The Key and The Witness

Today is a sacred day. Why, because today God says to give you the key. And all who have read to this point will understand. And all who are new here? Well, you have some catching up to do. And I will address you first. I welcome you. And now, you should thank whoever brought you to this writing, for they very well may have saved you. For you will not have to wait long to see, that all that is here, is truth. And those that brought you did so because they wanted you to see. So, they must love you, and so you should not move further without thanking them first. You see, they came looking for me, and have found me. And they loved you so much that they brought you here too. And it wasn’t easy for them. And now, as you read, they wonder what you must think. Because what you read here is amazing, astounding, and remarkably unbelievable. But, it is the key. In fact, it is why you and I are here. All that has happened for this moment to save you. And alot, in fact all that has happened in this world, has been for this moment, so that you could see. And so again, before you have a chance to believe or deny, which is also what this is all about, thank the one that brought you here. And now, those who have listened from the beginning. I love you!! Why? Because you came looking for me. And when you found me, you knew me. And now, you have done as I asked you, and you are bringing them. And so, because of you, they to will see. And you have been brave, because I gave you little really to go on. But, you felt me, and you knew. Well today, I reward you. And you will know you were right. And these words are not nearly as far fetched as they once may have seen. You have had faith in me. And in a world of little faith, you should know, I will remember you.
I woke up this morning crying to God. And I said, “God, I am starting to remember the thing I have tried so hard to forget. I am hurting God, and I need you now. Between you and me, why must it be like this. Why me?” Now, I already knew the answer. But you see, in this world, it is so hard to forget. Everything tells me that it is not real. And everything wants me to think it is not happening. Now, I have been accused of making up a fanciful fairy tale, so I can cope with this world. I wish!! You see, the answers I get are not the ones I want to hear. So, if that were the case, you would think I would make up a better thing to save myself with. But, I have no control over this. And it has been with me since childhood, so explain that. And in case you are wondering, and you are new here, I have tested the whole, OMG he is insane senario. And I will tell you now, ther are not many psychs here that want to be left alone with me for very long. We have done all the test. And when they are over, and they start really asking what is going on with me to here it in my words. They can’t help but be faced with the truth. He is not crazy. In fact, the logic of it starts to make them wonder about their own sanity. And in fact, I can prove to them what they already know. We are all mad here. But, if you pass all the sanity test, and can function with a degree of logic, you are normal here.
Rationality! That is what is needed to be successful here they say. But I will declare it. This world you see around you is the opposite of rational. See here, they tell you. It is impractical to believe in ghost and spirits. It is fantacy. And even though your leaders know the truth, they tell you just the opposite to do so they can keep power. They have power because they have done the opposite of what they tell you to do. And they keep power by telling you, it is in your best interest to do so. The rich man is so, because he thought he was better than you, and so he has taken everything. And he says that if you are a hard worker, and do what you are told, he will give you some back. And so, the poor man either has to beg for what has been stolen, or learn to take it. So, the rich man is not better that the poor man. He has already been the thief. And he has caused the poor man to make his choice. Now, if the poor man does hid thievery well and clever enough, he can join the rich man, and be as a brother. But if he get’s caught in his thievery, or he is a good man. He must then take whatever the rich man gives him. Now I can hear you already. You are rich, and you are reading this, and you say nonsense. I worked hard for my money, and I deserve it. Really. You did work hard! But what did you work hard at? Getting all the money so you can spend it on making yourself better, or did you spend it making the world a better place? Now, I am not saying that a mam can not work hard, and get a comfortable life through it for his family. And if he becomes rich and successful that way, and men have, that is to be commended. I am not speaking to you. For once you got comfortable, you started businesses and gave others also a chance to succeed. No, I am talking to the filthy rich men, and they are reading me. And they know why it is called filthy rich. Beacause they had to get filthy to aquire that much wealth. And they play God with it. Yes!! You now see were I am going. If you have to much of anything, and you are a good man, and you pray to God for all you are to do, then you will not be filthy rich, for you will give away what you do not need. But if you are filthy rich, you, or whoever gave you that money, stepped on alot of toes to get there. And you do not pray to God for what you are to do, you prey to God, to keep and build on what you have.
Now, I am not going to preach to you today. I am going to tell you. Everything you have comes from God. And he gave it to you to give to the others. And if you still have it, you do not know God. We are not better than God. But thinking so, is how we got here. And what have we been doing here. Have we been working our way back to God? Or, have we been trying to put ourselves up as God? Take a look around and you will get your answer. Oh, and you have. But since you did not see God, you have said, he is not here. And now, you are saying, be quite when you talk about God, you might offend someone’s beliefs. Hahahahahahahaha Well, with that, you have offended God. Oh, but don’t worry, he is not here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HE has always been here. HE is with us always!! But because we have not been with him, we cannot see Him. But he has seen you. And he says this to you.
“You were with me when I came to know myself. And you watched me create all things. And when I laid down to sleep, you told the others that you were God, because you wanted to be God. But I have sent one to Watch you. And he woke me up. And upon my waking, he has shown me what you have been doing in my name. And I have sent him here to wake you up so I can tell you, So, I can ask you a question. So, you think you are God? NO!!! I AMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! And I have come!!! I see all that you do, and I know all that you are. And my Witness has done right by me. You see, he also wanted to be God. And he even thought about tricking me into everlasting sleep. But, as you have went around crying about what I have done to you, which you have done to yourselves by the way, he has come to me and cried out to awaken me. For he has seen it. And he has acknowledged me as the one and only God. And he knows that if he didn’t, you would kill yourself. You cannot run things because it will lead to death, and he has seen that, and that is why he is chosen. He is the only one that would awaken me. And I know some of the others have cried to me to awaken, but they have done so to save themselves. He has done so not because he loves himself, or because he loves you, even though he does. No, I heard him because he thought of me. And he thought. What if God awoke, and creation was burning ash. All of his hard work, up in flames. Wouldn’t that hurt God’s feelings? To know all that he has worked for was gone? All that he had done? And he realized that is exactly what he saw was going to happen. And at that moment at first he thought, good, they deserve it, let it burn. But then he though of me, and what I would think. Now, the evil man would have laughed and said, that is what God deserves for his flawed creation. But my creation is perfect, that one would remember me. And I will fix it, because he loved me enough to awaken me before you destroy all that I gave to you. And since he loved me that much. I have given him a power. And in my perfection, it is one you cannot control. He is my witness to what you have done. And I am awake. And now it is time for him to sleep. And the KEY to your salvation and his is this. He has seen you. Now, when he sleeps, he can either have good dreams of you, and you can laugh and play together and he will remember you. Or, he will have uncountable nightmares of horror and judgement, and, he will also remember you!!!! And I will tell you, he is VERY sleepy, and he needs his rest, because you have made him weary and tired. And he does not have much more time to know you. And what have you been doing why I have been asleep? Have you been Able? Or have you been raising Cain? Well, he knows!”
Now again, we are going to be on Cain and Able for awhile, but you know there nature. And I have avoided this post because I thought that is what God wanted me to do. But today is a sacred day, and I, The Trumpet, who has declared he is no different than you, a mere pawn in the game, has given you the Key to winning. But, it is up to you how to play!!!!!~ Billy


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