Full Circle

I am the pawn, and I am just like you, no more, or no less. And today, I am a candlestick, meant to show you the way in the game.
He has told me to tell you this: ” I AM! You are. Now question is…do you want to be…or not?”

And I am excited today! He, is going to let me make a big move, that will allow a for a huge play in our game. And now you who have read from the beginning, you will know what to look for, and you will see that this will happen. I am going to trump the bishop, before he gives you the half truth, that will eventually lead to the lie. It is indeed TIME my friends, and you will have the wisdom to see.

Revelation 17;7 And the angel said unto me, wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and the beast that carried her.
17;8 The beast that thou sawest , was and IS NOT! ( The beast is Satan, and his kings of the earth, in the end of days) And shall ascend ( Ascend~ to come up, or come up upon) out of the bottomless pit (Our Universe) and go into perdition( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Son_of_perdition ) ; AND THEY THAT DWELL APON THE EARTH shall wonder, whos names are not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, AND IS NOT, and yet is

Revelation 1;8 I AM Ampha and Omega, the beginning and the endING, sayeth The Lord, which IS, which WAS, and WHICH IS TO COME, the ALMIGHTY
Revelation 1;17 And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. And He laid His right hand upon me, saying unto me; Fear not, I AM the first and the Last ( Not in the middle)
Revelation 1;18 I am He that liveth and was dead; And behold; I AM alive forevermore; And have the keys of hell and DEATH ( Can open and close)
Revelation 1;19 Write the things that thou hast SEEN, and the things which ARE, and the things that will be hereafter

{Good Angels/aliens}
Revelation 1;20 The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks.
The seven stars are the ANGELS of the seven churches; And the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the SEVEN CHURCHES
{Bad/Fallen Angels/aliens}
Revelation 17;9 And here is the mind that hath wisdom. The seven heads(of the beast) are seven mountains (lands) on which the woman (world government ruled by Satan) sitteth.
Revelation 17;10 And there are seven kings(Angels sent to earth by Satan) five are fallen (from heaven), and one is (false prophet), and the other is not yet cometh (Of course, the antichrist, who is Satan’s son, in an attempt to copy God, and live as a man on earth) he must continue a short space
Revelation 17;11 And the beast ( Satan, his leaders and their lands on earth) that was, and IS NOT (see…uuuh…remember Satan) even he is the eighth ( the one who will be loosed again waayy after our demise~ refrence the end of revelations in the bible), and is of the seven (Since he was the first leader of a great civilization/city on earth, and he continued to be supreme even after appointing others early in our time on earth: remember, Adam and Satan got kicked out of heaven around the same time, and so he wants to be the first great leader on earth,…and the last) and goeth into perdition (remember the link on perdition)( Remember, this early in man’s development)
Revelation 17;12 And the ten horns (men’s kindoms under Satan’s rule) which thou sawest are ten kings (men kings under Satan on earth at the end of days) which have no kingdoms as of yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. ( see…at the END)
Revelation 17;13 These shall have ONE mind (Ahahahahahaha…fooled by the number ONE, a tool and symbol of man, given to him by the ultimate trickster) and shall give their power to the beast. ( The beast being 10 man kings, ONE whom of which is the antichrist whom the give all power to, and his world government, ruling under his father, whom they think is God)

Now, and so, there is also one more leader not mentioned here. He is not a king, but a prophet. A false one at that, that will also come into play, to bring the antichrist into power. And he will make it 12, as to make it truly opposite of what happened with Jesus. But with a half truth, and an argument ( even if it is a good lie) you can make people believe anything. But, you who read me today are blessed, for you will know the truth.
Revelation 19;20 And the beast was taken, and with the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceiveth them, that they had received the mark of the beast ( of course…don’t do that!) and them that worship his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire, burning with brimstone. ( Fire from the universe as it takes it’s last breath)

The antichrist’s government will want you to get a mark ( Symbol). It will be like a tattoo, but there will be a chip involved, placed on the needling device, hidden by a cover, and you won’t know a thing. They will be able to track your every move. The chip code, and your number, will be based on the numbers three and six, instead of 1 or 10.

Now also, here is for those who have read for the beginning, and the watchers and the doubters, so you will know who I am.~ Remember all I have said about the number zero, it is perfect. And it is also as big as it wants, or as small. But it is always still perfect in it’s shape and roundness. God said, I am the beginning and the ending ( NOT end, but ending, which can also be a noun), the first and the last. Which is, which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. Which is to say, always being!
But, there is ONE who is the beast, which was, and is NOT, and yet is. Which means, in our universe, at this space, and in this point in time, he is, but in the future he is not, and will be, always dead. But, he will be stuck here at the end ( not ending) when God turns his universe into fire just by coming into it. See, the devil forgot, that if he could go into God’s heaven, God could go into Satan’s hell. And He did it with Jesus. who did live, and was dead, but did live. He is a fair God after all. And this is all the TIME Satan has left. This little point from when he went into heaven, tricked Adam and Eve, and got thrown out, up until now, when he can mass a huge army of men, who he has tricked like Adam. To not only throw irony back at Adam and God, and to get revenge for what he himself has done. But, for the great adventure of being a god of sorts, and being able to live it, again and again, for eternity. Again God’s words are so great, for see, he said he had only a short TIME. And you see, that is how also, as I have said, you will know your God. Though Satan may be able to bring down a few, “illusional” stars, and fire from the sky. When God comes, there is NO star that can stand before Him. And everything in our world of death, including our stars, WILL NOT be able to stand before Him.

And see, now listen. There in the mystery schools throughout the ancient world to the present day, they teach this stuff, and tell men to keep it a secret, yet say they are illuminators. They have bought into the dragons lie, that God is dead, and he will give them ever lasting life. But what they get is everlasting death instead, but he HAS convinced them, as he HAD convinced himself.

You see, God is the perfect circle, the beginning and the ending. And we are in the middle, of perfection, and imperfection. If we lean one way, we will fall to God, and circle around Him, being beginning, and ending, which will be a beginning, always evolving toward, and like God, and always be.
But if we lean the other way, we will fall to Satan, and circle around him, which will be an end, which will be a beginning, which will be an end, always regressing back to, and like Satan, always being not.
Now also, they say they will not tell everyone that they will indeed live forever, because everyone would just do what they want, and have no morals. But they lie. They are for power, and power is knowledge. for you see, I have just countered it and told you. But you will not live immorally, for all else that I write. And that is because you will understand.
And see, the mystery school also teaches us ( sorry masons and watchers) that the angels are the aliens that come visit us from our beginning here, and were the five fallen kings (highest ranking angels) and their wives, and sons and daughters, and their families, ( approximately 144,000) that fell into this universe ( neverending pit) and onto earth. Now they fell outside of Arabia near Egypt, and set up their kingdoms throughout the earth, and taught men the falseness of symbols, and the technology of building, and also warfare, as they love to make man kill, as they know this will separate them from their God, who told them to not. And they were considered gods, and you have been taught them in mythology as though they were not here, but they were, and they will be again in the end of days. For God said, the last days will be as the first.
And see, the angels were not created like man. At first, there was God. And He looked upon the face of the darkness. Which is to say, he saw another. And where He was light, the other was darkness. Where He was life, the other was death. And He saw it hiding there, and He said let there be light, so He could see it. And He lit up the other, and He called him the morning star, because he was beautiful, new and fully lit. And everything that was in the darkness with him gathered around him. And he loved shining, but, he shone so bright, he could not see God who had put the light on him to begin with. And so now, all the others that were around him but at a distance, started to notice God, and gravitated toward Him. But all that was up close to the other was blinded also, and could not see God. And the other and those close to him fell away from God, thinking he was God in all his brilliance.
Now see, the darkness was Lucifer, all lit up by God. He was the first angel, and he shined the brightest. So much so that a lot of the other angels though he was God. But the ones on the outside of the universe, once realizing themselves also from the light of God, realized he was the dark that hid them from God for so long. And they were inter dimensional beings, and learned the technology that would lead them to the beginning, and God. And they loved Him, and kept the laws that He gave them. But Lucifer, shining the most, would not. For he thought he was God, and convinced himself that God was the devil that had died in his creation of himself. And he challenged God, and made war with Him. And so, he was kicked out of the realm that was the beginning ( heaven), and he was placed at the end ( hell), where he would eventually never be, forever and ever. His falling away made him, and all that believed in him, dead forever, as he went opposite God who was life. He became a god, but that of death, to rule over it always.
Now he and his fallen angels have spent years confusing and watching you, to get as many as they can to follow them into death, as they feel you are no better than them. And they will promise you the fountain of youth, which is the potion of death, but tell you it is everlasting life. But do not lean toward them, but reach for the tree of life, and toward God, who connected himself to you here in the middle, before the end, with His Son Jesus who lived as a man so God could live through Him and be one of you, to show you the way home to heaven, and out of hell. And away from the fallen angel who used to shine as bright as the morning star, but fell back into darkness, which he was to begin with. And in that angels quest to darken even the depths of heaven, even though God knew some would fall away and be convinced of Satan’s lie. You would be created so that God could live through His Son, that would become the Morning star that would light your way back to Him. And All this…So you could be…like God, who is also, and will forever be so!

And how also God can be perfect, and even love the ONE that fell away. For even though he will never be saved from his lie, because of it, God not only was perfect, He became even more so, through you. And you became more perfect through Him, because you loved one another.


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