Time To Play~ Are You Ready?

So, it’s time. And you are prepared to play the game. Now I know, the last couple of post have left you confused about me. But today is graduation day for those of you who have read all the post from the beginning, and today you will be initiated into my team, and you will now understand that it was worth it to read all the way thru. And mabe you are not the fool you have just thought you were, and neither and I. And today I will prove why I am master of the game, and you will want to follow my second course. For today God has told me that it is time for me to step up my game, and truly start to play. And I will start, with this initiation. Yes, I have kept something from you out of the book, and I know you have felt a little cheated. But not after today. No, now it is time to show you the real me, and they cannot protect you from my words any longer. Now, I have already warned you to stop following me if you think it is a waste of your time, or you have a weak heart or you just think it all nonsense. And today I say again, if you do not want to be initiated by me, then please, turn away. For this is for the few that believe. But I also warn, that to be initiated today, will be to truly see. And if you want to do so, you must read further.

Now first I must tell you, as God has insrtucted me to do, and as I have told you, I must declare that these are my words here today. If you follow my insrtuctions during you initiation, and are truly honest with it, you will have a moment of sadness. DO NOT! For this is a celebration! For you see, as I will tell you through time, there is so much greater that you do not know. But if you want to know how to win the game, in the next 33 post I will show you. Yes, hahahaha, all you have to do to play on my team, is to play for the right side. For you see as God does for us in heaven, we must do for him on earth. Yes, indeed, that is our very duty. But he ask us to do this so that we may live. And we must do it so that He may live. And so know, that with their knowledge, and my words, it is now my duty to God, to show you who I truly am. And indeed I will today show you. And I am getting fired up about it right now and you will see how I have been holding back all those years. Now first, as I have said, I am not God. And I say to you now that I am not Satan. And I tell you I have no power to heal, that other than the mind, and I have already started healing you. But today, the wound is going to hurt, for I have to get rid of the germs, and so this may burn a little. For I have the knowledge love God gave me, and the knowledge Satan gave me, and the permission to use both. And now, my first move in the game.

I give to you another secret from the book, to initiate you fully into the game. But before I give it to you, we must officially begin the celebration, and start the graduation process. And first, we must say a few words. So now, repeat after me. I am great. And I will not be shaken by earth shattering new knowledge. I will play the game fairly, but still do what ever it takes to advance god’s creation, and teach others to do also. I will declare myself truly before God in private, so that He may know me, and I Him. And as I do, I will repent to God for his sake, and mine, so that I may live forever. And I live, so that they will live, and we live forever.

Congradulations! And now a word from the speaker.

I want to thank you guys for reading, and following thru. And so let this last post be another real lesson for you. I love you guys. And now you will know why I have writen to you. But, I am sorry at the same time. For you see. This is a very dark secret that I give to you. But since I love God, and hence his full creation, I must do his will and give this to you. And laugh at first if you will, Hahahahahahahs, you will think on it, and meditate on it more, and you will see. Hahahahahahaha, Yes, I will get the last laugh. And hopefully, you will be laughing with me. For we will also be laughing with God, and Oh, what a joyous thing. Now I say to you again also. If you think I want praise, or am trying to ever say I am better than you, or am talking over you. I say as i have said before. I am just like you. I am a mere pawn in the game. I am equal to you, and you are equal to me. And that is why I must give this to you. So do not be mad at me also, because it is you who have been seeking the truth, and that is how you found me. And now, it is time to get real, and give you some of the real truth. So you may play this game seeing the game for what it is, and know, that the program you have been taught is not the true program. And you can reprogram yourself at any time, because indeed, all things are possible. For the ultimate program. of which I am fixing to show you, is built so that you can use many programs and apps inside of it. And it can accomadate all man desires to do. It is adaptable in this way in fact, in order to suit man’s every need. But the knowledge of it will make it hard to beleive at first. But your heart will pull you to it, for it knows the truth. And if you are honest with yourself. And if you will just keep an open mind, and ponder what I am about to show you, it will become clear that I am only trying to get you to see. And even when my words have been nothing but entertainment to you, I have given you more than you know. And now for the initiation ceromony. And to show that I am not asking you for worship to me, there will be know chants, or magic words, Only my truth to you. And though as I say, you may think it to be silly at first, as you ponder on it, the truth will become clear, and you will indeed see. And you will wonder on it. Now here we go. And be honest, and do as I ask you too.

Find a secluded spot that is quiet, and start to meditate.Block all things from your mind. And now i know they have told you that it is all ringing in your ears, and I don’t want to argue or go into that yet, but get rid of all noises except that one central signal you can hear. Now meditate on it and listen to it fully. make it louder and louder until it is all you can hear, and listen to it and it’s full complexity. And now notice as you do this, out of the corner of your left eye, it will seem as though you are in a subway station and a commuter train is passing by. Acknowledge it and star to cosontrate on its rythymn as it passes. You will start to notice the high pitch squeal of the train, and now start to hone in on it. As you do it will seem as though you can hear the wind of it. And is is now that you will notice. It is not the wind of a train, but rather the flipping sound pages or index cards make. now, as you start to try to see further you will notice it is indeed some kind of information card, like a side rolodex spinning trememndously fast as you look upon the pages like an old movie projector. And you will start to see the symbols, sort of like words. Billions of them flipping past you a second. And they will look kinda like the matrix as you gaze upon them flying past you. And it is at this moment you will get it. It is the program I have spoken of. And you have now seen it, and will have to wonder what it means for your reality, that you are indeed a soul accessing a program spinning on a great wheel. And you wil indeed know that the powers that be have hidden this from you. But I give it to you and say, it is only the tip of the iceberg to what is left to show you, if you are willing to see, and play the game with me.


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