Into The Light

So, you are still reading the blog, but you are wondering if you have learned anything so far. Hahahaha, well, we will see. If you passed initiation, then I applaud you. And if you have you are probably saying to yourself over and over, WTF? What is that? Now some of you have a good clue. But to the others, don’t worry, we are going to get deep into it. And if you saw nothing, we still have work to do. But as I said, for better or for worse, I will continue. I am not worried now about how many stay with it, that choice is up to you, and I have come to understand man’s free will. And I cannot concearn myself with those who turn away. This is not a popularity contest for me. As you are aware by now, this all strted for me between me and God. And I chose to bring it to you. But you are all adults and you can make up your own minds. Now I have convinced some of you, and there are yet others who read for the entertainment purposes only. I am good with that. But, I have to start to play the game like it is meant to be played. And so if you are reading for entertainment, then you are in luck. Because as I said, I will step up my game a little. I stated at the end of the year that this blog is going to change. And I’m sure you can tell by the change in tone I am writing in today, that things will be different. The first part of the blog was a training session, and you are free to debate on it’s worth, but it will prove itself in time. But now I will really go out on the limb. I will start soon, and very soon posting video and pictures to go along with the blog. Yes, I have introduced myself, but you have yet really seen me. Well, that will change. For to meet my goals in the game, I cannot just write to you in the dark, and hope it takes hold. Now, I know I have yet to prove anything I have written up till now, and you have asked for links to the information I have given you. Well, I will do better than links. We will explore and find the truth in the open. We will bring in people places and things. I am not foolish enough to think that you will be changed by words alone. No, I have to be an example and truly show you. And I will do just that. Now I am also not foolish enough to think, that some of you who have read my words, do not think of me as anything but a lunatic. So be it. As a matter of fact, I probably would too. But I would also be like you, looking to see if there really is anything to it. Well, we will find out. Now I say stepping on to a limb because I tell you now, if the things I have said are fantacy, I am surely about to be exposed. I am truly stepping into the light for all to see. And I know how people like to tear you down. But, I am ready for it. And as I said, though I am nothing now truly, and on purpose too, we will see if, and how I will change that. And we are starting at the bottom, with nothing. So, if I fail, I will be the village idiot, and you are free to point and laugh. Ah, but I will not fail. A good player who is prepared knows how to win. But winning will not be over you, it will be with you, and how I do it will be a shock to most. You see, I am not going for the money, or the fame, or anything like that. No, I am set out to prove to you God. And He has been hidden well by those who seem to have all the power, and all the money. And I am not set out against them, but rather despite them. For anything hidden can be found, it is only the distraction along the way that will be the challenge. And as I said, I do have some pretty vulnerable weaknesses, and getting distracted is definately one. But I am not playing for me, as some seem to think. I am playing for God, and I am determined. Now this is not meant to be a challenge to those against me, but they may see it that way. For those against God are also determined. But that is okay here, especially for you, for you have nothing to lose by reading me. And I have made it to where I have nothing to lose either because all has already been lost. And so really, there is only that which is to gain. And that is a world fully knowing itself. For if the world ever comes to know itself, it will truly move to end all hunger and strife. And it will do so because it is embarrassed before God that there still is hunger and suffering here. Now, I will not succeed in all that I do for I am far from perfect, but I will change things.

I will introduce you to my family so you can come to know me further. But know, they had nothing to do with this, even though they support me. In fact, my wife is against it because she is afraid for me, and what may come of it. And my son is to young to hold him accountable. But I will show you them. And I will introduce to you people, with their consent of course who will have stories to tell. And with them you will get the real story of the state of pepole and their reality that the mainsteam has chose to ingnore. They want to tell you what to see, and they hide the truth. But we will meet real people who don’t have anything to sell you, or are worried about what to say because of what you may think. They will give it to us straight, and you will see a different picture of the world. We will explore people’s suffering, and people’s joy, and get the real story. And I have already been surprised at the reception of those I have asked so far. And am overwhelmed by how pepole receive what I say, and how they have stories for me that they have hidden because others have said to believe in some things is nonsense. But when they hear there are others like they are, they are not only happy, but relieved. You see, if you beleive in great things now, the mainsteam like to paint you as a little off. And some have kept quiet out of fear they will be shunned. But we will start to expose the truth, and you will start to see how fantastic things really are, even among all the bad. There are great things happening all around you, but you have been blinded by what others have told you to see. Miracles happen everyday, but you have been told not to believe in them. Now, I have had to be careful how I have brought you my message before for I was speaking for God, and the other, and I had to get their messages to you correct. But now I will use my words, even though they are sure to come and inspire me. They have done this my whole life, and that will not stop. But I will speak to you through my words. So spelling, and punctuation, well I get to excited for you to hold me to that, but I will try. But I am an excitable person, and sometimes I get a little ahead of myself. But again, you will truly get to know me.

So enough on what I am going to do with the blog, and a little taste of it. Just a little so you will know. Now, I have no pictures or anything today, and this will be a short little nothing, but that is how I will start the segment: So, I was talking to some friends of mine where I work about what I have been writing. Now I did so because I have to let all people around me know, and because as i said, it is time to play. Now I wanted to get permission from a certain man to write about his life so that you can see how people treat each other, and how they really don’t even know the people they are around. And if they did, they would not do some things they do. And I can’t wait to bring his story to you, but I have to put it all together, for his story is a complete post in itself. But after I got his permission to start, I talked to a girl named Eva about what I was going to do, and why. And during the conversation, I said to her, ” People go to church all the time, and hear about angels, and they say they believe. but if an angel knocked on their door, and he looked liked what they envisioned, with the wings and everything like you see in pictures, what would they do?” And she surprised me with a quick response. I wanted her to see that people would freak out but she went right past it, and she said, ” Well, I believe in angels, and I will tell you why, and you can write about it. As a matter of fact, if your blog is what you say, I want you to.” And she proceeded to tell me that one night she put her daughter to sleep, and she went about getting things ready for the next morning. But suddenly she heard her daughter’s voice saying, ” Why did you wake me mommy?” And she was busy and didn’t quite get what the daughter asked. it didn’t register because she did not wake her. But she told her daughter to get back in bed and she would be up to tuck her back in in a moment. And the little girl went back to bed. And as promised, Eva was up to her daughters room after just a minute to tuck her little girl in, and get her back to sleep. So as she did so, the little girl asked her again, ” Why did you wake me mommy?” And Eva said what honey, and the girl asked her again. And she said, “Honey, I did not wake you.” But the girl said, ” Yes you did mommy.” And of course Eva said, ” Now honey, I did not wake you.” But the little girl was adament and said, ” Yes you did mommy, and your hair seemed a little longer but, you tugged at me and said to get up.” Now Eva did not want to fight with her for she had other things on her mind. And she said, ” No honey, it must have been a dream, now go back to sleep.” But about then she smelled smoke in the air of the room, and started to look around. The whole room was filled with a thinlayer of smoke but it was building and becoming more thick. And as she looked around for the source, a fire broke out from the wall around an eletrical outlet in the girl’s room. Now Eva called for her husband, and they put out the fire and called the fire department to be sure. But later, it hit her. So in the morning, she askeed the girl who woke her up. And the girl said, ” I thought it was you mommy, but you looked a little different, and your hair was longer.” And she told the girl again that she did not wake her, and asked her if she was sure someone woke her up. And the girl told her someone had tugged and tugged on her until she acknowledged them and they told her to get up, and go downstairs. So Eva showed the girl a picture and asked, ” Was this her?” And the girl replied, ” Yes mommy, and I told you her hair was longer.” And Eva broke down and cried a little. You see, the picture was of her mother when she was in her 30’s. Now, the thing is, the little girl never saw a picture of the woman that young, and she died before the little girl was born. And after she told me that, she looked at me and said, ” So yeah, I believe in angels, and that my dead mother saved my little life that day. For if she would not have awakened her, she may not be with us today.

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  1. This blog, “Into The Light | Billy Weatherman” shows the fact that you understand
    exactly what u r speaking about! I thoroughly agree with your blog.
    Thanks a lot -Precious

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