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Well, that’s the dream of many isn’t it. To be a star. And, that can be a great player to be in the game, or it can be easy to get played. To be a star is to shine. And in your shining, all else seems dim. You admire the attention at first, but then you realize the crowd that has gathered to watch. And they don’t stop, and they will watch you everywhere. And you cannot hide, for you are the shining one, and they will find you wherever you go. Now for some, this is where the dream ends. Either it dies, or they do, either way, dream over. But for some, well, they were made for the part. And they know when it is their time to shine. Until then, they will hide in the light of the brightest star, and where you cannot see, but they are there all along. Sliding around the ground under the feet of the star that shines them out. But, when they get the chance to outshine the brightest star, they will take there shot. Now some will hide in the light of the other star learning. And behind the scenes, taking all the star will let fall to the ground, waiting for that chance. Now when it comes, they will shine brightest of all, for they know there time in the sun will be short. But man, will they make the most of it. And if a secondary star could be the greatest of secondary stars, for a time, he will seem to be much better star than the first. But, he will still be secondary, and he will only have a short time in the sun before he burns up, and he burns himself out, and the primary star is seen and remembered as the honorable, timely star he has always been.
Now, the primary star is the primary star because we come to see and remember, that he shines out of sincerity. He wants us all to shine. And if we think he is the brightest, then he wants to be an example for us. But many secondary stars are secondary because they want to shine, just to be seen. But once man has seen that there is nothing in it for him but to look, he will get tired of looking, and turn away. And once exposed to enough secondary stars, man learns to see thru them, and soon learns, I can be that, and becomes a secondary star himself. And he learns he is right. He can look good, and be loud, and flashy, and others will look, and he will indeed be as bright as any secondary star. But once he meets the primary, and sees what it really means to be a star. He will have a choice. Either learn from the real star, and become like him, or stay secondary, and burn himself out with the other great secondary stars. Yes, he can either learn from the best, and wait for his turn to shine in honor and grace with him, or try to outshine him and steal the show, of which he will fail, and become a fallen star, just like the rest.

Today, man is vulnerable. He is taking his primary star for granted, and even wants another to take his place. It will be easy for a great secondary star to come along and grab our attention. But what if his is the show of death, and it is posted and promoted with false advertising, and it turns out to be a sold out show. Ah, but only the rich and powerful will have the money to attend. And while they are blinded by their new star, who will bring the house down. Those who could not afford the ticket will look for the only star we can afford. He who shines for us for free, because he wants us all to have a great show!


At the Tower of Babel, God put into man, to not understand each other. And because of that, people thought every one was speaking gibberish. Everyone, except them that is. And so, man has misunderstood each other ever since. People now, listen with their heart, and it is what we have been taught. On the news and on the net, nothing but bad news and violence. And so, that is what we think each other are, and we have indeed become it. For man, under God, all things are possible. And when everyone get’s together on one idea, be it good, or bad, they will reach their goal. Now in today’s world, we have made it possible, for all of us, to understand each other, with instant and worldwide communication. Made it possible, but have not quite reached, full understanding. But soon, those men will come, that will teach everyone to think with one mind. And they will hide their true evil until the very end, when they will pull off the great sacrifice. But the problem is, it will be very hard to get people to understand, or even want to. They have been beaten down by Satan’s propaganda, that is always around them. It is silly to think there is a God that created everything. So, no matter what you say, they will never understand. God is not in their heart, so they cannot hear or feel Him. Now so, if you are to counter Satan in his move to seperate you from God, you can only try to bring people back to Him. Now so first, you need yto gather those who feel just like you, and can understand your words. Now this pawn has been given to gather his knights. And they have the heart to fight for his side in the game which is God,s. They have just been waiting for me to give them a signal of when to fight, and what will be their tactics. Hahahahah…so eager are they! But, I have told them, that I am just a pawn, but, I could lead them to the King. And so, I have blown the trumpet for His arrival, and I will continue. But now they, those who have been with me at the very beginning of this, and have heard these words of mine that are from God, and know them, will have an invitation to they great celebratio,. And though all of you will see Him in time, they will get a special visit. For they are truly coming to understand. So this post is for them, and those of you who have not really read what I have to say, will surely not understand it.
Listen guys, I have prepared you for your visit, and instructed you how to look inside of your mind, but then to look past it for the truth. And so, you have focused on the wheel, that turns out to be the book, on which every move, and indeed every thought is written down, for it is the true book of your life, and it leaves nothing out. But the thing I was really trying to teach you how to look past yourself. for right there is God, and He is closer than you think. And if you will just think of Himm when you are looking past yourself to see, after awhile, He will come to you. And you in particular He says, because you have been with me at the beginning of this. And evn though when you have tried to explain it to others, they have scoffed at you, and me, and they did not understand. But, you have stayed with me, and you have understood. And I know that by now you have come to understand the importance of this, and how special it really is. But, you don’t know that you understand because you are chosen. You are from all around the world, one in different places. And though it seems you are not reaching them now, soon they will be coming to you, and saying, What was that you were talking about. For they will be shaken, and then, they will want to understand. And soon, while you are thinking of God, He will come to you, and tell you what to say. And after awhile, you and me will join the great celebration. In fact, it is prepared for us by God, and in our honor. For it is a marriage of our souls to the lamb, And we will be His body, truly filled with His spirit. And I promise you, He has told me, that He is coming to you. And when He touches you, your mind with His, you will know the truth of it all. Just please tell me when He comes to you, so I can hear how amazing it was for you. And I know it will be soon, for it is time. Now, in the meantime, continue to try and spread the message I have given you thus far, for soon it will be for them to see. But until they do, know this~
Mark 1-15: Jesus was preaching, and He said, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye and beleive in the word.” And also know why I have written as I have to you, to prepare you~ Matthew 13-10&11: And the deciples came and said unto Him, “Why do though speak in parables? He answered and said unto them, “because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.”
But see, it is us that will gather the rest of those chosen when God says it is time. But soon He will come to remind you of who you are, and reveal all things. For as I said, I am just the messanger and the trumpet that sounds His coming. And so, I will open your heart, but your trust in me is that I lead you to Him. And behold, He is at your doorstep, and you will know Him. For you see, you and I have been just alike. We are all about the same age. And through our life we knew we were here for something special. And though we have tried in our own ways to acheive great things, we always knew we were waiting for Him. And we could feel the evil coming, and we knew when it was here. And though now, if you ask people they will all say they feel something is not right. You have become unsettled with it, and refuse to accept the change. And that is why when people have told you not to beleive in me, you have stayed because you know I have only told you to beleive in God, and what He wants for you, and you ahev felt I am your brother. Rejoice, you have been prepared, and since you have been willing, you will soon be rewarded. And now, as we wait for Him to come to you, we will not wait to awaken the others. For it is time, and He is coming.
And for the others that have now come to see, I have a message also for you from God, so that you may know me also. We are the fruit of Adam, who have been planted in the garden. But among the fruityt has sprouted many weeds. For God has given them room to grow also. But instead of staying in their place, they have overun the garden, and are poisoning the fruit. And Adam has asked God for help in tending the garden. And so, God has put on His gloves, but also His boots, and is coming to stomp down the weeds. Now I know you don’t yet believe, but you will. Soon you too will have to open your eyes to the truth. But see, you do not have enough time right now. People are to busy texting, working, driving, cooking, tv, radio, cd’s, ipads, blackberries, cell phones, sports,…Ah man, it just goes on and on endless with how you can be disrtacted. Now, at first, things will seem to take a dramatic turn for the best. But, it will be a lie. And along the way, God will warn you, to open your eyes. For you will be decieved. The great men who will do wonders are out to sacrifice the world to their god. See, first, collapse, and then the false saviors to “save us”. But it will be a trap for you. For they are also preparing a great celebration, but it is to celebrate death. And they will bring the great festival of destruction upon mankind. And madness and chaos will be among the earth. But it is all an illusion. For I tell you, it is not even real. For the devil is merely playing with your mind, to get you lost in it, and listening to him, so it will be a prison from which you never escape. But, if you know God, and think of Him, He will show you the truth. That you are like Him, capable of all things, if you can see past the devils eyes. But, he has blinded you, to see only yourself, and so God, will have to help you understand. And you won’t have to take my word for it, in fact scoff at me now. But if you have read this, you will return soon, because you will know that God has truly given me the truth. That it is time, and He is coming! And soon you too, will cvome to understand!