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If you have read all the post so far, today you get the truth. That’s right…I am going to give you the truth you have been waiting for from the beginning. And the cool part is, that you are the only one who will understand fully what I am writing. We have been rebuilding ourselves, you and I, and though I know there are many… in reality…at this moment…there is you and I, together, sharing this time. And it will be a bit more intimate this time, because, since you have kept coming here to see if it is true that we are sharing something special, you and I, I will indeed again this day prove it to you. You will take a giant leap in your awakening, even if you have not realized the extent of how far you have come. Yes, that’s right, it will be another one of those post. It will seem strange, almost like a story, but you will know somehow, that it is true. And if you can handle the truth, you will also become a master at recognizing and using the program.

In the beginning, there was only God. But knowing how, when, and why to be perfect, which is why He was God to begin with, He looked upon the darkness. And He did not say that it was good, but that He loved it. And since He loved it, He moved to make it perfect. And so He lit it up so He could see it. And He saw the light and knew it was good. But since the darkness was still among the light, He separated the light from the light, creating space. Hence forth He made the first move in the inevitable war between the light and the darkness, as He separated Himself from it. And He separated it by thinking of it, because He knew that the darkness was only so, to hide it’s goals from God. And since it hid, He knew it’s ideas were separate from His. He was God, so the darkness must have lost it’s faith in Him, and in so doing, naturally thought his ideas and thoughts were above God, and different from God’s, and since God loved it so, it must assume the role of God because it must be greater. Now you would think that God would not love it, but He did. Because God knew without the darkness knowing, that it had become the tool, and the means to be even more diverse, and perfect, and let others have a way to be and join with Him in His quest of being, and being perfect. But know now, that how you will become perfect is between you and Him, and what you being perfect even means is what you will be to the game.

And so He put a space in between so He could fill it with the light that would expose it. And He had the idea that a man would be a good thing to put between Him and the darkness, and so He put His light, or life, inside the first man, so He would be sure to succeed in His quest of filling the space between God and the darkness. And in so doing, would finally expose the darkness that wanted to sneak up and diminish Him.

Right now, you and I are really nothing. Nothing that is, except an idea…a mere thought, or I guess I should say, a series of thoughts. And that is really all that you are. But, since you have been made from God, or at least originally thought of by Him, and that can even just mean a thought or an idea of what kind of conscious you should or would be, or even the thought by you, that you have realized that it may be possible to be, and so you have decided to take the chance that it will be a good idea, for some reason or another, to be…even if for a short time. And so, you have been manifested physically here for a time to play a game. A game between the ultimate darkness and the true Light. And you have fallen in the middle to decide what you will be, a dark soul, or consciousness, or a light one. And as been hinted by the so called self proclaimed illuminated ones, that will be judged only by God, and His scales of justice, at the end of the game. And you, and or God, have chosen for you to enter this game at a critical juncture. You are at the end of the game, and no matter if you have played many times, or just this once, this will be your final chance to make the moves to win the game. And so, I have challenged you. And if you have read from the beginning, you know of this challenge. But now, do not misunderstand. To win the game, you must be the greatest man, or be a women that has moved with God’s goals in mind, to use the greatest men to show the darkness that hides and moves like a snake, that it has lost the game, and will be trapped in the separation from God that it has moved to become created. Now to lose the game with him, is to chose to live in the darkness that will hide you from God. Now I have already proclaimed, much to your dismay, that I am the greatest man. Ah, but I will not be the only one, as many will move to be the greatest, taking the challenge with light in their heart. So, we will be the greatest men and women, with one mind with God, being with Him. And in so doing will create the new heaven and earth that will refuse to see even a little darkness, and we will cease to be separated from Him any longer. And the darkness will be trapped in itself, never to see the true light again. But many will be fooled to step into darkness, because remember it was at one time, alone with God. And as God has separated the light from the light, he has the light on the other side of the separation to use to fool you with. And as the truth lights the way, the darkness has learned to use the lie, and he is the master of lies.

And so now you should know here that most all you see here in the separation, is a lie, and so you must be careful. You cannot go with only what you see, you will be fooled. But if you are looking to rejoin God, to be for eternity with Him, you must go with what you feel. And if you love God, you will feel Him, and if you get out of whack with all the lies and illusions, He will tug on your heart to guide you back to the right path. And since I love you, I have been chosen by Him, to be your final warning that the game is coming to a close. And my role has been chosen and played perfectly. So much so, that it proved God himself. That right. God is the master, and He created me to play my role perfectly. You see, I have been nearly nothing, hiding and waiting until my time. Using the tools God has provided me to fall in the middle and see the truth, learning and seeing the goals of the darkness, even appearing and moving among it when needed. Appearing as no threat, while being the ultimate one. And I am even doing them a service now. Yes, I knew the watchers would let me be the warning from God at the end, because in so letting me be that warning, they will fulfill their requirement of a warning from themselves, by merely allowing me to make my post without moving to stop it. Sure they have distracted, and tried, and even think they have in some ways guided it. Yes, one of the biggest lies from the side of the darkness is that they will win the game. They have even convinced themselves to a certain extent. You see, they will gain a space. And they will use this space to destroy all of God’s creation that will become trapped with them in it. To them a victory. But not really. Because the space that they will get will eventually fall into complete darkness again, but this time forever. And never to be in the presence of God again, which in true reality, is to not be. But to get this victory to not be, the snake made a deal with God, to allow the truth in his space he has won for himself, for a time until the final play of the game. Now of course his trick is to make the truth seem as though it is a lie, and again, he is the master of lies. So, I am allowed to continue to spread my message because it seems to impossible to be true, and so seeming to be a lie, or at the least, a mere fantasy. But, it is so great a message, that if followed faithfully, will truly save all that read it from the real lies that are all around them, and lead them through the heart back to God.

Now so, what is the true warning. I will not be even a bit misleading here. The world is falling into a darkness that it cannot see, only feel. And it will move to separate you from God with it. And the darkness, and all that it stands for will be presented to you as God. And in the middle of it, when God moves to save all those who have stood with Him, even when they have been lied to, you will be surrounded by absolute horror. And that horror will be presented as God’s judgment. And the trick of that is that it partly is. But it will also be their fighting against Him that will cause it. But that will not be all of it. They will do all that it takes to get God to take action, and when He does, they will do horror for fun, and say that that was God also. And things will be so bad that all that will be mislead, and cannot go back to God because they have blamed Him and have been fooled, will still pray to Him to die. But they will not be allowed to, for they will be trapped here in the darkness forever, as we seemingly fall away. But in the end, the true horror to them will be the truth. That they have been lied to. And those who they have followed have taken them into darkness forever. And they will see and feel God for what He has been all along, but now knowing they were wrong, and the love they now see and feel, has abandoned them forever to their actions alone against Him, to the darkness that will torture them for the rest of eternity. And all those they have killed, mocked, and tortured, will be seen leaving in the distance, singing praises to God that has saved them to Him forever. But be not afraid. Your heart will save you. So I ask you once again, “What is in YOUR heart?” Well, I tell you now, soon, and VERY soon, we will all know, by how you have played the game!

Still want the signs that have been given to me from God? As I said, ” Good luck finding these writings! But if you do, believe in them, if not me, for God has come to me with a mission, and I am fulfilling it. What you choose to take from it, whether to believe or not, is between you and God. But I will play the game with you until the end. And I will win, because the Master has shown me how to play the perfect game, whether you believe it or not. And I choose to be, for this is what God wants~ Forever and ever with Him.”