Symbols are used to identify things. But, they don’t tell the whole story. Indeed some do tell more than others, and get quite more elaborate than others. And so, the more elaborate they are, although they give you more information, it also gives them more of a chance for disinformation. So, no matter what they tell you, symbols can lie, or at the very least, mislead. I don’t really need to elaborate much more than that. But, of course I will. I will always give you an example of what I am saying: McDonalds has a sign, and it is their symbol to you so that you may know them. But, no matter what the conspiracy theorist tell you, when you see it, you think cheeseburger, first. Now of course, that don’t tell you how they made them, what kind there are, and they had to use extensive marketing of the cheeseburger, and much work to make the cheeseburger good, in order for you to see it that way.
Now, the United States government has a symbol too. And know, I am not talking about the flag, that is a symbol of the people of the United States, and not it’s government, know matter how it came about, even if it was the governments doing to begin with. No, I am talking about the seal of the United States of America, and that is representative of the government of the U.S. and not it’s people, no matter what you have been told. The proof in that, is that the common man, knows not very much about that seal, or what it means, but he knows the flag. But now the government on the other hand, knows exactly what it means, and has mislead his people on it extensively, hence why the common man now, does not even care to understand it, although many through being mislead, are proud of it nonetheless. But, many are not, because they know the government misleads, and are constantly losing faith in it.
So now, I must tell you, that that is not the meaning of the post, only to help you see how symbols represent and tell information. But I tell you this~ Symbols lie. Not all, but all can. So, this helps you to SEE, who is in control of the symbols, and why God says not to worship them. This doesn’t seem important now, but it may become the greatest information you will ever know.

And so now, let me help you understand a little more by confusing you, and letting you know who this post is for. First for your confusion hahahahaha… 0 is greater than 1
Now you are confused if you are reading me honestly, and if not, now is your turn to stop reading and dismiss me fully. Have a nice day.
But if you are confused and you stay, I say to you, you will have a nice day, for if you continue reading, HONESTLY that is, you are about to find out you are not as smart as you think you are. But don’t worry, and don’t fear me, for I am not that smart either. But I have the answer to this if you want to know, and we can be in this boat of understanding together. First, I applaud you! For if you continue to read, you are admitting to yourself that you may be able to learn a little more, and you are willing to do so. Awesome. Now, you will have to wait a moment, not long, as I address the other readers.

There are you who still read today who are not confused, only ready for my message. You are those who have been with me on this from the beginning, and I love you the most. It is time, and today I will fully reveal to you who I am. Now you have trusted me, because you have FELT what I am doing and, you have FELT my words. You have come to trust that these are not my words entirely, not hardly at all as a matter of fact, and you know trust where, and from Whom it is coming from. And since my last post, you know why. And you have looked for Him, and now have the bonus of knowing you have not only found a connection to Him, but that soon, you will have the GREATEST connection to Him. But today is different. Cause you see, up until my last post, I have really only been talking to you. Because I came to you in a way, that I know, if you followed me, you were looking for Him. Not for proof to yourself, but that you could tell others, and that is what you wanted all along, to show people God. Now o course I don’t have to tell you again, this is kind of for them, I am not God. Nor am I His Son. I am just a pawn for God, that fell in the middle, and almost separated from Him. But, like you, I could not. I loved Him!!! Today I will expose my mission and who I am to you, and you will understand. And I know some of you came at first not believing, and that is okay, kind of like the new pope says now. But, he is just a symbol, and as such, he will not give you the whole story. But YOU know because I have warned you about him and his coming. You not only have to live good, and He will forgive ALOT for those who have been mislead, or are confused, for He knows who mislead and confused them. See, I know you have been worried that you may not find Him through all the lies. But, it will be easy, like I said in my last post. He will come to each and every person is, and has, lived. And He will tell them one thing~ I love you!!! Now those that love Him will say it back, and mean it. But those who don’t will run. They will not be confused, they will know, and some of them have lived good lives, but unlike the pope says, they will not go to heaven not loving God. But, when He is with you, and touches you, you will know all things. And THIS is where the other will show himself. He uses tools to get you to worship him, and do his thing. God needs no spaceships, computers, or thugs to get His work done. He appears, and you know. The magnificent machinery that you see, those are the angels. And those you have seen thus far, have worked against Him. Now before I get to the answers: How can 0 be greater than 1 (you know this one but I will ELABORATE it fully this time, and who I am, and you know what I mean, for I have given you my name(symbol) but have not explained FULLY, I have one more group to talk to, and I had just brought them up, so have patience still, it is coming. And like always it comes in a story. But, one you have been prepared for.

The watchers: I must address you now. I know you are reading me, and maybe know who I am. But God tool me told confirm it to you! I have not wanted to, because I know you hate me. BUT Remember God’s deal with you, and trust me, YOU DO NOT WANT to cross it. Besides, this is a game, and you have cheated enough already. But He wants me to tell you something today…IT IS TIME!!! We will now see who is right. Is it the ONE who rose up before God came to him and showed you it was possible? And that is what you stake his power on?!!! Or is it God, and us who have waited, and bowed before Him who created everything? This is the game you have wanted to play, and I say again, It Is Time to resolve it!

Now I am going to tell a little story of how 0 is greater than one. But before I do, I will explain it a little like this: Rock, paper, scissors~ Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper. But, paper beats rock. So how can the paper be greater than the rock if it could not beat the scissors that was destroyed by the rock it is supposedly greater than? Why, because they are all symbols that I am using as a tool. And so, I am greater here. And only I can lose the game. If it is played by another player bent on beating me at it. And who wins really, depends on the greatest tool at the time. And what is greater on one play, may not be greater on the next. Now I will tell a story, and it is a story by all intensive purposes, and this one is based on an experiment, considered a paradox by many, called Schrodingers cat. I want leave a link to it here, but if you don’t know it, you should look it up, it is an amazing experiment. And to you scientist who have examined it, boy is this going be a story you are going to enjoy.

The story: The cat In The Box

Once upon a time, and not so long ago, there was a tale of two men. They did not know each other, but oddly were born on the same date. And really, at first, they had two similar lives. They had the same kind of parents, the same kind of friends, and they were both extremely intelligent. At first, there really weren’t many differences in them at all. But at twelve years old, one of them read a book, while the other wrote one. And this is where they started to differ. Now not much at first, but they did differ very much indeed.
Now, the first man read a book, and it completely changed his way of thinking. And he knew that many read they book, but had not understood it, and they knew that he had. They knew because it changed the boy profoundly, and they could even see it in his eyes. So they said, boy, we read the book and did not understand, how did you know? But the boy would not tell them. And they said, well, at least tell us what it meant, and the boy said, “Everything.” Now of course, it did not mean absolutely everything, but they knew what it meant. Turns out, the book explained man, and his whole story, from the moment he stepped upon the earth. It also helped explain how he got there, and why. And most importantly, what would happen in the end. Now at the time, he didn’t believe it, but as the years passed by, he begin to see that everything the book said was coming true, to an unbelievable accuracy. He didn’t know how to handle it, and slowly he started to forget about God, ad begin to think that maybe he was a god of sorts himself. But then right at the top of his pride it began to crumble, until one day he was left with nothing. Fixing to starve, he and his family, and he didn’t know what to do. And so, powerless, he called upon God, shouted actually, AND GOD CAME.

And the other man, well he wrote a book, and it didn’t do to well of course, but it set the course for many more. And through the years he met a lot of politicians, and lawyers, and marketers, who he knew later would fund his career as a master of finance and leadership, and everything else he wanted to do. For they had full confidence in him. And then at the point when he thought and knew his full plan for his life and what he wanted to do, and thinking he fully understood himself, he called upon God, AND GOD CAME.

And God said to the first man, ” I LOVE YOU. ” And the first man said, “I love you too God”
And then God said, ” WHO IS GOD? ” And the first man said, “You are.” An God was pleased.

And God said to the second man, ” I LOVE YOU ” And the second man said, “I love you too God,” And then God said, ” WHO IS GOD? ” And the second man said, ” I Am! ” Fully with his pride thinking he were God. But God said, ” NO I AM!!! ” To the second mans horror. Because he knew when he recognized him all that God was, and that he was in a box. He would never see heaven, but be forever burning among the stars who would eventually all burn out.

Now that was just a story of how less than can be greater than more than, or otherwise, less is more. And getting back to Shrodingers cat. IF it is possible, and it is proving to be quite probable, that the person in the experiment could affect the outcome with what he expects it to be, could it be possible that if ONE person on the earth believed in God, wouldn’t he be able to make it so. And then, even if he couldn’t effect the outcome, would it mean their must be a greater power to make sure things were so?


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