Fighting Fire With Fire

Sometimes, God does work in mysterious ways. As an example,how we come upon this post. It should be a special one for me, but, as usual, God makes it hard. But, if you wait, just wait… It all comes together in a way, that just, well, you know where it is coming from. And this post is like that. You see, it alll started last week when God awoke me, and He said, “He is coming.” And i hate that because, I know who He is talking about. And that pretty soon, I would be sick stomach, and hot, sweating, and misrable. And sure enough, it was the devil, and he was mad. And he gave to me to write a post that read kinda like a horror flick. And it was all horribly true, which was the scary part, unless you know the final answer and outcome. And I REALLY didn’t want to give it to you. But I must follow the rules, and I was gonna post it, but, I took a little pause. I wanted to give myself a little time before I had to give it to you, for I know how it would effect you, and I was really sad about it. And I said to God, “God, they are not ready for this, are you sure we should do it?” And He said, “Trust in me son, and watch this.” And about that time, my wife woke up. And she saw the laptop out, and she asked she could check her facebook page. And she went ahead before I could answer saying, “Don’t worry, I will save the tab.” And just moments later, I heard her say, “Oh my God, I erased your post!” And automatically I started laughing. And since He was close, I could feel God laughing as He moved away. And again, I was amazed by what He had done. The devil came and he ranted and raged to me for three hours. And I did what I was told and I wrote it. So the rules of the game were followed. But in one moment, one of God’s sheep, beat the devil at his own game, without even knowing it. And with the punch of one keystroke, Hahahahaha, awesome. But, I still had to write the post, for it was given. But as to the rules, I get to do it in my own words, and I have struggled with how to give it to you, and exactly when was the right time. And it leads me to now. So, here go.

The devil was mad as I said, and he tell sme that he and God, at this point in reality, and at this time, had the BIG argument, You know, the one where he and his angels get kicked out of heaven forever. But the devil said, he would set his kingdom above the stars of God. Yeah, that one. He was pretty upset by the time he got to me. And he said, “Write these words to them.” and so I did, hahahahaha, but, they got erased. And so I’ll just tell ya without all the dramatics. He was mad because during the argument he realized something. It was he that was dead, and not God, and he was beside himself with it. He knows he has lost. You see, he has inherited his kingdom, and it our universe, and it is surrounded by time. And time is running out, and is indeed very short, for the universe is dying. For God told him, for making it so Adam and Eve would die, his kingdom over them would die also, and he would be left with nothing. Well, nothing that he can’t rebuild. But Satan is the great builder, and he will survive, but he will only be left with the shell of a kingdom. A kingdom made of machines and trickery, that will only resemble slightly what God had made for him. For his is the kingdom of fire, and it will burn itself out eventually. And his kingdom will be filled with killer, liars and theives. And they will want a reward for worshipping him, and he will give them one, but it will not be what they think. It will be the king they have preyed for, but they will regret the prayer they have made. For they will get the king of death, and he is ready to be their king. And death is what he wants to give to his people. But, he’s not going to fool all of us, and we will keep telling the truth. We must learn to start treating each other right, and stop killing ourselves, for we are all just making it way to easy for them. DO you not see? They have been preparing for this moment for thousands of years, and now it is upon us. And look at us. We are all just living like nothing is going on. Even though you know in your gut something is just not right. And all we are doing, is fighting amongst ourselves over paper and rocks, and what enough of it will get us. And we are divided. And we are divided by simple miunderstandings, that pride will not let us back away from. And it makes it easy for them to control you. And still you do not see. When they lock the world down, and the militaries are all around you, who will you count on brother? Your neighbor? These days, probably not. Most have been fighting for years, or know each other not, and do not trust each other. But Lincoln had it right. A house divided cannot stand. But our house is the world, and it is divided. And it will be to easy for them. We have to come together if we want a decent world. And learn to trust each other again, so we can help each other through what is about to come. For Satan said also, and I must quote him here. “The earth will tremble at the sight of me, and I am coming!!” And he is mad that his world is dying, and he blames you, and your Father, and he will bring his wrath unto you. For in this world, suffering brings God, and he wants another crac at him to. And he will want to bring enough suffering as to bring God into his kingdom, on his own turf. But what he dosen’t realize is God has a plan, and it starts with my words in this blog that I give to you. See how he works. For it started small, and it is ever growing, as you learn that it indeed teaches you to win at life and after. And again today I will prove it by giving you God’s secret.

You see, Satan knew God, but he learned himself, and he forgot. God made us, and we knew God, and we forgot. But, Satan reminded us. And God knew Satan, and he knew us, and he forgot not. And he reminded one of us, that reminded the others, that we know God and Satan, and have become as both, knowing, and being good and evil. We will love God, and beat fire with fire. And in the next post, I will show you how. Hahahaha


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