The Plea~ A Story of Love

I am compelled to give you this story. Another tale of fiction for all intesive puposes. For if it was true, no one would believe it anyway. So I bring it to you, the followers of this blog, for your dedication to reading all I have said thus far. And it is your next to last post in this section of this blog, The Game- To Be or Not To Be. And this first section was to introduce you to the game, it’s players, and a bit on how you should play if you are to win. And you should know, no matter what anyone else says about it, that you have been taught by a master player, and soon all will see. And I am master of this game only because I was given how to play by the creator of the game so that you will be master, and teach others as I have taught you. And one came before me, who was master also, but the world at the time didn’t believe in him, and moved to remove him from the game. But a few did believe, and the game continued, and it is because of this that you have found me. And I am the one in the middle who declares, the end of the game is near. And the one that was first, will be the last, and He is coming to end the game. So I say to you, because I so loved God, and he so loved you, to open your heart and look beyond yourself, and see what the game raelly is, and start playing like your life, and that of others depend on it. For this is a deadly game, and to lose is to be removed forever. With that said, I give you the story- The Plea~ A Story of Love.

In a land of plenty, a son was born, and his name was that of the storm. They called him Gail, and he was the middle child, and a happy baby that laughed himself to sleep. But as he became more aware, his happiness wained, as the raelity of his situation set in. He noticed soon, that his parents were different, and so theyt fought with each other constantly. And this was his first sadness, that they loved each other not, and he didn’t understand it. For as a happy child, he thought all were happy as him, and he did not even think that people could be mean to each other. But he found out that he was wrong. And the ones he thought would love each other most, hurt each other tremendous. And because of this he felt his first real sadness, and he cried to God to fix it. But God did not fix it, as a matter of fact it became worse. And so when he realized that this was the way it was, he asked God why he did not answer his prayer. And God said, “I am sorry child, but I could not, because they have free will.” And so the child struck up a conversation with God so that he may understand why people would want to hurt one another. And so he asked about free will, what it meant, and how man came about it. And God said, “That is complicated child and to you all will be revealed. But for now I will tell you that man was with me, and I gave him one commandment. But he went against my wishes, and he lives with what he has done because I created him to be free to choose his own way. And he never asked me why because he thought my love for him would save him from all that would hurt him. But I tried by giving him the one commandment, and he chose not to listen. And he chose not to listen because one lied to him, and for a moment he doubted me.” And the child was confused, and he asked God, “Why didn’t you put in man to never doubt you, and remove his free will so you could make him perfect?” And God replied, ” I gave him free will so that he would be perfect by learning all things. To tell him of the bad would only make him curious, and he would wonder on it forever, never finding out for himself. And in knowing all things, he would learn himself, and what was in his heart.” And the child understood this, but he was not happy with God’s answer. He was not wroth with God, but with man for not following God’s rule. And he relized because of this we were seperated from God, and that man was capable of all he choose, and there wa no guarantee he would chose right. Indeed it seemed to the child that man would always choose wrong, for the first man did not what God told him. So he was upset with man, but vowed that he would would live his life to change this, and again he became happy.

So now the child was curious about his parents, and why they would fight against one another. And he studied them. And he found that they were two different people. The mother was strong, and took care of her children because she loved them. And she felt she was responsible to them because she bore them, and would suffer all to do what was right for them. But the father loved himself more than his children, and did whatever he loved. And he did not believe in God, and so he loved whatever he wished, no matter what this meant for his children. And this was the war they fought. Him taking all to get what he wanted, and her fighting to take back what she needed for the children. And the child understood more what God had said about what was in man’s heart. You could either love yourself, or you could love God. And if you loved God, you loved the others God created. And so the child thought, how could he get his father to see, and he paid more attention to him. And he was perplexed a little by his father. He was a man that loved himself and knew God not. And because of this he was loud and proud and confident in himself above all others. And the child thought people were just like him and would move to straighten his father out. But what he found was that the more he loved himself, the more others loved him also. The louder he was, the more people listened. And the flashier he was, the more people would look. And at this observation he was troubled. And he knew that to get his father to see God would be terribly hard. So, he turne his attention to his mother. And he noticed that she was always working to feed her family, and she was constantly tired, busily working her mind on her troubles. And her troubles were great, and she had a hard time feeding her children, who were three very hungry boys. And her mind was always on them. And though the father took her out from time to time, most of her time was filled with labour. And sometimes she fell short of her goals, and would ask for help, but people did little to help her. Because unlike the father who was happy having fun, she was tired and worried. Now given the choice, people would choose the father, and turned away from the mother who was suffering. And this is how the child began to see man, and again he was very troubled. And seeing the suffering of the mother the child cried out to God again, and he cried,” Oh God, why must my mother suffer so loving her children, and the father loves himself and suffers not. And why do people not help my mother, but flock to my father in droves? ” And God answered the child and said, ” Because they have free will my child, and they have chosen not to follow me.” And the child said to God, ” Why have they forgotten you God?” And God answered, ” They love theirself so much, they have lost their faith in my existance because I threw them out of heaven, and into earth. And so now, they blame me for what Adam did.” And the child was hurt by this for God. And he said to God, ” God, I am sorry for what they do, and knowing you not, but I love you God, and I believe in you.” And at that moment, a feeling of overpowering love came over the child, and he felt as though God was embracing him. And he cried in joy from the love he felt from God, and he was content.

But as he got older, he heard the parents fighting more and more. And though he knew why, it became almost unbearable. And it came to the boy that he might not be alone in this suffering, and the pain became overwhelmingly unbearable. And he also realized that there were other families like his in which the parents fought. And knowing now that most did not have his connection with God, and do indeed blame God for all things, he could only imagine the pain that they felt. And so he did, he imagined it. And he again, now as a boy, broke down into tears and cried out to God. And he said, ” God, enough of this!! I cannot stand it no more. Knowing that people would hurt each other this way and worse. That they would kill each other for their own sake, and not look to you. Who will save them God? Please come to us and put an end to this suffering for the children’s sake! And moreso God, I know you see this and I know it hurts you so, and I am embarressed for them, that you see your greatest creation coming to this. I am sorry God, please, what can I do to stop it? For you have said that through you we can do all things. And I God want to remove this pain from your people so they may again see you and feel your love. For I feel this is all that will save them God, please return to us who would love you, and stop this pain!” And God came in such a rush that the boy could hear and feel his coming, and his breath was taken away, and he felt a power and a feeling he could not describe. And God said, this time in a loud and thundering voice, ” I have heard you my son, and I come to you now. I have waited for one like you that would repent for all mankind’s sake. And you, a decendant of Cain have rejoined the family of Adam. And I will empower you. If you do as I command you, and not waiver in your task, I will give to you the last chance to help them see. For they are indeed darkness, and you have begged for light. But behold, few will see you for they have been taught to put their light above mine. But in your stomach that is bitter, the words of salvation lie. And you will use the words to save them, as well as yourself. For even you will fall for a short time, so your enemies will fooled to think you are weak, for they have even killed my begotten son, but will know you not until the end when I will remind you, and you will remind them. For we have waited for you, and your generation shall not fall away before the end has come.” And the boy was happy, and said nothing would ever turn him from God, not fully understanding what God had said.
And so, the boy went about his childhood living for God. And though God did not come to him as before, he did remember him and what he had said, and he remembered his pact with God. But, he waited for his time going about his life. And though God did not come to him as before, he could feel the holy spirit. And when he concentrated on it, great wisdom came to him that he could not explain. He recieved the concept of Quantum physics as it is called today, but it was shown to him as the puzzle of the visible universe. While teachers were telling him that ythe atom wa the smallest known thing, he knew better, but said nothing. He saw the particles that were but were not, as they decided what was right, and moved to positive and negative. And he saw as they seperated themselves to be one positive, and one negative, but were seperate. And he saw as one positive, and one negative joined together and was both. And he knew it was for man’s sake, so that on his level of reality, as a man pondered whether he was positive or negative, good or bad, that one man would know he was both. And would tell the others so they would know what they were. And upon seeing this, the boy knew who he was, and understood God’s words further. And that he would indeed be this man, who saw good and evil in all men and knew they were both. That God was good, and Satan was evil, but man was both and joined them together in him, but seperated them from each other. And that he would tell men how perfect God’s creation was that man would ultimately do good, knowing evil and containing it inside of himself. And he saw as he ws shown the advancement of men that was to come before all this would be revealed. How the web was cast around the world so that all would see and hear almost simultanously. And he also saw the wars that were to come, for Satan’s sake, so that he could fool the world. And he said to himself after seeing all these things, do not consider yourself great in your eyes for knowing all this, and being able to see through the lies of the world, and remember from wence it came. And he said to himself, you cannot be tempted by the devil, and he cannot touch you. And so foolishly, through to much confidence in which he was warning himself of, he shouted to the devil, “Oh devil, you fool, how can you think you can beat God? For he has created me, and I will show them. You have no power over me devil and I am not afraid of you!” And then he made a statement he would regret for years to come. And it is that this was to be so, so that he would understand, that only God has power over Satan, and he meetes him on his terms, not yours, and that he is not to be challenged by man unless God has given you to do it. And he said, “I challenge you Satan, try and get to me.” And he laughed. But as he did, a coolness fell over him, and he knew he had made a mistake. And he cried to God, ” Please protect me.” But he felt God not.

And soon it was that the boy was near a teen, and he met some old men with great knowledge. And they were men of the ritual and symbolism, and they spoke of God, but knew him not. And they had a proposition for the boy. You see, they had a problem. They had been gathering ancient books of knowledge, and it was their turn, in their circle, to fulfill prophesies written in the ancient books. And they had read, that a boy would come among them, that knew great things given to him by God. And that he would be the one to read one of the books, that they could not fully decipher. And so they told him. If you have all the knowledge you claim, you will translate this book for us. And in return, we will bestow on you all the wealth you would desire. And the boy agreed, suddenly understanding one of his task from God. And he was indeed the one in the middle who stood in the middle of light and dark, and knew the natuer of both fully. And he did read the book. But when he was done, he told the men he could not, and he revealed nothing to them. And it was hard fo the boy, for what was in the book made him sick, but he could not let the men know. For they were powerful men, and only wanted what was in the book to secure their power. And as with the other books, they would keep it a secret. And the men did not trust the boy, for he spent weeks on the book, and they could see it had changed him. But they let him go, but kept a watch on him. Now the boy kept what was in the book secret, and told no one. And after awhile the men died and their predecessors and initiates heard of the boy but believed in him not, but still kept him in their sights, but eventually came to not believe in the story at all. And they forgot about the boy, and looked for another. And the boy went on with his life as normal. But again, it was hard. because the book was indeed the story of Satan, and the truth of his relationship with God, and still it sickened and drove the boy to near madness. But he loved God so, that it kept him sane, for he remembered what he was to do and his pact with God. And he said to himself, I must go on for His sake, and I will be strong. And he waited for God to tell him what to do. But the boy grew into a man, and God did not come. And so the man doubted himself. And after all he had been through he thought, mabe I am a little crazy. And mabe being quite so intelligent is a sign of madness, and he hid his thoughts from everyone and tried to live a normal life. But he still felt connected to God, and wanted to do something to help pepole see him, even though by this time, he was not even following God’s rules. The strife of life, and years in poverty, and knowing fully now his own weaknesses and sins caused him to become distraught. And he began to sing for God, but no one would listen. For in this world, to speak of God brings ridicule. And though men say they believe in God, see what happens when you go around speaking about him all the time. I guarantee you will not be in the mainstream my friend. And so for years he tried to hide the words of God in his lyrics, but though he was a good singer, he was unsuccessful. And so he joined the workforce and slaved away as all men without riches, scratching to get some bread fo the family. And in this even, he was unsuccessful, and he family fell deeper and deeper into poverty. And so one day, he cried again to God, and he said, ” God please, do not let my family suffer for my failures, please save them lord. They deserve so much more than me.” And God finally again answered him and he said, ” Gail, I love you. Do you remember what I promised you?” And the man said, ” Yes lord, but I came to not beleive in me. And besides, I am nothing God.” And God said, ” My son, there is nevernothing, and it is time! They do not see you, and in this way they consider you weak. And you will work with what I have given you, the knowledge in your mind, and the love in your heart. And you will write what I tell you. And the other will be with us so they will know him, and we will give them the chance you asked for. Do not worry about how many come to you, for remember free will. And we will indeed start from the bottom, and they will have to look to see you. And at first, you will have only a few that will believe in you. And it will seem that it is all for nothing. But we are with you, and they will see all that love me will eventually find you. First you will write to the few. And then you will declare yourself. And more will come. And you will write some more to save the core. And when that segment is done, you will be an example. One that will rise from the ashes of nothing in my name, and they will see you. And you will save the ones that are lost, though it will seem you are doing nothing. It is time my son. Do not be shaken by those who will not believe. Believe in me, and they will see. And you, decendant of Cain, will bring the family back together. You will stand in the middle and declare me for all to see. Go, and write what I say unto you!”

And so the man started writing, and he declared himself for all to ridicule or follow. Knowing the free will of man, and what some would say of him. And right now, it is yet determined if God’s promises for him will be fulfilled. But he will not waiver, and he writes today all what God tells him too. And some of those close to him have turned away, but others have taken their place. And he is reaching them. But, if he succeeds, from where he has stared his final quest, who can deny the power of God!


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