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Today I am going to play nice in the game, and throw a bonus post out there for both sides. Don’t worry though, it won’t be of benefit to the enemy, because the shear nature of how they will have to play the game to win, will lead them to not be able to take advantage of these words. And also…hahaha…I guess I have to be fair to these guys and issue this warning~ Yes!! This is a program in a series, well, more of a reprogram, and yes, this post could definitely be called reprogramming. Because of course that deals with changing peoples minds through purposely placing words and images to help people form ideas in their minds, to help change the way in which they think about things. DUH! But again, I will ease your mind a bit…Remember oh watcher and foe…hahaha…these words I write here are inspired by the one and only true God. And even though I am, from time to time, able to add my two cents in, I assure you- This message He has personally let me know He is ready for me to give to you.

There is a simple reason to beware of the bonus in a game. You see, simply, one side’s bonus, may be the other sides curse and vice versa of course. But this one will be easy. And it is so beautiful in it’s simplicity, yet deep in it’s complexity. For I got this straight from God Himself!!! Now unfortunately…I cannot as of yet (*Because remember: I am also a player) reveal the full circumstances surrounding how I got to see Him this time, but I assure you, it will be revealed in due time, and what a story it is! But, I can say that truly, today will be a bonus for those who find these writings. And though it is hidden among the trees, it will be found in the forest by those who would look for it. And to those who read these post still and wonder what side I really play for, well, today it will be obvious. And, hahaha, it will become obvious to you which side you play for as well and don’t be mad if you come out shocked, because you may be surprised at what side you are on. Now first also remember that to be fair I must warn you of why you will be shocked. Now you know you must first also make sure you are honest to yourself. But again, it is all in how you play isn’t it. Both sides will see God differetly. What one side sees as God, the other sees as the devil and vice versa. So again- Don’t be mad, just change sides! We could always use a good player. But trust me, it will be hard for you…you must first learn to have true faith!

I had at first started been feeling weird, and since this had happened a few times before, (and again, more on that later), I knew to pay attention. And, sure enough it was progressing, and so this time I felt really weird. You know, scary weird. But somehow, I was calm. Something told me this was going to be a serious ordeal, and I needed to keep as alert as possible so I could keep a certain level of control, and awareness so I could communicate to keep everyone around me calm as well. In other words, somehow, I knew this would be a fight! I told my wife, “Get the bowl honey I am going to be sick again.” She said, “Oh no!” I said, “Don’t worry honey since this is the third time, maybe it will be three big throw ups and I will be done.” But I could tell by the look on her face she knew what I did, this wasn’t a good sign. My son, poor guy, went running outdoors. He had been through this with us and he knew what to expect. Sure enough, as per three times before, after I started feeling weird, I started to sweat, and within minutes, I vomited once. But this time…blood along with the stomach acid. And not like before. Not just a drop that was or maybe was not blood, a clearly significant amount. And so I flushed the toilet, as I had made it there instead of the bowl, as my wife came in from checking on the kid. I did not let her see it. She took one look at me though and she said, “Honey! Are you ok!” And I told her then, ‘Honey, I don’t know. This time is different. I think there is something really bad going on here. You better call 911, I might pass out and I don’t feel right at all.” and I said that, I threw up again. And again more blood and acid, and she seen it, and of course it scared her. But I calmed her down as I tried to stay conscious.

The ambulance was there in minutes and I was in the emergency room before I knew it. But all the motion made me throw up again the same as before so that all the nurses and one doctor could see as they started asking the questions and placing the IVs and administering medicine. But, it wasn’t the same as before and I pleaded with them to be prepared because something did not feel right, and I had lost a lot of blood already, and that I was having trouble staying alert and conscious, and was also starting to have trouble breathing, not to mention the pain in my stomach. But, they gave me the same stuff and conferenced. As they did I lay there in pain, and one nurse came over and asked if I was alright. And so I earnestly pleaded with her to be prepared and she said she was and she left for a moment. But I noticed she moved some emergency equipment closer to me, and had that special pack of IV meds. She winked at me and walked off and I tried not to get sick again.

But suddenly, there it was. I was alone. I could not find a call button, and I for some reason could not cry out. As a matter of fact, I could barely breathe or do anything. I started to buzz like a light socket. I saw that nurse look at me and immediately start to come over. When she got to me she said, “Are you okay?” And I said, “NO!” but it only came out as a whisper. The nurse reached for a prepared needle of something strong from the emergency pack and then she slipped one hand under my back and one over my heart just in case she had to CPR and she started waving for the rest of the emergency team. At that time I heard the alarms go off. Seeing her team would not arrive in time, she ripped open the meds, prepared the needle and had squeezed what ever was in me as fast as she could. And as she moved to get back over to me, I heard her say, “Breathe through it.” and I let out what I knew was my last controlled breath. And I felt as everything stopped…Now I had already started praying. And I was like- Gee God, I thought we had a different plan. I was also upset that my wife and kid were in the waiting room, and there was no one around I knew, even though I trusted my care, I still felt alone, and I felt this was it, this was how I was going to die. Alone with my thoughts, with a team of doctors and nurses over me. And I was praying, please God, I need more time. What will my family do? You know, I felt really bad about the pain they would feel and it hurt me to think of it, so I continued to plea- But- At that moment when my body began to shut down, I said, “God, it is your will. I will not fret over it any longer, and I am to weak to fight it. It is all up to you and the doctors now.” And at that very instant everything became light, and the buzzing synched in with Him as he approached me. And I felt calm. And He asked the Question!! The bonus that will answer your question of what side of the game you are on. God’s, or the other’s. And it was simple. But you will have to answer it honest to know the real truth!

He said to me, “William, You have a choice today, and you will be rewarded as such by what ye shall choose.” And I said, “But God, the choice is yours, I will do what ye have for me.” And He said, “What I have is for ye to have free will and to choose- On the one hand, ye can drink from the fountain of youth, and you and your family can have eternal life on earth. Or, ye can come with me, and ye shall have eternity in the heavens with your Father. But you cannot have both. And it was simple for me. Of course I love my family and life. But God created us, and He has said His intention was for us to spend an eternity with Him. And since He created everything, I have to think He knows a little about what is best, so I told Him. “Again God, I trust in you. And what ever you have written for me, my will is to serve you to guide me to it. If it is your will to take me now I am yours, even if I have not done enough and would be condemned to hell for it, it is you will that must be done, so if it is my time, I am yours God.”
And at that moment it was if He touched me and I was aware of the nurse again as she was stripping off the hospital gown I was wearing. And the team was there, and it seemed as if I was with God for a long time, but I realized it was for a second here, as I suddenly started to breathe, and my heart began as it halted momentarily and all my signs came to as strong as before, and they all stood there bewildered. But then of course I vomited again a big pile of blood and they realized I was on a bad cycle and began a series of procedures. (That again I will get into later when the whole med story is told, but cannot now, for soon to be obvious reasons)

But I knew I would be okay! I had had my moment, and also His hints to me about this post became perfectly clear. I cannot believe we had to go to this extreme to get there, but I wasn’t getting it, and He knows best so it was only then that I got it.
God made us how we are. And He knows our time. But in today’s world, with all the modern advances, it is clear to me, and all the leading scientist, that it is a matter of time before a human being can be rendered immortal! They are doing unimaginable work in what they can do with the human body, and what with the advances in robotics, and biology, it is only a matter of time before we are robots ourselves with human minds, capable of living forever, in any environment imaginable. Even ones filled with fires of all kinds. Even radiated ones. I think you get what I am saying here. If not you have not paid attention to any of my other blogs. But anyway, it really comes down to this. I know the doctors and nurses did a fabulous job, without which I may not be here, but I also know what I know. And if you are truly on the side of the game I am on, which I think is for the one and only real God who is the creator of all things. If you come across the fountain of youth, and you are able to fully drink to full effect, I would turn away from that water and toward God, and ask Him first what you should do. For that may be one bonus that is indeed no bonus at all. For as hard as I fought to stay alive, and as much as I love my family, and as scared as I am to go to hell. I mean as much as I want to be alive! I trust in God to show me the way when I am lost. But when your time comes, if you drink from the fountain, instead of reaching for the light of the tree, would you not be here still when every one of those fountains dry up as the sun envelopes the earth one day. And even if you move to another place, mister we scientist can do it all guy. Wouldn’t the sun there eventually blow up too? And what happens when billions of suns go supernova?! Could get quite hot down here. But…there you are. You and your eternity in this universe that God said was separated from heaven, with no more fountains to quench the fire. But go ahead and say it’s silly to believe in God, and manipulate things in a way that leads to your mortality scientifically and technologically. I mean we all here can use the benefits of it all while we live out our natural life cycle. I am very appreciative for the advances you have made that I have benefitted from while I have been alive to enjoy life and stay alive! But for Me? well,…me and anyone on my side will turn to God for the answers, and stop looking so much to ourselves and our own abilities, or what some highly advanced civilization or hidden race says will lead to our immortality!!! For one moment my body stopped working. And it wasn’t just the medical staff who had a say in the overall outcome. Ultimately I turned to God for more time when it counted, and He gave the doctors more time to do their great work.
Now watchers…that’s how ya throw a bonus out! Yeah I know that many players won’t get it, but who knows, I don’t control the overall game, I just play like I am told! And since I snuck one again on ya, and half of you now see moreso how I am a valuable player, remember therefor that I am only one player on this team. I am a pawn who plays for the King. And I warn you, I am about to blow again. Time is indeed running short. But as you are starting to see, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. See, and you thought putting my true identity was my first mistake. But you were wrong about playing dishonest. Don’t you see, all of what I say happened, just here can be researched. Now of course even my readers know I am the only one seeing God here but the puzzle seems to keep on fitting together for such a simple man such as me…right? Haahahahaha…

Now to my normal blog readers, it is about time! The Great event is almost upon us and I will now again start making post to awaken you!!! Look for them! Tell those you care about the message they reveal to you. SHARE THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! He does not want to lose one soul but He will allow not rot in the bushel! And it is time for us to be picked and the rotten ones to fall away!