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One man’s god is another man’s devil, and so another man’s God, is at least one man’s devil. And soon in this game, we will see who is right! But for now it is like this: One man’s king is another man’s terror, and so, another man’s King is at least one man’s terror, and now it is time to start to see who is right. It is not another man’s job to judge, not in the least, one man, but of course one man at the least, has been judged. And though at least one man has thought he had sole right to do so, and thought that he did judge but did not, it did not stop not one man from being judged. For where one man thought he was in control of another, another was always from the beginning, in complete control. And now it is time, and the revealing will begin. And it will begin with who it will be said is the greatest king who ever was. They will say, “Look, it is the one, and who will go against him?” But they will forget about another, who was truly the greatest King of them all. But it will be forgiven. But the one king will exalt himself above all others in the world, and bring them under his control. He will have so much power and control, that he will soon declare that he must be god himself. But when he does, he will find that God is indeed a jealous God, and that just declaring yourself God does not make it so. And no tricks or wonders, no matter how great, makes you God. Ah, but he will think: “Next to us, there is really nothing.” But as you know, there is nevernothing. And what you think is nothing, to another man, is everything. And I hate to tell all those who think so highly of at least one man, all men together can not touch everything, although they are capable of touching all things. As great as man thinks he is, he is not God. But, he will see Him soon and come to know what he loves. And whatsoever he chooses, he will die for. And at the least, one man will be caught by it. But another will find his way to the real tree of life, and he will, as his King before him had taught His Kingdom to do, defeat death and see it for the lie it is. But to do so, he will of course have to have true faith in his King words. For to risk death, and none will have a choice but to do so, is to sacrifice all that one has for another.
Now, I am just a pawn, and I am just like you. And before us there will be two kings. And it will be time to make your move against one. For one will be against another. And it will be so that it will be an easier choice for you than you think. For one king will love what most men do, but another King will love God.
And it truly is easy to know what is right, no matter how hard they say it is. We all know it is wrong to hurt another, but at least one man will tell you that we should hurt all those who do not believe in him. Off with the heads of the non believer. But, do not all of us believe in at the very least something? So it is easy to see through what the mean~ Off with the heads of who do not believe me. And in so saying are playing god, but you see, God does not play. He creates, so that we may play. He does not have time to play, but He has created time for us to play. And as I have said, we are at the end of the game. And at the end, to win, we must choose which king we play for, and which one we must fight against. No matter who you are, prepare yourself to play, or be eliminated by default. But I will tell you, complete forfeit means you lose, for an evil king will sacrifice an expendable pawn, as he will all players at his disposal. Now also, the king who loves himself, will say that all of us shall join under him, and all of us as one, with one mind cannot lose. But the King who loves all of us will say, there is none other than God. And so as the one king says, out of many, one. Another says, from one God, many. And you know that as we are all alike, we are also different. We are not one, but there is at least one of us. And we shall not kill, and be just, so how can we kill for one and be just.
So that is our choice, and a revelation of what we love. A king that says kill at least one to show your love for me, or another who says, love all others and show your love for me. One will lead you to play god, but another will lead you to love God, and in so doing will see that you are or will never be God, and thank God for that. For if we were God, we would kill all others until there was one. But God created all things for man to love Him, so that he would be fruitful and multiply into the many. And he did it all, dear watchers, atheist and those who love the other, so that there would always be more than one, and all would know that there is nevernothing. For if there was only one, nothing is what he would be, without some one to share all the is with.
So now this is my call, and my proof of my God, that we are here to love one another. And so to those who would love just the one, make your move, and raise him so we can see, and join as one under him, for it is time. And you be one and declare my God nothing…for as I have said all along it is indeed time! And there is nevernothing…for when I first cried to God, and said, “God, are you real? Are you there?…” He said to me in a VERY loud voice~~~ ” I AM!!!!!!!”
Now, He has told me much since, and He has given me the words so that you may know Him. And for those who believe in the other, and have watched for him instead of God, he has let me see the book that they will come to know Him also, and now it is time to fully reveal the secret of it, so they will believe what I say also, that it is time for them to play the last segment of the game. For you have but a short time that God has given you. And so these words are for you who believe in the power of the other, to master all things. For to master them, even you know that all comes through God. And through God, all things are possible. So all these years you have had the book, but could not read but a portion of it. And it took a child who loved God to read the rest. And now you will see why. You see, God is in control of all things, so all things through Him are possible, even for you. And, you have not believed it until now, but even for you, God wants you to be happy, and do all things that you want. But all things are on His time. For even though he created time, He gave it to you to use, but, it is still in essence His time that He will now allow you to use. So, I will confirm for you what you want. The book of Symraza is indeed the original journal and ledger of the angel for which it was named. God let him be a spy. As Symraza was sent here to be a spy for God to watch the men, his orders were indeed to watch. And he and his band were indeed the original watcher angels, as they still are. But you are not as clever as you think are you my friends. God caught you watching for the other and threw you out of heaven also. And so you have been caught. And out of rage against God for throwing you out of heaven, you tampered with us men, and choose you side in the war against God. And so you joined in to conspire also against man. And you have not been weary of us, only God. How can man ever be able to counter us. But remember, God loves us, even to your disgust. And how you say? Time to find out. The men you control on earth, have let me see the book. But I, as you have been a spy for the other, am a spy for God. And the men let me see the book because they could not read it. You made it that way. But God taught me how to read it, so that I could reveal to the men how you have lied to them. Sure, from what you showed them, they have done wonders on this earth. And they have come to believe in the ways of Cain. They have built as you have told them, and learned to kill, and love the power you have given them. But now the Masons will get their truth, and they will finally be able to choose freely. For you see, it is time, and no man will be able to say truthfully anymore that they do not know. And how do I, am mere pawn reach all men. You have not been weary of me. Ah, but today, you will know me as I make my play in the game. For see, the men builders can reach everyone. And as you have seen over the last year, they have been reading me in secret, and revealing what I have told them in their own way. I write it, and they carry it out, and tell the world very gently through their movies, TV shows, books and print of all kinds. Now of course, most of what they need to tell the people, they have already given before me. But there are secrets and deeds that God will control now through me. Yeah, I am the only person on the planet that said the bishop would go. And now I tell you that he wants them to raise the king they have so desperately longed for. And they will do it because they know through me, God has told them to do so. Ah, but they won’t do it out of fear or love of God. Just as the other had done Adam and Eve, I will tempt them also. And as you know, man cannot resist a good temptation. And why will they do it at this time? Not only because God wants them to, but because they want to know what you have hidden from them in the book. And little by little, I have given it to them. First, the title of the book, to prove I knew of it. Then a big enough hint of who let me see it, so they could confirm it, and that it was men who were part of the society they are members of. Then that they had read it all but one part, something only they knew, and also who I am to protect myself, and so they would know for sure it was I, and that I had not only read it but would reveal it. And now, they want more, and so I will do my part, and give them a little more.
Masons, some of you brothers, it is time to raise your king. For the gods are coming. And they want to see the son of their ruler in place. You raise him, and his father will confirm it to him. And he is ready. And for those of you who follow him, your time is now. All of the years your fathers have worked for you, you will now reap your rewards. And to those of you who have worked for God, it is time to do your work also so that all will be fulfilled and all men can see. Much of the end of the book, you know through other means, and I will confirm it. You are indeed correct. Those aliens you have been dealing with are the fallen angels, those who live outside the realm of heaven. But the part you don’t know is this. The book states a plan Symraza had for the other to contain and therefore move to defeat God. First, let me tell you that the half of you who think God is nothing more than a dead spirit who needs angels and men to do His work, are not understanding what the other is. You see, God has done His work in defeating the other, and is perfecting angels loyal to Him, and the men who love Him, by teaching them to defeat the fallen angels and men who the other needs to do his work. You see, you are backwards my friends. And the book says it in this part, of which I give to you today.
Symraza states to Satan in the middle of the last chapter, that he has finished his work that Satan had started, with teaching the men to build again. And so given him a defeat over the flood. And that his loyalty to his new master Satan was proven with the death of his sons that he created with daughters of men, in the flood, along with his brethren, the fallen angels that fought alongside Satan as the war started in heaven against God who had sons with them. But after all the nephilim were killed, and all men but Noah, he went back to show the grandchildren of Noah, the building plans himself. And to make sure they could do the work, he sent his children, who were pure angels and not hybrids of them and man, so God would have to allow it as they did not change man, but gave him the knowledge he had earned by following Satan to begin with, with Adam. He had figured they were to bold on the first try, and had tampered with mans DNA, and it set the spiritual world out of balance. So Symraza took a different approach. It says that he said to God,”You must allow this by your own rules. You allowed man to be tempted by Satan and so he gained knowledge and was kicked out of heaven for it. And so, since he was kicked out of heaven for knowing these things, and he was not yet allowed to return by God’s own rule. Then how could he deny the men the knowledge that they were thrown out of heaven for knowing, if they had not been allowed to return. They should not be denied the knowledge they had paid a price to receive. And since they would not have their blood tampered with, but only taught, how could it be forbidden, as the rules were, do not tamper with men. And the knowledge was already given, and so to reteach it was not tampering, but reminding. And so, it was allowed. And so, men were also taught how to be watchers of other men, and taught how to rule. And were also given a plan to rule. And it was allowed as knowledge, as it were left up to the men to follow or not, as a choice of knowing good and evil. And knowing men, Symraza said, of course we know how they will go, and the plan is set. And man will see the way of physical strength, along with the ability to reason. And those who mastered the art of war, on earth, would see that the strong man survives. And that smart men, would then use strong men for their survival, and will see that conquering through the mind is good for men. So, the smart men will learn to be kings over the strong men, who will prosper through them by reward. And they in turn will have power over the men that are weakened by love of their fellow man, and therefore trump the words of the coming Son of God, who will in turn be killed by the men who He had come to save. And in turn, will set up for the son of Satan to rule as a man, and king of the earth. And he will of course teach the men to love Satan over God, and therefore God will have no reason to defend them, for none will be left in the earth to love Him. Then Symraza writes that Satan says to him, “You have done well, and followed my will, but you have underestimated God as I did, and there is much more to do with the minds of men, so they will no longer remember God at all.”
So now watchers, and masons, and those who would hide the truth, I have given you this from the book so you will further come to know me, and that it is time. But I know you want more, and now you for sure know I have the full truth, and have indeed read the book where you have failed. As you know, in reality, there is but a short time, and I tell you now God has shown and told me of the beginning, and the end. And you have a clue, but know you are caught up in your own deceptions, and are not sure the middle, or the end. So if you want the truth, and proof of it in words, you will now raise your king, for it is time. And when you do so, I will give you more of the book, and will even call in this game upon the greatest player of all, and we will indeed play the game , you and I, and answer one of your players greatest questions…To be, or not to be…well, we will see! Hahahahaha