The Beast

Our God is an amazing God. How he works is outstanding! And because of it, it has been one trying week for me. I know that my core readers are having amazing things happen to them from the words I have given them so far, and I have been working on the post that would explain, and comfort them in their experiences. For you see, they are waking up, and they are starting to see. And though they have read and understood the words, when it starts happening that you truly start to awaken, it is an overwhelming experience to say the least. And though I warned them, and they understood, what I have given them, reading it, and being faced with it, are two different things entirely. To read it, and to know, is something. But to reade it, and start to see it, well, I told you before, it will lead you to the edge of your sanity when it is confirmed that what I have written is truly real. It is the real truth, and so seperated from the lies you have been taught, that it will make you question yourself. But, because they don’t question God, and only themselves, they have understood and started to see. But you see, I am not finished with them yet, and they know it. They have just begun to see the light, and what is to be revealed, is overwhelming to even me. But I was given to give it to them fully, and they know there is much more that I will show them. But as I said, it is their belief in God, and not me, that truly helps them to see. So, they have even prayed to him, that I am not the other that would mislead them. And that is what I have asked them to do. But he has confirmed my words, and they are building faith in me. But at the same time, the things that are happening to them have them a little frightned. Because even though they believed in me also, the things I promised them were seemingly impossible. But yet, now, they are starting to see. So, I spent alot of time sorting thru what God wants me to give them. And we are at the point to where every word, and direction I point them in, is cricial to their further spiritual growth. And so, me, being just like you, put pressure on myself to write exactly what God wants. You see, He has left it up to me now, and I doubt myself sometimes when it comes to others, for I am not perfect. And I know, that with the wrong words, I could do ireparable damage. To them, and their belief in God. And so, pressure. But I knew what God wanted me to tell them, and after much thought, prayer, and meditation, I thought I had the right message for them. But see, God, He is in control. And when I doubt, or worry, He reminds me of this. You see, He has promised me I would have the right words to give them every time. And when I doubt it, He confirms to me His grace, and His power. And as I said, He is an amazing God!

Let me explain further, and give to you how a man can work himself up for nothing. See, it is all about faith. So, I put together the words God gave me, in a way that they would understand. But usually I just let it flow. This time, I was a little more thoughtful in what I wrote, because God gave it to me in segments. First giving me a little of what to write, and then more later. See, He is teaching me, to teach them on my own, because he has much work to do, and because he has given me this task for Him. So, again, as I say, I took all that He had given me to give them, and I wrote it all to post. And it was good, and I knew it was good, and so I moved to post it. But he had taught the devil a little lesson in this, and I did not get the messagem for I was to busy marveling at it. And so, I went to post, and my wife came by to look, and accidently erased it. Now, God used her to do that to Satan, so I was surprised it happened to me. And I thought, well, it was truly an accident this time. And so, I wrote it again. And, moments before I went to post, my son came by, told me he would save the tab, and wanted to check something. So I said, “Okay buddy, no big deal, it is already to go, and I will post it when you are done.” But, you guessed it, he erased it. Now so, I knew this had to be an accident, and I kind of contributed, and I shook it off and started again. But, there is two days lost. And so I was starting to get frustrated with this, as I have always just wrote and posted. No problems except the one time I mentioned in an earlier post with the devil. Now I was getting frustrated because God gave me a timeline to write the post. And so, if you are wondering, as I know you are, that I just have a problem with letting them use the computer, and this is how this is happening, this will be an eye opener to you. God tells me things that I am not to post, so my faith grows, and to help my wife see that this is all true. Because not surprisingly, she is having a hard time with all this. And so, this time He gave me this, as a sign to her, and to me when to write the next post. And He said to me, “Prepare a post on…(I will give you this at the right time, and not now as to give it away) and know that it is time to write it when you see the policeman, who would kill the policeman. For it will become strife among the people, and cause misunderstanding. And tell her what I told you about the policeman, to be a sign to her. But when you see it, know that it is time to write the next post.” And so, waited for the policeman. And well, sure enough, as always, in the news was the policeman who would kill policemen, and I knew it was time. Now, again, the post was good, and I knew it. And so, for the third time, I wrote it. And last night, I finished it, and went again to post it. But before I could hit the publish key, it dissapeared. I had nothing on the screen but the writing block. Even the title was gone. Now, I know you still don’t see, but I knew something must be missing. And I was perplexed. What am I missing? And so, I prayed to God. “God I said, I have done as you told me, what is wrong with the post?” And He did not answer. Now, I know you don’t know this either, but that is a first. Especially when it come to this writing. So I was troubled. Now, I knew he had not left me, for He promised to be with me always. And so i went to sleep, wondering. And this morning, I prayed again, and I said, “God, I am just a man. I know you have given me this to do, and you have confidence in me, but I have doubts in myself.” And He answered this time and said, “My son, have you lost faith in me?” And I said, “No God, but I do doubt myself.” And He said, “I have told you I have given you the words, and the task. Do you think it would not be perfect? I have done this to you on purpose, to show you to have faith. The post is just what I wanted you to do, but I knew you would doubt yourself. So, I left one part out that I want you to tell them, to show you that you cannot do anything wrong here because you have chosen to do it for me. And I am still in control of what happens, even though I gave it to you. If it is not right, or is missing something, it will not be. But I know you my son, and I knew you would pray to me. And so for this, I will complete it, and you will know and have comfort, that I indeed am in control, but you will have more confidence to continue unhindered, for i am giving you, and have given you, great things. So before you post what you have written, give this to them from Me.” Now I will share His message in a moment. But first I have to say again, wht a great and magnificent God. For what He gave me to give you did not come from me, and he has kept it from me until now. But, it will go unbelievably well with the next post I have written, and you will know it could not come from any other but Him. For what he has given me to give to you…well, all I can say, is that it is time to celebrate! For He is truly with us. And He is confirming His covenents with us, and it is indeed time. I cannot bebin to express my joy in His words, for it shows that he has been with us all along. Now, of course, you will not fully see at first, but when you connect it with what is next… It is still overwhelming to me, to know that God has chosen me for this, and that is is real, at this time. For is is part of the great adventure God has and had planned from us from the beginning. And we have missed Him so. This earth is so incomplete without Him. And we that love God, knew and felt that our life was nothing without Him. And we have had a hard time in this world, understanding it, and the others that were around us. We have felt out of place. But at the same time, we knew we had a mission in this life. Well, God has confirmed it for me, and I will confirm it to you. We indeed have a mission here. But, He is with us. And we should not worry about the small things and frustrations. We should do our best to block out the suffering, except to move against it. For though we seem weak, and our task insurmountable, all things are possible with God! We just have to agree to do it! And He will see us through. And so now, His message to you.

Let he that hath understanding reckon the number of the beast~ 666 men who have secured their power will put to two to be their head. And one is, but is not, will recieve his power one hour with the beast, to cause the desolation. For one head will be the leader, but the other will be the lie, and they will have one mind with the others that make the beast. And they will go about doing great wonders among the earth. And all men great and small will wonder, who could go against the beast? And they will recieve the mark, even those elect, who will be fooled by it. Do not be fooled! For it is written, and I have been given to explain it. The body of the beast are 666 men who rule the world with their power. They are the richest, and most powerful men of the world. And they will chose a political ruler who will seem to be the greatest man. And he will be the first head. And they will also chose the greatest religious leader to be the other head. And he is a priest that is, but is not because he has not recieved his final title yet. And they will have one mind with the others, and will change the world. And they will bring out the hidden knowledge. Now understand, they know what I am writing, and so they know it is time. And they will soon give the power to the priest to reveal the hidden knowledge, that I have already started giving you. But, they have misunderstood God, and come to beleive that they are Him. And you that follow my words, understand it. And in my next post, I will awaken you to the key, the truth you have been building to, and I will beat them to it. For you see, God has given me the power of His word to spread it among His children. And so , the beast will say much the same thing as I, but you will know, I have the word, and they have the lie. But it will seem that I cannot go against them. For they have the power of arms, and they are not afraid of me. In fact, they think I am just tapping in on the words that God gave them, that they have hidden. And that I must have just found out the secrets, and am trying to secure some sort of power for myself. But you, my core reader know why I have started writing. And so, as always, God moves through the least likely. And they wory not about me. But, God has given me the Word, and I have given, and am giving it to you. And you know I want nothing but to do the will of God. But they, hahahahahahaha, well, they have misunderstood, thes wisest of me, and think they are God. But I tell you now, so you will know me, we are not God! We are like God, standing with God, and We will defeat them. For it is true, that man is to be a God. But, man is not God, only like Him. And He is not dead. And in my next post. I will fully explain, so you may know their lie. And you will know it, to keep God alive, as they would want to kill him. Confusing I know, but soon you will understand. But for now, know what God has just given me to give to you. The beast will confirm me in all he says, and it will make me stronger. For they will acknowledged all that I have said, and will bring the hidden knowledge out to prove it. And they will be the most powerful men, and will have spent thousands of years hiding it. I am just a pawn, who will move against them with the word alone. But they will say that we are all God. But you who understand me will know, and see the lie, and this is what will save you!


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