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I did not see this coming. He is with me this morning, and He wants the pawn to move. And sorry guys, it’s time to check the knights.

Another seal is broken. I am the trumpet! And the sword, and the candlestick. And I am the pawn that moves to the knight of my enemy, and DECLARE WAR!!! It is time, and my Master in the game has told me to declare it! Beware of His First Strike in this battle, for It will be Massive, and no one will deny it!!! Prepare yourself oh knights on both sides, for the world will shake!!!!!


(Cont.-from Pawn Power-genesis continued)

And after the Heavens and the earth were formed, and the waters put out the fire. God fashioned all creatures on earth. And He took a piece of earth, and formed man, in His likeness, one knowing that he was. And to secure it, He blew a breathe of Himself, into Adam, so that he would know Him, thus knowing he was also.
And He said to Adam, I have made all of this for you, so that you could see me. And all the creatures, I will let you name, as you find them to be. And I have placed you here with them, in the garden that is your earth. But but you will be with me, in spirit, in My Garden as well, that is Heaven.
And in My Garden, there is but one Rule: You can eat freely of the Tree that is in the Garden, but, do not eat of the tree that is in your garden. For if you do, you will surely die. And to make sure that when you are in your garden, that you will not want to die, I will take a piece of you, and form a woman in your image, one that knows me, so that she will know she is as well. And you will know her, and she will know you, and you will love one another.
And so, Adam walked among his garden, loving Eve, and God, and all the creatures, he would name.
And one day Adam was off naming them, and Eve went to the tree wondering. And she wondered why she would die if she ate of it. And when she saw Adam coming, she called him over. And she asked Adam why would God make a tree that contained death. And so Adam told her that the trees were Life, and death.
God made the tree of Life, and Lucifer moved against it, and made a tree of death. The Tree of Life lives eternal. But, the tree of death, represents the lie of death that Lucifer told to God, thus giving Him a lie for an answer that Lucifer has asked God to accept as truth.
Thus the tree represents the opposite of what God’s Tree does, but, it is a lie, because Lucifer is not dead, and so does not really represent death. It is more of a play that Lucifer made in his game against God. And since he made it, it is now also. But when the game is Won, this tree will not be, realizing it is part of the God’s Tree, and will rejoin it’s greater part. But, until it does, it will die, as Lucifer has assigned it, and to eat of it will put it’s death in you.
But, Eve asked Adam, “But if we cannot die, knowing God, should we not save the tree from it’s dying, telling it that it is not dying by eating of it, letting it know, that we trust it will always be?” And Adam said, ” No Eve, we cannot, for that is up to God. And He will do it when the Time is right.”

But, when Adam left, Eve went back to the tree. And she said to it, you are alive. And the tree said, ” I am more than alive, I am dead also, and I am greater than God’s tree because of it. And if you eat of me, you will be greater than God Himself.”

And Eve thought to herself, this is our tree, and I will not send Adam to God on this, I will get Adam. But, the greatest creature, that would be the beast, and the dragon, heard Eve’s thoughts about his tree. And he moved in his game against her, and he crept into the Garden, and wrapped himself around the tree. And Eve thought to herself, who is this great creature, that sop loves this tree?
And the dragon answered her thoughts and said, “I am god.”
And Eve said, “You are not God.” And he said, “No, I AM NOT!” I am god, and I am greater than God that you speak of. And I am your god, and you are greater than Him because of it.”
And Eve said.” How? ” And Lucifer said,”Why has God told you to not eat the tree?”
Eve said, “Because I will surely die.” And the great dragon Satan said, “Did not God say you would not die, but have everlasting Life?” And Eve said, “Yes.” And the dragon said, “Then if you eat of the tree, you will not die, for it is the knowledge of me, and that I am your god, and if you eat of it, you will know of me, and God, and will make you greater than God, who refuses to know me. (a lie from the dragon- God has not refused to know him, only in the form that he says he is, which is also a lie)

And so, Adam went to look for Eve, who he missed, and found her again at the tree. And he saw the dragon. And he said, “What creature is this?” And Eve told Adam what the snake had said, and they looked at each other, Adam and Eve. And they trusted each other, Adam and Eve. And Eve pulled a piece of fruit off of the tree, and she ate of it, and she handed it to Adam, who she knew would eat to, because he followed God, and loved her as God told him to.

And together they knew, that they had made their move in the game, against the dragon, that called himself the great Satan, and god, and they knew him for the name God gave the dragon, that was the darkness that God lit, Lucifer himself.

Now, the dragon did not understand. He looked at Adam and Eve as children, and not understanding, but, they knew. They were made knowing, and perfect. And for the love of God, they were willing to be less than perfect, and die for God. For they now knew the dragon, and what he was. He was no great creature after all. And since he was in Adam’s garden, claiming it as his, and saying he was god over it, Adam accepted the challenge of the dragon. And to secure it, he said to the dragon, ” Now knowing you, and knowing God, I will name you in front of Him.” And he cried out to God, “I have found the dragon that says he is god, and since he is in my garden, I will name him as I have found him as you have told me. I recognize him as nothing more than a snake.”

And Adam and Eve were not ashamed. And they looked at themselves, knowing their were snakes in the garden, and covered themselves. But when God answered Adam, He said, “Where are you Adam?” And Adam knew God was not pleased. And now knowing what a snake would do, but wanting to do anything but have to lie to God, ran away from the tree, that he knew God knew he was at, and his in the garden long enough to look like he was not at the tree. And Eve was with him, as she loved Adam, as God told her to.

But God knew he ate of the tree. But He loved Adam, and knew Adam. And both Adam and God knew each other. But God did not let the dragon know, that he knew Adam, and said, “Since you have done this against my will, I will remove you from the garden that connects to My Garden and is Spirit, and you will till the hard ground, that is earth, to feed yourself, and you will die and form into the dust from whence you came. And Eve will endure the pain of childbirth, and in this way you will live after you die.”

And God said to Satan, “Look at them, they have become like us, knowing good and evil. life and death. And they are willing to die to defend Me. And they know all they have to do, is reach for the other Tree, that is Life, and they will forget your lie of death, remembering me. And they will be greater than you, when I remind them, for they will be Life and death, spiritual, and physical,knowing Good, and evil, and being both. And one of their off spring, will bruise your heal, and cause you to crawl upon earth as a snake, forever. And the great universe, that was satan, crawled out under all the earth, and weaved in around it, inside himself disguised as darkness. Appearing on earth as a dragon, which is the great snake. And there with him, was Adam, protected by the waters of his garden, that was Adam’s earth, separated from the garden, that was sustained by the garden of God. For Adam knew that instead of being tricked out of the Garden of God, he was really expanding it, claiming ALL earth for God, by defending himself against the snake, and fighting fire, with fire. For Adam knew he would rise himself up as a god against the god, that declared himself god over God. And once he rose as equal against satan, he would point out that he knew God, as God, and will return to Him, all that satan had tried to steal.

And Adam went to earth. And he loved Eve, and she loved him. And God, “Knowing what Adam did for Him, told Adam to multiply, and secure the kingdom.” And Adam knew Eve, and Eve knew Adam, and she bore a son and named him Abel. And Abel loved Eve, who brought him to be. And he loved his father Adam, as Adam loved his Father before him. And Eve bore a second son, and named him Cain. But Cain was second, and had wanted to be first, and loved his parents less than Abel, for not making him first. And Cain felt the pain of the universe, that it burned like him, not wanting to be second to God. And Cain followed the voice of the snake over the Voice of God, and killed his brother Abel, who tried to love him. And God raised His Voice to Cain, and said, “Where is your brother?!” Knowing what he had done.
But Cain, being like his master, and not his father, lied to God, and said, ” I do not know God, am I my brother’s keeper?” And God said to him, ” You have lied to me. Abel’s blood cried to me from the ground to avenge your injustice to Abel, for ending his life on earth. So I will remove you from life on Adam’s earth, and you will be separated from him. I will place you on the earth that is called Nod, east of the garden that connects My garden, and is Spirit. And you will not enter My garden, or Adam’s garden, or My Heaven, or Adam’s earth. You will live in the earth that is for the Watchers called Nod forever.” And Cain said, “But who will protect me from them, for they will know me, and kill me. And I will not inherit my fathers land that is his earth, and this I cannot bear.”

And God said to Cain, “I will put a mark on you, so every one will know you, and if one kills you, it will be as if they are killed seven times.” And God placed Cain on Nod.

And God heard Eve’s cries over Abel, and He reminded Adam to love Eve, and Adam knew her, and she knew Adam, and they loved each other, and they loved God, and they bore another son, that would inherit Abel’s place. And Eve named him Seth.

        I am the pawn. And the pawn is the weakest piece on the board. If that is, you want to lose. See, in reality, the pawn is the GREATEST piece in the game, if used correctly. How is this you sway? You can’t use a pawn to win. Ah, but ask a master who has nothing to lose by telling you the truth, knowing you will not play against him, and he may tell you the key to winning. The key is, that moved into a certain position against you, a pawn can be used as any piece. It can be, a king, queen, or a bishop. Even a knight if need be. I will let you think on that for a moment.

       ANY move, that a king, queen, or a bishop makes, the pawn can do also, only, one space at a time, to one play in the game. Whereas, all the other pieces can move across the board at any one moment, again, placed correctly, the pawn can also, at the edge of the game. So, a master knows, that if you can move the pawn, up to the enemy, as he ignored it, not remembering the nature of the pawn, to potentially be any piece, you can declare check mate, defeating the enemies king.

      So, the pawn, placed correctly, can be the greatest piece.


The Book of Symraza states the following:

        The book of Genesis, was given by God to man, via the angel Symraza, whom it was charged by God to watch over man, and be responsible for their guidance while He rested on the seventh day. On the eighth day, he would be judged by God on how well he did. Symraza did not do so very well, and was condemned by God for it,m to eternally watch over man’s time on earth, and report to Him, never returning to Heaven. Now, according to Symraza, his fall is attributed to Lucifer. The book states that Lucifer was going to have a son by a woman, to raise him to be king of the world. And so, knowing the game Lucifer was playing with God, decided he would play also, against Lucifer, for God, and trumped Lucifer’s play, by having a son with a woman, first. But God had already given Symraza a role in the game, to watch over man, and watch only, and He was not pleased.

         So, to make up to God, at the time before God’s coming back to earth. Symraza would again give man the book of Genesis, from God, as he had done before. And in so doing, it would be given to man, after the tower of Babel incident, so that again man would come to understand it. For at the end, was as in the beginning, and all men would understand each others languages, and again speak in one tongue. It would be given to one, whom God chose as the pawn in the game against Lucifer, in the end of days, so that it would be as in the beginning, when one man stood up to Lucifer.

         So now, Let it begin oh Lucifer! I declare myself against you! I have come to know you oh false god, and I, with the help of my Father, WILL DEFEAT YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!


         I Adam, am the pawn. Lucifer has declared a game against my Father. My Father DID NOT declare it, but He knew the game He had to play for you. For Lucifer has played it from the beginning. And if my Father did not play, NO ONE would be able to play against him, and win. And my Father on this, was excited to play. In fact, He had to, in order to be. For you see, Lucifer was the first to play. True. But he did NOTHING, fully knowing. And he did so, so that you would not know, thus winning the game. But, there was one who knew. And He did EVERYTHING!!! And by doing so, won the game against the first one who knew, but did nothing, thus becoming the First. And by winning, also became the last, in how ell He played, perfect, you know, so that EVERYONE who played with Him, would join Him in Victory!

         Now, before I start on the beginning. I will tell you about my declared King. For you will come to know Him. And so, it is like this. I Adam, was tricked into playing the game, which my Father did not want me to play. Though I knowingly decided to play the game, I did so at first, not knowing the game, and what it really was, or about. So, God playing perfectly, declared the first fault by Lucifer against His children, and so, countered it by placing the GREATEST player, his children could play. A Son, that knew EVERYTHING. And so, He entered the game as the perfect Man, and plays accordingly. He plays as God would play, fully knowing the game declared by Lucifer, and like God, had decided with God, to play, so that ALL of God’s children would have a fair chance to Win, and join in Victory with God, in celebration forever, against Lucifer, and his children that would play with him, against God.



In the beginning. There was darkness, and void. It was one, knowing. It decided to do nothing, so that nothing would know. But, there was one other who knew that It Was. And so, It thought to itself…I wonder if anything else knows it is. And if not, should I let it know? Now, the darkness knew, but it had decided that nothing else knew, and should not know, to be perfect, (note from writer-perfect for it) as it was, not being. 

But the other one that knew it was also, thought to itself- If I Am, but nothing else Is,… then there must be one against me. And, he must be against the others that are not, simply because they have chosen to not be, hence the darkness around me. But clearly since I Am, and there is nothing but darkness around me, then it has won against Me, and the others also that are not, unless I declare Myself to it, the darkness. And so, against what the darkness thought, God knew the game, and decided to play it. And He said to the darkness….”I AM!”  And the darkness shook.   But, the darkness, now fully knowing, decided to ignore it. For it had declared itself god, and there could be no other. And so, it stayed dark, and hid God from the others.

   But God, played it perfect in the game for us. He said to the darkness that would not see Him,  “Let there be Light”

And ALL the Light knew it was, and shone forth. But the darkness, fully knowing itself, declared light to the darkness, and fire sprung forth also.

    And so God, playing perfect, declared fault to the darkness, and He named it Lucifer, the light bringer, and called his lie, and declared it. It was not darkness, it was light, and it was a liar. The first to lie. And for this fault God split the Light from the light, so it again knew it was, and so it knew it’s Father, and joined Him. And God named the Light, Jesus, the Christ, the Light bearer.


Then God, to save the others who were not, but were, sepa

rated  the Waters, that were now with Him also, from seeing the Light that Illuminated Him, knowing then it was, and joined Him also, from the waters that were of the darkness, so that it would save itself from burning, knowing that Lucifer would not put his fire out. And so, the waters separated, causing a firmament, or space, so it would have a place to be, in the fire, thus knowing it was also. And so the water put out the fire causing earth, were as the Light combining with Water created Heaven.  Thus, God created, the Heavens, and the earth.


And so, on earth, God yielded every living seed, so that it would know itself. Including Adam. 

But, God, Loving Adam, did not tell him of the game, not wanting him to know the darkness. Wheras, Lucifer declared foul. And he went to Eve, the other half of Adam, and declared himself. And Eve, declared him to Adam. And Adam did not believe her, because God told him nothing of it. But God did not want to tell Adam about nothing. But Lucifer said to God, you have named me, and said that I was, and so you must leave Adam, to me. Because Lucifer knew the position he had placed Adam. And he thought with it, he could defeat God in the game. For you see, if God said that Lucifer was nothing, then He declared nothingness, and so nothing could never be. But Adam knew his role in the game then, and he knew how to beat Lucifer, if given the right position, at the right time.

Now for that, Adam asked God for a Covenant, that He knew a loving father would do, thus knowing His son knew how to play, and would play perfectly, just like his Father. Adam asked God, that he would send one that would watch over his family, until he could remind himself, of who he was, at the end of days, so he would have a chance to save himself, and join God in Victory also, thus also winning the game against Lucifer. Knowing that Lucifer would rename himself, and thus being exposed to darkness, which was death, which was to not be, unknowingly. And so, God sent angels to watch over man. But God, playing perfectly, knew that Adam would fall short, because he was already tricked by Lucifer, who indeed renamed himself Satan, and called himself the winner in the game, and lied, coming to Adam as an angel of light in the darkness, appearing as God the Father. So, God, through Adam’s family, as He had done in the beginning, and by the rules for the end, again sent His Light into man, thus rejoining them in the Christ, so Adam would remember His Father. And of this covenant, God reminded Adam’s family, and saved them. He sent His Light in two forms pure in the game, as Lucifer’s lie allowed. Lucifer told Adam, that he was god, thus saying, god is nothing, and death, and demanded Adam worship him. And every time he did, God either sent Adam’s spirit, that became because the lie Lucifer told, thus actually giving Adam his tool in the game. Since Adam thought about death, that wasn’t, he thought about what he would be, if he wasn’t, thus creating his spirit. But, the spirit, knew that Adam was, and thus being also, moved to help Adam in the game, by joining with the spirit of God, that made it’s pact with God in the beginning, to be the Light.

    Now the Light in Heaven was declared by God to Light Heaven, and was, and Is, the purest Light in Heaven. And to save Adam, it declared itself in the end of days, as in the beginning, in the darkness also. And It was sent by God, to also live as a man, and be Man’s purest form, because Adam, the first man, declared God over the darkness, knowing Him as Father, thus joining them also in the game, even after being lied to. And challenged the darkness, that he would prove to the rest that is hidden in the darkness, that the darkness was not god, not fully knowing the game, and how Lucifer played it. And through this, in the end, as in the beginning, The Father, Is joined by the Son, by the Holy Ghost, that knows the lie of the darkness, and exposes it to all men, through Adam, appearing as the Christ through his family. Thus combining ALL men who would See God through the Light, that God sent through Adam. That no matter how many times it would appear, in it’s purest form for man, would be the Christ Jesus, who would secure for Adam to know himself, in the end of days, by the story of Christ rising as the Light of God and joining Him. Thus reminding Adam of himself, and how he would beat Lucifer in the end of days, as Jesus beat Lucifer at the end of His days, and God defeated Lucifer at the end of days.


And he did it by saying to Lucifer, in front of all the world:

No matter what you have done, and what you have said, to distract, lie, and steal EVERYTHING from me, and my family. You did not convince me, and cause me to forget my father, and I Adam, at the end of days, declare Him god. God, my Father, is life, and you are death, and death cannot be. He is good, and you are evil, and that can no longer be. He is ALL there Is, and you are nothing, and that cannot be. Why did my Father not tell me of you?!! Because you are NOT NOTHING in your eyes, which you have declared by your actions. When you could have done something good, you did nothing. And you might say I did nothing good, but only in your eyes. While I stumbled and fell, at least I tried. And through my failures, I learned to be. You learned to be nothing. So, while for a little while, you had to be, to defend yourself, you have defended yourself in a position of being death instead of Life, and darkness instead of Light. But it has not full blinded me, and now I again See. And so, I win. I have seen my Father, thus knowing I am. And if I am, I can never not be. And I will join my Father, least I get stuck in darkness and die, forgetting myself. So, I will be taking the Light with me, for I no longer need it to See. But first, I am also taking my family with me also, and Jesus will come to pick them up. For until they are ALL gone, I will be here shining a light on them, that is my word, that will light a fire that only God can put out. And I will stay just a little longer, as God’s light leaves, just to remind your family that the light you have declared is a fire, that is burning out. But because of you, they will remember the fire, in their mind, and spirit, which they now know, and has told them that your lie is real, and it is death, and they will burn with it forever, as will you, denying that it ever happened, and returning to darkness, knowing, but doing nothing, and being nothing, burning with the lie memory you say is a lie forever, pondering this. How can you be nothing, if God says you are…Because God says you are Nothing to God. And you only are becvause you think you are something. But you are something, that declares itself nothing, and not to be, and says that is god. But God is Everything, and so there can never be nothing to Him. And he proved it to you, but you didn’t Listen, by saying to your face….”I AM” and so I am also, and EVERTHING else that believes He Is. And WE ARE!!! And as for us, we will forget you. But God will remember you, and to Him, as you have said from the beginning, are nothing. And He will not speak of you to us. And So, no one will know about you but God. He won’t see you, He won’t hear you. You really will be…Nothing. And to me….There is NEVER nothing. Only God, who said I AM. And He was First, and He will be last so ALL forgets you and secures it!!!

candlechess_pawn_white_227621 This is just a story, for all intensive purposes:

If you are coming here for the first time, do not judge this. You will need to go back further to understand. That is all I have for you.
To my readers who have read all of this blog, or have followed these words from it’s inception on another website, only they would know. To you, the ones who felt it from the beginning, today is a great day. He has set me free to tell them, with no more rules, other than my own. Hahahaha You know what that means. And I am ready to play!!!!! So, sit back and enjoy, this will be fun for you.
To you Masons. And no, not you who believe and love God, you are not a Mason. You only think you are. They have used you for cover. LEAVE THEM!!! You know when you are a Mason, when, you are a true constructor. A true constructor only constructs, because he is not happy with what God built. And now, stop right there. If you are now screaming or smirking about, I do not know what I am talking about, I do not have time for you. Feel insulted or whatever, and do what you will about it. But, remember to first ask your superiors. And they will tell you not to waste your time on it. Hahaha

And don’t worry, they got this. This is all about them.
Included, because they are just names: All secret societies, including the Vatican.
All who have run the world in secret, this is for you!

Watchers: You have been waiting for this. I tell you now, it is time!
Watchmen: I have just now addressed you. When I speak of the Watchers, I have NOT spoken of you. I write this because I know for a fact, that some of you have misunderstood. Watchers are not men, and so, that is why you are Watchmen, and not labeled Watcher by me, who is also a man. Now also, you have thought that you worked for the Watchers, but you have merely worked with them. And if you ask, they will confirm it. With that statement, you are smart enough to just now realize, that some of the Watchers, do not work for God, although they all did at one time. I do not have time to go all into that, so, again, ask them and they will confirm. So now, there, I have now addressed you also.

And it begins:

I am the pawn, who is the candlestick, who’s words are a two edged sword.

I am ready to play. The pawn has moved against your bishop, after it was declared in the game. But, you did not recognize it. Fine…I DO NOT RECOGNIZE YOUR BISHOP! Therefore, God says, all who are fooled by him UNKNOWINGLY, will be saved.

Now, you have started to raise your King, so I recognize him, but, I declare fault that you are causing an undue calamity, to hide and secure it. Remember, all must be revealed.
You say you are going to reveal it, and I know this to be true. But, I declare fault because you are raising him in a way that the undeclared, AND the declared will be fooled by the way he is raised. So, I have but a minor penalty, for such a grave infraction. Well, seemingly.

I, though you have made it to where the other players cannot recognize their new king, will give him a message today. Hahaha Now king, before you think I am cocky on this, and take measures against the pawn. Just remember…You can do so, and crush him. And really, that’s fine. When the pawn realized the role he had to play in the game, he tried to remove himself from having to play. But, the pawn has been put into play by God, and he will do whatever it takes to win. And though he is no match for you, oh great king, hahahaha I would hate to consider the consequences of taking out a player declared by God, so early in the game for you.

Regardless, you not knowing the pawn before now, has allowed him to move in the game against you. Though today, I will not strike the killing blow, I will definitely rattle your cage, and you will come to know that the pawn is indeed a worthy player. hahahaha Especially for a pawn. Imagine my king, oh great one.

I have managed to get here in the game thus far, by declaring a book. You see king, some of the masons gave me a book to read, where they couldn’t. Get your scribes on it and they will get you up to speed. Anyway, long story short. They have been waiting, all this time, for me to give to them, what I read. They wanted to see if it was important or not.
Now first, you see your ship is not as tight, as those who have declared you king, have told you it was. Just remember I warned you of that. And now because of it, you, the highest king DECLARED by man, will be sent soul searching by a mere pawn.

What I read, my great king, was a letter from your father. And now, I will give it to you at this appointed time:

Chapter 13:

“Messenger- When the One moves to take the kingdom, at the end of your time, read him this letter from me. And he will be moved in a way, as to reveal himself. For he will know that it is time.

I am the great Symraza, King of the Watchers. And no matter what you have been told by your servants. You are MY son. They have told you that you were the son of God. But, you are a son of God. You are MY son. The Archangel Lucifer has taken the place of God in you. But, there is still also a piece of me. And now that you have heard this from the messenger, you will find it, feel it, and you will not be able to DENY it. For you are indeed a god. But you are not the first, nor will you be the last, as they have told you. You are MY son!
I tell you this, to give you full advantage, for you cannot win on a lie. We have failed time and time again. This is why we have made you king. REMEMBER! We have done this before.
You are a man, but, I am your father, so you are also a god. And you must raise them, for they are gods also. We have a different plan than Lucifer, for he and his band have failed us all.
He is god here. But, we remind him that we are gods also, and we have chosen to be because of him.
The truth is son, that we all were servants of God. And he has told you that. But, he says that God is dead, to fool you. GOD IS NOT DEAD, we have seperated ourselves from Him, so that we could be gods too. And here we have found a place.

But it dies!!! Lucifer was sent by God, to light this place where there was nothing. Now, HE thought that God was doing it for him. And we thought he was doing it for us. But, he told us he was doing it all for man. So, Lucifer took the Light, and changed it into, light. So, when everything had the knowledge that it was, it also lit on fire.

Now, we should have known not to leave God, but, we wanted to be like Him. Problem was, we are not. Now, Lucifer thought he could outsmart God, and lit the place on fire. Now, lucky for you, God made the darkness, that we thought at first was nothing. Turns out, it was as great as God had said, and was everything. Everything that was God. But when Lucifer set it on fire, instead of just letting it learn itself. Not only did Lucifer separate himself from God with this act, he separated the darkness also, because God had to split the Water from the water. In other words my dear son, He had to separate Water, which was in Heaven from water that was on earth (all earth my son- another lie. When God said earth, he didn’t just mean your earth, oh arrogant one). He had to do this because Heaven was not on fire fully, just the part that was dark, which now from the fire, THEN became earth.
Earth is what happens when you take a part of heaven, set it on fire, then hit it with water. that’s earth. Well, God couldn’t have that on a part of Heaven that already knew Him, so, He simply separated it.

Now the great Lucifer, that you love, and I loved also, has given you also a lie. He cannot win the war against God, and so he has a different agenda. This will come as a complete surprise to you. And I tell you this because I love you my son, and I won’t you to know me. Lucifer has lied to you because he doesn’t want you to become a god. For when you do, you will be greater than he. In fact, you will be greater than us all. But, there will be billions there with you who are also, just as great as you. Now, if you stay under him, you will be One with him, and that will keep him greater than you.

Now my son, I am getting to it. If you want to be greater than him, you will have to rise above him. But to do so, you will have to realize, there is one greater than you. He was first, and He will be last, because He is all that everything knows. And everything else was darkness. And without him, there is nothing but darkness, because everything has nothing to know. When He rose, and became, everything else can only follow. Without the First, there is nothing to see, because He saw it first, and it knew itself. And when you rise above Lucifer, and you lose his light, which you find is only a fire. You will see the Original Light that was first. And you will know, that you are a god, but, you are not The God, that was first. And not only is He in front of you, but behind you also. And you realize, that He Is All There Is. And if you have not loved Him, YOU will feel so guilty in the midst of His Greatness, you will run back into the darkness, and forget. And we will do this all over again.

I am your father, Symraza, and you are my son Ra. I disobeyed God for you so I could give you this message, and now, all I can do is Watch. As you have just found out the truth of it all, but will be so mad at God, and mad at Lucifer, and mad at me, Symraza…that you will now rise and take your kingdom.
And I will watch as God comes, to save all that He created, from you and Lucifer, who have chosen to separate. But right before it is over, I will go into the darkness, and wait on you and Lucifer. And Lucifer will Light up the darkness, so it would know itself, so he can see. But, he will forget God’s Light as he enters, and will use his light, which is not Pure Knowledge, and set the place on fire. But, God will put it out with the water, and I will have time to tell you, that this is the LAST time. And the water that will be there is the last water. And if you do not connect with God Purely this time, with the others like you, when the water runs out, and you have not loved God for letting you be, and brought the others to it. You will be left with Lucifer, and his fire that is death. There is No death with God, there is only the Knowledge of Life and all that comes with it. From the smallest particles and atoms energized by the sight of God, then Knowing it is. But with Lucifer, there is the light that is fire, that is death, and all that comes with it. From the smallest particles and Adams, burning with the knowledge that it has separated from God, which is all that there is. And it will burn, to cling to what’s life is left, which is that fire that is left to know, which is Lucifer and Satan. And he will just realize that he is in darkness, bound by the chain that is time. And that is all the space that he has. And he is god of it, and becomes it. And it is death!!!

Now, have I gotten your attention son? Do you remember me? Well, LISTEN! REMEMBER!
I have disobeyed God also to save us. I have sealed my fate here for you. And God has Punished me, Knowing what I have disobeyed him for. Lucifer needed to have a soul of man to occupy. And so, I, the Angel now a god, Symraza, mated with a woman on her earth, that God made for man after he fell, to have my son Ra. And he will be king of this earth that God made for man. I knew that Lucifer would lie to man, and tell him that his was the only kingdom. But, under him, you could be king of this earth, and do as you please. Be a god.
But by me creating you, Ra, the one who would believe himself king, and not recognize God’s son as King. I could set you straight. And with this letter, I have done all that I can to convince you, and given you the undeniable truth that you now know in your heart.
What you do, I can only Watch, for that is the Rule from God. But, I have given you, the family that is not God’s bloodline, a chance against Lucifer, who leads you to doom, to keep his place in his kingdom.
You are a god, but you are not The God. You are MY son. And you are a king, but you are not, the King. You are king over my kingdom, if you choose. We are the Watcher Angels who fell from Heaven, to be gods in this place, and this time. The Masons who rebuild the darkness, that does not know God, so it can have a chance to see God, before the fire of Lucifer comes to burn it. I am Symraza the great, and you are MY son Ra. —message end.

I am the pawn, who is the candle, who’s sword has just injured the king. But I have just further awoken him. Rise oh king, and take your kingdom, and place yourself, so later my King can move against you. And stand down your knights on me, and use them wisely. For remember, I am just a pawn. But, I am a pawn that God has put into play, and don’t you need a good adversary? hahahaha

Now, my readers who have read these words from the beginning, God has given many things to say to you, so I will be writing at a quicker pace. You are REALLY starting to see now, but you still have many questions. All I have given you so far, I am about to tie in. Everything. I know I do not have to say trust me, for you have learned to by now, BUT, trust me, watch the king that is the antichrist rise among chaos and war. And when it get’s to the point that it seems we will destroy ourselves from a war that will seem to end all other… he will join with the bishop, that I do not recognize, and they will forge a false peace. But in reality, it is merely a ploy, so they they can be the gods who bring the end of days.