The Red Horse~ Brother Against Brother!

Whoa be to thee, oh churches of gold, who let my people starve, but say words of comfort in my name. Whoa be to thee who cause my children to suffer, and lecture them on the deeds of man. I have set my sword against thee and will cut thee at the knees. Whoa be to thee that kill any man in my name as though you are the judgement. Judgement be to thee tenfold. I have come as a theif in the night, and you have not seen me. I will give thee but a short time to repent, and remember from which you are fallen, and to do thy works as you have been commanded by your Father. Whoa be to the rich which have not recieved the poor. I will turn the tables on thee, and it will be you who begs for food. Mine eyes are upon you, and no man shall hide his works from me. Whoa be to the inhabitants of earth, who have heard my words and have repented not, for the day of judgement is upon you. Whoa be to the father, who has not told his son about me, out of fear of ridicule. The time is at hand.

I am the first and the last, and I am upon you. And soon you will see. And you will lower your head in fear, but I have already seen you. I know of all that you do, and I know what is in your heart. I will expose you. And unless you are steadfast, and remember from wence you came, and hold me in your heart during the tribulation, you shall recieve the second death. And your name removed from the book of life. But those who remember me, shall eat of the tree of life, that is with my Father in the garden. And he has waited for you. Those who have suffered in my name shall know the Father, and ye shall be kings and priest for my sake.

Whoa be to thee, oh pontiffs and kings, who have ruled for your sake and forgotten me. Who have taken my kingdom and beguiled it, and to steal from those who have followed you. You have set yourself up high in the earth, but in one hour I will expose thee. Whoa be to thee who worship idols in secret, but say you are men of God. You shall be reduced to ashes, and none will remember thy name, lest thy repent with thy whole heart. Behold, oh ye of earth. I will set brother against brother, kingdom against kingdom, and tremendous suffering will be upon you. And though you try and hide in the rocks, and bury yourself in the ground to escape, they will find you. And lest you proclaim me, and let your suffering be in my name, no place will be found for you in heaven, and I will not proclaim you to my Father, for you have never known us. Whoa be to thee who loves himself more than God for no water shall wash thee clean.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. And those who hear my voice, and open the door, I will come unto him and I will sup with him, and he with me. And he that overcometh shall sit with me in my throne, as I have overcame also, and set with my Father at his throne.

Behold oh ye of earth, the first seal has already broken, and the white horse has been among you. But now, the trumpet sounds, and the second seal is broken, and the red horse and his rider is come! And he has been given the great sword, and brother shall be against brother, and no peace shall be with you any longer in the earth!


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