What if there Was God, and He was coming?

Ladies and gentile man, it is time, and He is coming, and it is time! And so let’s get on with it!
Rich men, let’s start with you first. If there is a God, and I know you don’t believe in him, but let’s just say for a moment that He is real. Now if so, would you really want to let him see you not sharing?!

I DON”T THINK HE WILL BE VERY PLEASED!!!!!! What will you do when it’s your turn to look Him in the eye?!!!!!

To the scientist, I say to you. Good work my friends, but, WAKE UP!!!
If there was a big bang, and there was, what do you presume, decided to go, bang! And, what if, the bang, as you have called it, was nothing more than the beginning, of a much bigger story, entirely. And what it all comes down to, my intelligent friends, is~ when you break it all down, divided and simplified to the extremely smallest it can ever go, it all comes down to nothing! Ahhh but, there can never be nothing now can it, because the proof is that we are here! And I know you are not calling us, and all that you see around you nothing, because that could never be Hahahahaha But it is true that we are provable to be nothing, except for some undetermined, in your eyes, force, that seems to have put it all together. And don’t worry my friends, because you will come upon the answer soon, and it will be very very surprising. hahahaha

Now the thief. You better put it all back, except the things, from those who stole from you first. That is the only rule needed. He is coming, and you don’t want Him to see you unaccounted for!!!

To the killer. You sicken Him most, and you will not be saved!!! Now I am not talking to the ones who have killed, in their eyes, true good reason: Defense!(Not offense)- Of God, family, and country, in good faith. No arguments or befuddlements, you all know what I mean here. Those who have tricked men into killing, and told them it was for God, family, or country, but it was not, will not be saved. And to the ones who kill because they enjoy it, know this too~ There is one that God has created, who will do the exact thing that you have done, moment by moment, for the rest of all eternity. So, the only peace that you will ever know, is that, if you stop know, at least the sessions of torment won’t be a little bit longer. Hahahahahaha

To the common man. I love you!!! And I have to give you this message. I know you don’t like to read. But sit down and relax for a moment, PLEASE. I have a very strong and important message. I know it is crazy for me to tell you it comes straight from God. But, let’s just suppose it does. Wouldn’t you want to hear it, and not miss out, on what He wants me to tell you?!!!

I know what Lucifer, the great Satan, and the snake, has done to you. And now you are weary, tired, mad, and afraid. Don’t worry, He is coming. But now know, He knows all that you do. And I am telling you He is coming, and you too will have to look Him in the eye, and you will be held for account for ALL that you do. But He is a forgiving God!!!!!! And He says that the rule here is that the purest will come closer to God!!! And the worst of you, that are forgiven, and given a choice to accept Him, or deny Him, and have repented, will fall further away from God, according, and in order of, what you have done that offended Him!!!! But so in all fairness, He has told me to tell you the truth of what’s going on. So, I need to tell you a little story, so you can get the just of it ALL.

( To my earliest and most loyal readers, again your loyalty has paid off today, for it is time. And He is coming!!! I AM the trumpet, and I AM blowing. I AM just like you. The rider that is coming next is death. He always rides ahead of God, for he is running. And he is trying to get as many souls for his god as he can, for he knows it is time, and he must return to his master. And he wants him to be pleased. This section should be called~ The book: The Fall of Symraza- Chapter 13-Symraza’s message to the Interpreter)

Now, this is just a story, from me to you, given to me by the best storyteller of all time: I had been given a book. I was given the book by some very rich and important men. Now I was only twelve at the time, and I didn’t really understand why they gave me the book. But magically, and turns out miraculously, I was the only one who could read it. It was written with symbols instead of words. Now how I met these fellows and who they really are, is a story I have already told, and I am not going to drag on about that. What was most important was that there was a message in the book. And it was:~ In the end of days, there will be snakes in the grass. They will seek to centralize power. Deception and fear are there greatest weapons. The will grab the seats of power by, masonry and monopoly. And there will become nothing they cannot see. They will be led by the Watchers, who have fallen among you. I am their leader and King Symraza. My escape from God was this message to you for fairness, of which no one, hardly, will listen. And it will be to late when all this comes to pass. There will be false peace. But the one of peace the world will come to love as the great ruler, whom everyone will trust, will really be, the greatest murderer ever known. For he is the son of the greatest angel ever known. And he shall do magic and great wonders upon the land. And the builders will support him, and indeed worship him, as the think he, is the one, that has arisen and come to them and lead them into heaven. And they, and those who hold their monopoly, and do indeed multiply it for them too, will cause 3 wars to bring him to power over the earth, and her inhabitants. The first, at the beginning of his career as politician, without revealing it was his doing. The second, to get people to support him and his message of peace, and put him as the leader of the world. And it will become to much for him and he will go mad with power. And one to secure his power once and for all, and demand that people worship him. He will demand that he is God. He will demand there be a law of death for anyone to declare themselves above him.

And this will be to much for God, and he will come to declare himself above him. And there will be a fourth war which was the greatest war of all. And God’s son will lead God’s army into battle, and defeat him. But the dragon, and that great angel that created him will escape, and will return to his kingdom. But the men that fought for God, will return to God in heaven. But the men who fought for Lucifer will be blamed by him for his sons loss, and will torture them according to how they are tortured, as he knows what a god should do to punish his subjects, which is what I always respected him for. And so, as I have identified those men you will lose, there are many many more than God will get. So why even tell anyone of them as they will not believe, and you will be In the minority. And anyway, those few you gain, even in a winning battle, proves that in the end you efforts will be futile. But, I still have to tell you again, that those men will rule by deception and fear. And they will use the sacred symbols to mesmerize the common man, and keep control over him, So that we can turn him against God. You see, I made a deal with Lucifer also, so that I may fall in the middle of heaven and hell, and it only requires the skill of a Watcher. See my job is to control you, deceive you, and trample all over your DNA, so that I can turn you as far away from God as you can get. And see, that gives Lucifer, the great Satan his victory. And confirms to him that he is indeed a great god for even though it is true he did not defeat God, he won more souls. And indeed, is that not the goal of the war. And confirms to him, that in the end, he will ultimately win the war.

~~~~Now, I read the message, and I gave it to you, and it was from Symraza to me. And I gave it to you, firstly because it is God’s will that I do, but secondly because I love you. And, I don’t want to lose anymore than I have to. And I will save as many as I can by telling you this. God will win the war, and you had better be on his side. But it really doesn’t even matter that you have to choose. Because it really isn’t a choice at all.

Those who hate and love to kill are doomed, and they know it! And they will have to get their kicks while they can, because they know in their heart, that there is not much more time. But as I said above, you have now bee warned of the rules, and so, now decide the game you want to play. For God said, Thou Shalt Not Kill!!!

And to you, the regular man and woman, I say this. What if God was coming? Now I am talking to those who don’t believe in him also. I don’t judge you. I love you too, and I want to help you to see an amazing truth. But, I know why you don’t believe in him also. You have seen this crazy messed up world, and you have thought to yourself, how in the world can their be a God? You have seen the hate, wars, and destruction that organized religion has brought down through the years, and it didn’t seem to you to be a good idea. I get all that. But you see, it has been misguided. Because all that was done by men, who were thrown out of heaven, by the curse God put on us when he threw out Adam. But, you see, your God loves you, and he will give you a chance to see and choose him, and it will be greater than him not getting thrown out by God. I mean, think! We get a chance to see Satan and his evil ways, and see not to be like him. You don’t believe in the devil either, but you know what I’m talking about when I say, mean person, because they indeed are becoming the norm. And you can feel something happening also, and I know you are uneasy. He tells me to tell you also not to worry.
To everyone He wants me to say. It is time to reach out to the hungry that you see among you, for who shall then starve? It is time to share all that you have, for who shall the want? And what will great possessions be after you look upon the eyes of the Lord. You will suddenly know all, and see yourself, as He sees you, and you do not want to let Him see you dirty, for you will feel to much shame, and move away from Him. And trust me, you want to be as close as Him as you can, because it is the most unbelievable feeling. It is love!!!!!! And you want to feel as much love as possible. And when you are further away from Him, it is colder, and you don’t feel His love as much. Until you get into the clutches of the other, and he is opposite of cold. Cold implies that you don’t care, but the other cares. But, not with love. He cares about hate. And he hates you. You don’t want to fall into his clutches. And now finally, this was just a story, for all intensive purposes, and I am sure you know what I mean.

But finally~ Think of it. If we all stared thinking about what would a loving, ALL powering, God think if He saw all his people treating each other this way. Maybe, we would have no starving people, and we would all have pretty much the same things, because we would love and trust in one another, and then why wouldn’t EVERYONE have a great time, and celebrate with each other, and then why can’t we live in peace and harmony, and all that stuff we have learned to be “cheesy”. Why are we listening to those who say we should hate one another because of who they are? Why do we listen to those who say, there must be war, when God says love one another. Ad even if you think that He didn’t, isn’t it still GREAT advice? I mean then, TA DA, No More War. Why do we let people get us down to the point that we lose faith that there is God? Is it silly? And man ponders…….

But if it is TRUE?????!!!!!!!


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