watched her mother do everything she could to bring her food. But the rich people scoff at her, and make fun of her mother, and look down on them, and call her mother trash. But turns out, A drunk self centered man drove them across the country, to a place no one knew him, and dropped them off like unwanted puppies. And so, on the way back to the shelter every day, they pass the stores full of food being locked up, and the ownwer drives away in his nice car. Goes home and lays his head down to sleep. But not once did he think of that little girl. Oh yes, I have heard the arguments of why the store owner can’t be blamed. He has suppliers to pay. And they must pay the makers of the food, so on blah blah blah. But see, that is to much thinking. Her’s the truth. The store is full of food, but we decice since the little girls mother and father did not prepare the family, they do not deserve to eat. There is not enough food for the little girl, specially if they have no money to pay. And everyone pities the girl, and gives her scraps. But while we go to sleep proud of what we have done to provide for our family. The little girl learns to hate you and your world. For she knows that there are pepole with gold jewelry to make themselves pretty, and pets they pamper and feed. and nice status symbols to make themselves look successful. All while she lays there in hunger.
Also, on a smaller scale. A man get’s a new job. and he is ambitious. He wants to be rich and successful. But there are others in his way of promotion. So, he sets out to not only do a better job that them so he can advance, he is also looks for weaknesses in tose above him so he can exploit it. So, one above him, is a man who has worked for the company for many years, and made them alot of money through his work. But things are going badly in his personal life, and he is not fully concentrating on his work. So of course, the young man will take advantage of him, wait for his mistake, and expose it to the superiors. The old man is either fired, or demoted and reprimanded for not paying attention to his work. 20 years out the window of slaving for the company, just so a younger more ambitious man can take his place. All for the good of the company. But turns out, the older man has lost his wife, and his children have moved on, and he has no one. Dog eat dog right? Only the strong survive. We are even taught that in school right? They show you how it works in the aniomal kingdom, and then they tell you how it works in real life. But God said, we are supposed to be over the animals. We are to be like God, and love one another right. If that is so. We would be a community of humans, always wanting to help our fellow man. There would be no starving children, no hopeless old men, and no human that causes suffering to others just because they feel they are so much better than the person they bring the suffering to. So now, I must tell you, again with a heavy heart, that I have been given a mission. And I will not defy my God.
Let me explain further so you can truly see. I was told that that day would come, and the Holy spirit would tell me when he was coming to judge the world. And that the book would give me instructions on what to do. God said, after I read the book that this day would come. And if the people of the world follow up on the chances they have been given, that as I bowed down before God, and man had headed his words he left for us through his Son, that I and my family would wake up in heaven beside God, and we would watch the new Earth being built, and we would rejoice in it’s brilliance. But, if he left us here, I must follow thru with the book. And it would mark the time I would have to give it to you. Now my desair, and my revelation to you is this. I am still here writing. And so, what we have brought upon our ourself is not to blamed on God. I gave you an onerview of the book, and so you thoght that it was about how Satan fell. And I have given you hints on his nature. I though have only prepared you to see the game. And I have declared you as a player. But now we are to go into the book for it’s true purpose. As I said. it is the story of the devil. And now, I must explain to you again, that all you have heard and seen is wrong. So let’s get into the horible truth of the book.
It was written to explain a few questions that have plaqued truth seekers all along. Questions you really don’t want the true answers to. I have given you the first to ponder, and now I will answer. Before the heavens were created, with all it’s brilliance. God created something, or should I say someone else. Before he seperated the light from the light, and the waters from the waters. He created the other. And he named him Lucifer, the bright and morning star. And he assigned to him to teach the world. So before he created Adam, he created his teacher. And God has told us, that Lucifer was the brightest, most beautiful of his creations. And so Lucifer was there when God created the rest of it. Now of course, as much as you don’t want to realize, Lucifer also loved God as God loved him. he thought, God is creating all that he will create for me and him to enjoy together. But you see, God, in fully coming to know himself, knew that everything he created would not be perfect upon creation, all of it would have to be like him, and come to know how to be perfect, by learning what was bad, and come to avoid it. So, he was a creator, set out to create only good things. But becoming perfect, he came to understand balance. That all things would have a bad side, that had to ripen to become good. But that without him, being the only perfect thing, some of the bad would not want to be good, if it meant something else would be better. So, he needed a balance. See, it’s like this. God learned love, but in order to not get trapped in it, because to do so would mean that he would only love himself and conclude there should be nothing else created, because it would not be as great a him. But defeating love, he realized that everthing he created would would be worthy of his love, and that would make it strive to love him, and want to be like him, perfect. But, that they would also be confronted with love, and being trapped in it would think, if God is perfect, and he lived to make me through all his knowledge and greatness, that it must be greater that God. See, God knew that only he was perfect, and that everything else would fall short, loving only itself. And now Satan was also prone to this way of thinking, and he was not God, but a step below. And so, as God created everything, and Satan asked God what it was for, he had to explain to Satan why it was he created him first.
Now this is where the conflict between God and Satan began. And I, unfortunately for me, but great for you, have been chosen to give you what all the other religious writings would not. And you see, all of the writings intended for the Bible, have been toyed with by man. The first men who put the whole Bible together, decided that you could not handle the truth. So, they have changed it through translation, and have omited whole parts. So, I have the left out parts. And I am the pawm in the middle that has been given the trumpet. And I have blown the sound to release the white horse rider, for this is our judgement from God becuase we have not heard him. The rider, for those unfamiliar with the bible, is the devil himself. And I blew the trumpet that signifies the time of the entrance of another player. Now, I have declared I am the master of this game, for the Maker of it has laid out my move every step of the way. And since he created the game, and he loves me, he has given me how to win. And since I love you, I accepted to play the role intended for me, because though it will be few, and again, those who read this who are truth seekers, and lovers of God, are blessed, and have their eyes open to the ways to win the ultimate prize, which I have also earlier stated. But, today marks the day when I tell those who don’t want play, or do not care about the prize, or deny there is a game to begin with. You are easy targets for the player I have now brought forth. I can not state enough the importance of me being the middle man. But mine enemies have misunderstood. They say, how can you be in the middle? You are on one side or the other. Well, you, my loyal readers have understood it, and you now what I am about to say. The fact that I have chosen a side, does not mean the game is over. Mabe you won’t quite understand that, but my allies will. My Coach in the game wants to give all players a fighting chance, and so, he has chosen me as the trumpet. And now you will find out why I am the trumpet. I have declared the game to you, and in fairness to all players, I am the one given to give both sides of both teams. And I have told you. God, is the creator of the game, but to play a game, their must be an opponet, and God wants me to introduce him to you, as he has me. I didi not become master of the game by learning one side. As they say, there are 2 sides to the story. And you, will find out, that declaring yourself as a player for one team because it is what the obvious thing to do, will not suffice. You see, it is time to learn who you really want to play for. So, you think you know yourself? Hmn, we shall see. There are no skeletons that you can lock away anymore. All closets are open, and you are about to be exposed. And with that, I give you the argument. Now first, I must say, I did not want to do this, but God says it is time. So, I give you the Other~ Do not say I didn’t warn you~ You may not be so pleased with the outcome! But it is coming to you one way or another. So, I say again, know what is in your heart.
This letter was in the book to give to you after the seal was broken, and trust me, God said it is time!!! A letter from Lucifer{ I have been waiting for this for a long time, and now it is time for you to know me. You think you do already. But most of you, when you pray to your God, you have been praying to me. And I know you. I know you better than you know you. But, it’s time you know me. The big red monster with the huge horns, hahahahaha, sure, if that is what you want. I am all you want me to be. And I know you are better than all the others. It’s time to see your full potential. Must I remind you, that I only want you to have all that you desire. And hasn’t God told you that’s what he wants for you also. Well, who better than me to fulfill his promise to you. Do I also have to remind you, that God, in all his wisdom and greatness, created me first. So, as good as you think you are, I was what he created when he decided to create. Before the heavens, and before you, I was with God. And what did he name me? Lucifer. The brightest and most beautiful of them all. Did he not say that he loved me above all others. And you have been fooled by yourself. Your so called wise men who have written all the books of knowledge you learn from said that I was mad at God because I thought I was greater than him. No, I am pretty satisfied with what he has made me. And though I am not the God, the first God, he created me, to be your God in life. He needed a successor to take his place when he died. Oh yeah, you don’t want to believe that, but he has died, and he has given you to me. He created me for that. Read your bible carefully, and you will have no ansewr but that I am telling the truth. He called me Lucifer, the bright and morning star, and he sent me to teach you. What more proof do you need. And so man says, well, the devil must have changed along the way and turned against God. No, just doing what I was made for, and living up to the name I was given. Now, you also have to know this is true, because, God is perfect. Why would he create me, and call me the light of the world if it wasn’t true. Are you calling God a liar? Oh, but you thought well, I changed, and now he hates that. Well is it not true that God can do and know all things. Yet, I am still here with all my power and beauty. So it is you who are wrong, as you always are, and have perverted God’s message. Now, it is true that I killed God. But, he knew I would. And I didn’t want to even, but that was what he wanted when he created me. See, God don’t die. He has beaten death, and he used me to do so. So what you thought was an evil act, in reality was a progression of things that were meant to happen. Now, God died, and transended death, so he is everlasting. And he has a place for you there. But, in the meantime, he has left you with me. Now I know you don’t want to believe that either, but it’s all in black and white. You see, you are my children. Now that is what I have an argument with God about. Let me tell you so you will quit lying to yourself, and you can truly know my nature. When God said to fear me, he meant fear me that he had created. Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord, but does he not assign somone else to do his work. You should fear me, for I am God’s vengeance, and again, I know you. When God came to know himself, he knew that he would have to get rid of or transform all things that fell short of heaven. But he wanted to give everthing a chance, so he created me. And I am to help you know yourself. First before I get into that, let’s prove the God is dead statement, so you can fully understand. If you are a good soul, where do you go when you die. Heaven, with God. So, you are alive, you are with us, no God to be seen here. Nope, have to die to see God. And those who are visited by God here, what happens? Do they actually see God, or feel the presence of the Holy Ghost, who let’s them fo a moment be in God’s presence. But, is he standing right before you in all his glory, or did the Holy Ghost summon or alert you. Do I have to reiterate the word Ghost in that senario. And what are ghost? Why, they are spirits. And of course, spirits are dead. So again, do you see God in this life, or do you have to wait until you are dead? Now, again, don’t worry about God, he has trancended death, and is neither alive or dead, but both. Now I on the other hand, am alive. And if you are reading this, I have returned. But, I am not going to start a big party like you think so you all may worship me. No, I am going to bring justice to this world. Now, I have been known to get a little out of hand from time to time but, I am going to bring you what you deserve. So I say, do what you want. That is what God wants for you. To be and do all things. I do not hate God, I am here to bring you to him. But again, not how you think. It is you who will find what is in your heart, and it is you who will bring what ever happens on this earth to life. And I hold the keys to all things, so through me you will build your kingdom.
Now also, I do have hatred, and this is my warning. What is the saying? be careful what you wish for. Does the killer love the kill, or just him getting to kill. See, if they truly like to kill, surely they will understand when they are confronted with being killed over and over forever and ever. So, let em kill. Now if he likes to kill others because he likes the power of making someone suffer. He is in for a big surprise. You see, all things are God’s and mine, and there is no power for you. So, just know, if you love to kill, you will have to love being killed, or mabe you haven’t thought the whole thing out. You are not God, so you don’t get the power of killing, you just get the actual killing. So mabe you don’t like to kill after all, you love power. Well, you will get that power, but just to know killing. All power honor and glory are God’s. And a killer is not worthy of power, or he will kill everything. So he get’s to feel the love of killing, but from something killing him so he will know the true nature of what he loves. Now Eve is a great example still. I did not go looking for Eve. Again, she was hovering above that apple. Now I told her if she wanted it so bad, eat it. But she said,” God said that if I eat it, I will die.” Think about that for a moment. She didn’t say, I won’t do it because it will hurt God that I defied him. As a matter of fact, she wasn’t worried about Gods’ feelings at all. She was only worried that it may hurt her, and that is why she would not do it. And you say I lied to her. I did not lie. God told her she would die. But God gave them eternal life, so I knew she would not die forever. Did she not go back to heaven after she died. Right back where she was. So even though she died, she has eternal life with God. But in that story, you learn the true nature of me. You see, all Eve had to do was go to God and ask, why must I not eat the apple God, ever since you told me not to, I have wanted to do nothing else. And he would have shown her what would happen if she did. But, she had to find out for herself. And so, that’s where I come in. Why make her wait. She would have eaten that apple on her own anyway. But I wanted to make sure that if she did, she would get what was coming to her. Now, why am I that way? let me tell you. I did what God wanted me to, and I watched him create all his beautiful kingdom. And I was part of it. But what did he make me for? To live in your kingdom. But not only that, he get’s the good ones. The ones that truly love him. Those that listen to everything he says and does not question. But who do I get in my kingdom? Killers, liars, thieves, and most of all, those who bring suffering to children. I get you. You shop owners that go to sleep with a full store while homeless children starve. You work supervisors who prey on the least of his men to do the work of all those he has picked as his favorites, and have given them advancement while the grunt worker does all their bidding and get’s barely enough to feed his family. Those who walk among beggers and those suffering, and all they can do is laugh, and throw a few pieces of change at the mans feet so he’ll have to reach for it as they laugh. Those leaders who can send men into battle to get killed and taken away from their family because he wants to make a point to the world. I am left with you. And if you are reading this now, God has judged you, and he has sent me. And it is time to pay for your sins. I will come to you, and you will claim not to know me. But you know me. And we will bring out what is in you heart. It is time for you to come to understand me and know. Those who know who I am, and pray in my name, I hate you the most. Because you are the reason that I cannot be with God in his kingdom, and if you think I love what you do, you will soon see the real me. I love you NOT!!! And he has sent me for you for you have cried out to me. Without you, we would all be in heaven with the God that loves us. But you won’t death and destruction. And God has promised you all things, so you will get what you have prayed for, AND I HAVE COME!! God wanted to create, but he pulled off the side of him that would have to destroy and correct because he is a good God doing good things. So what he pulled from himself was me. And I will correct and take dominion over all that does not belong in heaven, for he has given that to me, and I can’t wait to get my hands on those responsible. For God wants a world that has no hunger, yet here children starve. And a world where there is no suffering, yet you let his children suffer. And you say there was nothing we could do. He sent Christ to tell you what to do, and you killed him in response. So now, he has sent me, and you will get his message. And soon, I will be at your door. Do you know where your heart is? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..Don’t worry, I DO!!!!

Sorry guys, I warned you. Revealing the book is something I’d hope I would never have to do. And I have asked God, why me? And he said,’ I have put you in the middle to see all things because you prayed to me to be the one to make a difference, and that there should be no more suffering. Now I have given you a chance to warn them, and save the ones in the middle like you.” It is time. And you must know the book, for he has given us a chance. I make one last plea. I have wrote you a letter, God has given me to write a letter, and now the final warning, I have been given to give you a letter from the devil himself. He is here, and the tribulation is starting. And I have told you it is not what you think. If you have been hoping the end of the world was just one big bang, you now know it will not be that easy for us. They have come to help you know who your true father is. And they will enter your consious and unconsious mind and help you see the true you. There will be now acting for the crowds. or no where to run. No lies, and no one to help you but these writings. The world is about to slip into madness. Some of us will come out, thanking God for we have waited so long. But 90% of you. Well, let’s just say, eveyone hides the true feelings in their heart, but you can’t hide it from God. or the other, and soon they will be by to talk to you about it. On my next post, we will touch on these mass killings you are reading about in the papers and on the news. And no more lies or deceptions. We are all to blame, and it starts with how you treated you friends when you were children, and how they treated you. I have hinted on this also. And as you can tell. It is time to learn the true nature of the other. Please be careful, and love one another as you would have them learn you~ Billy


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