Like A Thief

This is a follow up to Fighting Fire With Fire. And we will talk about how to beat the devil. And I must tell you now, that no matter what religion you follow, you have been lied to. You have been given half truths, and have been removed from what God wanted to give you. Men of power have translated God’s words and have changed their intent to suit their needs. But as I said, God works in mysterious ways. And that which has been hidden from you, will be revealed. For as I said, I will teach you how to win this game they play. Now, I have secretly been writing lately in a way that they have turned away from me. But you that love God, and will explore every avenue to find him, well, you are still reading me. And you have brought friends to it. For your heart has been opened, and you know what this is. And today, I come as a theif. Now, today I have much to tell you, and intentions will become clear. As I said, I am about to start bringing others into the post, and will tell their stories, and mine, and we will learn each other. And I have been preparing my first such post as I stated, about a man who is a true indicator and example of what I speak about. And the tones of the writing will change as we are witnesses to each other. But first, I come to you today as a thief. For the secrets the men of power have stolen from you, I have went into their dens and have brought it back. Now most of it I have given you. How they have stolen your lands, and make you pay to use a portion. How they teach you in a way that takes you away from God. And how they make you feel powerless against them and their machine. Ah, but as I say, I am the trumpet, who blows the time has come. And the pawn, that moves against the kings. And the messanger who brings the truth of God. And the witness that shows God how the world feels about it. And I am playing the game now, and we will see how the world feels about it. And I have indeed been holding back. But no more!! Today, I will reveal myself, and who I am, and what I am to do, to them. And I know, they will know me. And they will want to push back. But as they do, they will prove it all. And all my life I have worried about this moment, for their strength is great. And men say, who can do anything against them. But I will, and you will follow, you who love God. But, I worry no longer. You see, I am but a man, a mere pawn against kings. And I have worried about what they could do to me. And even though I have God with me, and faith that he has my back, and all that he has shown me, I have indeed been frightened at what they can do. But, God has shown me more. And he has come to me and said, let go of your fear, and show them. Play the game like I have shown you, and those that come against you, will reveal themselves for who they are. And those who read your words, and are coming to know what I have made you, will come to know your enemies also. That they are enemies of God. And I see, and you will too. For who would come up against my words, but those who do not want to lose the power they have over you.

But this is what this post is about. Taking the power away from those who wish to rule over men. You see, they are also men, and they offer not their power to God. And because of this, we suffer. We suffer from kings who do not feed all their flock. We suffer from men who think they know better what is right for you than God does. But they are far from God aren’t they? And they take matters into their own hands and say, off with the heads of those who do not follow me. You see, they kill you because you do not trust in them. And why should you? I say, that if God wanted to take off you heads, he would do it himself. Or at the least, command a faithful angel to do so. But not a man. God says, men are not to be trusted fully, unless they stand with God. And God says, thou shalt not kill. So, whoa to those who kill in his name. They are not men of God, but men who wish to be God. And so know, I will not tell you to beat them by killing all those who are not like us. No, we will leave that to God. And we will not cry that he is not doing it fast enough for us, for God knows the right time. And if we suffer them, it is for a reason. But, we will protect ourself. And we will also now move against them, with the weapon they fear most. The word of God. And he is angry that they have changed and hidden his words. And so now, this mere pawn who plays for his King who is God, will start to change that. And I will give some of them back. But God, being great and omnipotent, has given me this to say to them first, so that they may have a chance to correct themselves.

Oh watchers who read this for them, I have come as a theif. And I have warned you, so that you may warn them. And together you have laughed at me. And found me, yes, but given up your seat, you have said never. Well, never is here my friends, and I have come, and told you I will take what is mine. And now know, that I will give it to them, your self proclaimed enemies, so that they will have a chance to do what you have not. And I am not Jesus, for I am not that pure, and so I will not be taken as the lamb. And I am not God, but he has sent me to you, so death has no hold on me. So, kill me if you will, but then the lion will be unleashed. To the one who says he is God on earth, and has hidden the words of the true God, so he may appear to be so. There is only one God, and he appoints his representatives on earth. And he would not sit in a house of gold unless all men had access to it. God wants me to ask you this- How can you sit in a house full of gold and silver, why my people starve and die? For this he says, no shield will protect you, and no cross will hide you, for even you had a part in his Sons death. And to convert your name, and think that God would recognize it? Hahahahahahaha Well, you are free to change your name to whatever you like, but since you call yourself God on earth, he HAS recognized you. And he knows what you have done. He told me your name is Blasphemy, and he knows it well. So, if you truly want to do something for him, you will give your ALL riches away, and feed his children with it, and stop calling yourself God. But what he wants most from you, is to open the vault of knowledge. And let the men read for themselves what is written, for it was for them to begin with. And you will trust the God you proclaim to know, that he may choose who will rise and fall. And if I hear one more time that he has given to you to regulate it, I will open the vault myself, and you will be revealed. For God has said that to the men, that look for him, all will be given. And to those who control the money, and with that control the people, God says to you- You are not God!! And you lie to them to make yourself fat. Well, what will you do, when you lose that control. Oh, but you laugh as you answer. You think you have prepared yourself, and you can hide away as the world desends into chaos. Hahahahaha Do you not know you have surrounded yourselves with liars and theives? And brother against brother will come to you also, as men see their chance to get back at you. And the ones that do, will not be men of God, but of the other, and you are fooling yourself, and not God. Ah yes, but the other has tricked you into thinking he was God, and you will be safe in power with him. Hahahahahaha Ah yeah, it is me and God who laugh at that. For you see, the other said he beat God to death, but it is he who is dead, and God is with me and all who love him, and soon you will see that he is very much alive when He chooses, and he will not lend an ear to your cries at the end, for he knows it will be like music to the saints whom you have killed, and you will not be able to buy any comfort then! And you thought that the chaos itself would save you, and you have helped to bring. Hahahahahaha You are so blind. We who love God, have been left poor, and have nothing to steal, so we are safe. And we trust God to give us our bread, and our strength. And you have given us nothing, and so we will need nothing from you, so who will be your protector. Oh yeah, the guys with the guns, who know they do not need you either.

You see my loyal readers, you have chosen to find God, and they have chosen to be God. But God they are not, no matter how much they think they have done to secure it. For God is great, and knows all. And they are weak for thinking they knew all things, but have kept it from you. And so they seem to be al powerful. But there’s is like a house of cards, and if you start to take down the foundation, the house will surely fall, no matter how tall or beautiful. For they have been taught by the great builder, and they have done marvalous things. But they are not true creators, and they have built out of what God made. But, like children, God sent us out to play with each other in the sandbox, and all they have made is out of dirt. And God will come, and reach out his hand, and wipe it all away. And so, they have learned from the great builder, how to build great things. And you have been mesmerized at their creations. But God is the great creator, and He has chosen us to build. And he says the bluprints they have laid out for you are no good. And so today, I give you the bluprint He has given me, and we shall rebuild it together.

First, know this~ The Bible has been altered. It has been altered by kings that wanted power over you. And it has been altered by the priest, who was a pagan, and changed his name only as the truth of God’s son was revealed. And it has been changed by them so they could control and rule over you. For they never believed there was a God other that the great builder, who comes and tells them that if you want power, you must take it. But I will be proof otherwise. For I asked God to forgive us all, and to give us another chance. And it was written beforehand that I would do so, but they have taken that away from you. But as they fall, and they will, that also will be shown to you. But let me tell you now what to look for. And it doesn’t matter if they move to hide it further, for my prayer has been answered. And though it may take some time for you to fully see, it will be done. For it is the will of God, that all men shall hear the words of God. And his will shall be done!! But where to place your focus right now, is around the words in Johns book, Revelation. Now most of Revelation is there, for the men who would hide knowledge from you, did not understand it, though they thought they did. But they were already so removed from God, that they did not see. But in Revelation 20, they had fear. And so, they changed it, and hid from you the words that lead to the meaning. But today, hahahahaha, the pawn that now moves against the kings, will reveal it to you. And I will reveal it in words that you can understand. For as God gave his words, He did so in mens language, so those who loved him would understand. And as we have changed our languages, I must give you the words in our language of today, so that you who loved God would understand.

At the time of the end, man will be given a reprive, so that he may have one last chance to redeem himself. And those who follow the words of the devil will have spent years giving you false knowledge so you would not know what has come. And you will think God’s final judgement has befallen you, and that you are left with nothing, because He has abandoned you. But he will remove all things, and leave you here to rebuild it. And you will have a thousand years to do so. And as you start, you must know, that the kings who have deceived you will have some left. And they will be hidden underground, hoping that you will still beleive in what they have taught you. But, they have given you lies. And they will wait until you rebuild a place of comfort, and they will again come and try to take it. And since you will rebuild without weaponry, as God wishes, and He has said, Thou shalt not kill, they will rebuild their weapons against you, and again use them to seize power over the earth. Let them! For you see, those who are left have been given a chance to redeem themselves from the sins they have commited. And they will teach their children a new way. And it is what Jesus gave us~ Love one another! And We will save each other that way. And all that love God, no matter what sin has kept you here, will be saved in the eyes of God, and their name will still remain in the book of life that resides in heaven. And you will have redeemed yourself in the eyes of God, having rebuilt your faith in him, even after all that has come, and He will remember and love you for it, that you have not let his name die on the face of the earth. And you will spread His name, and his WORDS and sin no more. And you will build a great kingdom, full of love and the WORDS of God. But, the devil, who has been bound by the chain, will be loosed again. And those kings children, who have listened to the words of the great builder, will laugh at God, and think he is weak, and take your kingdom for themselves again. And they will take the knowledge the devil gave them, and again build in his image, and rebuild the kingdom yet again. But they had their chance, as you had yours, but still could not see God, for the brightness of themselves. And they will take the kingdom, and curse against God, that He had killed their fathers, and they will want revenge against Him. And as they secure their power again on the earth, they will gather their armies against what you have left. For you will be teaching of God, that they hate, and they will think you and Him weak. But, the Rider on the white horse, who rode with the name only He knew, will ride again against them. And on His thigh, written in the blood of the kings before them, will be the name KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. And as he saved you with his WORDS, that only He knew, but gave you at the end, he will kill them with also.

Now, know this to be true. Thou shalt not kill! We will win this game, by speading the WORDS of God. But not just the words that we have been taught thus far, But by the WORDS that have been hidden. The men in power, those kings and priest I have spoke of, have hidden those words, but at the end, and the time is now, the true WORD will be revealed. And you know this now to be true, for I have started it. And God will give us all that he has promised, for I have prayed it to be so, and it has already been written. And so you see, I am like you, a mere pawn in the game, who sounds the trumpets, and gives God’s message, so that you and I can step into the light and see Him. And we will show others how to do so. But not for power or glory , for those are God’s. And not for fame, for it comes with pride, and there is no place in heaven for that. No! To be what God wants us to be. And He wants us to be like Him. That’s right! You see, that is how they have tricked you also. The say, you must either submit to God, and be nothing, or fight with the devil, who wants to secure you a place. Hahahahahahaha Such fools! For I dared to stand in the middle and see. And I saw both God and the devil, and I was standing there, and they saw me. And God said, ” I told you Satan, that one would stand, and see us.” And the devil said, ” What are you doing? You are not God!” And I said, ” No, I am not God, but I see him, and I see you too, that you are also not God. And you have been lying to God, and yelling at him. And you have told God that He is not God, and that you are. But I am here now, and I see the two of you, and I am here now to decide it. God was first, and He created you, and He stood against you as you tried to be Him. And you said you were God, because the God of all things created you, and so you must be better than Him, because He used all of His knowledge and power to create you. But all you have done was tried to kill God, and take his place. But He, being God, also created me. So, if He created me, after He created you, then I am greater than you by your own argument. For He created me, knowing Himself and you. And I, seeing and knowing both of you, says, I am nothing without God, but everything WITH him. So, devil, where does that leave you?”

Now, this is true. And I now fully declare myself. And I know who my enemy is. But I also know who I stand with, and He with me. And I have full faith in Him. And I will need it, for I have really made the devil angry. And now you know how I say I could stand in the middle. For God created me to do so. And He let me see. And I am giving it to you, for it is written. And they have written of me, and it will soon become apparrent, as all will be revealed. And it is funny, simple, and ironic really. And I am amazed by it. I have done what God created us for. Me! And I am not God, or Jesus, or the devil, so let’s put that to rest. And I have said, I am not special, for I am just like you, unless we are all special. AND WE ARE! And I have not listened to the words of the devil, but only to dispute it. And I would not have come across it unless the devil tried to lie to me, and thus revealing himself. I refused to beleive that, even as powerful as the devil is, and he is powerful, that God would have created him, knowing what he was going to do, unless there was a very good reason, and that the devil would be defeated. And I did not think that God created us for nothing, or to be nothing but servants to Him. For He is God!! And if he creates something, it will be perfect, or will become perfect. And so, not knowing the answers when I was younger, I cried to God why these things must be. I did not accept the words of man, or the words of the devil. And so God gave me just enough answers to want to know more. And He tested me. He gave me the devils knowledge, but His heart. And with the devils knowledge, I moved to be like God. But when I saw I could and would be, my heart would do nothing against God, and I saw my true purpose. And what is our purpose. To be like God? Well, that could be the end of it. Especially if I listened to the scientist, and the advanced teachers. But I knew there was more. And as I looked to see, knowing I was like God, and moving to acheive it, I truly saw. WE ARE GODS!! But, we are not God, and so we should not use our power to defeate Him. And instead, we should love what He has done for us. And as we do so, we will go against all that would hurt God. And so then, we see the devil for what he really is. And he has lied to us so much, it was hard for us to see. Let me put it in a way that even the satanist can understand. A good father raises his son to be the best he can be. And if the father is king, he does so, so his son can be a good king. And the son, if he is raised by a good king, and grows to love him, would never take his father’s kingdom away from him. He would wait, because he knew he could never be as good a king as the first king, because he is only good because the first king taught him how to be so. And he would never understand all the first king had to go through to become a good king, and being king is hard. And he would understand that the first king, his father, went through to much to build the kingdom, and he would love and respect him for it. And he would be with him, learning how to be king. And that if he never got to be king himself, it is a relief, and a blessing that he would not have to be so, and would have a blessed life knowing no strife, in the kingdom his father made. But, if a kingdom came against them, he would fight against it, with his father, to save the kingdom, and all that his father had made. And he would do so for his father, but also the people in the kingdom, whom he and his father was responsible for. Now, the cool part my dear readers, and so you can understand. As they beat the bad kingdom who came against them, and it would be bad if it wanted to force it’s rule on an already greatly ruled kingdom, as the bad kingdom would be defeated, who better to replace the bad king, than the good son, who was taught how to be a good king, by the best king? And his kingdom would be great, for he would rule it, and be able to get help from the first king who would want him to be successful. And they, after the bad kingdom became fully good, which would take some time, for they had learned to be bad, could join the kingdoms together, and rule TOGETHER over them. And the son who would be king could see who was to be glorified for it. For though he did great work in making his new kingdom great, would know it was due to the father, who did the great work of building the first kingdom. And he would teach his subjects to love the first king, who without, they would all have been nothing.


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