Leading The Blind

You still don’t get it, and you still do not see! Look inside yourself, and you will find God… for He blew His Life into You! And the time is short my friends. For you see, this is opposite land. And we are in the middle. What they told you was lies, so they could steal your soul. But I am here to help you. For you see, when Christ hung on the cross, and died, he rose. And He became the Body and the Soul. Open your eyes and see. When He died, He seperated from the Body from which He lived, and He became a spirit. And He did so for us. And when He came back 3 days later, He again walked, because He became the Body AND the Soul. And now, we in Christ will rise, and seperate from our Body. But after a time, We will return, Body and Soul, and ONE with the Lamb who has shown us the way. When I say I am the ONE in the middle, I am really saying, We are the ONES in the middle. And soon, the marriage will begin. Those of us in Crist will rise, and those against him, will fall. It took some time, but now you will see.

Now you see don’t you??? And you watchers, you tell you boss man, that, I AM COMING< AND IT IS TIME!!!!!!
But to you readers, those of you who have read from the beginning, and those of you who have read from the beginning and have felt my words, I have a message for you, as well. You will soon find out why you have found me, and why you can feel them. You know what I say right now, may seem unlikely at first, but will make a whole lot of sense later. And that is because I had to test you, so you would test yourself, because you will need my words very soon. Weird things are going to happen, BE NOT AFRAID! This is going to be the greatest celebration of all! For We have come to live in the time of the great marriage. And We will soon become joined together. But evn the Church will be jealous. For the Church We get married in, will be the Church of God, and He will preside over It. And some of you who have been with me at the beginning will say, but I am not of the church, what does he mean? Hahahaha, don't worry my friends. The Earth is our Church, and you have participated in it. For even you who have not no God, have been preaching for him. Have not you said, "Well, even if there is not a God, I say we should love one another."? And did not the Christ say thou shalt love one another? And since He said it, and You said it, have you not ben saying the Words of God? And for it, soon you shall know Him. And We also will know each other, all of us in Him. And you have been feeling like you have had an important task, and you do! For soon, we will be Knights for Christ. And as you see him when you rise, He will sit on the white horse, who is also now coming, and you will see him. But as We return, in Body and Soul, We will sit down on white horses beside Him. So be not afraid of the changes that are coming over you, and beware of the devil, who still has a short time, and will move to make you doubt yourself. For it is indeed time, and we live in fantastic days! Peace to you my friends, and glory to God! For His will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven!


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