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So, it is time to choose sides in the game, and God is ready to call out His enemies. And since God’s enemies are my enemies, it is time for you to choose sides and start to play. This is my last warning to you, for as this post is written, all men will have to play. Now of course women are welcome to play also, for the outcome of the game, and consequences of the game being played, will affect them greatly. But the ultimate challenge in the game is to men. You see, I have declared the game for you and I aim to win. And for me to win the game, I must be, at the end of the game, the greatest man. For me, winning the game is to stand before God, and have His favor, and for it to be His will that I can do so at any time. Just to be able To Be in His presence forever and ever. And for me to know I can do so, I must be the greatest man. And to be that, I must be the greatest player. Now, a great player does not underestimate his opponents, so I am fully aware that I have many great challengers. And so knowing this, I know my enemies, being good players themselves, will read every word I say, for they think they have not underestimated me. But again, I warn you oh watchers for the last time, I am the master of this game. And as God has created everything, and ultimately, this is His game, He is my Mentor, and I His prodigy. I have already taken your bishop, and declare check again, as I move against your king.

I am the trumpet, and today I blow. I am the pawn who plays for God, and today, with all warnings given, I will truly start to play. Since God has said that all other men must play the game, it is time for you to choose sides, and start to play also. And since this warning is made, you should know, all manuevers are on the table. And I may take any actions I feel necessary to win. But, I will follow God’s rules in the game, of which 10 were given. But, mine enemies will not follow those, and there you will know them. And God has set it up the playing field so that as they break these rules from henceforth, they will in some way due to their actions, reveal themselves fully to you. Now, if you have chosen to play with me, you will be playing for God also, and so you must too, abide by God’s rules. And though you think you have allies, the enemy is cunning. So, be careful and remember, even an angel of darkness will mask himself as an angel of light. So, how do you know that I am onj the right side of the game? I WILL NOT DECLARE MYSELF GOD, only to be the greatest man. So, if you are one that believes that the GREATEST man will become God eventually, through evelution, spiritual or physical, you are my enemy in the game. If you think YOU are the greatest man also however, and so I cannot be, also remember this, we are One ultimately, and as we weed out the enemies of God, and all that is bad is removed from us, you will understand my declaration: I am th pawn, and I am just like you. Only in this way will I know you. For even as you declare yourself an ally, I will not be sure until the end, for I have many Judas’ around me. Do not think I do not know you, but do what you must. But as master, you also do not know how I will play it in the end.

Now, to help those of you who have met in the middle, which is the perfect place to start the game. As you now know, it is time to choose a side. For if you do not, you will lose the game and suffer the fate of the loser whether you played or not. This is God’s rule. You cannot sit idly by as the game is played, for there is no longer a middle ground or a safe haven. So let this be YOUR warning. Since you are, you must play, or you will no longer continue to be. For there will be no more spectators. The game field is fully engaged and is about to become a battlefield. And if you are caught out loooking, you will be elimenated by my enemies. So, you ask, who are my enemies. Well, it is easy. Since I have declared my goal, it is all those who would keep me from God. And know also, if you have not read any of my previous post, I have called Him, and He is here now watching you play. But so are His enemies who have set themselves against Him, and they have had time to prepare. So, sice thusfar they have remained hidden, I will give you a fair chance to choose sides, and help reveal them to you. For trust me, you have thought things top be one way, but they have been another. And the whole world has been decieved. ALL of you have been mislead, and here is where you will know them. And remember also, that this is a day of warning, and all that has been done to this point is forgiven. But this day we start anew. So, if you have judged someone in the game before this day, they are to be reevaluated. But their actions from this moment forward will be considered, and duly noted. So with that, it is time to examine who has been against God thusfar, either knowing or not, so you can know who has been MY enemy up to this point, and see if they proceed to be so.

Forst of all, let’s start with religion. Here there are many players. And be weary! Many will declare themselves for God, but their actions will reveal who they think God to be. Those who kill in the name of God are against Him, plain and simple. For God said, Thou shalt not kill. So those who have gone against it have not trusted Him, and have taken His authority in this action. There is no middle ground. God has said you can defend yourself only during a face to face attack from your enemy. No pre- emptive strike is acceptable. So, even know as 2 sides fight, and go against each other and with pre-emptive strikes, they are only making a power play, and have not chosen God to be their defender. So BOTH sides in this type of battle are your enemy. No matter what they tell you about their alighnment with God, they have not been patient and waited for Him. They have taken action on their own, and you have not seen God in it. To be an example, again I say look to the actions Jesus took. This is your guide. He took all the enemy gave, as He waited for God. And His enemies have to this day thought they have won this battle, but as He did not die, you being on my side know, He is still a player in the game, and He has not played His final hand. So, those of you who do not believe in Him, and have not set Him as an example of how to play, are doing so at your own peril. You are allowed of course to use all information given to you by the prophets, that is indeed a gift given fromGod to help you play the game, but you must consider them ALL. And so, if you follow just one, and declare only him, you have missed God’s message and have been fooled by you enemy into limiting yourself. I declare that all prophets teachings to be a gift from God to us to help us win. But remember, only one was risen, and returned to walk in body and spirit. And to disregard that is to give in to enemy propaganda. There is no more that needs to be said here, so to continue to debate will be to your detriment in the game. We must move on.

Education Sytems: Any education system that tells your children that evelution is the only answer to life. How it began, and how it evolved. First, I will dipell you who have taught this, for you have used the devil’s way of teaching to spread it as the only answer. The truth is that evolution has it’s part. And we could have evolved like they say. And since God’s years are not our years, it has been easy for them to spread a half truth. A year to God, could easily be millions of years to us. But, to say that God did not start it, and that He will not end it, is mere folly, and a declaration that they do not believe in him. So, therfore I say, your children are being taught that there is no God, only time. But try hard as you might, you cannot prove time created itself, despite what Mr. Hawkins says. So, you are merely guessing. So, to declare there is no God on a good guess, no matter what research you have done thusfar, sort of declares you intent, and exposes the fact that you have went about your conclusion with a forgone conclusion of your own in mind. And so, have exposed yourself, and your intent. Besides, keep in mind, this is Darwin’d theory, worked on by him after a huge loss he could not bear. And this was his answer to the loss. Man’s words, not from God. So all that believe in it have chosen man over God, and so have also exposed their intent.

The governments of the world: All governments that have declared themselves over God. Now here it get’s tricky. Now governments of today, will declare one thing, but do another. The United States government should be an example here. From the very beginning they have declared the country under God. But, at every turn they have moved to counter it. Simple really. They have declared a nation (it’s people) to be under God, and then made every move to take His authority away, and put it in the hands of man. So, it is really very easy to see their intent. They will conceed that only God could build such a great empire, but have set their goal as to take it from Him. And they have moved to do just that. They are in charge of the education system that says that God did not create all things, or has helped to guide it, of which we have just spoke. They also have moved to kill men they declare as their enemy, in violation of God and His commandment, and are currently removing God from every aspect of our life, through social programs in the name of political correctness. And they have done so because they say all men can have a place, and all men do not believe in God. So, what they have decided is that we must all be alike and move together. And since all men do not believe in God, then they will move forward without Him. So, if your goverment works in this way, then you should line up with or against them accordingly. Now, be weary! Some governments declare God, and that they will be under Him. But, if they do so by taking His authority, then note they they lie against God, and think they know better than Him. If you government tells you toi kill for God, then I say they are lyers, for again, God says thou shalt not kill. So if you government tell you do so, and not in a manner that you life at that moment is duly threatened with imminent death, at that very moment, then they have exposed themselves. And do not give in to thier lies and propaganda. A boy and his mother in a building in the west, going about their daily life is not a threat to you, unless you do not trust your God. A martyr is not a martyr in less he dies in battle for God. So, a man or woman with a bomb strapped onto their body going among innocents to kill them in the name of God, is not a martyr to Him. They are killers, and He will see them as such. It’s as easy as that. I tell you now, I have met God, and we do not need to take those sort of actions. Revenge is God’s alone, and to declare yourself revenge for God is sort of missing the point. God is capable of all things, and He will not be impressed that you have moved for Him in this manner. He is perfectly capable of all things on His own. And to act in this manner is a sighn to Him that you trust Him not. Enough said.

Scientist and researchers. All I have to do is to use you number zero. Zero represents 2 things depending on which side you are on. It can be Everything, or it can be nothing. Of course, those who do not believe in God, will see nothing, and all research will come to nothing. But those who believe in God will see everything, and those who look for everything will see Him in time.

Now I have told you I would tell you what wespons will be used against you. And for this, we need pespective on how the enemy will use their weapons, and the ultimate gaol they will have for using them. First, the physical ones. Know, that all of you enemies are not equal first, and that will gage what type of weapon they will use, and thier perceptions of it’s usage. A weak enemy will try to just kill you, and he will use the most physically powerful weapon he decides will do it. But, the leader enemy will try to change you to his side, and so it will be a slow process. He will use propaganda first and foremost, and he will use his organazations to shape and mold peseptions, and then he will try to make you make your choice. So, he will guide his people, and his allies to make the worls seem as though nothing can be done but through the actions of men. And so, when he says to take action, but mentions nothing about God to guide it, you will know him. He will be in the shadows and will not be easily recognisable, but you will know him by the actions those organazations take.

So know foremost, to win the game, you must be guided by the creator of it, and you must use His 10 rules only. All other actions you can conceive are on the table. And know your enemy by his actions because he will come at you as an ally. But the game is on, and I declare it fully active. So, now, it is up to you to decide what side you want to play on. But, head these words. I have declared the game, but you must play it. I have declared the game, but you must play it. And if you are to be a good player, you must consider all other players your enemy. And if you are a good player, as I am sure you consider yourself to be, I will see you in the final plays of the game. For the creator is ultimately the final judge, and only He can truly judge according to your works. And to not know that now, is to lose. But if you are there when the final play is set, I will see you, and we will let God decide who has been the greatest man. But know that I play to win, and I am master of this game, and I have challenged you to play. If you choose not, you lose. For as God has told the church, being lukewarm in this game is to be eliminated from it. And only the winners will be left at the end. But be careful here also, for sometimes it may seem that some have left the game, but they have made some plays they feel will win, and are merely waiting for their final play. Again, Jesus should be a model here. And to those that think He has been eliminated from play, will soon see that they have lost, and have chosen the wrong allies, who turns out to be an enemy.

Yes, it is a tricky game, and I will be in it to the end. I mean, how else could I declare myself the winner. So, I will guide my allies all along the way, and being the master player, will be an example to you. But again, be weary, I am the master in this declared game, and I will play accordingly. When I appear weak, it may be that I am strong, but when I am strong, I may appear weak, so be careful of which side you choose. The game is not over until God sounds the final buzzer.


Keeping faith in God, now that’s the real struggle. And is it the fault of God that we have a problem with faith? For we have proven time and time again that we have very little. And it is a shame really. For Jesus said that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed, we could move mountains. Ah, but, right from the start, we couldn’t even have faith that God wanted the best for us. I mean, all we knew was God, and His glory, and His love for us, but in a few short sentences, the serpent was able to wipe that away, and get us to do the one thing God told us not to. And we gave in because without God there to assure us of His intent, we were VERY quick to lose faith in it. And now, it is magnified because of our removal from Him. And in the world you are born in because of our actions, you are not even told that in reality, you are not really separated. Quite the opposite really, for He put a little of Himself in each one of us. Now, there are those who will tell you, but they are men. And if you are paying attention in your life, you learn that you can’t really trust all of them to tell you the truth. For you see, we are like we always have been, and we have our own agendas. And you will find sadly, that there are very few men , and women of course, who do things just for the benefit of others. They always move to secure their own way first, and will very seldom do things that will put them in peril just to help save another. And man has come to take care of himself first. So, as he sees you struggle, he will very seldom move to help you unless he knows you will win, or he will benefit in some clear way therefore making it worth it for him. But now, if you find yourself in true peril, and it seems you will go down in flames, you will very rarely find one to fight with you, even if the fight you are trying to win is a good noble fight. You see, man has not learned to stand for what he believes in, just in nobility alone. But he is running out of time to decide what he will fight for. Now, luckily for us, there have been great men who stood alone when no one would stand with them. And when their cause was great enough, and their faith in it also, they prevailed. And those who saw them and witnessed it, have come to know that when a man believes in something noble and just, and stands in the way of those who would destroy it for ther own gains, he rarely seems to stand alone. He will gain unwavering strength, that he did not have at the beginning of the fight. And as his enemies become weary of the fight in the face of his stamina, his allies will grow as they gain faith in the cause, and the man that fights for it. And then there will be the legend, of a great man that stood against all odds when no one else would, and won. And if the cause is great enough, even if he is lost to the battle, others will take his place in honor of him, and continue the fight.
Now we have had the example of such a man. And he has decided to set his struggle against the strongest enemy. And we have all heard of the first round in his fight. But, since we weren’t there, we have to go on faith. Faith that our fellow man has not lied to us about the story. Now fortunately here, the man was so great, that those for, and against him, have written about his struggle to change man’s way of thinking. And so, we know that he was, and what he battled against, and how he battled against his enemy. But now, WHO he really was, and who he battled for, well, the propagandist are still working on you on that. And so, his enemies say~ “He was a great man that said great things, but that is all. And he should be admired for that and nothing more, that he was a great man, and possibly a prophet of God.” But now, his followers say, “He is the Messiah, who saved us to God, by shedding his blood, and covering our sins with it in the sight of God. And he would save all those who would believe in him, for those that would not, do not except the salvation. But because his love is so great for us, he will even give them a chance. For he knows the struggle that is life, and he knows the enemies that move against you. He also knows that your real enemies cannot defeat you, and that there best weapons are nothing more than distractions that are used to occupy your time, and remove you from the true battle.
In our life, we will have many struggles, but they are all really part of one great battle. The struggle to be all that we can, and are meant to be. To be like God. And in this quest, we are confronted, indeed brought into battle by, our great adversary, Satan. But he comes to us as Lucifer, the lightbarer, the first angel created by God. He was created to be our teacher. And so, as we contimplate this, we have to know that God knows all, and made no mistakes in His creations. And so as God created Lucifer, and He loved what He created, knowing fully what he was, and what he would be. And as we think about it, we have to come to the realization that Lucifer, the great Satan, has indeed been our teacher. And we have listened to him. And so, we must ask ourselves, why would God create a being, matched only by Himself in power and greatness, if He knew he would be against us. Not only that, but he never warned Adam and Eve to be weary of the snake. He gave them the one rule, and told them that if they ate the fruit of the tree, they would die. And he let the snake into the garden, knowing what he would do. Now, we have already went over that all Adam and Eve had to do was listen to God. And that would have seemed an easy task. But, as we see now, the easiest task will become the greatest struggle without God.
Now again, why? Why did God put us in this situation? He knew us, and He knew Lucifer, and so He knew what would happen. Was this a test? I say no. We may not have known what we were doing, but God did. And He, knowing all things knew what we will do in any situation. Now, at the time, we were with God, and He was our teacher. And all that He taught us was good. Now unfortunately, good was not only all there was for us to learn. And the proof that God wanted us to learn all things, not only good, comes in the fact that He created a teacher for us, other than Himself, even though we were created to be with Him. So, if He were testing us, we have a hint that He already knew the outcome of the test, and we would indeed fail it. But as we have also went over before, how would we appreciate the good God taught us, without seeing and learning the alternatives to the good. And see, there, God can’t help us. He will show us nothing bad. No, we have to come upon it ourself. And so there, we have a different teacher. And so since Satan will do all that God will not, what better teacher to have in learning the alternatives to good. And so good is usually straight forward and simple. But it is disquised and hidden by the bad, that is always dressed up as the better way.
Now so, we have went for what we were told was the better way. And we have chosen it even though God had told us not to. So, in essence, we have chosen to struggle. And we have declared our reason for it was to be like God. So we must now come to fully understand the struggle, and know that in essence it is a war. A war between good and bad, right and wrong. And since knowing the difference is the key, we have an enemy that is apt at making right seem wrong, and wrong seem right. And he and his allies, which are many, are best at deception. He is so good at it as a matter of fact, and we have been away from our God so long, he can even trick you into believing that he is God. And he has made the struggle complex and seemingly unwinable. But God knows who you are, and what you are capable of, for He made you. And as I said before, He knows what you will do. But He wants you to know, and find out what you are truly made of. See, if you look at it that way, not knowing the outcome as God does, it will seem that God made a terrible gamble. Because in this war, He has chosen, indeed made us, for the pupose of winning the battle. And so far, we have lost every skirmish. We have slipped into enemy hands, and he has had his way with us. And many of us will now stand with the enemy, and he seems to be gaining the upper hand. But you see, we humans are like that. We like to let our enemy fully show himself, and what he is capable of. And we can see who of us will fall away, and how far the enemy will go. But just as he thinks he has us, and he is at the top of the mountain, that is when we show our full strength, and will begin to tear him down. For as the enemy rises in strength, so does his pride and his lack of respect for his enemy.
Our enemies are at that place. They have placed one at the top of the mountain, and are ready to show their full hand. They have no respect for you or God. But they have forgotten also that God has placed Himself among us, and fights with us. He has thrown His lot in with us, however it may turn out. And Satan has so far, exposed only our weaknesses. But I have been given to set him straight. He has exposed our weaknesses, and shown us to be lacking. But I will now show him our strength, and he will again come to know it. Our love for God! You see, he gave up on God, and turned against Him. And he has shown God that he can get men to turn against Him as he had. But, not all men! And God just wants to know someone stands with Him. Even in the face of death. Even when it seems all may be lost. Just someone who will stand by his side no matter what. Even if they think they could never live up to what God wants them to be, they would still stand with Him, and trust in Him that He is the way. God has such men. And they have been working on the enemy while looking as thought they are not a threat. And God has given them certain strengths and abilities. And they have been among the enemy, and now know him fully. And so God has told me to tell those men, that it is time. It is time to show the enemies of God, that it is them who have been led into the trap. It is time to expose what is truly going on in this world. It is time to reveal how deep the conspiracy against God really is, and how far the enemy has gone to hide himself from you. And when I am done, you will know the real enemies of God. What their weapons are, and what they have been fighting to achieve. And it will be up to you to move against it, or join the enemy camp. But either way, the battle lines must be drawn. And in my next post, I will draw them out clearly. And I will say this to you: In the art of war, sometimes it’s the soldier you don’t see, that is fighting the biggest battle.