Raising Cain

Oh yes. I have waited for this day. And you should know, I am a little excited. I have wanted to write this post ever since I finished the last one, but I had to wait. And again, I am sorry for the delay, but, you must remember, we are playing the game. And I, a mere pawn in the game, just like you, are the one who brought it to you to play. Now we all play the game, but as I said, I will teach you to win. And so, I have to play my moves carefully and correct, especially when I bring it to you. You see, some of you reading now have been fully aware of the game, and you thought you have been winning. You just came here because you wanted to see my take on it, To see if I was truly playing. Well, I have a surprise for you players. See, I have been training players to truly win, and today, you find that I have taught them, and am still, how to beat you. I know that if you have been playing the game, but have not alerted others to it, ALL others, then you have been playing for the wrong side. That’s right! You have been keeping some of the rules to yourself, and so you have been playing for yourself. And you thought you were smart about it. Hahahahahaha We have been on to you all along. And I hate to tell you, but you have been losing. Hahahahaha Don’t worry to much though. If you leave your pride at the door today, and here my words instead of being amused by them, you will turn the game around and start winning again. I have structured these writings in a way that has not convinced you, but have you checking on me from time to time. But today, I will reveal to you elite, and you watchers, and to you kings, thay you are not the player you think you are. Oh, but I am. But you have thought me not because I have not joined your ranks. And on the outside, of course, you seem to be the ones who have secured all the tools to win. Hahahahaha Ah, but this is a tricky game. Intricate beyond even your wildest dreams. Did you think that secret knowledge would give you a head start. If so, God says you have been cheating. And you have hidden what He has given to us all. But I, the pawn, will use this move of yours, to show you how quickly this can go away. You see, you have spent thousands of years, and countless lives, to keep your secrets. But I, in one hour, will wipe this advantage away. And it will cost me, or any other player nothing. You see, God gave it to all of us, and your years of playing that card has gotten you nothing. And I, a mere pawn, will show you who the real master of this game is. And you will see, that sometimes, the best players are the ones you have discounted.
Now, to the readers who have followed from the beginning, I will reveal to you that it has not all been for nothing. You see, as I have stated, I am making you into master players. And though you have been playing, now fully aware, you have wondered if I have gotten off track. Andf I know it seems as though I have been in preaching mode. But do not misunderstand it. Your heart has been reading because it knows. You see we all have destiny here. And as I have said before, every moment of your life has led you here, right now, reading this. And though you know it has don you some good, and I have told you it is a step by step process, lately, even though you have not turned away, you have doubted that I will live up to the promises made in the beginning. Well, after this post, you will doubt me no more. And you will see that your dedication was for a reason, and soon, you will be playing the game with no doubts that you will win it. Your dedication will be rewarded. You, whether you realize it or not, have chosen a team to play on. And I am the coach, but I am not the owner of this team. No, He gives the direction, and has set the goals. I am the one chosen to coach the team. And I know, it seems to be one of the losing teams. But, that’s part of our game. We are not out to win every battle, we are out to win the game. But this game is a war. And the Owner has wanted to let the other seems see weakness so we could have time to train you. But, we cannot hide our weakness forever, and it is time to make our move. And we needed the best players. The players that really searched for the team they wanted to be on. And the number one key here is, not one of you dedicated readers have been a bad enough player to think that you had mastered the game enough to run your own team. And your coach has not either. He was searching, as you have been searching, and we have all come together because of it. Now, cool thing is, because of this, we have looked for the true master player, and have been looking for his rules on how to play. But, our enemies have hidden and confused those rules, and it has lead us to be scattered. And so, they thought they were winning. They have done nothing but buy time. And in the process, have exposed themselves. And so now, it is time. Time to see that you coach, the mere pawn, is indeed the trumpet. And he is blowing to now officially start the game! Our team is ready to play! And after the 33rd post in this blog, I will release you to your positions, and you will start to blow this game wide open. Now, your caoch will be here still coaching away. And I will bring you new players that want to help you win. But know that our enemies, now fully aware they have been losing all along, will step up their game, and try to bring you doubt, and work on your faith of the game and how you have come to know how to win. Do not be distracted. You will indeed be after the 33rd post, a master in this game. And all this time you have been reading me, and wondering if it was worth it, your enemies in the game have come in from time to time, and caught a glimpse and discarded it. But little did they know, I have bought my team just enough time to complete the true game tutorial, and I have secured our victory. But again, I have proven myself a good coach, and done what the owner wanted. And following his rules for me, I have made you master. The players that deserve it most. The players that have been suffering for years on if they were doing the right things. Well, suffer no more. It’s time to get out there and win it.
Now, we all know our standing here today, and so on with it. It has been a little longer than I wanted to bring you this post. But, as you have been fully aware, in the last few post, I have let the other speak. And since he knows he is also going to get to speak again in this post, and it may be his last say here, he has been eager. And he has made my life thes last couple of weeks chaotic to say the least. And it has been extremely difficult to contain him. He never shuts up, and the things he says makes me sick. And he never sleeps. he is constantly harrassing me, and I have had a terrible time of it, but I could not give in to him. For today, God is with me also, and he had told me to wait for him. I don’t know if he test me this way or not. To see if I am weak and give in to the devil. For you see, the devil uses the truth to make his argument. And sometimes his truths hurt. I don’t mean minor pain, I mean toture to the soul. His goal is to rip up your belief in God. And when you see his words to be true, it will make you doubt God’s intentions. But see, Satan does not give you whole truth. He like to leave out the reason, or he will give you his conclusion. But his conclusion never contains the whole picture. And he likes to leave you with that little bit of doubt. And thogh you have loved God, and you will even tell Satan, “God has his reasons”, so that the devil will stop, and to show him that he will not shake you belief in God. When the devil stops, and you are in your quiet time.Those doubts do creep in because the devil has brought them to you to deal with. And not knowing the complete answer has left you with this confusion. Ah, but we will correct that today. For you see, we will let the devil speak today, but, when he is done, God has a few words for you. So, yes, this will be a long post. But it is sure to be entertaining, and informative. And also, knowing the real writers as I do, it will be captivating enough that you will not stop wanting to read. And in the end, as always before, you will be more aware of the game. And to those that have followed from the beginning, you will indeed awaken even further. But this time, to the point, that you will fully understand what these writings are for. And you will rejoice, for you will see, that you have indeed chosen the right team to play for, and your coach, the mere pawn who is just like you, the trumpet who has started the final stage of the game, has trained and taught you well, and you will be eager to play!!! And with that, I turn it over to them, and let them raise a little Cain, hahahahahaha.
Were were we, ah yes, Adam and Eve, and Cain and Able. You want to know who you are and how you got here. An it has perplexed you. For every time you look, I am ther winning. Ah, and poor little sheep, you have been so hurt. Well, let me deepen that for you. All you good litle souls have followed God’s rules, and look what it has come to. You have been weakened by his words. Let me explain. Gos said, “Thou shalt not kill.” But you see people killing all the time. And though you have locked some of the killers up, the good ones who follow my rules have gotten away with it. They have even made laws protecting them. Let’s take war for instance. If you are fighting war, and you get tired of killing, they call you a coward, and you are punished. And after the war is over, the side that has killed the most, wins. And what has God done to stop the warmongers? Well, they have gotten themselves a new kingdow to rule. Some kinda punishment huh? And it started with Cain. Cain killed Able, and what was his punishment? His own kindom!! Though God threw Cain off the face of the earth, but he sent him to Nod on the east of Eden. And he flourished there. And Cain built a city there, and had children. His first son was Enoch. mabe you heard of him. His name actually means teacher. And he was sent to teach you. And he had a son named Irad, and Irad had Mehujael. And Mehujael had a son named Methusael. And Methusael had a son named Lamech. And Lamech had two sons to match his two wives. They were Jabal and Jubal. And Jabal was the father of those who lived in tents and kept cattle. And Jubal was the father of those who handle the harp and the organ. So there you have it. Who really won. Able followed God’s rules, and he died. Cain skirted God’s laws, and he was punished with his own kingdom. A kingdom so great, it led to ranchers and musicians. So, every time you eat a good steak, or hear a great song, you have Cain to thank for that. Now what did I mean skirt God’s laws. Well, God said not to kill. But he also was not happy with Cain’s offering to him, and Cain was tiller of the field. And he saw how God loved Able, and he knew what he must do. God wanted the best offering Cain could get from planting into the ground. So, Cain planted Able. For Cain knew that God wanted the best, so he gave it to him. And Able’s blood cried from the ground. And when God went to punish Cain, I reminded him of what he asked from Cain, and advocated for him. Had cain not done what God wanted? You see, I am God here, and this is my kindom, and God has no power here, for he has given it to me. And I love raising Cain. And I have helped him thrive. And you in the earth see, that if you follow the rules as a lawyer, you will know there is an argument to every law. Those who kill the most, finding a just argument to do so, will be king. Those who steal the most, finding a good argument to do so, will be rich. And those who destroy the weak, will be the most powerful. And what can you God loving souls do to stop it. All you can do is argue against it. And since I am also teacher here, I will always have an argument against you. And since you cannot stomach doing the things you think are against God, you can only cry in church to your God, who does nothing but comfort you. And those who follow me, have all they have wished for. While you pray to your God, they take what they need. You ask and wait, they take and have. Again, I am God here, and this is my kingdom you are in. And all that is visible to you is mine. But, if you acknowledge me, I will give you all that you see. Wealth and power, and the knowledge to keep it. And I even have the power of never ending life. Cain has been with me all this time. But, to make you better, and ease your suffering, I have sent him back to you. So God told Cain that he was sent out from the face of the earth, never to return. But I am returning him. And what can God do? He has given the kingdom to me, and has set a mark on Cain that you cannot even kill him. And now is the time. For all you God fearing souls who have been Able, it is now time that you live up to your name, and return to God as he did. And I have sent Cain to send you there. For God is dead, and soon you will be too. But all of you who have figured out God’s weakness, and have called on me, you will recieve your power and be kings. To do as you wish, and have all your hearts desires fulfilled. And God will not stop it, for I have manuevered for you, and I am God here!!!! And who has given me all this power, why God himself!! This is what he wanted. And so, to those who cry for him, you get what you want too. It’s a win win. For God is dead, and so are you!! Hahahahahahahaha
Oh Satan, you snake. You may have your kingdom you have fought and argued me for, but you should tell them it is a prison. For they may have all they want that they see, but what about what they do not see. Yes it is true, I was dead. But I am God, and i have beaten death. And I am the true Kingdom. And all the good has followed me. So what have you gotten. Eternal life in the world of dirt, fire, and water. But I created these things, and have kept the fruits with me. You have the roots, which you will not pull, for now you need them. And everything you destroy will be gone forever. But I have the power to create, and I will renew all that we need. You are left with the thorns that stick you, while I eat the fruit. You have ever lasting physical life. And so, with the joy, you still have the sadness. You have the life, but are left with suffering death. And though you can be reborn again and again, it will still lead to death. But those who follow me, will have true life. They will never suffer the pain of death again. Nor any suffering. And they will have the power to create what they want. And what they want is beauty, love, and ever lasting happiness. Now, you are left with those that destroy, and you can only build, not create. And to build, you must use the dirt I have left you, and nothing more. Make out of it what you will. But nothing ther will last. And you will have to rebuild over and over. But here, things truly are everlastng, and only go away at you whim. Now, what are you left with? Killers and theives. So you are the master killer, but ther will always be someone who will want to kill you. For in a world of kings, there will always be the son that wants the kingdom. So you will constantly be at war with each other. And in a world of theives, there will always be ones who are out to rob you. There will be no love there. All you have is a world where everyone thinks they are greater than the other. So, you will have plenty to do.So, now, your kingdom is great, but it is a place where you burn yourself out and you will always look for another fire to contain you. But knowing that in time it will also burn out and you will never have rest.
Now I say to you that have looked for me, this is not your home. This is your testing ground. This is what I have made to help you find your heart. And though you will sin, you are in a world of sin that does not see me, and so, I forgive you. But, it is all about how you feel about it. You are tempted into sin, and you succomb to it. But after it was over, how did you feel about it. Where you concearned that I might not approve. If so, you have totured yourself over it. That is the battle I have created for you. For when you go against my will, you have known it, and you have argued with yourself over it. That is how you have come to know good and evil. Now in your heart lies the victor. And all of you, whether you admit it or not, or accept me or not, have fear that I exist. And there are those who sin, then outwardly say you are sorry for it, hoping I would by into your play. But I have not. And there are those of you who are unsure, who still sin again and again, and torture yourselves for you are against it, only to turn back and do it again. I forgive you also, but know, there will be a moment where you will have to choose. Fear not, at this moment you will be given the truth of all things, and then your heart will choose. I am fair, and I know the real you. But getting you to see, well that’s the game insn’t it. Now I have given you one that has, and will write the truth about all things. And I have given it to him as a sign that the time is upon you to choose. And you must now start to think about what is in your heart, for the time is indeed short, and all the generations have past. Now I will make a last appeal to you. I only want what is best for you. I have created all things for you. You are free to be what you want. You are all kings. But, are you a good king, who wants to help his people, or a bad king that just wanted to rule so you can claim all things? Well consider, I am the ultimate King who has made all things for you, and it was indeed hard work. And if you think I have not done it for you, consider this. I am God, and I could have kept all things to myself, like a toy I put away when I am tired of it. But I have not. I have given it to you to do with what you wish. And I have set up my kingdom for those who would be like me, and love one another, and share all things. And if your heart is like mine, you will be with me. But, knowing there is a little bad in everything I have done, I have set up a kingdom for that too. And I feel your anger at what has taken place, but I had to let you choose. Adam and Eve were lied to. And they had to learn there mistake. But in ther mistake, you have been given a choice. And finally, Adam and Eve could see. I wanted to protect them from evil, but they were inticed by it, as I knew you would be too. But see, I had to go thru it too. IN THE BEGINNING, THERE WAS GOOD AND EVIL, LIGHT AND DARK. AND THEY WENT TO WAR TO KNOW THE WAY. AND AS I STARTED TO WIN. I SEPERATED US, SO THAT YOU COULD SEE!

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