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You know, they say you are not supposed to talk about your family so open In public, you never know what could happen. But see, as I said, I am one of you, and have told you I was going to bring some more people into this, and I said, I was being open about myself all along. And you see, to know me, you have to know my brother Howie. You see, Howie probably defined my life more than anyone, and man, you have got to hear about him. He was the craziest, but sanest person I have ever known. And to get to know him, I am going to tell you a series of stories. But unlike usually, I will say of them, these stories are real, and where all witnessed, each and every one. And as they say, truth is much crazier than anything we could ever make up, so I assure you, you will be far from unentertained.

The Bike race:
I’m already laughing as I get ready to tell you this story, but it really wasn’t a laughing matter. But if you knew my brother, and some of you reading did, and they have just chucked as well, you would be laughing too. You see, my brother Howie, in our youth, was the ultimate daredevil. And there was nothing that he could not, or hahaha would not ever do. And one day, we had the most ultimate conditions for the most ultimate ever known bike race It was straight downhill, and wait for it….gravel. That’s right gravel. Now that’s rocks for you people that don’t know hahahahaha. So now you would also think he would not want to wait for it to maybe, I don’t know…say like, not be so extremely windy. But Howie, as I said, was the most ultimate daredevil. And on this day, he thought it would be a good idea. And he sold it to me, and the rest of the neighborhood like this~ So, you say you are the best, then prove it! If you are the best, you will beat me down this hill, and in the worst imaginable conditions. If you are, that is, as you say, the best.

Well see, we could not turn down his challenge, because we all indeed thought that we were the best, each and every one of us. And let me teach a lesson here hahahahaha, tell your children about the dare, and you will probably save a few lives. Serious on that one!

So we got a starter kid to lead us off; On your marks, get ready, go. And off we went. Kid in the blue with a good start…but there is also that kid in white, I am going to have to step it up more than I had hoped. But hey, I got this, no problem, I always win these, I am the best. Wait, what…Howie??!! Where did he come from? I wasn’t even thinking about him, But there he was……he flew past us but I knew…see, I was the best hahahaha and he was going WAY to fast. He was going to crash…and he did. OH MY did he crash…hahahahahahahahaha
Oh…but the laughing stops there and the you have to pray for his life. No seriously, I am still holding back laughter only because this was the pattern he would follow his entire life up to this point. And the people who know him will back me up on that as well, and there is a cousin or two, who are probably still laughing about that as we speak. But, the crash. He was way out in front, and at first I had speeded up to try and catch him, but I wiggled, and backed it down a little. I had found my limit so to speak. And when I looked up to see where he was, I saw him wiggle…but he didn’t slow down, and he wiggled again, and lost it. And his front tire got turned and dug into the dirt, and he flipped, and then, he rolled end over end, all the way down the rest of the way. You see, he wouldn’t let go of the bike that he had just built, all the way down. And when we got to the bottom to him…he had rocks embedded in his face. UUNNGGH…It was terrible. So my oldest brother picked him up and carried him home running. And I had to roll all our bikes back to the house worried my mom was going to kill us, and not knowing really if he would be okay. But see guys, and this explains all the laughing, he always was. Now they had to pick and scrape his face to remove all the rocks, and it was terrible, but he was okay. Did not slow him down one bit.

The Gene Simmons:
Howie was the most ultimate daredevil. Ad he loved the rock band Kiss. So, he had to do the most dangerous thing associated with them. And see, the bassist of Kiss blows fire…and so of course…he HAD to do that. Now, this is not a story of him hurting himself on the first try, oh no, he got very good at it. Now see, that’s the thing about Howie. Me and my brothers would push each other to the very end of life, no lie, to see who was best. So, we kind of had that kind of mentality. And we approached everything like that, like that bike race. But Howie, he would be the toughest one. And he would take you to the limit. And he went to limit on this as well. And one day, and it was inevitable. He got to much alcohol I his mouth, and when he ran out of breath, the fire stayed lit, and he blew out again a little, knowing not to breath in. But as he blew it all out, it hit the air and blew up in his face. It burned his eyelashes, eyebrows, and his hair back about an inch or two. He looked funny, but it didn’t burn his skin. But look, on this one, I learned a lot of lessons. And it wasn’t really about how not to try a dangerous stunt, but more about his determination to still, always be the best at everything you do. Now I had respect for that. But that was how we were, me and my brothers. And I am telling you now, and I believe it, to be the truth. If it were not for money, he could have proved he was the ultimate daredevil and skillsman. Two examples~ The bikes- We learned how to strip down a bike, piece by piece. And he we had to learn to because we were poor. And Our parents could not afford bike parts, not alone new bikes. And so, we would look around for somebody’s junk pile and then ask them if it was okay if we had a few bike parts. They usually would. And we would get old bike frames and wheels, and we would strip the parts looking for the best bearings and spokes. And we would look especially hard for frames. And when we got the best one, the lightest but most durable. We would build us a new bike. And we would sand the frames down first, and give them the coolest paintjobs. And we got better and better at it. And then later we took a look at maybe racing professionally, and we knew instantly we would not be able to compete. I mea, they say it’s fair, but then tell you will need a sponsor, ad you must ride our approved models of bikes. Yeah, we won’t be able to sir. And you go back to racing in the streets. But still, we made quite a bit of money that way. The Slot cars: We really go into slot cars, and the first maker was Aurora. The first ones were a little bit clumsy feeling to control, but then they came out with the 442 GT series. And man, those things were awesome. They were fast, and they hugged the track. And furthermore, they came out with upgradable parts, and they were affordable. Well, ya know, cheap. But, they were good. And we got good at racing those little cars. And as well, knew how to strip down every piece of them. An so of course, we found ways to gut out the bodies to lighten and lower them to the track for that extra handle and speed, and got so good at painting and decaling them, that they truly did look like real race cars, down to the very last detail. And we saw were you could go race professionally, and we looked into it. But when they told us we had to have a sponsor, and gave us the rule book where we had to use their parts and advertise them. Well, we knew that we would not be able to do it. But still. We got our friends into it big, and raced them for money. And we racked up on that too hahahahaha.
And now Howie, after burning his hair off, but not his skin, went to school the next day. And he had to do a stand up speech on safety! Ahahahahahaha…you can’t script this stuff, I’m telling you, he has had that kind of life.

The Devil and Jesus:
One day, we went to a friend of my moms house, and stayed for a couple of days. And me and my brothers were young. Howie was 6 and I was seven, and my older brother was 11. We played outside their house a lot, and even ventured of course, out in the woods. And on the second day we noticed, Howie did not look so good. And we asked him if he was okay, and he said, fine. But then he passed out. So my older brother picked him up and carried him back to the house, and we all went to the hospital. Now back then, they had strict visiting rules, even for the family, and we could not spend the night there at the hospital, so after awhile we went home. And on the way home my mother started crying. And so I asked, ” is he that sick mom? ” And she said that he may not live. He had rocky mountain spotted fever, and at the time they had no cure. Only fluids, ice, and hope. And you know me now, I of course said a prayer every day. He was in a coma for 4 days, and they truly thought he was going to die. His fever was 104 the whole time, and he lost a lot of body fluid. But, he didn’t die. On the beginning of the fifth day, he woke up, and said,” man am I thirsty. Where is Jesus? ” And mom was like, what? And he said, ” Yeah momma, Jesus. I want to thank him for pulling up from the hole.” And she said, ” He did?” And he said,” Yeah, I was walking along and fell in this hole, and I held on for dear life. And it wasn’t easy because something reached up and started pulling me down too. And I looked down and it was the devil. I was scared and I held on long as I could. And just as I was about to have to let go, Jesus came walking by in blue jeans, and reached down and pulled me up. And I just want to give Him a hug and thank Him momma, is He still here? ”

Now I learned a lot form my brother Howie, and these are only a few of his stories of brushes with danger and death. Like I said, he was, and is, the craziest most sane person on earth. In him, I have seen the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. But I have never seen him give up. He has always strived to be the best at what ever he has wanted to do. He approaches life with bravery and courage, and though he may tempt fate, he has always had faith, and I have always had respect for how he approaches it. To you my brother, I love you, and thanks for being all that you have ever been.


Symbols are used to identify things. But, they don’t tell the whole story. Indeed some do tell more than others, and get quite more elaborate than others. And so, the more elaborate they are, although they give you more information, it also gives them more of a chance for disinformation. So, no matter what they tell you, symbols can lie, or at the very least, mislead. I don’t really need to elaborate much more than that. But, of course I will. I will always give you an example of what I am saying: McDonalds has a sign, and it is their symbol to you so that you may know them. But, no matter what the conspiracy theorist tell you, when you see it, you think cheeseburger, first. Now of course, that don’t tell you how they made them, what kind there are, and they had to use extensive marketing of the cheeseburger, and much work to make the cheeseburger good, in order for you to see it that way.
Now, the United States government has a symbol too. And know, I am not talking about the flag, that is a symbol of the people of the United States, and not it’s government, know matter how it came about, even if it was the governments doing to begin with. No, I am talking about the seal of the United States of America, and that is representative of the government of the U.S. and not it’s people, no matter what you have been told. The proof in that, is that the common man, knows not very much about that seal, or what it means, but he knows the flag. But now the government on the other hand, knows exactly what it means, and has mislead his people on it extensively, hence why the common man now, does not even care to understand it, although many through being mislead, are proud of it nonetheless. But, many are not, because they know the government misleads, and are constantly losing faith in it.
So now, I must tell you, that that is not the meaning of the post, only to help you see how symbols represent and tell information. But I tell you this~ Symbols lie. Not all, but all can. So, this helps you to SEE, who is in control of the symbols, and why God says not to worship them. This doesn’t seem important now, but it may become the greatest information you will ever know.

And so now, let me help you understand a little more by confusing you, and letting you know who this post is for. First for your confusion hahahahaha… 0 is greater than 1
Now you are confused if you are reading me honestly, and if not, now is your turn to stop reading and dismiss me fully. Have a nice day.
But if you are confused and you stay, I say to you, you will have a nice day, for if you continue reading, HONESTLY that is, you are about to find out you are not as smart as you think you are. But don’t worry, and don’t fear me, for I am not that smart either. But I have the answer to this if you want to know, and we can be in this boat of understanding together. First, I applaud you! For if you continue to read, you are admitting to yourself that you may be able to learn a little more, and you are willing to do so. Awesome. Now, you will have to wait a moment, not long, as I address the other readers.

There are you who still read today who are not confused, only ready for my message. You are those who have been with me on this from the beginning, and I love you the most. It is time, and today I will fully reveal to you who I am. Now you have trusted me, because you have FELT what I am doing and, you have FELT my words. You have come to trust that these are not my words entirely, not hardly at all as a matter of fact, and you know trust where, and from Whom it is coming from. And since my last post, you know why. And you have looked for Him, and now have the bonus of knowing you have not only found a connection to Him, but that soon, you will have the GREATEST connection to Him. But today is different. Cause you see, up until my last post, I have really only been talking to you. Because I came to you in a way, that I know, if you followed me, you were looking for Him. Not for proof to yourself, but that you could tell others, and that is what you wanted all along, to show people God. Now o course I don’t have to tell you again, this is kind of for them, I am not God. Nor am I His Son. I am just a pawn for God, that fell in the middle, and almost separated from Him. But, like you, I could not. I loved Him!!! Today I will expose my mission and who I am to you, and you will understand. And I know some of you came at first not believing, and that is okay, kind of like the new pope says now. But, he is just a symbol, and as such, he will not give you the whole story. But YOU know because I have warned you about him and his coming. You not only have to live good, and He will forgive ALOT for those who have been mislead, or are confused, for He knows who mislead and confused them. See, I know you have been worried that you may not find Him through all the lies. But, it will be easy, like I said in my last post. He will come to each and every person is, and has, lived. And He will tell them one thing~ I love you!!! Now those that love Him will say it back, and mean it. But those who don’t will run. They will not be confused, they will know, and some of them have lived good lives, but unlike the pope says, they will not go to heaven not loving God. But, when He is with you, and touches you, you will know all things. And THIS is where the other will show himself. He uses tools to get you to worship him, and do his thing. God needs no spaceships, computers, or thugs to get His work done. He appears, and you know. The magnificent machinery that you see, those are the angels. And those you have seen thus far, have worked against Him. Now before I get to the answers: How can 0 be greater than 1 (you know this one but I will ELABORATE it fully this time, and who I am, and you know what I mean, for I have given you my name(symbol) but have not explained FULLY, I have one more group to talk to, and I had just brought them up, so have patience still, it is coming. And like always it comes in a story. But, one you have been prepared for.

The watchers: I must address you now. I know you are reading me, and maybe know who I am. But God tool me told confirm it to you! I have not wanted to, because I know you hate me. BUT Remember God’s deal with you, and trust me, YOU DO NOT WANT to cross it. Besides, this is a game, and you have cheated enough already. But He wants me to tell you something today…IT IS TIME!!! We will now see who is right. Is it the ONE who rose up before God came to him and showed you it was possible? And that is what you stake his power on?!!! Or is it God, and us who have waited, and bowed before Him who created everything? This is the game you have wanted to play, and I say again, It Is Time to resolve it!

Now I am going to tell a little story of how 0 is greater than one. But before I do, I will explain it a little like this: Rock, paper, scissors~ Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper. But, paper beats rock. So how can the paper be greater than the rock if it could not beat the scissors that was destroyed by the rock it is supposedly greater than? Why, because they are all symbols that I am using as a tool. And so, I am greater here. And only I can lose the game. If it is played by another player bent on beating me at it. And who wins really, depends on the greatest tool at the time. And what is greater on one play, may not be greater on the next. Now I will tell a story, and it is a story by all intensive purposes, and this one is based on an experiment, considered a paradox by many, called Schrodingers cat. I want leave a link to it here, but if you don’t know it, you should look it up, it is an amazing experiment. And to you scientist who have examined it, boy is this going be a story you are going to enjoy.

The story: The cat In The Box

Once upon a time, and not so long ago, there was a tale of two men. They did not know each other, but oddly were born on the same date. And really, at first, they had two similar lives. They had the same kind of parents, the same kind of friends, and they were both extremely intelligent. At first, there really weren’t many differences in them at all. But at twelve years old, one of them read a book, while the other wrote one. And this is where they started to differ. Now not much at first, but they did differ very much indeed.
Now, the first man read a book, and it completely changed his way of thinking. And he knew that many read they book, but had not understood it, and they knew that he had. They knew because it changed the boy profoundly, and they could even see it in his eyes. So they said, boy, we read the book and did not understand, how did you know? But the boy would not tell them. And they said, well, at least tell us what it meant, and the boy said, “Everything.” Now of course, it did not mean absolutely everything, but they knew what it meant. Turns out, the book explained man, and his whole story, from the moment he stepped upon the earth. It also helped explain how he got there, and why. And most importantly, what would happen in the end. Now at the time, he didn’t believe it, but as the years passed by, he begin to see that everything the book said was coming true, to an unbelievable accuracy. He didn’t know how to handle it, and slowly he started to forget about God, ad begin to think that maybe he was a god of sorts himself. But then right at the top of his pride it began to crumble, until one day he was left with nothing. Fixing to starve, he and his family, and he didn’t know what to do. And so, powerless, he called upon God, shouted actually, AND GOD CAME.

And the other man, well he wrote a book, and it didn’t do to well of course, but it set the course for many more. And through the years he met a lot of politicians, and lawyers, and marketers, who he knew later would fund his career as a master of finance and leadership, and everything else he wanted to do. For they had full confidence in him. And then at the point when he thought and knew his full plan for his life and what he wanted to do, and thinking he fully understood himself, he called upon God, AND GOD CAME.

And God said to the first man, ” I LOVE YOU. ” And the first man said, “I love you too God”
And then God said, ” WHO IS GOD? ” And the first man said, “You are.” An God was pleased.

And God said to the second man, ” I LOVE YOU ” And the second man said, “I love you too God,” And then God said, ” WHO IS GOD? ” And the second man said, ” I Am! ” Fully with his pride thinking he were God. But God said, ” NO I AM!!! ” To the second mans horror. Because he knew when he recognized him all that God was, and that he was in a box. He would never see heaven, but be forever burning among the stars who would eventually all burn out.

Now that was just a story of how less than can be greater than more than, or otherwise, less is more. And getting back to Shrodingers cat. IF it is possible, and it is proving to be quite probable, that the person in the experiment could affect the outcome with what he expects it to be, could it be possible that if ONE person on the earth believed in God, wouldn’t he be able to make it so. And then, even if he couldn’t effect the outcome, would it mean their must be a greater power to make sure things were so?

Ladies and gentile man, it is time, and He is coming, and it is time! And so let’s get on with it!
Rich men, let’s start with you first. If there is a God, and I know you don’t believe in him, but let’s just say for a moment that He is real. Now if so, would you really want to let him see you not sharing?!

I DON”T THINK HE WILL BE VERY PLEASED!!!!!! What will you do when it’s your turn to look Him in the eye?!!!!!

To the scientist, I say to you. Good work my friends, but, WAKE UP!!!
If there was a big bang, and there was, what do you presume, decided to go, bang! And, what if, the bang, as you have called it, was nothing more than the beginning, of a much bigger story, entirely. And what it all comes down to, my intelligent friends, is~ when you break it all down, divided and simplified to the extremely smallest it can ever go, it all comes down to nothing! Ahhh but, there can never be nothing now can it, because the proof is that we are here! And I know you are not calling us, and all that you see around you nothing, because that could never be Hahahahaha But it is true that we are provable to be nothing, except for some undetermined, in your eyes, force, that seems to have put it all together. And don’t worry my friends, because you will come upon the answer soon, and it will be very very surprising. hahahaha

Now the thief. You better put it all back, except the things, from those who stole from you first. That is the only rule needed. He is coming, and you don’t want Him to see you unaccounted for!!!

To the killer. You sicken Him most, and you will not be saved!!! Now I am not talking to the ones who have killed, in their eyes, true good reason: Defense!(Not offense)- Of God, family, and country, in good faith. No arguments or befuddlements, you all know what I mean here. Those who have tricked men into killing, and told them it was for God, family, or country, but it was not, will not be saved. And to the ones who kill because they enjoy it, know this too~ There is one that God has created, who will do the exact thing that you have done, moment by moment, for the rest of all eternity. So, the only peace that you will ever know, is that, if you stop know, at least the sessions of torment won’t be a little bit longer. Hahahahahaha

To the common man. I love you!!! And I have to give you this message. I know you don’t like to read. But sit down and relax for a moment, PLEASE. I have a very strong and important message. I know it is crazy for me to tell you it comes straight from God. But, let’s just suppose it does. Wouldn’t you want to hear it, and not miss out, on what He wants me to tell you?!!!

I know what Lucifer, the great Satan, and the snake, has done to you. And now you are weary, tired, mad, and afraid. Don’t worry, He is coming. But now know, He knows all that you do. And I am telling you He is coming, and you too will have to look Him in the eye, and you will be held for account for ALL that you do. But He is a forgiving God!!!!!! And He says that the rule here is that the purest will come closer to God!!! And the worst of you, that are forgiven, and given a choice to accept Him, or deny Him, and have repented, will fall further away from God, according, and in order of, what you have done that offended Him!!!! But so in all fairness, He has told me to tell you the truth of what’s going on. So, I need to tell you a little story, so you can get the just of it ALL.

( To my earliest and most loyal readers, again your loyalty has paid off today, for it is time. And He is coming!!! I AM the trumpet, and I AM blowing. I AM just like you. The rider that is coming next is death. He always rides ahead of God, for he is running. And he is trying to get as many souls for his god as he can, for he knows it is time, and he must return to his master. And he wants him to be pleased. This section should be called~ The book: The Fall of Symraza- Chapter 13-Symraza’s message to the Interpreter)

Now, this is just a story, from me to you, given to me by the best storyteller of all time: I had been given a book. I was given the book by some very rich and important men. Now I was only twelve at the time, and I didn’t really understand why they gave me the book. But magically, and turns out miraculously, I was the only one who could read it. It was written with symbols instead of words. Now how I met these fellows and who they really are, is a story I have already told, and I am not going to drag on about that. What was most important was that there was a message in the book. And it was:~ In the end of days, there will be snakes in the grass. They will seek to centralize power. Deception and fear are there greatest weapons. The will grab the seats of power by, masonry and monopoly. And there will become nothing they cannot see. They will be led by the Watchers, who have fallen among you. I am their leader and King Symraza. My escape from God was this message to you for fairness, of which no one, hardly, will listen. And it will be to late when all this comes to pass. There will be false peace. But the one of peace the world will come to love as the great ruler, whom everyone will trust, will really be, the greatest murderer ever known. For he is the son of the greatest angel ever known. And he shall do magic and great wonders upon the land. And the builders will support him, and indeed worship him, as the think he, is the one, that has arisen and come to them and lead them into heaven. And they, and those who hold their monopoly, and do indeed multiply it for them too, will cause 3 wars to bring him to power over the earth, and her inhabitants. The first, at the beginning of his career as politician, without revealing it was his doing. The second, to get people to support him and his message of peace, and put him as the leader of the world. And it will become to much for him and he will go mad with power. And one to secure his power once and for all, and demand that people worship him. He will demand that he is God. He will demand there be a law of death for anyone to declare themselves above him.

And this will be to much for God, and he will come to declare himself above him. And there will be a fourth war which was the greatest war of all. And God’s son will lead God’s army into battle, and defeat him. But the dragon, and that great angel that created him will escape, and will return to his kingdom. But the men that fought for God, will return to God in heaven. But the men who fought for Lucifer will be blamed by him for his sons loss, and will torture them according to how they are tortured, as he knows what a god should do to punish his subjects, which is what I always respected him for. And so, as I have identified those men you will lose, there are many many more than God will get. So why even tell anyone of them as they will not believe, and you will be In the minority. And anyway, those few you gain, even in a winning battle, proves that in the end you efforts will be futile. But, I still have to tell you again, that those men will rule by deception and fear. And they will use the sacred symbols to mesmerize the common man, and keep control over him, So that we can turn him against God. You see, I made a deal with Lucifer also, so that I may fall in the middle of heaven and hell, and it only requires the skill of a Watcher. See my job is to control you, deceive you, and trample all over your DNA, so that I can turn you as far away from God as you can get. And see, that gives Lucifer, the great Satan his victory. And confirms to him that he is indeed a great god for even though it is true he did not defeat God, he won more souls. And indeed, is that not the goal of the war. And confirms to him, that in the end, he will ultimately win the war.

~~~~Now, I read the message, and I gave it to you, and it was from Symraza to me. And I gave it to you, firstly because it is God’s will that I do, but secondly because I love you. And, I don’t want to lose anymore than I have to. And I will save as many as I can by telling you this. God will win the war, and you had better be on his side. But it really doesn’t even matter that you have to choose. Because it really isn’t a choice at all.

Those who hate and love to kill are doomed, and they know it! And they will have to get their kicks while they can, because they know in their heart, that there is not much more time. But as I said above, you have now bee warned of the rules, and so, now decide the game you want to play. For God said, Thou Shalt Not Kill!!!

And to you, the regular man and woman, I say this. What if God was coming? Now I am talking to those who don’t believe in him also. I don’t judge you. I love you too, and I want to help you to see an amazing truth. But, I know why you don’t believe in him also. You have seen this crazy messed up world, and you have thought to yourself, how in the world can their be a God? You have seen the hate, wars, and destruction that organized religion has brought down through the years, and it didn’t seem to you to be a good idea. I get all that. But you see, it has been misguided. Because all that was done by men, who were thrown out of heaven, by the curse God put on us when he threw out Adam. But, you see, your God loves you, and he will give you a chance to see and choose him, and it will be greater than him not getting thrown out by God. I mean, think! We get a chance to see Satan and his evil ways, and see not to be like him. You don’t believe in the devil either, but you know what I’m talking about when I say, mean person, because they indeed are becoming the norm. And you can feel something happening also, and I know you are uneasy. He tells me to tell you also not to worry.
To everyone He wants me to say. It is time to reach out to the hungry that you see among you, for who shall then starve? It is time to share all that you have, for who shall the want? And what will great possessions be after you look upon the eyes of the Lord. You will suddenly know all, and see yourself, as He sees you, and you do not want to let Him see you dirty, for you will feel to much shame, and move away from Him. And trust me, you want to be as close as Him as you can, because it is the most unbelievable feeling. It is love!!!!!! And you want to feel as much love as possible. And when you are further away from Him, it is colder, and you don’t feel His love as much. Until you get into the clutches of the other, and he is opposite of cold. Cold implies that you don’t care, but the other cares. But, not with love. He cares about hate. And he hates you. You don’t want to fall into his clutches. And now finally, this was just a story, for all intensive purposes, and I am sure you know what I mean.

But finally~ Think of it. If we all stared thinking about what would a loving, ALL powering, God think if He saw all his people treating each other this way. Maybe, we would have no starving people, and we would all have pretty much the same things, because we would love and trust in one another, and then why wouldn’t EVERYONE have a great time, and celebrate with each other, and then why can’t we live in peace and harmony, and all that stuff we have learned to be “cheesy”. Why are we listening to those who say we should hate one another because of who they are? Why do we listen to those who say, there must be war, when God says love one another. Ad even if you think that He didn’t, isn’t it still GREAT advice? I mean then, TA DA, No More War. Why do we let people get us down to the point that we lose faith that there is God? Is it silly? And man ponders…….

But if it is TRUE?????!!!!!!!