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What if everybody knew EVERYTHING?
Ah yes, but then they would know EVERYTHING about you…EVERYTHING.
Your thoughts, ideas, good or bad, hiding nothing.
What would they think about you?

Ah, but don’t worry…God has made you. And so, you are never nothing, you are EVERYTHING.
And EVERYTHING is you…EVERYTHING. So, now knowing, don’t you want to get rid of the bad in you?

Well then first, you must decide what is bad, for we all have a different view.
For though we are the same, in many ways that make us alike, in many ways we are not. Perceptual differences. But now know, God is coming!
And He wants to see EVERYTHING. And when He does…He will see you! He will see EVERYTHING!

Now we enter a different phase. The true battle for your mind will begin. Everything you know will be turned upside down. You will not be able to rely on just what you see, but by what you feel in your heart. Do not go against what your heart tells you, for the other side are great propagandist who have had thousands of years perfecting their craft. And their experience tells them that their greatest weapon is fear,and they will induce it as necessary to get you to comply. In fact, they will put you in a position to think you will not survive without them. And it will seem as though they are right. But, they are liars. They have made it to where believing in God seems foolish. But don’t be fooled, they believe in him also. They know He is real, and are preparing to go against Him, and want to convince you to do the same, “For the good of the world.”
God has told them to raise their king, and they are actively doing so. And He promised them that if they did, He would reveal more of the book they so desperately want to know the contents of. Starting on my next post (and they will be coming more frequent as in the beginning) I will start giving the chapters of the book as promised, and you will come to know me further…hahahahaha

Now for my dedicated readers who have been with me in this from the start. You are starting to see a pattern emerge, and you know where all of this is going. At first, you were alerted to the lies about our reality (and the truth will be explained), alerted to outside influences (the angels{aliens}), and shown that all you were taught in school was just to get you to see what they want you to see, and to believe what they want you to believe.
I have told you that a pope would step down, if he feared God, and a new “popular” pope would take his place that is not afraid to go against Him. I have said that kings will start an alliance and think as one man, and will raise their king as ruler over the whole world. And right now, they are doing so. All of this you were told before, but now you are seeing it play out. I just needed you to “see”. But now that you are starting to see, I will explain why fully. I have hinted at the reasons before, but it will become more and more clear. And as you open up to it, as I have also said, God will confirm it, as you open up to His presence. Just ask the congressional stenographer who on the floor of the senate, was overcome by God, and proceeded to speak the words God had given her to the senators who were present. She will tell you, it wasn’t stress, long hours, or mental instability, it was God! He has a message- He is coming!
And see, he knows we have all fallen short of Him. And to fall short is ok with God, but it is something your soul cannot live with. God does not want you to fall short, don’t misunderstand. But He knows what His presence will do to you. He wants to prepare you for Him. See, listen, this is important- Those who are against God, knowing and willing, hate that He makes them feel this way. They do not love, so it is unimaginable pain to have to do so. And no matter what they state they feel about God, in His presence, you can’t help but love Him. So, if you are against God, and you feel no love in your life, you can imagine what they feel when they see God hahahaha. But for us, it is just overwhelming. You will love Him so much when you see Him, that everything you have done that you have perceived wrong, is amplified. Try and understand this. Those against God will try and run, and find allies in their quest to be removed from Him. But some others who are not against Him, but knew Him not, will feel so bad about the things they have done, that there soul will try to kill the body, hoping He will not see them. His presence is like that. If you love Him, you will do almost anything to keep Him from seeing the bad. I can’t stress this enough. The devil’s goal is to get you to go willingly against God, not to put God in a bad place because he cannot, but to put you in a place to where you will make the same mistake he did. That is his goal, to show God that if he could fall, so will all others. But God told him, if there is One who would believe and love Me, the universe, and all in it, is mine, but you can have all those you can convince, and they will be sentenced like you, forever to the physical world that will die, and you and them with it, the creator of death, who did so because he said he would rather not be if he was not God.

To my dedicated readers who have been with me from the start. We have a fantastic journey and adventure God has prepared. He has a place for each of us in it. Look around you, all the signs are there, and I am giving you this writing in a way that you can see. From the beginning you have felt Him tugging on you. He will need each and every one of you to help save His children from the lies the world has taught them.

So now, in this game, the pawn is free to move. The enemy has declared his bishop, and is placing his king. His knights are consolidating territory and peoples, and now it is time to counter. I place on the board……the candlesticks.