To Be A Star

Well, that’s the dream of many isn’t it. To be a star. And, that can be a great player to be in the game, or it can be easy to get played. To be a star is to shine. And in your shining, all else seems dim. You admire the attention at first, but then you realize the crowd that has gathered to watch. And they don’t stop, and they will watch you everywhere. And you cannot hide, for you are the shining one, and they will find you wherever you go. Now for some, this is where the dream ends. Either it dies, or they do, either way, dream over. But for some, well, they were made for the part. And they know when it is their time to shine. Until then, they will hide in the light of the brightest star, and where you cannot see, but they are there all along. Sliding around the ground under the feet of the star that shines them out. But, when they get the chance to outshine the brightest star, they will take there shot. Now some will hide in the light of the other star learning. And behind the scenes, taking all the star will let fall to the ground, waiting for that chance. Now when it comes, they will shine brightest of all, for they know there time in the sun will be short. But man, will they make the most of it. And if a secondary star could be the greatest of secondary stars, for a time, he will seem to be much better star than the first. But, he will still be secondary, and he will only have a short time in the sun before he burns up, and he burns himself out, and the primary star is seen and remembered as the honorable, timely star he has always been.
Now, the primary star is the primary star because we come to see and remember, that he shines out of sincerity. He wants us all to shine. And if we think he is the brightest, then he wants to be an example for us. But many secondary stars are secondary because they want to shine, just to be seen. But once man has seen that there is nothing in it for him but to look, he will get tired of looking, and turn away. And once exposed to enough secondary stars, man learns to see thru them, and soon learns, I can be that, and becomes a secondary star himself. And he learns he is right. He can look good, and be loud, and flashy, and others will look, and he will indeed be as bright as any secondary star. But once he meets the primary, and sees what it really means to be a star. He will have a choice. Either learn from the real star, and become like him, or stay secondary, and burn himself out with the other great secondary stars. Yes, he can either learn from the best, and wait for his turn to shine in honor and grace with him, or try to outshine him and steal the show, of which he will fail, and become a fallen star, just like the rest.

Today, man is vulnerable. He is taking his primary star for granted, and even wants another to take his place. It will be easy for a great secondary star to come along and grab our attention. But what if his is the show of death, and it is posted and promoted with false advertising, and it turns out to be a sold out show. Ah, but only the rich and powerful will have the money to attend. And while they are blinded by their new star, who will bring the house down. Those who could not afford the ticket will look for the only star we can afford. He who shines for us for free, because he wants us all to have a great show!


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