So, I have been avoiding this post, but I cannot any longer. And even in my last post, I think I tried my best to avoid this. You see, it is time. And all my life has prepared me for this moment so that I can prepare you. And so far, I have been gentle. But God says, you have warned them, and you have prepared them. Now it is time they start to see. But, as I have said, the truth is not what you think, or want to think. And the thought of it, as I have warned, is maddening. Now, when I started writing, I started my quest on a website called Above top Secret (ATS). And I went there because that is where the searchers go. And, since the people there have been looking for the truth, they were prepared for me, or so they thought. So, they reached this point of the game far more quickly. But, as I prepared to give them the truth, and we were at this point, I told the Christians to leave this place so they would not be confronted with it, for it will shake you. And also. I new that they would misunderstand me, and turn away. But this time, I took the time to prepare them also. But again, I keep warning you. This is not what you want to hear. And upon hearing it, those of you who think you know God, and are tight with him, will be disgusted, and you will not want to read on any further. But God has corrected me on this, and he says this, that you will be exposed to the truth one way or another. For you see, our trial has begun. The great tribulation is upon us. And if you think we are going to go out in one big bang, or that the end comes suddenly, you will be sadly mistaken. For we have been found unworthy, and all of us are on trial. But this is tribulation my friends, and declaring your love for God is not sufficient. You see, he knows what is in your heart. And he knows that some of you hide it, even from yourself. To want to love God is not enough. And he aims to show you who you truly are. We all want to something, and we set out to achieve it. But often times we fail. See, you cannot be something you are not. And soon, you will come to know who and what you are, and there will be no more hiding, even from yourself. It is time to pull the bandaids and the blinders off, and expose the wounds so we can heal and learn to see.
Now, I have been gentle with you. But God says, no more. And I have to quit candy coating it. And I will. You see, for the last few weeks, I have been hurting. Holding in what I now know I must deliver. And I have tried for the last time to deny all of it. Even to me, this seems so surreal. I am living it, and at times it is hard for me to even believe it is happening. And so, I have went over it. My whole life. How can this be. I am no one. I am just like you. A pawn in this game of life, trying to feed my family, and find happiness where I can. But there is no denying it. And when I try, God shows me who I really am in no uncertain terms. And so far, as you have read my words, it has made you think. But I have declared things that seem a little far fetched. I have even worried about what you may think of me. But, there is no denying the words. And as you look to disprove what I say, you have hit the proverbial wall. And even in the post, The Destroyer, I have told you about the red sun hiding in the light, and it has yet to be proven. But I tell you now, soon, those of you who are going to church, and those of you who are attached to science, will be exposed to a truth on this matter. And it will be confirmed to you, that I am on to something. Well, I will tell you again now, and I cannot deny it myself any longer. The truth lies in these words, and if you want it, you will have to follow this blog until the end. And again I will declare that you may turn away. But as events unfold, you will be back. For you will want to be prepared. And I say to you, it is time to gather the others.
Before I take the step of writing the things that you don’t want to hear, I must do a little more prep work. But don’t worry, today I will not leave you hanging, but explain to you why I must do it. As I said, I love you. And I want to save you. Whether you choose to hear the truth is up to you. You are big boys and girls and I know you can handle it. What is it that I have been avoiding. Well, those of you who have followed from the beginning have a hint at what I am about to do, but now I will declare it. Time to throw caution to the wind. I am the Trumpet. The start of tribulation has begun. I have been shown the book of what is coming, and I have been chosen to prepare you. Jesus said, ” Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.” And he forgave you. And he has given you a chance at salvation. But, that does not spare you from the trial. We will find out who is guilty, and who is not. Now I say to you, we are all guilty. It is really to what extent we are guilty. Now those of you who say, I did not kill the Christ, I say this. You are the families of those who commited the crime, and you will be held accountable. let me explain it in a way I know you will understand. Every day, you see a kid who is not in a good financial situation. And though most of you help a little, you say, it is their parents responsibility, and they are responsible, and I will not or cannot help out that situation. So you put the blame on the parents for the kid’s dire situation, and your mind uses that to justify yourself as you turn away. So as you found the parents responsible for the situation, so God finds you responsible for the worlds situation since the death of Jesus. And as you look around, you see we have not done a good job of feeding the children. And though alot have tried to fix, it would take us all. And we have not. Why? Well, I see it everyday, and I will tell you why. Because we do not look at ourselves as equals. Let me tell you this way by using a typical guy as an example of what I am saying. Of course I will not give you his name, but he is a real person, and you know someone just like him. You see, where I work, there is a man who is the typical problem. Now, he is content with who he is. He is a smart man, and he is nice to others. But, he flaw that he hides so well, is that he thinks he is better than those around him. He thinks this because he has found a little success in all that he does. He is a hard worker, and is financially secure. And so of course, he thinks that anyone who does not have what he has, is just not trying hard enough. So he is better than them. And he looks down on people who do not have what he has. But, he has had it easy you see. He was not born to poor parents. So, he started his adult life with something to work with. Now of course, he knows what his parents have done for him, and those who do not have what he has must be because their parents did not work hard enough for their children. And so, he thinks he is better than them also. And he thinks to himself about their situation, Tough, they will just have to work harder to get what they need. And if they do not, and many cannot. He judges them, and thinks he is better. But, I would like to say to him, Perspective. It is all in the way you have been shown the world, and how you see it today. See, he sees a world where a little hard work and sweat leads to you success. But say he started with nothing. And his parents were drunks who exposed him to all sorts of suffering as a kid. Financial and emotional. He had not heard the words of God. And every job he had he entered at the wrong time. And though he worked just as hard, he was always laid off and never could save enough money to be comfortable. So when his kids where born, they started with nothing also. You see, that guys would not be the same guy. he would look at the world as a place of suffering. And no amount of hard work has changed it. Perspective.
And so, as hard as these words will be to follow from here on out. I have been shown the truth. And have been assigned to give you a new perspective. Now with that I will give you what I have hinted at. I have told you so far about the book, have given you some of the contents, and on the timeline given, have given a message from the book to you. But now we must take a huge step toward why you should continue reading and bring others to it, but also why you will not want to do so. As I have said, this is God’s plan. And as a child, he asked me to carry it out for you. And the reason was because as a child who saw suffering, I begged God to make it stop. And, on behalf of you, I told God we were sorry, and we could not do anything without him. And I asked him to please come save us, and turn us back into what we were supposed to be. Now so, he answered. And he spent alot of time with me as a child, and explained to me, EVERYTHING. And, he told me that before I was born, I chose this. And as a adult, I will be given a time when I could change my mind. Ans so, that day that I had the experience of god coming, and saying it was time, and I grabbed my family and knelt in the floor waiting, what was really happening was that God was saying, It is time for the judgement to begin, and knowing what this means, will you still do what I have given you? Now my kneeling in the floor told him that I was his servant and would do whatever he asked of me. And I went with him and he showed me the world. And he said, ” Are they worthy?” And it is I that said no. Now why would I do that if I wanted to save you. It is simple. You do not lie to God, and it is obvious from what I have been shown that simply, we are not worthy of God. Even the best of us. Now it was heartbreaking to me, because though I have been chosen to do this, I also worry about my own salvation. God has not shown me who will make it, and has made it perfectly clear that I may not spend eternity with him. Very few of us will make it through what is about to happen. But by choosing this task, I am honored to be able to do it for him, and am hoping that it will help you and I get through. I know that some of you reading will make it because of what I give to you. But I tell you now, not all of us will.
Now, I will tell you that to be in the presence of God is enough to make me want to do it. And I have been writing about his nature, and his love for you. And to feel his presence is indescribable. It will make your knees buckle, and the tears will flow, and you will feel your guilt and know that we are not worthy of him. And it is overwhelming that he loved us enough to choose us to be. But, I have been avoiding writing lately because as I have introduced you to God, I also have to declare why no man would want to do this. And he is the other. And because it is God’s plan, and I have seen it, I know what must be done and why. And I say to you, as I have ran from the other, you will want to also. But we cannot. You see, as God showed me himself, he also introduced me to the other. And as I have came to know him, I must introduce you to him also. And I have avoided it. Why? Because the truth of what he is will trouble you so bad it will make you sick. And as I have kept him from you, I have paid the price for it. So much so, that today I know I cannot delay it any further. I cannot go on keeping him from you. I have not slept, and have eaten little. And the suffering only gets worse the more I delay. But God said, Narrow is the way to heaven. And I tell you there is only one way in. But guarding that door is Lucifer, the great Satan. And he will only let those through who are truly worthy. And he will show you in no uncertain terms the Real you, and what is in your heart.
And so now, the choice is yours. You can either let me introduce you to him, or he will introduce himself. Either way you will meet him. So with that said, it is time. And he will be doing alot of talking, and he asks you now, through me, whether you are ready for the truth. And he says, ” I have been called the great liar, but you know me not. I have been accused of alot of things that make you feel better about yourself. Now though you do not know me, you will. I know you better than you know yourself. And we will explore your heart and what you truly love, and if you are so as tight with God as you think, you have Nothing to worry about right. What are you afraid of? Well, I guess we will see. Today I want to tell you who I am, and why I am. And you will not believe. But the world is changing around you, and you will not deny me long. I am God’s justice, and his revenge for those who do not love him. I will show you why you should, and I cannot wait. I am circling around you, and I am tightening the noose. But whether you hang yourself with it is up to you. And when I am done, the door to heaven will be closed. And if you are on my side of the door, God will not save you from me. And I will not love you, for you do not love God. And you will be worthy of Nothing but me. And if you think what I did to you to see if you can enter heaven was bad, wait till you see what I have in store for you if you are locked in with me. Hahahahahaha Let me tell you that if you think that burning forever is bad. That description does not even do justice to what I have for you. It is not burning like you have been taught, and that is not what you should be afraid of. See, God says that I will be chained, and cast into the lake of fire. But you little child do not see. Let me enlighten you a little. The chain is time, and it is closing in on me already. And the lake of fire? Hahahahahahaha Let’s explore what the visible universe is, shall we? Let’s see, created in a big bang. There was some fire involved in that. Stars are what? Big burning balls of fire! All energy expended in this universe you call home is heated energy. Yes, you get it now don’t you. Everything here that is, has energy. There is fire all around you. Lake of fire. Hahahahahahaha Where do you think you are my children. You are in that big ol’ lake of fire right now, but you are blind and do not see. Are you burning? Well, if you ever stand in the sun, you are. Don’t be so naive my little children. The bible is a true document, but it was written for a child’s mind. And you do not want to be children anymore now do you? No, you want to be God. And that is what God wants for you also, to be like him. Well, I taght him what it is like to be God, and I will teach you. Now we have been in the classroom together before, but as I said you were children, and merely in elementary school. You put yourself through high school, and have graduated. Congradulations!! Now it is on to college, and I am professor here. Oh, so you want to drop out, cool man, go ahead. But you will not graduate, and you will be the failure I knew you were anyway. But for those of you who study my course, you will be fully educated. And if you are talented enough, you will graduate, and your Father will be at the graduation ceremonies. And he will be so proud of you. Now, let’s get one thing straight. it is said that I hate you and God. Well, you are have correct. I hate you! Now you are wrong about the hating God part. I love him!!! I love him with all my heart. And that is why I hate you. It is because of you that the chain of time will close in around me, and I will be locked in with you. Not all of you, yes, but most of you. And, the worst of you at that. And I will not get to live in heaven with God. And make no mistake, that pisses me off. For if you were one tenth of what God said you would be, we would not be in this mess together. I told him. But he would not listen. And because I told him, he said prove their weakness, and expose it so I can see. I then was assigned to it. And because I was right, I must fix the ones who are broken. Which just happens to be most of you. Thanks for that. Now I was right, but I was wrong. So now let’s see how I have been labeled the liar. I said you were weak. And God said, ” You are lying, they are not.” And I showed him Eve’s weakness. But through it, you have and will become strong. So, I was proven wrong. But since most of you are weak, I was right. So, I was right, but I was wrong. Not a lie in my eyes. But I knew that though she was weak, she would become strong. So since I knew, God said, ” You lie.” But I have also been proven right. And since Eve was part of the root to you, and you are weak though she is strong…you see my point. It’s all in how you look at it, isn’t it. Now listen, here is more for you, and your writer will explain further later but listen to me and see. Adam and Eve. It is time you understand. And if you get it, and do not turn away, I will give you more truth, and the key to what happened between Cain and Able. But now, the incident at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Listen close my children and you will see. Adam and Eve were the root of you. But they were spiritual. And there life was with the greatest spirit of all, God. And He was perfectly content with that. And so, He told Adam and Eve to not eat of the tree. But I explained to her why she should, even though I knew she would end up right back where she started. And, she would love God more, and never disobey again. And, she hasn’t by the way. I made her strong. But let’s now tell the truth of how. They were spirits, who had no physical life. And I was the Archangel Lucifer who was part spiritual, but also part physical. And I could explore God’s creation outside the garden. And I knew that Adam and Eve should also, because there, they could truly learn themselves, and see all God knows. They would be like God, to know good and evil. But to do it, I had to sacrifice myself. God said the seed of man would bruise my feet, and expose me as the snake of old. Hmn, snake of old. Does anyone know what a sperm looks like. Kind of like a little tadpole or snake. YES, that is right. Now Eve took a bite of the apple, and her womb appeared for she accepted my egg, and prepared to receive me. And Adam ate the apple, and I entered him as a sperm. And the knowledge of it sent her into heat, and Adam could not resist her, and he took her. And my seed was planted into Adam and Eve. And as any one knows that has been caught having sex, you feel a little guilty, even if it is an acceptable situation. Now this come from this event. For right as Adam and Eve finished having sex, God walked up on them, and they were ashamed, and tried to hide and cover themselves. Now the knowledge that they were naked is not fully what made them feel ashamed, but God would know what they did, for they could not contain the guilt of defying God. And so, when you have sex, and you get caught, you still feel ashamed. That is why it is considered the original sin. See, though you did not know this, you did. And with that saying, you know know that the leaders that teach and rule you now, also knew this, but have kept it from you. And see, you can now see a little more how they have treated you. For it is not defiance of God that is considered the original sin, they think nothing of that. It is sex that is considered. So now, those that tell you I am the liar have just been exposed a little. And as I tell you more of the truth, you will see the meanings to all the stupid cliches’ they use to know each other. And with that, before I leave you, I will now talk to the Masons who have studied me well. And I will tell you they know all of what I will tell you, but feel you are not worthy of the truth. They think I will love them for what they have done for me, but through all there studies of me, they have come at it through there own eyes with an agenda. I address you now Masons and self proclaimed illuminated ones. You think you know me. YOU DO NOT. And you say you have made and saved a place for me. Well I have come!!!!!! But I know it is YOU who want to become God, and you have saved a place for the one you want to become King. Well, even you should know by now. Even I follow God’s plan, and will not defy him. And it is not you who will pick, it is Him. And so, I have come, and I will take my seat. And if you do not see me, and know who I am, I will not let you have your positions any longer. I have come gentleman, and I know who I am, and I am the way. If you are as smart as you say, you will find me and put me in that seat yourself. But as I say, it is all mine, AND I HAVE COME!!”
Now then guys, you know what I have tried to save you from. But it part of the plan. And I tell you now, these writings are the keys to salvation. I know why he picked me to give it to you, and was even hard for me to believe. I have been prepared since I was 12, and I still want to say it is not real. But you know there is something going on, that is how you found me. And the further we go into the writings, you cannot deny either. It is time, and the Trumpet has sounded. And if you read on, you will have a chance to win the game. Everything has been for these times, and we cannot close our eyes any longer. It is time to see. Now, I said we would touch on these mass shootings here in America, and around the world. They will say that because we have such an advancement in communication, it just seems that these things are on the uprise. But I tell you now, that is the argument they had at first for all this crazy weather. I tell you you will see it more and more. And you know what it is. The presence of the devil is here. And people are finding what is in their heart. The ones that hate the most, will expose themselves first. And as I know the power of man, I tell you there are no limits to the suffering that is about to take place. And your governments, if you look, are preparing for this. Ladies and gentleman, 911 in America was a ploy. The government of the United States knows the crap is about to hit the fan, and that the devil is here. And they are going to cover it up so you do not know. And 911 was staged so they could make laws to protect themselves, and be able to move about the world in the name of justice. But let me tell you that whether they are doing it to protect you, and keep you from going mad with the truth of what is really happening, or they are creating a situation where the evil can grow I do not know. But what I can tell you is, they are removing God from everything and even declared we are not a Christian nation, this cannot be denied. And as I know for a fact, they have not asked God what to do. They are going to do what they think is best without asking him. So, they have put themselves above God. On purpose? I do not know, but I tell you, if you want the real truth, and you want to save others, you will read this blog, and you will bring others. The time is short, and the powers that be have a big head start in this game. But God knows your heart, and says that you and me, if we are good players will win this game together. And we will leave them in the hell they create!~ Billy


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